Coven Stories

The Coven Stories

As some of you have noticed and commented on, some of my stories take place in the same world and have the same continuity, and some of them “could” The Coven stories are all about a secretive organization of woman than use hypnosis and sex to brainwash and control people for their own pleasure and gain.

In the world of mind control erotica it’s not a new idea, and I’m happy to admit that the Coven has its roots in one of my favorite stories when I first discovered, Hypno-School. I’m not going to direct link it because that’s a story about an adult woman having sex with teens that are not of an age of consent. I liked that story a lot when I was basically the victim’s age because, well if you’re into D/s and power exchange and femdom etc. who wouldn’t, but as an adult now, I’ll be the first to say that of all the questionable stuff we can enjoy, that on’s pretty questionable. I’m also pretty sure it was written by a horny teen, so I’m not really judging it in a bad way. Again, I loved the shit out of that story.

When I wrote Dazed and Confused, it was an homage to Hypno-School, and to Purple haze by N.Tranced. Purple Haze is hard to hunt down, but it’s on the waybackmachine, and I have the link saved and will send it to you, but don’t feel great about posting it here since they obviously didn’t want to leave their stuff up anywhere.
In Dazed and Confused, the hypnotist has a blue crystal and is part of a secret group of sexy hypno ladies, which was the nod to Hypno-School, but it also got me thinking of what an origin for that group would or could be, and that’s where Being Rather Cooperative came from.

Then, there were older stories not written with any of this deliberately in mind, but also featured some kind of secret organization, or network, and now it feels like they all do fit together of a piece regardless of the jewelry the characters do and don’t have, like they all came out of the events in Being Rather Cooperative.

 The following stories are all in the same universe:


Themes: FD, FF, brainwashing, FM

Synopsis: Janet, the daughter/fake girlfriend from  Dazed and Confused is out on the prowl looking to pick up her first subject/slave out in the wild, but what happens when she ends up at the same bar as Kayla from You Wouldn’t Believe Me if I Told You?

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Themes: FD, FM, Brainwashing, Moderate use of Titnosis (Boobnosis, Hypnoboobs), Mild Psychological Torture/Horror, and MORE!

Synopsis: On the verge of a nervous breakdown, Colin Davis checks himself into a high end, private mental institution… but who will he be by the time he checks out?

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(9,000 words)

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You Wouldn’t Believe Me if I Told You

Themes: FD, FM, Extreme use of Titnosis (Boobnosis, Hypnoboobs)

Synopsis: Dean was pretty sure his best friend had been acting weird because of a woman, but he had no idea just how much control this mystery woman has over his best friend… or how much control she would end up having over him.

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Being Rather Cooperative

Themes: FD, FM, mild and slightly different use of Titnosis (Boobnosis, Hypnoboobs), bondage and discipline

Synopsis: The wealthy Mr. Collins has found himself at another society function, bored as usual, and soon to be beguiled by the delicate charm of Matilda Mead.
Told in the first person, this story takes place in a Victorian-esq setting.

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(8000 words)

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Dazed and Confused

This story is an homage to some of the classics of the  breast powered femdom hypnosis genre.

Themes: FD, FM, Extreme use of Titnosis (Boobnosis, Hypnoboobs), MILF, stupification, brainwashing

Synopsis: After a long academic year, Brad’s going to meet his girlfriend’s mom for the first time.

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Never M(a)i(n)d

Themes: FD, FM, Considerable Titnosis (Boobnosis, Hypnoboobs), and more that I don’t want to include to ruin the surprise.

Synopsis: Mr. Baker’s wife and children have left for vacation, and he has had to stay behind a few days for work. When an unexpected visit from Tania, the busty young maid from their cleaning service shows up…
Written in the First Person.

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The Neighborly Persuasion Bundle

So this one involves some explaining. It’s a custom story ordered from a friend, buuuuut, I fucked up what he initially asked for. I just missed everything he was looking for, so I re-wrote it with some new instructions as a different request. The stories are close enough that they should be bundled together, but they’re also different.

Themes: FD, Extreme use of Titnosis (Boobnosis, Hypnoboobs), no sexual contact, Conspiracy.

Synopsis: Kyle just got a new promotion at work and things are going well for him. Except for his noisy, very busty, Hatian neighbor(s).
In VERSION 1: The neighbors are a mother and daughter.
In VERSION 2: It is just the daughter character

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A Lot on The Mind

Hey all, this is a Custom Story that the patron generously allowed to put up for sale to the public. It you want to order your own story, you can find out more here.

Themes: FD, Covert Hypnosis, heavy use of Titnosis (Boobnosis, Hypnoboobs), Conspiracy

Synopsis: He’s a French Canadian guy who has had a long week at work, his neighbor Kendra is a busty blonde American girl who wants some of his precious Saturday time. When she knocks on his door, it is the start of so much more. This story is different in some ways than my other stories as it has NO SEX. Yes, there is NO SEX in this story, but it’s still hot… perhaps hotter than you think!

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Messy For Missy

Hey all, this is a Custom Story that the patron generously allowed to put up for sale to the public. If you want to order your own story, you can find out more here.

ALSO as the commissioned version of this story has a strong lactation component and I know the story might appeal to people that (like myself) aren’t really into that, I included a second version of the story WITHOUT LACTATION. So, you get both versions when you buy this story.

Themes: FD, FM, heavy use of Titnosis (Boobnosis, Hypnoboobs), tit-fucking, emotional manipulation and brainwashing. One version contains lactation, one contains a heavier emphasis on tit worship.

Synopsis: When investigating a missing person’s case, Detective Jack Perish finds himself in the hotel room of Miss. Boyd, an extremely busty woman who happens to be the last person Perish’s missing person was seen with.

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Baum Squad

Themes: FD, FM, FF, EXTREME use of Titnosis (Boobnosis, Hypnoboobs), bimbo-domme (not bimbofication but a domme that is a bimbo herself), bubblegum/blowing bubbles, confusion and overload inductions, also lots and lots more hypno-boobs goodness.

Synopsis: Brandi Baum is a ditzy gum chewing airhead with huge tits, but that’s not all she is and she has her sights set on a couple of cops to round out her squad. Detective Miller is down on his luck, in the middle of a divorce and a world of trouble, but all that’s about to change in ways he could never imagine.

8,000 words of bimbo boobs and bubblegum mind control. If you liked Buxom Beguiler or Dangers of Travel, this one is for you.

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