What is the business of Trancescript About:

Trancescript (me) is a convenience and luxury based service that sells work-for-hire femdom hypnosis products for fetish content providers (I do not offer services for personal use).

Most of these products are scripts for MP3s, and since they are work-for-hire, you pay for it once and you own it. There are no royalties associated with any of my scripts, there is no rights retention by me after sale (this is not the same for stories), and there is no interest here in making money off of other people’s work.
This site also offers Consultation services, but these are specific and product driven, I am not interested in asking you for money for questions I can answer off the top of my head, or for telling you something someone else taught/told me for free.

If you’re new to Femdom Erotic Hypnosis and you want to get started, and that’s why you’re here, just send me an email and say hello.
I respect my clients, and my potential clients too much to take their money for services they do not need, and I am not afraid of losing money and turning down business for their sake of my professional and personal integrity.

The people I work for are running their own businesses and doing so to get free from working for other people. I have no interest in running anyone’s business, or profiting off of other people’s labor.

About Trancescript.com

Trancescript.com is an independently owned and operated Erotic Hypnosis resources and service site that specialized in providing script content, business consultation, and information about the culture and realities of the Erotic Hypnosis Fetish.
The site also offers exclusive prose erotica by the author Smuthunter.

This site is not an “in character” site and is not a lifestyle domination site.
This means the site does not play to the fantasies and social constructions of the Erotic Hypnosis community or the dominant/submissive rolls and power structures of the D/S lifestyle.

About Me:
Hi, I’m J.T. Meyer. It’s not my “real” name, but it’s a little more respectable that my other and more well known moniker, Sumthunter2007.

I am a professional writer who has been a member of the Erotic Hypnosis community since 1999. I have had a lifelong interest in hypnosis both conventional and erotic, and while I am not certified, I am trained and I am well versed in its practice and theory. I also have a BA in Western Literature and an academic background in both philosophy and psychology.
You may wonder why I don’t just  lie about the certification thing and tell you I have one, after all, I want you to buy scripts and the other services I offer. Honestly, it’s because I believe in honesty. I want you to know what you are getting and who you are getting it from. After all, good relationships are based on honesty.
I have been writing scripts on commission for multiple hypnotists since 2011, and while I am not at liberty to discuss my cliental, I can say that they and their customers have consistently been very satisfied with my work.
This is in large part because I am first and foremost a fan. I understand what is appealing about this fetish and I understand the minds of my fellow fetishists. I have also experienced Erotic Hypnosis in my real time real life romantic life as both the subject and the hypnotist.
I am also an avid consumer of Erotic Hypnosis content. I have sampled the majority of prominent content providers and study the work of everyone I hear and see. I am dedicated to creating the most effective content possible because I care about the success of my clients and the enjoyment of theirs.

Also, and this is very important, I do not work for barter.
This is a for profit business and free recordings will not help put a roof over my head, will not feed me, and will not help me with my student loans.
I need to deal with these things more than I need more files and live sessions.
The goal of my work is to make you as much money as possible, I hope and expect you respect my desire to do the same for myself.

About Smuthunter:
Additionally, working under the Smuthunter name I have explored and created work reflecting my own immediate fantasies, desires, and fetishes (and other people’s too) at the Hypno-Pics Collective, as well as my blog, and at Inraptured.
The work I have done at the collective is often hastily done and serves to satisfy the most basic components of the fetish and the more fantastic elements and story desires of myself and my peers.
I include this because it has also been an invaluable tool for developing script ideas, for making connections in the community, and for understanding the nature of other people’s fantasies so I can better capture them in my scripts.
My previous moniker, back when yahoo clubs/groups were a thing, was unlikeme2000 only no one would have known that because I lurked in the scene until 2010. But that is a story that’s been told, and is for a different part of this site.

About me in my real life:
I live in the Seattle Washington, I love classic rock, I like to drink and have a good time, and self published a comic book (making comics is hard).
I am a very out of practice (and shape) Hapkido black belt/instructor, I like sports, and my favorite movie is Top Gun.