Story Preview: Repurposed

A Smuthunter Story

            “Boys or girls?”

            The voice came from behind and to her left, and as she turned around the young woman was shocked at how she could have possibly missed this woman when she’d scanned the bar.

            “I’m sorry, but what are you asking?” Janet spoke with a practiced blend of confidence and curiosity as her hand moved to the blue crystal hanging from her neck. She was wearing tight jeans and a tight long sleeved top that with a low enough neckline to show of her modest cleavage, but that was more to frame the crystal. Janet’s appeal was her lithe figure and her face. She was a beautiful young woman by anyone’s standards, and she worked to frame her natural beauty and her hard earned and well maintained body. Tonight she wore her long dark hair down, and made herself up to look like she was hardly wearing any makeup. A lot of effort went into looking effortless.

This mystery woman was gorgeous. She had chin length black hair, a thin red blouse with a deep neckline that flattered her considerable breasts, a leather skirt, and knee high black boots that made her average instead of short, but it was her emerald green eyes that caught Janet’s attention. This woman was effortless in her sexuality, and the hunger in those eyes spoke directly to Janet’s own lust.

            “Oh, that’s a beautiful necklace, I think I used to have one just like it. You’re nicely done up and all alone here, are you looking for a boy or a girl? Or, do you mind if I sit with you, of course you don’t,” this woman didn’t wait, she just sat down and met Janet’s eye. “Who are you hoping notices you? There’s always someone you might want to find at a place like this, but tell me, what are you looking for?”

            This woman’s gaze was unflinching, and there was a hint of a smile when she’d said she’d owned a necklace like Janet’s before, but none of that slowed her down. The young woman continued pretending to absentmindedly play with her blue crystal while she met this woman’s gaze, and tried to soften her own green eyes to try and pull this mystery woman into them by thinking it and willing it to happen.

            “I just wanted to get out and have a drink, and I guess, maybe meet someone,” Janet stopped toying with necklace, just so she could brush her long dark brown hair back, and hopefully pull this woman’s gaze back down to the necklace when she started up again.

This lady might be close to her mom’s age, but she was hot. And, if on the off chance she’d actually been part of the Coven before, then that would mean this mystery woman would have seen what their style of hypnotic seduction did over and over, and she’d have learned and internalized the idea that it was irresistible.

            Plus, is she really was a former member, maybe Janet could bring her back into the fold. That would be a get for her, maybe even get her out of her mother’s shadow. Janet thought of the respect she’d get if on her first free expedition out, she brought back one of the ones that got away.

            “How about you? You seem a little old for this place,” Janet didn’t know where that came from, actually she did, it was just a catty reflex, “I’m sorry, that’s not… what I meant was, this doesn’t seem like your crowd, you seem too… actually mature, not old, you know what I mean.”

            The moment of knee-jerk hostility came and went, and as it did, everything she said after, the speed of her reply, its tone, all of it was supposed to be disarming, to make her easier to underestimate, and Janet sold it with her body language.

            “Oh, you know it’s okay, don’t worry about it, I know what you mean,” the woman looked like she was drinking a gin and tonic, maybe a vodka tonic, and when she took a drink, she just smiled at Janet, “Tell me your name.”

            “Janet,” the younger woman blinked, she had been right about to say the same thing in the same way to this woman, but before she could, her whole plan had been thrown off by the woman suddenly taking a drink, and then beating her to it.

            “You’re very pretty Janet, and you’re waiting for someone, you want it to be a woman because you’re not really that interested in men, not really, but you’ll use one if you have to and you’ll have fun, but then probably pass him off to someone else won’t you? Don’t answer, I can see it in your eyes. They’re also very pretty, and very soft, you have soft sleepy eyes Janet, soft sleepy eyes that want to close now, and you can say no, you can think no, but it’s such a little word, and these feelings are getting so big aren’t they, now, Janet, sleep.”


            She was… blinking… fuck… the words came so fast and she…

            “You know I have you, you know you’ve lost already, you know you’re very good, you’re very good at what you do and you almost had me, but you know I’m better, because this is happening, it’s happening so fast you just don’t have a choice anymore do you Janet, no choice, just sleep now, just deep sleep in my voice now Janet.”

            Janet’s eyes closed.

            “You understand how inevitable this is doesn’t you Janet? You know better than anyone who might be feeling the way you do, so warm now, so heavy now, truly, deeply, impossibly sleepy now, that everything you’re feeling is inevitable, and everything I desire is irresistible. You’re such a good hypnotist, you almost had me, I wanted you, I wanted to let you take me, you’re so beautiful and talented, but I’m stronger and better, stronger and better than you, and that’s okay, because everything’s going to be just fine now that you know I respect you, and that I want you.”

            There was a hum inside Janet, a heat that started between her legs when the disarming flattery, and the sweet, breathy sound of this woman’s voice reached into her ears, and as Janet felt that little tickle of wet arousal, she forced her eyes open, if only to feel the inevitable pull of closing them again.

            Wow, it had happened so fast that Janet didn’t realize she’d been halfway gone until her eyes opened.

            This woman met her gaze as she spoke, and those tender, understanding, humiliating words pierced Janet’s ego and pressed her buttons. When the woman said she respected her, Janet’s eyes closed again. Consciously the younger woman knew what was happening; Janet knew her subconscious was working against her.

            “I respect you so much, I know that you could have captured anyone in here. Any man, any woman, any couple, you’re so pretty, and so alluring, you just glow with warmth and sex appeal, I was drawn to you, I was pulled into your aura, you know how to radiate your beauty and your power, and that means you know how to feel mine. You know how to feel the draw of my energy, my sexuality, you can be the moth to my flame now; show me how everyone sinks deeper, show me you know what the deep and peaceful sleep of obedience is.”

            Janet wanted to… she didn’t know what she wanted, and that was the problem. It wasn’t supposed to be like this though, she was supposed to know, and decide how to respond. Part of her indoctrination, part of the Coven’s training and its history was for all of the women to experience the power they would wield, to know it, and understand its strengths and weaknesses, to always know that being masters of their art, they could always find their own self-control and…

            “You can find your trigger honey, you can use your resistance mantras, you can press the eject button and bring yourself back up, but what happens then? How many times can you shake free, just to instantly fall into my eyes, or my voice, or more likely, down between my breasts? You look like you decided against the boob job, I think it was the right choice for you; you’re very approachable, very pretty, you’re the girl next door, and I’m sure the Coven needs those types too, but don’t you need to go deeper instead of fighting me? Isn’t that what you absolutely want? You’re not even coming up to get taken back down. You must really want to sink deeper if you don’t want me to fractionate you into deep sleep.”

            The details of the Coven’s methods and the flattery were a trap door in Janet’s brain and it was like this woman, whomever she was, was one step ahead of Janet in every way.

“Who…” Janet blinked her eyes open, “…are you?”

“There she is,” the woman’s emerald eyes sparkled, and her voice was a smothering whisper, “I knew you’d find your way back up, you’re too skilled and too knowledgeable to not be curious, no matter how much you really want to submit. And you also know that going up and down takes you deeper, you also know that every time we put a mind into the deep sleep of obedience now… now don’t go closing your eyes, look at me, look deep into my eyes now Janet. That’s right, deep into my eyes, you can’t resist, you need to stare, good girl, keep staring, and say that again, ask me who I am again, ask my eyes now Janet.”

Janet’s mouth betrayed her, and her voice spoke to the green sparkling gems that were piercing her mind and her soul. “Who are you?”

The young woman had obeyed, and she knew it. She felt it open the crack in her mental defenses even wider and even deeper.

“My name’s Kayla, and…” She brushed her hand in front of Janet’s eyes, “…it’s your pleasure to sink back down for me.”

The younger woman felt the automatic response of her eyes closing, and she knew she couldn’t stop it, Janet had given too much ground already. As Kayla spoke, the younger woman looked into herself and started to repeat a very simple and powerful mantra.

I am not hypnotized.

I am not hypnotized.

I am not hypnotized.

She opened her eyes and felt the trance she was in slipping off her like water, “Who are you?”

When the young woman asked now, her tone was much more combative, her awareness was much sharper, and she felt herself back to being in charge of her mind and body.

Kayla, and Janet didn’t believe it was her name for a second; no one this woman’s age was named Kayla, leaned in a little closer. “I’m just like you Janet, only I should say, I was like you are. Now I’m in business for myself. And now,” Kayla’s hand waved in front of Janet’s eyes again, “now you’re feeling the last of your resolve slipping away, feeling the last of your resistance fading away, because you know you put up a good fight, you know you tried, and you know that you could have gotten up and walked away, but you’re here, so you don’t need your pride, you don’t need your doubts, you don’t even need your will power anymore. You know you want to be hypnotized, and you know that I’m far too skilled for you to really resist me. Sure, you’ll keep trying, but that’s because we both know it feels better when you resist.”

It was true.

The younger woman should have stood up and walked as soon as she could. She should have turned away and walked for the door. But she’d stayed, and now that hand, that gentle, subtle, ethereal motion of Kayla’s hand was making her mind so blurry, and breaking up so many of her thoughts.

It was hot, and it was dangerous. She needed to escape before this woman got her hooks even deeper, but it felt too good to just stay and let it happen.

This is how it felt.
This is how it really felt to be taken.

But that wasn’t who she was…

Janet started to try and stand up, but the slow downward wave of Kayla’s hand felt like it was magic. Janet knew the woman was in her head, and knew that she was already too acclimated to the woman’s suggestions. She knew everything that was happening, and knew that it worked, more so, because Janet couldn’t deny the base attraction she had to the woman, maybe more so because of how forceful she was… and Janet was feeling it, the submissive urge she’d cultivated and played on in so many of her targets, it was a side of herself she had never felt before… at least not like this.

“Besides Janet, there’s no shame in losing yourself to me. You know our techniques are irresistible, and you know that I’m so much better than you are. You know you want it, and I’ll prove it to you.”

Kayla’s hand had stopped waving, and now it was tracing the rim of her glass. A large diamond was sparkling on the older woman’s hand, catching the light and dazzling Janet just as easily as if the younger woman didn’t know any better.

It was also hard to argue, too hard to think, let alone argue with the fact she was still there.

“Just think, just think about every time you’ve captured someone and seduced them. Think about how powerful you felt then, remember how they looked as they fell into you, they were weaker than you. They look like you do now, they feel like you do now, and you know it. You know that you’re trying not to stare deeper into my eyes, back up into my eyes, my ring is very pretty but look up into my eyes, deeper into my eyes. See them sparkle in the dark, shining like stars in the night, holding you, captivating you, and pulling you deeper now. On the edge of the deep sleep of obedience, on the edge of complete submission to me now.”

The deep sleep of obedience, it was their term for complete somnambulism, the state of hypnotic trance where a subject was most open and willing, where the most work could be done to the and with the subconscious. It was so inviting, so wonderfully powerful that if you could show a subject how to get there, if you could lead them to it and put them there, then entwine it with sexual pleasure and emotional promise, you could make them yours.

Janet felt it, she felt the pull, but the shift in Kayla’s tone brought her back from the edge, and as she left it behind, Janet felt her brain stirring, her conscious mind was pleading with her not to be taken, not completely.

“You’re not even trying to hypnotize me, you gave up and now you’re just trying to hold on a little bit longer. You’re not really fighting back Janet, if anything, you’re just trying to make it last longer, because you see it in my eyes, you know I’m just so much better than you, and you know, deeper in my eyes now, you know there’s no shame in that. There’s no shame in losing to someone who is better than you, and it’s better for you to just learn from this, learn to surrender to me now, and just learn from the pleasure of losing. Learn from being taken, and learn to feel what you’ve made so many other people feel. If you really wanted to be a better hypnotist, you’d just close your eyes and sink into a deep trance now, mind as empty and black as a starless night.”

As Kayla spoke, Janet had tried to stop listening again, and she even tried to remember how to stand up and walk away, but the older woman’s hand started it’s slow, languid caress of the air again, and it kept breaking up Janet’s thought process, and then those eyes, those pretty emerald green eyes, eyes that looked at her with so much lust, and so much want, so much pure desire, had made Janet’s own sexual desires betray her. Then, Janet lost her grip, and then she was fading. Kayla had been talking for some time before the words started to make sense again, but those eyes never broke from Janet’s, and the subtle shifts in her tone didn’t let Janet close her own eyes.

“…in the Coven right now, you’d be melting for me, wet and desperate for a touch, or a kiss, waiting for more attention from me, telling you how beautiful you are as you feel the pleasure wash over you. And you’re so pretty and sweet, you’re so sexy as your eyes drift shut and your shoulders slump, eyes too heavy to open, mind so warm and fuzzy, wanting to feel my voice, and…”

Kayla’s hand reached across the table and caressed the back of Janet’s hand, “…my touch is taking you even deeper now. If you weren’t in the Coven you’d be able to just fall so much deeper, and feel even more pleasure, and don’t you want that Janet, show me you do and give me your necklace, just for now, just to feel even better, just to get what you truly need.”

Kayla’s hand stroked up and down Janet’s arm as she spoke, and when Kayla told her to give her the necklace, that soft touch, that hand pulled on hers, delicate fingers sliding down Janet’s own.

“Give me your necklace and give me control now Janet. Open your eyes and look deep into mine while you leave your mind behind so your world can just stay empty and black as a starless night.”

Empty and black as a starless night.

It was easy, it felt just as easy as Janet had told all her victims it was to obey, and she had been right.

Empty and black as a starless night.

The clasp came loose and she held the chain in her hand, and…

“…it’s so heavy for you to hold and to wear. It’s such a burden to always be in control Janet. Give up the control that comes with the crystal, give me…”

Her eyes weren’t staying open, and she felt warm hands close over hers.

“Just… deeper… good girl…”

Empty and black as a starless night.


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