Not Retired At All: My Second Hypno-Crush

Correction: Lady Lita is still extremely active and making new and exciting content. You can find her recordings HERE, and you can also find information about various forms of live sessions as well.

Additionally, I’d hate to think that this post in its original form did anything other than celebrate someone whose work I deeply enjoy! 

Semi-Retired is a multi-part series that focuses on Hypnodommes that are no longer as active as they once were. This series does not explore the reasons for their absence, but does explore the marks they left on me, and maybe you too. SEE ABOVE.

Part 1: My Second Hypno-Crush I love Lady Lita. And honestly, I’ve loved her from afar for a VERY long time. And by love her, what I mean is I have very fond feelings for her work, and my history with her as I don’t know her at all. She was an important figure in developing the scene, was immensely popular for a good chunk of time, and for some people she was a problematic character. I’m going to brush over most of that, and instead focus on what she meant to my development.

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On Writing… Hypnosis Erotica

***Disclaimer: I don’t read male-dom hypnosis erotica, nor do I create that content, so nothing in this article has anything specifically to do with that subset of content. That is not to say this article is not relevant to that content though***

Hypnosis erotica is a bit of a cornerstone of the erotic hypnosis internet.
The story collection site is a lot of people’s first stop on their journey into our gloriously perverted world, and it remains a vital and important part of our fetish for a lot of people.

And you know what, one of these days I’ll send some stuff over there, or write something that will be exclusive for the site.

You see (and probably know), I write and sell femdom hypnosis erotica as a way to earn passive income, and also to write the stories I want to write. Profit wise, it’s not nearly as profitable as script writing, but it’s fun, and is usually much more fun than script writing is.

Part of that is the fact my stories are my content and my ideas so it’s all me (unless it’s a comission, but even then my clients tend to be “do your thing with this idea”), and another part of that is the difference in writing technique and the different needs that stories and scripts have.

So, what needs does hypnosis erotica address, and how does one go about writing hypnosis as a story compared to as a script?

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Getting What I’ve Always Wanted

Hi everyone, this is a slightly different kind of blog for me in that it’s a hybrid between a review and my other exploratory essays, that’s why this is going up in both feeds.

It’s titled “Getting What I’ve Always Wanted”, because that’s how this idea started… well… sort of.
It really started because I wrote a review for a piece I liked that was made by someone I’m a fan of, but then she took that piece down, and it didn’t seem, I don’r know… fair… to advertise something of hers that I loved that people couldn’t buy if they were so inclined. So, I was going to write a new review  to plug one of her new pieces, but then I kept going, and going, and found something in her catalogue that, through a whole mix of factors, was exactly what I’ve always wanted in a file/video.

Titnotized JOI, by  Goddess Emily

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Anxiety, Depression, Hypnosis, Distraction


Anxiety, Depression, Hypnosis, Distractions

            I was talking with a Pro Domme friend the other day, and while we were mainly not talking about work stuff, we did, as always happens in this industry, end up touching on work stuff, and the experience of trance. She told me how, in Skype sessions, she’ll watch for clients as they start to disassociate and pull their focus back, and this got me to thinking about something I’d never put in context of hypnosis before:

            My Attention Deficit Disorder!

            I also got to thinking about, and this will be covered in another blog very soon, how the kind of person that, generally speaking, most wants to experience a loss of control is fundamentally terrible at doing so just from a skills perspective.

            So, let’s talk a little bit about various mental health and neurodiversity issues, cobbled together from person and anecdotal experience, and examine how they can impact our experiences and relationships with hypnosis and being hypnotized.

            I think it goes without saying that I’m not a mental health professional, but given the nature of what this is all about, let me explicitly state that I am not an expert on any of this stuff (past functional professional expertise on hypnosis). Now, with that out of the way, let’s get to it.

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Hypnosis and Addiction

I grew up with a parent who was/is in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), and I grew up afraid to drink when I was in high school, because I was afraid of becoming an alcoholic. I have self control, and impulse control issues that were much worse when I was younger, and what I thought were addictive tendencies have in turn turned out to be gluttony issues. It’s a fine line, but it’s not the same. When you’re an addict, you “can’t” stop, when you’re a glutton, you choose not to.

But, I was lucky, because when I did start really drinking at 19, I only had to deal with the basic idiocy of youth, and the fun of over-doing it until the night’s fun turned to physical misery, and then a day or so later, when that misery would circle back around to the fun of celebrating that over indulgence.

If you’ve gone hard at life at all, you know that, “I was so drunk, and…” is usually the start of a great story.

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The Top 8 Things Outsiders Get Wrong About Femdom Erotic Hypnosis

Preface: Before we get going, I want to clarify that this is about the Femdom Hypnosis scene, not about the practice of female domination via hypnosis as a concept. 

So this is a special, exclusive club now?
No, that’s not what I mean at all.
It’s not a question of if you belong or not, it’s about the fact this scene is really its own thing, and like any niche it operates by its own rules. This is especially, maybe even glaringly true if you’re coming from a more traditional kind of D/s experience and/or kink play. So when I say “Outsider” what I mean is someone who is not culturally indoctrinated in this scene either as a domme or a sub.

So, first things first:

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The Top Ten Ways Femdom Erotic Hypnosis Has Changed

Hello everyone, now that I’m an accomplished script writer, and blogger who just this month has reached  TWENTY YEARS OF EXPERIENCE in the world of Femdom Erotic Hypnosis, I think I’m going to start calling myself an expert, and lording my accumulated knowledge over other people by saying:


Okay, I’m not, because that would make me (even more?) insufferable, and also because there’s a certain misleading nature to it, as it sounds like I’ve been working in the scene the whole time, where slightly over half those years were just me being a horny consumer.
That isn’t to say I haven’t always paid a lot of attention the entire time (I have, it’s how my brain’s wired), or that my experience as a consumer isn’t invaluable (it’s hugely valuable and necessary to my work), but the context matters… so while you bet I’m adding that to my website, it will be qualified.

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The Aggressively Hetero World of Femdom Hypnosis

I’m making a resource list of female hypnotists that are on YouTube, separate lists for vanilla/therapeutic, and pervy, and I know some people might wonder why? Not why is this list being made, after all this is a Femdom Hypnosis site, but if you don’t come from the Femdom Hypnosis scene, then you might wonder what’s the big deal?

(Aside from female voices bein the minority voice in YouTube hypnosis content…)

There is, and this is coming from an outsider’s look in, a big difference between the culture, and makeup of the Femdom erotic hypnosis world, and for lack of a better term, the casual or mainstream erotic hypnosis world.

The reason I’m using the word casual has nothing, and I repeat NOTHING to do with the intensity, efficiency, or capacities of the non-Femdom exclusive side of things, it’s that the Femdom scene is largely, dramatically so, a pro-domme/pay for play scene, and there’s a reason for that.

Most of the people that are into Femdom Hypnosis are white, straight, middle class (middle class adjacent) cis men.
Yes, there is a large contingent that is interested in sissy/forced-bi/forced gay/forced feminization content, but many of those people identify as their assigned gender, and many of them identify as straight.
This is, point blank, the market and fan base that exists:

Cis Hetero White Men.
(See Also: Me)

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Fatale, a Wedding, and You

All the art posted here is from the Image comic Fatale written by Ed Brubaker, with art by Sean Phillips, it’s obviously not mine.

There’s a scene in a later issue of Fatale, where one of that story arc’s main characters is robbing a bank to get money together for his grunge band to pay for their music video.
That story arc was set in Seattle -where I live-, and that bank, in the comic, was a real location in 1995 when that story was taking place.
In the present day and for the last 20 years or so, it has been a coffee shop. It has been my coffee shop for most of that time as well, and I somehow missed that fact that I was sitting in that place reading that book, listening to Alice In Chains the first time I read it, because I’m old enough to be old Seattle.
But, what is Fatale in the first place?

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The Whole Story of Trancescript

The year was 2009, it was the end of winter and I was sick as a dog, I was also an Assistant Store Manager at Blockbuster video, and was being called in while deathly ill, to be demoted.

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