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First name, Only! Last name, Hypno(sis)!

Hannah, aka Only Hypnosis (as per her Niteflirt and twitter) is an erotic hypnotist with mp3s for sale, and who does live phone and Skype (if you pay for her ID) sessions. I don’t know her personally, or much at all save for a few DMs, but based on her technique and what little interaction I’ve had with her, she is the real deal.

(I’m compelled enough by her files that I am interested in what her live sessions would be like, and when I get one, I’ll let you all know)

You can see it in her social media, and you can see it in her profile listing, Hannah gets it. What is that “it” though? You ask, because the internet has taught us to be contrarians and devil’s advocates. In this case, it is the allure of being seduced into trance, or entranced into being seduced, and having all of it happen so smoothly that you don’t know which way is up, but you want to be down on your knees in front of her.

That is the sensibility of all of her work that I’ve heard so far, and it speaks to her gift of creating sessions that effectively blindside you, and covertly pull you down.
There’s not a lot more of an oxymoron that, and I say this with love obviously because we all know covert hypnosis is the most predatory and in turn sexiest hypnosis, having a covert hypnosis file that is advertised to people that want to be hypnotized as a covert hypnosis file, but that’s what you get in her sessions.
You know you’re going to get hypnotized, obviously by her talking to you, but after it happens you won’t know when ti happened, or the how of how it happened, save for the fact she talked and you listened. Which again, is obvious, but that’s where the mastery of her craft comes in.

(Also, spoiler alert, aside from the vanilla or practical skills based ones, it’s not ‘only’ hypnosis, there’s also hypnosis being used on you for fun and sexy experiences.)

Hannah advertises herself as covert (see above), and vague (see, right now), and depending on your technical acumen and understanding of hypnosis, yes, you may be able to reverse engineer how she gets you, but even if you do figure it out, it won’t change anything… at least it didn’t for me. We all love having various hypnosis tricks work on us, the trickier the better, and some of us love learning how the trick works, but one of the joys of hypnosis is that knowing how it works tends to make it work even better the next time.

Hannah’s work is durable both in terms of technique and eroticism, and is more than the novelty of being clever for its own sake for just one listen.

I was truly impressed on my first few listens, and blown away on my next few, both as re-listens and in picking up a solid portion of her small, but diverse catalogue. Hannah uses her voice to maximum effect (and her accent is fucking hot), and her delivery is as smooth as her technique is strong.
She is also straight forward in her ad copy, and when she says vague (see again, now) she means it.
There is an impressionism to the narratives she uses to frame and place her sessions, one that can either ground your sense of the experience or inspire your imagination, and regardless of which one it is, as soon as you start listening to her talk, her voice starts to go to work.

And even if you do not have the same kind of responses to her work that I did, her sessions are under ten dollars a piece, and run between five and twenty minutes, so they are not a big commitment one way or the other… unless they work on you and you feel the urge to session with her etc.

(Which, lets face it, is kind of the dream of why we’re here and what we’re looking for, riiiiiiiiight?)

I love hypnosis, I love femdom hypnosis, and I love finding serious practitioners I haven’t heard before, because maybe this one will be the one that fills the hole inside me that is my compulsive desire for hypnotic submission because it means I can then share this new person (or new to me) with all of you, and help you to find and enjoy the people that make the kind of technique forward, we’ll say real, hypnosis that we all want more of.

I might have joked around up above about what it’s like to be searching for an experience that can give us what we want, but it’s true. We’re all looking for something deeply pleasurable, often deeply personal, and not just horny, but spiritually, or psychically, or emotionally resonant because of what our fetish means to us, and what it gives us when we experience it.

Where in the past I’ve written about dommes who have been around since web 1.0, or dommes who have attained some high visibility and popularity, endorsing them, not just for me to talk about why I like them but providing context for you to see if they may be for you, in this piece I’m trying to draw attention to someone that might be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Here are all Hannah’s links and you might be thinking, “Hey Max, she’s not new at all, what rock have you been living under,” and my answer to that is if I can miss out on someone this talented and creative, then so can everyone else.

I am thrilled to have found her incredibly sneaky and excitingly affecting work, and I am even more excited to share my enthusiasm for her with all of you.

And remember, elevate the people whose work you like, leave positive feedback (like/share/subscribe/smash that I must obey button), and of course, pay for your porn.


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