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Inamorta’s Youtube and Twitter: Finally a Hypnosis Review!

Wow it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, and this time, THIS TIME, get this, I do have a personal and professional connection to the person I’m writing about. Since she has credited me publicly in her YouTube details, I can say yes, yes she and I have worked together.

Inamorata is part of the first generation of on-line Pro Hypnodommes that started in the late 90s. I can say personally, she is a great friend, a caring woman, and a very skilled and genuine hypnotist whose interests in the metaphysical and the psychological combine into potent and affecting hypnosis experiences.

Having session-ed with a her a few times, a couple times by surprise too, I can tell you she is subtle and elegant in her approach, especially when she doesn’t want you to realize it until it’s “too late”, but I think some of my experiences may have been her feeling playful when we were having social calls.

You might think, “Gee Max you;re just plugging your own writing now” but up above I’ve been talking about the times she’s hypnotized me. Now to talk about her YouTube Channel where she does her work these days.
I’ve known her on and off for a little over 4 years now, and fairly recently I started exploring what she’d put up on YouTube, which I hadn’t done a lot of before. You know how it goes fellow perverts, your moods change, your tastes change, you don’t know what you want or are really looking for. I was in one of those places, feeling kind of surely about the (by volume mind you) lack of actual hypnosis out there, and after watching a few videos it got us talking again.
Out of that friendship, we started talking about collaborating, and she pointed out she used one of my free inductions as part of one of her sessions.

Now, you can see all of our collaborative work (she tells me what she wants, I write something, she makes it hers/more her voice) up on her channel. You can also see that a good part of my job is writing for the hypnotist, and for their voice and style, and not necessarily (if you know my stories, or my old captions etc.) my tastes.
But since I’m a hypno-perv down to my very core, I cherish getting to write to and for other people. It’s always fun to work with Inamorata, and I’ve even sent her the occasional script that popped into my head fully formed that I knew would work for her and only her…

…and I wonder why I would do that…

I’m kidding…

…or am I…

But that’s not all!

If you enjoy her videos (like, share and subscribe, and send her money if you do…) also check out her Twitter account where she offers moments of trance. Small pieces of text and visuals that can help you have a contained moment of inspired meditation, triggered responses, quiet, flashes of submission, or any number of other feelings and effects.

Inamorata is kind, creative, and exceedingly generous by putting her work on a public platform like YouTube now, and not behind a paywall. If you can support her, please do, and if you are curious, give her a listen.
And when you do, don’t be afraid to poke around, there’s a lot of stuff there for you to listen to and watch. I binged a lot of it, and I can say that if you let yourself, her work can build up momentum in your brain and give you more profound and powerful experiences as you go.




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