Story Preview: Bright Water

In the long tradition of me posting everything up to where the sex starts, here is a VERY LONG and hypnosis focused preview (a little more than half) of his massive story.


Bright Water
A Smuthunter Story


As he sipped his champagne and couldn’t help muttering, “I don’t know why I come to these things,” Landon Trent was surprised to hear an answer.

“Looking at you, I’d say it’s obligations of class.” The woman who spoke to him held out a pale white hand with red tipped nails, “Kayla Madison.”

She was a head shorter than him, with short black hair parted to the side that swept down to her chin, and she had deep green eyes that looked right into his. She was attractive in a plain sort of way, less effortless and more lacking effort, but unlike the former debutants that made up his cohort, she was too old to be demanding attention.

“Landon Trent,” he took her hand, “I don’t claim to know everyone in these circles…”

She smiled at him, a wide bright smile that animated her features and carried a wealth of practiced charm and poise, “Oh no, I am most assuredly a tourist here. I don’t even know whose party this is, I was brought along by a friend of a friend.”

At a glance she might have fooled someone else, but Landon had an eye for the trappings of his station and saw that the simple black dress she wore and the burgundy shawl wrapped around her shoulders were not someone playing at chic elegance. What really gave her away though was her jewelry; her small teardrop diamond earrings, her platinum bracelet, and the ring on her right ring finger were as exquisite as they pretended to be modest.

She must have seen the corner of his lip tilt up as he appraised her accessories, “Oh no, it’s all borrowed. The dress doesn’t actually fit properly, it’s why I’m wearing this thing.”

She tugged at her shawl, and he couldn’t help but wonder what her chest looked like under the billowing wrap of cashmere. It fell off her in such a way to inspire his imagination, but as he wasn’t a cad. Landon didn’t spend more than a passing glance thinking about it.

He didn’t believe her story, but that only made her more interesting.

“So, is it polite to ask what you do?” She looked out at their surroundings, the ballroom full of his peers and elders, the wait staff moving in and out of the side doors as others came and went to other open areas of the mansion. “Or is it assumed that everyone here knows everyone by reputation?”

He laughed and took another drink. She was sharp. She had a sharp eye, and a sharp tongue, and he didn’t believe her modesty for a second, not the least because of her composure, and much to his chagrin his mind couldn’t help wandering back to wondering just what she looked like under that shawl. “I’ve worked in wealth management, but you might say I’m more the idle rich than a serious professional.”

There was no harm in a little dry, self-deprecating humor. “And you?”

She also took another drink and moved a little closer to him, close enough for him to catch a subtle hint of her soft, tantalizing perfume, “I am a clinical hypnotherapist.”

She said that in a way that said she knew every follow-up question he was going to ask her, and it was pure pride and a sense of wit that demanded Landon surprise her.

“So,” he looked her dead in her deep green eyes “which one of my peers has been on your couch?”

She stopped herself from taking another drink and let out a little chuckle and gently tapped him on the arm, “Oh no, I couldn’t tell you that even if that was it. But I haven’t set up my practice out here yet. I’m actually going to be borrowing a friend’s office while I take my first few clients.”

“It sounds like you’re saying someone here is one of your clients, you’re just deflecting.” He put all of his charm into, because as he kept staring into her eyes he realized she’d already charmed him and was more interesting than anyone else at the part.

“I like you Landon,” Kayla smiled at him and took her drink then  absentmindedly brushed at her shawl, causing him to break eye contact with her for a second as her ring caught the light and drew his eye back to her chest again. “Most everyone asks me if my career is real and viable when I tell them what to do, or the imply or outright say I’m a fraud of a loon. It’s nice to meet a gossip instead of a skeptic.”

He laughed, “Well I was going to…”

Kayla flicked the side of his glass with her fingernail, “No you weren’t, you were going to find yourself looking into my eyes, looking deep into my eyes and wondering if I could hypnotize you now, weren’t you?”

She spoke with the same wry tone and humor but her words came a little faster and hit him harder. There was some power or intent in her voice that drove the words into him like a nail through his forehead. As his mind instantly started to think about the idea she presented, she flicked the side of his glass again, and again it made a little clinking sound that interrupted his thoughts.

“You could look into my eyes, but it would end up with a very deep trance that probably wouldn’t be appropriate for this,” he watched her wave her free hand out towards the party, her ring again catching the light before coming back to lightly brush the top of her chest, “so let’s just let me put one simple idea in your head instead of putting you in a deep trance. You like my earrings, so just look here.”

She brought her hand to her ear and tapped her earing, “You’re going to want to close your eyes as you focus right here and hear my words, but you’ll find that every time you blink now, blink now,” the speed and force of her voice made his eyelids flutter for a second, “you’ll realize you just need to focus on the little diamond more and more.”

She paused and softly flicked her earing three times and as it danced from her fingertip and caught the light he blinked, not from its minute cascade of sparkles, but from the sharp sense of compulsive awareness he now had about his eyelids and his need to blink.

“That’s right, you’re feeling it happening, and as you blink now,” she flicked his glass again with her finger and, “blink now, you’re feeling your eyes becoming locked on my earing. You’re feeling them drawn to its compelling shape, and as you stare now you’re discovering little secrets and mysteries in its facets. Little compelling sparkles of light that make you want to keep staring, and that’s why you’re going to try and look away now and see what happens.”

Landon blinked and found her earing growing in his eyes. He found himself focused on its colors and its shape, and he did try to look at her and look into her eyes, but then she tapped his glass again and he couldn’t seem to break focus from that little diamond teardrop.

“You can look away, but you can’t look away because I put the idea in your head that you don’t want to, so you don’t. It’s a trick, and it’s the power of suggestion. If I hadn’t told you I was a hypnotist it wouldn’t have worked as well, but as soon as I told you U was a hypnotist and then reaffirmed to you that you believe in hypnosis, or at least don’t not believe, these little tricks became more effective on you. Now close your eyes, and when you open them you’ll be back to normal.”

Landon blinked and found himself looking deep into her dark green eyes.

“I want you to think about this experience. I want you to consider this little experience, this little thing I put inside your mind, and I want you to think about hypnosis. Hypnosis can occupy a compelling shape,” her hand brushed gently across her chest again,” when you think about it, and I really think it would be good for you. You’re very receptive and that’s a skill, and I want you to think about it until you decide you want to make an appointment with me.”

He was still staring deep into her eyes when she put her business card in his hand. “I have to go see to my friend, but call me on Monday.”

She was gone…

But what she’d done to him lingered.

* *

“I trust you found this place okay?”

Kayla was waiting for him in the lobby of a bare bones office in a strip-mall/office park in the suburbs. Her black hair was swept with a red cloth headband, and he noticed the little gold studs in ears before he took in her dark red, sleeveless dress with a black belt, and black, knee high leather boots. They were flat soles so she was even shorter now than she was at the gala, but there was something more striking about her, and it wasn’t just the very pronounced contour of her chest in her high necked dress.

“Ms. Madison,” she smiled at him and took his hand when he offered it to her, her skin was soft, and there was a charge in her touch that made him feel like he was on a date and not at an appointment ostensibly for his mental health.

“Kayla,” he was flustered by her touch and her energy, and wondered if he was blushing, t’s good to see you.”

He’d felt odd addressing her by her last name, and he noticed that her makeup was just as immaculately done, but more strikingly modest for effect., and she was wearing the same, soft, teasing scent. It was there, but just at the edges, doing its best to distract him from the sanitized by lived in and worn smell of the room.

“Landon, it was so wonderful to hear from you this morning, I’m very proud of you for deciding to do this.” The skirt of her dress brushed her knees, and while it revealed nothing, not even a hint of cleavage, the shape of her flattered her in a way to make her impressive chest truly impossible to ignore.

“Well, it was so interesting the other night,” the morning after the party he realized it felt like she’d nailed the thought of being hypnotized right through his forehead and into his soft squishy brain but he wasn’t going to admit that, “that I couldn’t exactly say no to you, could I?”

“Oh, I know you couldn’t,” she kept hold of his hand, “I don’t waste my tricks on people who won’t respond or appreciate them.”

They stood there for a long moment, their eyes locked, her hand still in his, and he felt her fingers press gently into his hand as she smiled at him

“Here,” she kept hold of his hand but broke eye contact with him, breaking the moment as well, “let’s go into the office. I know.”

He laughed as she led him down the short hallway into a sparsely furnished and decorated office. There was nothing to it, just  a desk, an office chair, and a recliner.

“You didn’t have to say it on the phone, I knew you were responding to our chat. Here, sit down and relax.” There was laughter and boundless confidence in her voice and he sat down without any more urging, and he felt her fingers finger and brush his hand as he let go to sit down.

“In stage hypnosis there are tricks that reveal if people will be good for a show,” she had her back to him and was organizing a small stack of papers on the otherwise empty desk, “and that little demonstration is something I developed to see if certain kinds of, let’s say, ‘Type A’ personalities would benefit from a disposition towards what hypnosis offers. And like I said, I don’t waste my tricks on people that won’t appreciate or respond to them.”

“Are you sure you didn’t hypnotize me into wanting to be hypnotized? I mean, with your rate and only taking cash it wouldn’t be a bad racket.” On the phone she’d said that she wasn’t set up for insurance and that cash would be much more preferable, so he’d obliged her. It was a respectable hourly rate, one she sounded very comfortable quoting, and one that told him she was as successful as she’d pretended not to be when they first met.

Frankly, he wouldn’t have taken her as seriously or likely booked an appointment if she’d had a lower rate.

“Would it make you more comfortable if I said yes?” She pulled the office chair over and sat down in front of him. “Look into my eyes and relax. Take a deep breath, and just focus on my deep green eyes.”

He was struck by how immediate she was, and how focused and deliberate her tone was. She was very good, and the other night wasn’t a fluke or the liquor.

“Hypnosis is a permission structure, and going into trance, feeling the ability to engage with the suggestible part of yourself appealed to you. You felt the brief release of tension I gave you… yes that’s right, breathe all the way in and then all the way out… So you can say that I did it to you, but I just gave you a chance to feel something naturally appealing to you.”

“Just keep breathing in,” she took a deep breath with him, modeling the behavior, breathing deep into her diaphragm and making her chest rise as she did, ”and exhale now, letting go of everything else as you focus on my eyes and being in the moment.”

Landon felt a pull on his focus to look down just a little bit as she took that deep breath. He wanted to see the shape of her chest move, or to give himself an excuse to look at that part of her body, but he found her eyes were pulling him in, reassuring him that he was supposed to stare into them, supposed to stay staring deeply into them.

“I know your type, I almost exclusively work with a certain kind of mindset, because I have it too, so you can relax with me. Take another deep breath in, noticing how your mind and body are already slowing down and relaxing with me as you do.”

Again he wanted to watch the rise and fall of her chest, part of him yearning to stare at her breasts under that dress, trying to asses or admire or appreciate this older woman’s obviously magnificent breasts, and he almost did until she said, “Breathe out and now and let go, just sink and relax as you stare even deeper into my eyes now, feeling everything else in the room and in your mind fading away.”

He felt himself sinking into the deep green depths, taking another deep, steady breath as he stared and listened to her. A wave of relief washed over him as he felt his eyes close for a second. In the dark he didn’t have to try not to stare at her breasts, or choose to keep following instructions. He just sank down into the feeling as naturally and easily as breathing.

“Open your eyes and look deep into my eyes Landon,” he found himself pulled back to the surface as he opened his eyes to stare back into hers. “I understand you, and I think you’re staring to understand me.”

Landon felt his shoulders sink as those eyes, those deep, dark, green eyes grew larger and deeper and greener. He remembered what she’d said about her eyes being able to put him into a deep trance, then he realized she probably wanted him to remember that, and appreciated her foresight and intuition. It really did make him wonder if she had played him into this position.

“We haven’t even…”

She waved her hand down in front of his face and said, “Sleep.”

He was going to say talked about what we’re going to do, but that one motion and that one word paused everything.

“Just relax. We’re going to probe your mind to see what you need and what I can give you, and that will be more honest and profound than a talk with your conscious mind. So just open your eyes, look deep into my eyes, and feel yourself just naturally keep on breathing deep and relaxing until your eyelids close again on their own.”

Landon felt Kayla’s voice reaching into him and gently making everything feel simple and easy. He felt himself open his eyes, grateful to just go along. It wasn’t a feeling he was expecting or used to feeling, but when he looked deep into her eyes he wondered if maybe this was what guys into bondage felt like when they were bossed around.

There was something striking and dominating about her that seemed more pronounced than, well, he didn’t know what.

“I want you to just keep listening and as you look into my eyes, let them become a mirror for you. Let yourself look deeper into my eyes and look deeper into yourself, just finding something inside that you want to say, or feel, something strong that you want to touch and feel, or maybe something you’ve always wanted to say but feel you never could. Just look deeper and deeper into my eyes until you find it.”

He stared into the deep, dark green of her eyes and then into the pitch black of her pupils until he saw himself staring back. His eyelids were getting heavy and he felt a tingling in his fingers. His felt warm and started to feel like he was growing distant from his own body. Her pupils were so big, and he was so small inside them. His chin dipped as his eyes closed and he started to breathe more softly.

Then he remembered what she had told him to do, and he realized he was… was he falling asleep… things were…

“Sometimes we can just answer a question with ourselves, and our bodies become our voices. It’s okay Landon, look deep into my eyes, deeper and deeper into my eyes, look right into my pupils, deep into my pupils and stare into the black. You answered my question, you found what you needed, and you can find it again as you stare deeper and deeper, that’s right, look deep into my people, there’s so black, so empty and black, like deep sleep now. Empty and…”

The sound of her voice whispered around him, flowing like silk, drifting and covering everything like mist, and he was gone down into a deep and dreamless sleep. He didn’t choose to open his eyes again, he just found himself staring back into them, feeling himself getting smaller and smaller as he stared.

“That’s right Landon, I want you to keep your eyes open, open your eyes and open yourself up to everything I’m saying.” Her chair was closer to his, he felt closer to her, and the sound of her voice was even softer. It was gentle and smooth like liquid. It felt like her words were filling his mind and forming around the grooves and wrinkles in his brain.

“The need to let go is perfectly natural. You just needed a break, we all need breaks sometimes, and sometimes some people simply cannot mentally disconnect or recharge the way they need to.” She was so close to him, smothering his consciousness with her pillow talk hypnosis, and he couldn’t think, all he could do was stare deeper into her eyes and feel himself shrinking more and more in the deep black of her pupils.

“It’s very hard for smart people like ourselves, it’s especially hard when you’ve gone through your entire life living with a demand to be smart, strong, attentive, and capable, which you so obviously are. Just accept that part of yourself and sink into that confidence now.”

Landon felt good, he felt like he was allowed to just feel good about himself. Kayla understood him and he felt like he belonged in her eyes. He felt seen, truly seen by her and safe in those eyes that held him so completely. Landon felt himself blinking, and every blink lasted longer than the one before.

“I want you to know that you’re doing the right thing for yourself now, learning to let go, letting yourself trust me to help you disconnect from everything that’s informed your adult life.”

He was floating in the dark again, following the sound of her voice, “Nod your head and agree to trust me now Landon. Nod your head, look deep in my eyes, and tell me you trust me. You’re confident enough to let yourself trust me completely now, trust your confidence and your instincts, look deep into my eyes, nod your head, and tell me you trust me completely.”

“I trust you,” he saw the deep green of her irises again before falling back into her pupils, fascinated by the way she could hold all of him, and all of her understand of him in her eyes so… “completely.”

He felt her hand on the back of his, “Thank you, and let that trust fill you now as you stare even deeper and just keep listening to me.”

She removed her hand, and when she did, he became aware of how wonderful and comforting that touch had been. Part of him, some part of him that was floating in her eyes, desperately wanted her to touch him again, but it was lost in the sound of her voice as quickly as it found its way tot eh surface of his mind.

“It’s not just the last few years Landon, the years that have really made you a man, it’s every expectation before these newest ones, and you never learned to let them go. You live in a built up mass of expectations that others have for you and that you have for yourself. You’re buried under them on a psychic level.”

Kayla was right.

As she spoke, she manifested things he’d never been able to articulate about himself.

He wasn’t even thirty yet, but Landon felt like his life had been a cartoon snowball rolling down a hill, getting bigger and bigger, getting ready to crush him. He joked about being a member of the idle rich, but his family obligations demanded that he be more than the beneficiary of wealth. Every business connection, every friend in high places led to anther obligation and anther expectation, and Landon’s entire life had felt normal if not prescribed in concrete.

But now, looking deep into Kayla’s eyes, everything felt tedious, and exhausting. Everything felt loud and abrasive, crowded in the back of his mind, tugging at him, and she was right, he didn’t know how to let any of it go, not really. It was who he was, and it was a moment of profound insight.

“I’m going to help you, because I know that feeling and I know how hard it can be to just be. Just be in this moment, just feel your eyelids closing, and just keep your focus on my pupils, look past the green, past color and shape, and into the dark, until my eyes swallow your eyes, and black becomes black and sleep becomes sleep now.”

He felt her hand on his again and as Landon’s eyelids fluttered once, then twice before they closed he heard her voice, softer than before warmer than before,  just like her touch, “Let everything just fade into the darkness now, fade away and sink for me as your mind becomes empty and black as a starless night.”

He went down, down under that place of insight and personal reflection, down under that echoing resonance of her insight and understanding. He went down, “And as you take a deep breath in, feel your eyes open, and feel yourself drawn back into my eyes now Landon.”

His eyes opened, but he wasn’t fully within himself. He felt halved, separated from the weight of the past, oblivious to his inner voice, held by her hand and transfixed by her deep, dark green eyes.

“Whenever I say the words empty and black as a starless night…”

He was falling again, “that’s right, you will remember how to sink, and how easy it is to let go, but come back up, back up into my eyes again.”

More than last time there was even less of him, and he felt her touch like a beacon bringing that fragment of his conscious self back to the surface.

“So I can watch the lights begin to fade in your eyes as my eyes swallow your eyes when the world becomes empty and…”

She started to trance her fingertips up and down the back of his pals as she spike, and he didn’t last through the last few words. Then he was quiet, and he felt small, and safe, looking up at her as she smiled and stared down at him.

“Bright water refreshes you and washes away all of your tension and all of your stress. Bright water invigorates you like a shower of light and love, washed in warm crystals of liquid light, energizing you and cleaning out all of the mess and dirt and grim in your mind and inner life.”

Landon stared at her crystal green eyes, dark and flawless and perfectly compelling. He stared so deeply into her eyes that the green of her irises and the black of her pupils swirled around him.

“Bright water.”

He felt an amazing rush of care and compassion in her voice, and he felt warmth wash over his body like a hot shower on a cold morning.

“Bright water is peace. Bright water is clarity. Bright water is the relief you need. Bright water is good for you.”

He smiled and his eyes closed. He could hear her saying “That’s right, empty and…”

But the water had washed everything away and the darkness swallowed him up before he could consciously hear her words.

“Bright water is good for me. Bright water gives me peace. Bright water gives me clarity. Bright water is the relief I need.” Saying those words out loud made Landon feel wonderful, and ten times lighter than he’d ever felt before. It was better than being drunk or high, it was better than sex, and it was real. It was real, and such a relief.

“Good, now as you say those words again let yourself wake from trance, waking from our time together, and let yourself let go of any doubts so you can just feel how good what we’ve done together makes you feel.”

The world came into warm focus, and Kayla’s eyes held him and guide him up to the surface when she pulled her hand away from his. When she broke contact he felt himself swimming up from some invisible depth, and he laughed.

“So,” she handed him an unopened bottle of water, “does this time work for you next week?”

He smiled, “That’s a hard sell if ever I’ve heard one.”

“Of course it is,” she took a step back so he could stand up, “why do you think I’m asking you to make a commitment when you’re feeling the immediate benefits of my skill. It would be stupid for me to wait, wouldn’t it?”

There was something in her voice, something so undeniably confident, and something so charming in her eyes that he couldn’t imagine doubting her. Landon laughed again, and he booked another session after he paid her.

As he drove home, he realized he had no idea where most of their hour together had gone.

“Hello Landon, how are you?” He hadn’t really thought about not answering the phone when he saw who was calling. It was the middle of the day in the middle of the week, and it had not been a slow day.

“I’m well, off to a meeting in a few minutes and…”

“Bright water.”

He closed his eyes and let out a deep sigh. The tension melted from his shoulders and his mind cleared, washed free of any doubt and tension hidden even in the deepest parts of his mind.

“How about now?” She laughed as she asked him, and with the kind of confidence he already felt he expected from her, she didn’t wait for him to respond. “I’m just confirming you for our next appointment, and to let you know that if you’re free this weekend that might be more agreeable.”

He felt good, he felt clear headed and everything was wide open to him, “I think…”

“I’m sorry,” she cut him off,  “you said you have a meeting. Call me if you want to see me sooner, we’ll talk later.”

The rest of his day was easy, it felt like his brain had been a hammer his entire life and he was just now finally able to bring it down on his problems like they were nails. The meeting was easy, and he was faster, sharper, and more capable than anyone else.

He left a message for her that night saying that the weekend would work for him and that he was excited to continue working with her. When she called him back with a time he was in a meeting, and he almost had to step out to answer the call after covertly looking at his phone.

“So,” they were back in the mostly empty office out in the suburbs and she was wearing another high-necked red dress and the same black boots. This dress had a longer skirt, short sleeves, and was more… boxy. At least it was boxy around her chest, but as Landon was truly beginning to notice, there was a lot there to be contained. “Have you thought about what you would like to work on this session?”

“You know, that little call of yours was a wonderful sales trick. I’m beginning to think you’re…”

Her hair was back behind a black headband this time and she was wearing a wide, soft leather belt around her hips that gave her a big of an hourglass figure. She had small gold hoop earrings and her nails had the same red tips as before. She looked deep into his eyes as he spoke, and he noticed their deep, dark, green depths and his voice trailed off.

He laughed as he realized what he’d done, what she’d done. “You’re… You’re very pushy aren’t you?”

Kayla smirked at him. She was older, not quite twice he age, but maybe close, maybe not so much, he didn’t know, and she was a little heavier, maybe even classically curvy if he knew what that meant. “You’re my first client here, I wouldn’t be responsible to my business and my practice if I let you go. Besides, bright water is good for you, have a seat.”

He felt a charge of focus and release, like cracking his back, but cracking his mind instead, and he sat down without thinking about it.

She waved him to the recliner, “You’d be surprised how many people stop at one session, and the kind of work it takes to establish the clientele you want. I could put up listings for weight loss and smoking cessation, or even past life exploration and spiritual healing, but…”

She pulled the office chair up and sat down across from him, “But those are markets where you have to be willing to offer discounted rates, new client specials, and honestly, opening yourself up to work you don’t want to do ensures that it’s the work you’ll do the most of. And to be perfectly honest, I’m too good at what I do for these nickel and dime rates, and these unhappy housewives looking for spiritual fulfillment.”

There was a subtle shift to her tone as she spoke, a softening around the edges of her words and a lyrical cadence. It felt familiar, and it pulled his focus into her, into her eyes. He felt himself settling into the recliner and relaxing. “What kind of work do you actually prefer then?”

“Close your eyes,” he did, and she continued. “I prefer working in stress management and goal oriented performance training.”

She put her hand on his, “Breathe deep and relax, it’s one of the reasons I cannot wait to get out of this office, it doesn’t say what I want it to say, does it?”

Her voice was getting heavier and he felt her hand pressing down softly but firmly on his hand. It felt like every word was pressing down on him like a soothing blanket or one of those anxiety shirts for anxious pets, and he felt warmth emanating from her touch and up through his entire body.

It felt nice.

“No, I suppose not. It’s nice your friend is letting you use this space… though it looks like… they’re not really using it.” It had taken him a second to answer, and once he got his thought out, it felt nice to be silent again.

“No,” the word was soft and there was a pause and the silence went on longer than he expected. He sat there with his eyes closed and it was nice. He was drifting and when she started to speak again, softly stroking his hand and making the warmth move through his body more, her voice was even softer and heavier. “No they’re not. Tell me what you remember about our last session, and tell me how you felt.”

“I felt…” it was hard to reach back into those feelings and not sink all the way in. I felt… calm and relaxed, and I remember you saying empty and black as a starless night, and…”

She started caressing the back of his hand with her fingertips again.

“Say it again Landon.”

“Empty and black…: he was falling asleep and it was hard to… he mumbled something, maybe the rest of the words, maybe not.

The soft touch and her gentle voice wrapped around him. He was falling…

“Open your eyes and look deep into my eyes now.”

The strength, the imperative in her voice was woven up in softness and he opened his eyes. She held his hand in hers, he was awake, he thought, and he was staring deep into her eyes, deep into the black pupils and the green irises and he… was…

“Bright water washes away all your doubts and all your tensions doesn’t it?”

He took a deep cleansing breath and he felt wonderful, he felt alive. He was wide awake and invigorated. He was…

“Empty and black as a starless night.”


“Open your eyes Landon, open your eyes and wake up, feeling bright water splashing over you, clearing your mind and sharpening your senses now.”

“Wow,” he was wide awake again, sharp, focused and alive. “I… I don’t remember everything we did last time, but I guess… that’s it? You gave me those…”

Kayla smiled, and it felt like she was willing him back into her eyes, “Triggers, or post hypnotic suggestions to feel a certain way or do a certain thing when you hear a series of words, or experience a feeling, or an action. You’re such a good subject that we didn’t need to do more than help you build your connection with deep trance, and then give you a shortcut to cleansing yourself of the things you don’t want to feel. That’s what bright water is.”

There was no change in her inflection, no meaningful pivot from her matter of fact explanation. Those two words sent another invigorating wave through him. As she was speaking he’d felt a heaviness start to creep over him, like falling back asleep when you wake up suddenly but aren’t ready to rise, but those two words reinvigorated him once more.

“Does this mean you could put me in a trance whenever you want just by saying that other thing?” Landon sat up a little bit straighter in the chair and leaned forward towards her just a little bit.

“Yes and no, “she squeezed his hand, and his wires were more crossed than ever. Was he flirting with her? Was she flirting with him? His mind started to tangle itself up until he looked into her eyes again as she spoke. “We both know I can hypnotize you whenever I want based on our first meeting and how good of a subject you are, but our minds protect us, so you’d still want to, or need to drop down into hypnosis for me when I say empty and black as a starless night.”

This time Landon heard every word of the trigger and sat there staring into her eyes in silence… until his eyes closed and his chin dipped towards his chest.

Landon had tried not to succumb, to see what it would feel like to have the suggestion register but to not take hold. It had felt pointless, like there was no reason not to simply go along with the intention of those words.

He’d stared into her eyes, saw them sparkle and smile back at him, confident, knowing, and certain of what would happen next, and then he was back in the darkness.

“Everybody needs what they need for success and happiness. I need a better office, and you need to separate yourself from your well-trained, brilliant, attentive, vigilant mind. You need to experience a slower, more peaceful mental existence, because even when you sleep your dreams are still hyper engaged because your subconscious is trying to decompress your conscious mind. You live a life of expectations, you told me last time that you grew up understanding the demands your family put on you, and you’ve internalized them, but you cannot turn them off. Remember, that’s what you told me.”

Unlike before, he wasn’t gone in the emptiness, he was just below the surface. Her confident, compassionate voice was so agreeable, and he assumed that’s what he must have said because that’s how he felt. She told him in his own words what had always been inside him. She told him what he had always felt, and he felt the soft, compassionate caress of her hand on his, he felt a connection he’d always wanted to feel.

Landon felt so close to her, so connected to her as she spoke.

It just felt right to be there, to feel her hand on his, to feel her voice flowing into him. He wanted her to feel the same way, he needed her to want to keep working with him, and not just because he paid her. There was something about Kayla, the way she knew his inner self, but also the way she worked so hard and was so skilled.

In that moment, as his mind reflected what she said, and he found himself thinking what she told him he thought, he felt the need to win her over, to impress her.

“There are ways we can explore even deeper trance states for you, ways you can truly immerse yourself in hypnosis with me, but they require practice and we should wait, especially because they involve more trust and different tools.  But I’m sure once you’re more comfortable in deep trance, which will be soon, and once I’m more set up to practice these more powerful methods that demand more privacy and time, we can explore the depths of your strongest needs. Until then, in this session, in this office, just let yourself sink down, deeper down until you’re soaking in bright water while your own inner voice goes silent, empty and black as a starless night.”

A torrent of warmth, focus, and clarity washed over Landon right before the lights went out. He found himself flowing out of himself in a swirling, twisting dream, and felt Kayla’s energy washing over him, radiating out from her hand on his.

“Can you hear me Landon?”

“You’re doing so well.”

“You need this.”

“Bright water is good for you.”

“You’ve always needed this.”

“You need bright water.”

“It’s good for you to come here.”

“It’s good for you to let go and lose yourself here.”

“When you lose yourself you find yourself, and when you find yourself, you find happiness.”

“Lose yourself and find yourself.”

“Bright water is good for you.”

“Give yourself over to hypnotic release, and take the pleasure of deep trance deeper inside you.”

“You need bright water.”

“Hypnosis feels good, and the better you feel the deeper you sink.”

“The deeper you sink, the better you feel.”

“The better you feel, the more you give in.”

“The more you give yourself, the more of my voice you can take inside you.”

“This is what you need.”



Kayla’s voice stopped swirling through him and he started to wake from a sleep as empty and black as a starless night.

But if everything was gone, how could he remember and hear her?

He did remember what she was saying, and he felt it. He felt like he’d gone further, and he felt better. And bright water washed his confusion away like it always did, and his trance was gone, the details were gone, and he was awake and focused and staring deep into Kayla’s eyes, her deep, dark, green eyes.

“Is… is it over already? I…” Landon took the bottle of water she handed him, and as he drank it, he felt refreshed and focused. “I really don’t know what to make of not remembering what happens.”

The office chair was back by the desk, he’d been out for a while.

She stood next to him and put a hand on his arm, “It’s natural, and you feel good about the experience.”

Landon heard it as a question, and not a statement, “I do.”

She squeezed his arm gently and looked deep into his eyes, “You’d benefit from multiple sessions a week, if we had the time.”

She stood in front of him and close enough to him that he was looking up at her chest from the chair.

Her confident and encouraging touch sent another wave of warmth through him, and he felt closer to her than just the smooth softness of her skin on his. Again he heard her words as a question. “I think I would, I mean, I feel like we haven’t even really started working on anything, but it’s all been so helpful already. Is that normal?”

She squeezed his arm again and Landon realized that he’d been staring at the pronounced curve of her tits, “It’s very normal, and we’ve been working on exactly what you need. You know you’re getting what you need out of our sessions because you’re working very hard on everything on you own. You appreciate my work and you’re working so hard at growing as a subject on your side of things.”

She squeezed his arm again with the same gentle pressure,  and while he’d realized he was staring at her chest, he hadn’t actually stopped “That’s why you feel so cleansed and refreshed when you let yourself feel bright water washing over you inside and out.”

He felt a wave of elation wash over him, and it felt like a masseuse working out deep knots in his shoulders. It also felt deeply personal… deeply intimate to have her touching him as she said those words, and it also seemed like she’d leaned forward more, making it impossible for him to see past the shape of her breasts under her dress.

Then she squeezed his arm and took a step back.

“You’re working so hard.” She nodded as she spoke.

“I’m working so hard,” he felt her absence, her aura had been all around him and now it was sliding away, so he nodded along as he repeated those words, trying to keep her close to him.

Kaya leaned in closer to him again and stared deep into his eyes. He felt warm and stuck in the chair, like he didn’t want to move, overwhelmed by a wave of intimate energy as she filled his person space, and it felt wonderfully appropriate as she brushed his cheek with her hand, “Look into my eyes. You want to be a good subject.”

She leaned in even closer until she was face to face with him, and again, he heard her words as a question and as he stared deep into her eyes, her lips so close to his, his perfume swirling around him. It was so much easier to repeat her question back to her as an answer, “I want to be a good subject.”

She brushed her hand down across his eyes and he felt himself sinking back down, even deeper down into the chair, “But it’s so hard when you spend so much time just coming to see me, so much time we could spend in session if my office was closer. If you didn’t have to commute, and if we had more privacy, we could have deeper, longer, sessions. And if you wanted to see me multiple times a week, which you know would be very good for you, it would be so easy. Wouldn’t it be easier…”

She was stroking his cheek and whispering in his ear as he floated on her voice, feeling her fingertips caressing his neck and pulling him deeper with every gently brush across his skin, “…since you’re working so hard to be a good subject? You’d be such a good subject if you could spend more time with me.”

“Such a good subject…” his words were warm and dream, “more time with you.”

“Yes Landon, soak in the bright water, you need bright water, such a good subject, bright water is good for you,  and it would be so easy for you to make this happen.”

He let out a warm, happy sigh, “So easy.”

“That’s right Landon, it’s all so easy when you soak in the bright water, and it’s so easy for you to be the kindest, smartest, most generous version of yourself. Submerge yourself in the bright water, let it wash everything else away, and remember how good you feel coming up with these ideas and these solutions to my office problems and your commuting issues. Just submerge yourself even deeper in the bright water, and let yourself remember that this was your idea, this is all your idea because you’re just this smart, kind, and assertive. You’re just working so hard on being a good subject that you know you want to make everything easier on both of us by solving these problems. Feel the bright water washing away your doubts, and washing away the details of my voice pointing out to you just who and what you know yourself to be.”

Landon let out another long, contented sigh.

“This is your idea.”

“This is…” he felt so good, “…my idea.”

“Oh,” Kayla’s voice came from further away, and as Landon opened his eyes he felt the bottle of water in his hand and took another drink, “uh… did I say something?”

As he drank the water, he felt a deep, welcoming hum of contentment flowing this his body. Everything felt good, the session was good, and he was waking up slowly and easily.

“You said you had an idea,” Kayla was at her desk in her chair, looking at him with a little smirk on her face.

“Maybe, we’ll see, and maybe we’ll talk about it next time.” He felt a hum in his body, a deep warmth that felt sensual, it felt… erotic. There was something sexual about his need to make her happy, something powerfully intimate that he’d never felt before, something he needed. The thought of making her smile, of surprising her was making him aroused, and he was afraid he’d start to show it if he couldn’t get a hold of this new, powerful feeling.

* *

“I believe in your talents and you business enough to make this investment,” Landon stood in the reception room of a small, elegant office located in the heart of the city in one of the nicer private workspaces on the market.

“I took the liberty of ordering some furniture, but if you don’t like it we can replace it with what you’d find more suitable.”

Kayla was wearing a long black coat and had her hair parted to the side. Her smile stretched from ear to ear as she walked down a short hall into the office and looked at the dark wood desk, the brown leather recliner, and the small, plush off white coach in the corner.

“Landon, this is…”

“With your hourly rate, if we had longer sessions and met twice a week instead, since you’ll be so much closer, that will cover the overhead for the space, so I can…”

She looked ay him with those deep dark eyes, and she tried to maintain her smile but he saw a flicker of doubt, “That’s very sweet but I’m not paying rent now so what you’ve been paying me has…”

He felt her not wanting to say it, and he blushed in embarrassment. Why hadn’t he thought of that?

“Oh, O uh… well… how about I cover operations and I’ll keep paying you your rate on top of that until you have more clients. I didn’t mean to… I didn’t want to…”

She closed the door behind them, “You’re working so hard at being a good subject. You value what I’m giving you, and what you’re taking from our sessions. You also know that we can work on deeper, longer, more powerful techniques here, because you remembered me saying that. You have the ability to make everything easier for both of us, and that’s what you’re doing. You did this for yourself as much as you did it for me, and I appreciate that so much. It’s so rare that my subjects are so assertive about taking care of the real, deep needs I show them.”

Her eyes pierced him, and her steady, soft, powerful voice started to smother him. She walked towards him as she spoke, then took his hands in hers, “I’ve gotten to work with many very good subjects, and I think you’re working very hard to be my best subject and I appreciate that. You never would have realized doing something like this for another person, doing this for me, was what you needed, and now you do. Now you realize this makes you feel better about yourself, who you are, and what you can be for me, and for yourself. Now, sit down, take a deep breath and let yourself relax for me now.”

He did as he was told, and felt his body moving along with the sound of her voice. It was easy, it felt like there was a current in the air, something pulling on him, carrying him along her words.

He also felt a quiver of pleasure run down his spine and throb deep between his legs. He wanted to feel more, and he needed to do whatever she said. It just felt natural.

Landon looked up at her from the new, soft leather recliner, “Am I, I don’t know, am I always hypnotized by you now? Did you hypnotize me into doing what you said?”

Kayla smiled at him and laughed as she started to unbutton her coat. “We could do that, if you wanted to.”

She laughed as he made a very concerned face. The pleasure and the arousal were intense, but they hadn’t clouded his judgment, and as he spent all the money to set up the operation a part of him had wondered why he was doing it.

Arousal and need and consideration of what was happening were braided together and intertwined, but no one thing propelled him forward, and no one thing had stopped him.

But since she didn’t deny it,…

“No, no, I’m kidding,” she laughed, and he’d never heard her laugh, it was deep and musical, “but no you’re not deeeeeeeep in my power.” She stopped unbuttoning her coat to wiggle her fingers dramatically.

“We do have a dynamic though,” she returned to her regular tone, “one that is built around you following my instructions and suggestions, and you letting yourself do that. It can habit forming, but no, you’re not hypnotized to obey me. If anything, you’ve just been hypnotized to be more wholly yourself. Part of your subconscious may have just acclimated to following my directions, and that’s because you’re working so hard at being such a good subject, but the suggestions I’ve given you have been making it easier for you to be the person you need to be.

The last few words were accompanied by her removing her long black coat and revealing the sleeveless, red, satin blouse she wearing, a blouse that was unbuttoned enough to reveal a depth of cleavage that confirmed what he’d imagined on their first meeting. He hardly noticed her knee length leather skirt, or the fact the boots she was wearing had a higher heel than he’d preciously seen her in.

“Now just sit back, close your eyes for a second and let your breathing just settle into its easy, steady pace that it has when you’re with me. Just breathe and relax, enjoy the silence and the quiet up here, with these thick walls, away from everyone else, up here away from the street, away from everything in your life. It feels so good to be in this place with me, so much closer, so much easier, and you deserve to just relax and enjoy your hard work in organizing all of this in less than a week. You deserve to know just how much I appreciate your very hard work and dedication. It was so wonderful of you to think of doing this; the furniture you chose is perfect, you’re doing so well.”

There was a soft, cloying sweetness to her voice that hadn’t been there before and it seemed condescending at first, before her words kept piling up as his breathing started slowing down. By the time she finished speaking, he felt warm and heavy, and realized he was already sinking into hypnotized sleep, falling into the trance she was gently and effortlessly pushing him into.

“I want you to take another deep breath now, really focus on filling your lungs all the way up, and as you breathe out I want you to open your eyes and look deep into my eyes. Just open your eyes, look deep into my eyes and find that powerful connection we share, find that special bond we’re building… that you’re working so hard to establish because you’re working so hard at being my best subject.”

Landon’s eyes opened and he stared up into Kayla’s eyes. Her words, still sticky sweet and cloying, hung on his mind and clouded his slowing thoughts. Every deep breath slowed him down even more, and as he found himself keenly aware of sinking into the early throes of trance. He felt relaxed, and the more relaxed he felt, the more confident he became in letting himself just feel this way.

If he wanted to make hypnosis work for him, if he wanted to be the best subject he could be, if he wanted to impress Kayla, he had to confidently and unerringly let himself commit to the process.

He wanted to do this for her, he felt so good doing what she suggested, and he felt better doing the things she hinted at or implied. He couldn’t tell if maybe it was the sight of her cleavage or the thrill of engaging with what she wanted, but he felt himself starting to get physically aroused.

It was similar to the end of the last session, just a slight thickening between his legs that made him feel… good.

It naturally felt good to feel a little horny, and there was something sexy about Kayla, something he’d made a point to downplay in his thoughts about her and the relationship he was building with her, but for some reason, some logic that existed outside of him, it felt right to feel aroused as she started to gently and irresistibly entrance him again.

“I told you I have a very special technique that can lead to even deeper trance, but it’s a little unconventional. It’s a technique I use when I’m using hypnosis out of the office, and I only use it on people I know will be my very best subjects. So, before you agree to this technique, I wan you to let bright water wash away all of your doubts about what we are doing together, and let the bright water wash clean all of your hesitation and inhibitions about your commitment to me. I knew you would respond well Landon, but you’re very special, you are a very special subject and you’re doing so well even without my special techniques. Bright water erases all doubt, bright water makes you confident, and you are confident in the fact you are a special subject, you are my special subject.”

Part of him thought what she was saying was in stark contrast to what she’d said about not controlling him. But, the warm, relaxing clarity and focus on the bright water pulled his focus even deeper into her eyes and washed away every critical thought that had been his mind.

He had to dive in and commit completely.

She’d never phrased it that way, she didn’t have to.

She’d never framed his desire to be a good subject as a competition with anyone else, or as a lever to make him come back for more, it was just something she must have recognized in him.

Unless they’d talked about it during all the time he’d been blacked…

The bright water washed away his doubts and made it easier to focus on her. His mind was clean and clear, and his body was melting down into the chair with ever breath his took.

He had to give Kayla what she wanted, he had to be the best subject she’d ever had. He was special, he was a very special, very good subject. The bright water washed away his doubt, his mind was clean and clear and focused completely on Kayla… only on Kayla now.

Landon couldn’t help it, he sighed in deep relief as the anxiety from his worldly and personal ambitions disappeared, including his ambitious about the office and what he was doing in that regard. The bright water washed deeper into him and swept everything away.

She was happy with what he’d done, so he was happy. She was happy with his progress, so he was happy. She knew he could be even more, so he would be even more.

Landon Trent was a winner, he would win at being the best hypnotic subject she had ever worked with.

He felt himself committing to the soft pull of deeper levels of trance, then he surprised himself as he started to speak, his inhibitions gone, his thoughts flowing into words without hesitation. “When do you hypnotize people out of the office.”

Kayla’s soft lips pursed into a different smile, “Sometimes I meet people that I decide need to be hypnotized by me. Does that sound familiar?”

He thought about their first meeting and how she quickly and aggressively entranced him, but with a wave of her hand just above his eye line, the thoughts disappeared from his head.

“Anyhow,” her voice lost its cloying stickiness, “there are powerful techniques that can completely enthrall someone and compel them in ways that are much harder to employ in a setting like this, believe it or not.”

She undid one of the buttons on her blouse and revealed more of her impressive cleavage to him. “Hypnosis can be employed and deployed in many different forms, and be induced with many different principles, but I prefer the simple combination of focus and relaxation. Nothing can focus a man, especially a young man, like a big pair of tits.”

She gently opened her blouse more so he could more fully see the cleavage she was displaying, and as she spoke, the soft, sticky, condescending lilt in her voice returned and took a breathier, more alluring and secretive tone.

“And nothing relaxes a man quite like seducing him while he stares at a big pair of tits.” She stood in front of the recliner and gently hefted her tits ever so slightly from below. “I obviously couldn’t show you this technique in the old office, with neighbors and paper thin walls, and I needed to make sure your mind wouldn’t reject this approach either.”

Another button came open and he was staring at beautiful, large, pale tits in a simple yet undeniably elegant black bra with red lace accenting the cups.

“Kayla, I…” it was so confusing. He felt like he was supposed to say something, and that he was supposed to look at her breasts, but he also felt the need to just look deep into her eyes and listen.

“It’s okay Landon, don’t speak, just breathe, relax, and listen. This is what you want, bright water washes away all your doubts, and you have so many doubts, that’s why you always need bright water.”

All his life Landon Trent had pretended to be confident. He knew it was an act because everything Kayla said was true, and everything she said was true because he trusted her completely. He had no doubts about trusting her, all of his doubts were about himself, doubts and fears about the expectations he lived under.

“I knew you were drawn to me when I saw you look into my eyes that very first time. I saw it in your eyes, and I felt it in your energy. You’ve always wanted to be close to me, you’ve always felt the pull to be near me, and that’s because you’ve always known I’m what you need. Then, when I hypnotized you, and you felt that relief, the special relief that trance provides…”

She finished unbuttoning her blouse and stood in front of him in her bra, still fully dressed from the waist down, “…it gave you the excuse you needed to see more of me, and spend more time with me. But even then…”

See how it ends for poor Landon, and see what Kayla’s up to…

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