Thank you for your interest in what I  can offer you.

Script Writing

I offer professional Erotic Hypnosis scripts for commercial audio and video, and have been doing so since 2011. For full details, click the link below, but what you want to know is:

-Scripts are custom written, and I do not sell the same script to multiple clients.
-Scripts cost $100 per 1,000 words, which depending on how fast or slow you talk is $100 per 10 to 15 minutes.
-You can email me at tscandc at google, or dm me on twitter here.
-I take a variety of direct payments, and am easy to work with.
-Your script will contain real hypnosis techniques which is why I charge what I do.

Click here for full script writing details and limittaions

Hypnosis Coaching
(Rate: $120 an hour)

Are you a Pro Domme? Someone doing Femdom work? Do you want to learn actual, real hypnosis theory and techniques from someone who understands them and their applications in the adult industry? If you said yes, then I’m your guy.

Hypnosis is a real, specialized skill, and I have spent a long time learning and studying it, especially in adult contexts.

Please email me with questions, and understand this is a new facet of my business, and it is still being developed. I am working on intensive courses, and stand alone classes, as well as figuring out how to do/host group sessions.

(Please note, I am not a dom/male dom/etc. I have service topped, and hypnosis is one of my big fetishes, but being a dominant hypnotist is not my “thing”.)

Creative and Business Consulting
(Rate: $120 an hour)

I also offer character and business development and consulting, which also includes marketing strategies and services, for content providers available here.

You can also explore my thoughts on the world of Erotic Hypnosis here, take a look into the inner working of the Erotic Hypnosis adult industry here, and buy exclusive stories here.