Story Preview: You Wouldn’t Believe Me

You Wouldn’t Believe Me if I Told You
A Smuthunter Story

            “Did you forget some… oh, hello. Can I help you with something?”

            The woman who opened the door was a little under five and a half feet tall, probably a little over forty, maybe forty-five, and her short, blue, silk robe was open enough to be momentarily distracting,

            Dean hadn’t ended up at a stranger’s door in the middle of the night by accident. His best friend since freshman year of college, which wasn’t that long ago actually, had been acting strange over the last couple of months, and after following him here, it might be starting to make sense.

            “Oh, are you Dean?” the woman had chin length black hair, most of it was back behind a broad white headband, and her eyes were emerald green in the porch light. “You must be Dean. Alan’s told me so much about you, and I think it’s thoughtful of you to have followed him, that means you really care.”

            That took him by surprise, “Yeah that’s me, but I have no idea who you are. Alan hasn’t mentioned you yet.”

            ‘Well,” she took half a step back and opened her door to him, “that’s because he can’t. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you why, but let’s just say that he’s learning to be happy with my happiness, and it’s because that’s what he wants deep down inside. We can talk about it if you want, you must have been in the car for a little while, you can come in and use my bathroom. You’re a friend of Alan’s so that makes us friends in a way.”

            “Lady, I’m sorry, I just want to know why my best friend’s been cancelling plans, leaving parties and nights out early, and getting weird and distant whenever he gets a text, I’m guessing, from you.”

            “Hi, I’m Kayla, now you don’t have to call me lady,” she laughed and it was a rich, genuinely pleasant sound that echoed with actual amusement, “and if you really want me to explain, please come inside. But I promise you, you’re probably not going to believe me.”

            Dean had a pretty good idea of what her explanation would be. It was sex, and probably some kind of power thing, but Alan wasn’t that experience of a guy in a lot of things, and he was doing pretty well for himself, so more than anything, this Kayla lady was probably taking advantage of him.

            It would be easy for her to do it too. Even without a lot of makeup or anything, and even being older, she was really attractive, and she obviously had a great figure under that robe. After all, tits like hers, real or fake, were rare.

 It might have even started as a pay for play kind of thing, now maybe she was blackmailing him, but whatever it was Dean was going to get it settled. It was the least he could do for his oldest friend.

It was true too, he wasn’t in contact with anyone from before college, and he hadn’t made of ton of new friends since graduating four years ago. So whatever this confrontation was, it was also for his benefit too.

She shut the door behind him, didn’t lock it, and walked over to sit on her living room coach. It was a nice enough place, a simple one story house out in a quiet residential neighborhood, and it felt weird being there, but here he was.

Kayla’s robe had opened a little more, and despite himself, he noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Before you guess what it is, I’ll just tell you, and you can choose not to believe me and that’s fine, but it’s the truth. I’ve hypnotized and seduced Alan into being deeply submissive to me, and one of the ways I train my slaves is by breaking their wills. I wait until Alan’s out, doing things, and then once I know he’s having fun, I text him a trigger word or image, and force him to come back to me, just to show him I’m in control. He’s a couple more ruined weekends away from being where I need him to be, and if you can wait that long, you can have your friend, I guess, mostly back.”

Dean stood there, and realized he hadn’t broken eye contact with this woman the entire time she was speaking, and she spoke with a confidence that made him believe at least she believed it.

“I told you that you wouldn’t believe me,” the way she sat back and crossed her legs, showing more skin in the process and radiating more confidence, “but what if you chose to take what I’m saying at face value? Also, did you want to sit down?”

“You know,” Dean thought about it for a moment, “I think I’m good here. And I think you’re playing a game with Alan, and I don’t think it’s fair to him whatever you’re doing. What do you want, what are you playing at?”

“I have exactly what I want from him. I’m draining him, of course, it would be silly for me not to tap into his accounts as another sign of my control, but it’s not all about the money, and I’ve played my game with poor boys and girls before, but when I find someone as flush as him, well, it’s just common sense.”

She had a melodic charm to her voice, and it was becoming even more obvious why Alan had gotten swept up in her game.

“And of course I’m playing with him, did I not make the immediately clear to you? I’m using sex and hypnosis to manipulate him, I’m brainwashing Alan, and of course that’s not fair. Now, as I was saying, maybe you should start to take what I’m saying at face value, it would be easier for your pride. That’s what’s really hurt here, you feel like your friend’s dumping you for a woman, and you think he’s just being played, and that’s making you feel like you’re being played in a way, at least your friendship is. So tell me Dean, wouldn’t it be easier if Alan really had no choice? Besides, what do you even know about hypnosis?”

“Not a lot,” there was something about what she said that cut to the core of him, and not in a good way, “but I know you’re… fuck, I don’t even now why you’re telling me all this bullshit.”

“What if,” she shifted on her couch, and her cleavage was prominently on display as her robe shifted with her, “like I said, what if everything I’m saying is true? What if you chose to believe that I go out to bars, looking for the right kind of impressionable person, young men and women I can read, and then seduce them into a hypnotic trance, bring them back here, and slowly brainwash them with sexual hypnotic conditioning?”

“That’s crazy.” It was, and while it wasn’t the craziest thing he’d ever heard, everything this Kayla women was saying was ringing with her own personal conviction that it was simply a matter of fact. Of course, she was probably putting it on nice and thick, but it also seemed like she was believing her own lie, or not thinking she was lying.

“Imagine it,” she leaned forward, legs uncrossed, hands on her knees, tits almost out of her robe, “you’re Alan, you’re at the bar. You have a drink, you’re alone, looking to meet someone, and you see me. I’m dressed to get the eye of someone like you, dressed to pull you in. I was wearing a red dress then, a low enough neckline to show you my deep cleavage, a high enough skirt line to show you the right amount of leg, and heels high enough to put me eye level, or maybe even above that. Just imagine seeing me like that, wearing a little diamond necklace that dangles down by my tits, a ring on my right hand, so you can see that I’m not wearing one on my left.”

Her green eyes held his focus, her voice had dropped ever so slightly, it was softer, and more persistent, “I see Alan, and I know how he’ll react to me, shy at first, and flattered to have me talking to him, wouldn’t you be? I ask him to buy me a drink, to sit and talk with me, and you know that I’m easy to talk to, you understand this. Even though you don’t like me, even though you’re mad at me and think I’m a liar, you still feel how easy am I to talk to.”

He could see it, and it wasn’t hard to imagine, especially because it was essentially what he believed about her from the start. She was a con woman, a smooth, sexy con woman.

“Imagine me looking deep into his eyes, and talking to him. Talking and talking, holding all of his attention, distracting him with my necklace, I know I’m not weaning it now but you can imagine, teasing him into looking at my breasts, fascinating him entirely, entirely fascinated by me, hanging….”

Dean found himself admiring the shape of her curves, his eyes drifting back to hers as she paused.

“…On my every word. His mind quieting, slowing, relaxing into the cadence of my voice, the soft sounds of every word pulling you closer now, you understand, come closer so you can hear my voice, and only my voice now.”

Dean had moved a little closer to her, and it was so easy to understand what she was saying, poor Alan never would have stood a chance against her charm.

“I would keep his focus, seeing only me, hearing only my voice, letting his mind clear for a moment, then pulling him back into my web, wearing him down, slowing him down until he found himself drifting, feeling lost in my eyes, sinking between my breasts, feeling like he was just watching himself move a little closer, come and sit down Dean, we’re having such a nice time now, despite you not wanting to.”

He was along for the ride now, listening to this crazy story that wasn’t that crazy, and he didn’t see the harm in it since he was on to her nonsense.

“It’s not hard to imagine something kind of like the movies, even though hypnosis isn’t really like that. It’s easy to imagine what it would be like to be hypnotized by me, not realizing it was happening to you, hearing me speak, staring at me, moving from my tits to my eyes, back and forth, back and forth from my tits to my eyes over and over, like a hypnotist saying watch the watch, but not having to tell you, just leading your eyes, eyes that are starting to get so tired and heavy now.”

Dean blinked, and it felt like he was in a tunnel, the edges of the room seemed further away, and he felt instantly embarrassed that he was staring at her tits, which were less covered than they were a moment ago.

“I’m sorry,” she made a weak attempt at covering up a little more, “I know what you’re thinking, and they do sag a little, they’re not as perky as when I was a younger woman, but they’ve always been bigger, and they’re natural too, so they’ve always sagged a little since they’re big. But now, whenever I let someone see them, it’s only after they’re so entranced, that the sight of my bare breasts just erases those last lingering thoughts and sends them all the way down into an even deeper trance than they could ever imagine. But, where was I?”

Dean didn’t really know for sure. There was something about her, her charm was intoxicating, and she knew how to use her sexuality and her looks, there was no arguing that. But there was something else, maybe she was a hypnotist, maybe she was hypnotizing people, but even she’d just said it wasn’t like the movies, and everyone knew it might be real, but it wasn’t like really real.

“Oh yes, that’s right, so imagine that, imagine everything happening, and it all feeling like it’s just creeping over you softly, slowly, seducing you into just letting go, letting me continue to lead you, guiding your eyes, your mind, your focus, feeling yourself sinking like Alan did, down into my eyes, fascinated by my words, enthralled by my breasts, which is so natural for any young man like yourself, imagine how if would feel now.”

He blinked, and felt a tingle in his fingertips, and as he sat near her, not quite next to her, he couldn’t help but stare down at her breasts again while she spoke, then back up into her eyes as she paused again.

“So weary, so exhausted from your tired eyes being led back and forth, wanting to just sink now into a deep and dreamless sleep, sinking into a deep trance now, mind as empty and black as a starless night.”

His eyes flickered shut for a moment, then opened, and he realized he’d fallen into her trap. Kayla was hypnotizing him, she really was, but the realization didn’t make it easier to fight, it made the feelings twice as strong, and his eyes started to blink again as he started to sink down into the couch.

“Dean, oh Dean, open your eyes and look at me.”

He did, and all he saw was two large, creamy breasts that caused his lingering thoughts to “fade away, down into a darkness black as a starless night now.”

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