Story Preview: Messy for Missy

Messy for Missy
A Smuthunter Story

            “Hello Detective, “ the woman that opened the hotel room door was something to behold, “what can I do for you?”

Jack Perish stood out in the hallway a second longer than he meant to.

His eyes had betrayed him.

In attempting to take in the room and read the scene entirely, his vision cut over this woman too quickly, then like a boomerang, his eyes came back to her with a lizard brained destination: her massive jutting breasts.

They weren’t just large, they were bulbous, they were huge and they were very round.

“Ms. Boyd, I’m Detective Perish, and I’m here because…”

She was in a pale pink silk nightgown that hung perilously low, and the jut of her nipples indicated clearly that there was no bra underneath it. She was also wearing a very short matching robe, and while he wished she would close it he also knew it wouldn’t have made much difference.

Her breasts were so wholly distracting that it was hard to take in her face. Perish was a young detective, but he wasn’t some sort of immature horn-ball. When he finally looked up her got a good look at her, she was older, middle 40s he guessed, shorter brown hair down just past her ears, deep dark brown eyes that were warm and seemed patient. She seemed almost matronly and understanding.

There was no way she didn’t know what he’d just accidently been doing, and she’d politely waited for him to finish.
Also, he’d announced himself when he knocked, so he didn’t know why he said his name again, at least not past basic manners and decency.

So, she was also humoring him there.

“I’m sorry Detective, “ she held up her left hand and he saw a large sparkling diamond on her ring finger, “it’s Missus.”

“I apologize, “ the ring flashed in a dazzling bouquet of colors as her fingers came to rest on her collar bone in response to him taking a firmer step forward into the room, “Mrs. Boyd. Is you husband traveling with you?”

He looked away from her; it was hard enough to keep his eyes focused with those breasts already distracting him and the sparkle of the ring with it’s radiant flicker wasn’t helping anything either.

“No, no he had to stay back in Concord for work. This trip was just me, just a nice bit of relaxation and a chance to visit old acquaintances.”

It smelled nice in here, like spring flowers, and the room was spacious enough for one person to feel very comfortable. The hotel was nice though, and the concierge had alluded to her being in one of their even nicer accommodations.

            “Was one of those acquaintances Marcus Danby?” He’d taken the moment to acclimate himself better to the room and to her. His tone was certain, but still polite, and he appreciated the high-end brand name luggage he saw.

            “Oh my, is something wrong… is he…”

            Perish didn’t need to look at her to gauge her reaction, he could see her face caught in a mirror out of the corner of her eye. At first this seemed like a dead end, but seeing the last person Danby had been seen with, seeing her and discovering that she was out and about without her husband, the pieces seemed to be falling into place.

            “Honesty, we don’t know. He was reported missing today at 11:30am, and you were the last person to be seen with him.” He turned to face her, and made a point to look square into her eyes.

            “What was the nature of your relationship to Mr. Danby, and what were you doing together?” It wasn’t easy to keep his stance as her eyes were so soft that looking into them was like staring into a deer’s eyes. They were chestnut brown and wide, they were emotive, and he didn’t see any panic in them or any undo stress or strain.

            “He’s a friend of my brother-in-law’s. Well…” she fanned herself with her left hand, and again the ring cast out a sparkling halo. It was, if anything, easier to get distracted by the ring than to resist just outright staring down her nightgown. “You could say he’s a friend of my husband’s as well, but less so.”

            She crossed her arms over her chest, “And he’s missing?’

            He saw clearly that she was matching his gaze, staring into his eyes, meeting him in the middle, unapologetically gazing into him, and he wondered if she was trying to read him the way he was reading her.

            “I’m sorry, “ he was the one to look away first, walking the room, his eyes darting about for, well, he didn’t know what, “would you like to adjust your robe, or have a moment to change?”

            “Are you taking me downtown?” He could hear a hint of laughter in her voice, it was good natured and musical, and it was patient as well, patient and understanding, and that made it a touch more condescending than he appreciated, but he wasn’t going to let that show.

            “Not as of yet, but I do have more questions.”

            “I see”, she let the words hang in the air as he was still avoiding looking in her direction.

Instead, he’d made his way to the bathroom door and looked inside. It was nice, nicer than any bathroom he’d had, and it had a deep, massive tub. “Well, he came here and we had a drink at the hotel bar, and after we caught up, you have to understand that we don’t really know each other, he said he had a meeting, or an appointment, something he’d forgotten about that he’d just remembered, because you know how sometimes things can come and go out of our memories, especially when we have a lot on our minds, well, he left after about an hour and only one drink.”

            “The security footage backs that up.” He’d gone a step or two into the bathroom, then turned around, and found that she’d moved closer to him, and this time he couldn’t help but catch an eyeful of her breasts. They were truly huge, massive, like good-sized melons. They’d stood out on the security footage he’d already watched, but in person they were simply demanding. “It also shows you leaving shortly after. Where did you go?”

            “I met up with an old girlfriend from college, and we went to see ‘The Dainties’, have you seen it yet, it’s wonderful.” She’d laced her fingers together, and rested her hands on top of her cleavage, and in so doing, her ring had managed to catch and maintain the light, sparkling with every shift and breath she took.

            “No, I haven’t.” It wasn’t going to be hard to check out her alibi, and he doubted anyone that saw her would forget her, at least if they were a straight man. Whatever obvious colorations, or warning bells had gone off had started to quiet down, and she was so generally warm and cooperative that she’d become a bit disarming.

            “Do you recall any of the details about his meeting, or appointment? And did you have any other intentions with your visit? It’s important that you’re as honest with me now as possible. His wife is the one who reported him missing, and people of his wealth, well, it can complicate things.” When he spoke now, it was like he was talking into her eyes, speaking to their softness, and all the while little flashes of radiance sparkled off her ring, casting little lines of light at the edge of his vision.

            “I know what you’re asking, but we were only acquaintances, I honestly enjoy his wife’s company more than his, and I was sorry she didn’t join us. This was more a matter of politeness than genuine interest. I’m sure you understand.” Her shoulders rolled back and her fingers fanned out, opening up a clear line down between her breasts, and he couldn’t tell if it was a reflex on his part, or some subtle hint of motion from her, but his eyes dropped down to stare directly into her cleavage.

            It only lasted a moment as he stopped himself as soon as he realized what he was doing, but those massive breasts in that thin low hanging gown had given him a gentle throb between his legs that, mixed with the flashes of light off her ring, her deep soft eyes, and her gentle tone, had started to leave him feeling a little drained.

            “Would you like a glass of water while we talk? Or wouldn’t it be nice to sit down and I’ll tell you everything I can recall and we can be done. I think you’d like to be done, it couldn’t be too far from the end of your shift,” she moved to the couch in her room and sat down facing him, “and you must be ready to get home and leave the details of your day behind. I bet it must be nice to unwind when your job requires you have so much on your mind all the time.”

            He looked at her and did his best to keep his eyes fixed on hers, and their softness, their warmth, and the understanding, no, sympathetic tone of her voice was reminding him of how ready he was for this day to be over.

He sat down and took out his notepad and a pen. He’d already jotted down the time stamps from the security footage, and made a point to stay staring down at the page as he started to jot down notes from their brief conversation.

“So, Mrs. Boyd, you were saying he mentioned a meeting, or an appointment? Did he receive a call, or a text, was there anything that prompted his memory or any context you can offer for what it was or what he said?” He realized, with some chagrin, that he’d need to look her way again, and as his eyes rose to hers, he couldn’t tell if her hint of a smile was at his discomfort or not, and he wondered for a moment why he’d agreed to sit down anyway.

Perhaps it was because if he were standing, he’d be almost forced to stare right down her gown. Now, he was at least on an even level with those huge, breasts., and not burying his vision straight down into the valley of her all smothering breasts.

“I wish I could remember,“ he watched as she absently ran the fingers of her left had back and forth between her shoulder and her neck, and as they moved, the spectacularly large diamond on her ring finger continued to catch the light.

It was distracting, but at least it was distracting him from her chest.

“But you know how the evening can be sometimes, especially after a long day and a few drinks. I’m sure you have the kind of memory you need for your work, I’m sure it’s not hard for you to understand what I mean when I say sometimes things can come and go after a point can’t they?”

If anything, he wished the ring was a little more eye catching because he seemed to be in a visual loop now, watching her face and looking into her eyes, trying to read her, then seeing the sparkle of the ring, and feeling his eyes pulled there, then to have them move down seemingly by themselves back to her breasts until he realized he was staring, then looking back up into her eyes, only to repeat.

“I only arrived in town yesterday, and after flying, and all of that, you know, all of those little details you have to keep track of, my mind was full, and I was that special kind of exhausted, the kind of tired that seems almost relaxing really, I’m sure you can remember feeling that way can’t you? Like it feels good to be tired, it feels comfortable to feel the exhaustion in the back of your mind, like it’s moving through your body with every breath.”

She’d seemed to shift right in front of him, her waist moving in an almost serpentine fashion as she stretched. Her breasts jutted out impossibly far and she let out a yawn herself, then brought her left hadn’t to the base of her neck, “Oh my, I’m sorry.”

The ring sparkled, and she looked into his eyes, returning the same focus, and for a moment he felt embarrassed about his obvious conduct. There was no way she couldn’t have known where he’d been looking, especially since it seemed obvious that was where she wanted him to look.

Or that might have been the paranoia of the job, because she really was being cooperative, and he could feel the vibe of her patience and the all to rare experience of genuine respect and understanding she was putting out.

“It’s funny, all this talk about how exhausted I was yesterday, well it seems to have had an affect on me. Does that every happen to…” He found himself yawning as he looked into those deep brown eyes.

She smiled, and it was warm and inviting, it was easy and patient, “Yes, just like that. I was going to say, has someone ever yawned and you found yourself yawing too? Or, and this happens to all of us I suppose…” her left middle finger was tracing the jut of her collar bone and her ring finger had started to brush the top of her left breast, still sparkling, and every time it did, he felt a tinge of eye fatigue from the distracting light. “We hear someone talking about being tired, and then we start to sympathize with them, and if we’re also feeling tired, like I’m certain we both are, well…”

She stopped speaking, and he blinked once or twice and watched in a sudden exhausted fugue as her fingers traced a little further down her massive left breast, almost tugging at the hemline of her nightgown

“I took a short nap after he left, I felt the drinks wash over me, you know, when you only have one or two drinks, but you just want to cuddle up and go to sleep, that warm sleepy feeling, so easy to embrace when you’re so relaxed by exhaustion, and so ready to just shut your eyes and sleep, and I’m sure you can remember feeling that way can’t you Detective?”

He’d shaken himself out of that sudden blink of impossible sleepiness, only to feel it setting again, this time like falling asleep when he was trying to stay awake at his desk but couldn’t help but black out.

Her question had given him a little jolt though, but he wasn’t fast enough to answer her. He’d been staring at her breasts for, he didn’t know how long, but her question had brought his eyes back to hers and they were so warm and so understanding, after all, she knew exactly how he was feeling.

“I’m sure you do. Well, “ her ring flashed again, and once again she stretched, this time with both arms up over her head, palms pressed together, and the way she swayed back and forth in her stretch, it almost looked like she was dancing, and his eyes watched those massive breasts sway back and forth, and back and forth, until her ring sparkled across his eyes again, “I wish I could remember what he said, but sometimes words can just come and go can’t they? Just passing one after the other, missing one, catching one, and you’re so observant, you’re so sharp, even after a long day, so focused, I’m sure you’d be able to remember, but I was lost in most of what he was saying, just polite small talk, you know, the kind that sooths over a new meeting, a new friendship, passes the time, the only thing that you can think of really, one at a time, like time slowly down, like heavy eyes almost, don’t you know?”

He didn’t, her diamond ring had started to flutter back and forth in front of his face, her breasts filling his vision behind it.

“Knowing that it’s okay to forget sometimes, forgetting to keep your eyes open when you’re so tired, and it’s okay, look into my eyes before you close your heavy eyes, safe in my eyes, I understand, look into my eyes, follow my ring up, eyes wide open as you look into my eyes, safe in my eyes now, so sleepy and safe, deep in my eyes, I understand, I understand you’re safe with me, at home with me, and you need to be here in my eyes until you watch my ring, it’s so hard when you’re so tired to know where to look, when you could close you eyes, but you want to look deeper into my eyes until my ring takes care of you, at home with me, letting me take care of your eyes with my ring, soft words ring around, nice and round, round and soft, nice and big and soft around, I’ll take care of you, look down, following my ring down, eyes down, heavy down, heavy and sleepy, down to sleep, time to sleep, sleepy time now, all the way down, sleepy time now.”

Her ring had been sparkling back and forth as her voice had taken on a sing-song tone, like she was talking to a child, and it felt reassuring, it felt comforting, like the sight of her breasts when she led his eyes there with her ring, it felt safe and easy to close his eyes, it felt right to let go and drift away to sleep, sleepy time was so warm, the words just swallowed him up like he imagined those breasts would, like those huge tantalizingly soft breasts did.

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