Story Preview: Crystalized Control

Crystalized Control
A Smuthunter Story


            “…empty and black as a starless night.”

            Janet felt her pussy quiver and tried to push the need to cum back down. She felt herself struggling, fighting to do whatever she could not to sink, not to let go, not to lose Kaya’s voice and her connection through the phone.

            But she was nothing.

            She was Kayla’s puppet, her sleeper agent, her tool and her toy. Janet wanted to be all those things, she needed to be all those things, and that was why it always felt so good to do whatever Kayla wanted, whenever Kayla wanted it.

            But at the same time, Janet didn’t want to let go.

            She wanted more.

            She loved Kayla.



            “Wet pussy, weak mind, empty and black as a starless night. I’m putting my finger puppet back in the drawer, and isn’t that where you belong?”

            God, Janet was her finger puppet. Whenever Kayla slid a digit inside her, Janet become more docile and obedient than the horniest mark. And now, after having it happen so many times, Kayla could just call her that and transform her into that state of submission.

            Janet moaned and bucked and bit her lip as her young, firm body arched with orgasmic relief. She couldn’t even say yes, she just fell away, down into the darkness.

            Kayla smiled and shook her head as she hung up on her slave.

Love was a sharper weapon than lust, or flattery, or any of the other tools she used to brainwash her targets, or destroy them when she was done with them.

Love was a weapon she only used on the slaves that had long-term benefits, and sweet, sexy Janet; skilled, seductive, dangerously pretty Janet was the most useful slave she’d ever made.

            Janet, the daughter of a prominent member of the Coven, the secret organization of woman that used hypnosis and sex to play at power and control would never be suspected of being a mole, of leaking the Coven’s secrets and passing on their most prized potential targets.

            Oh Janet, sweet, sweet Janet… why hadn’t they made her change her name too?

-Some time before the proliferation of cell phones-

            “Oh my god Beth, hi, you look amazing, come in. Come in, Tiffany can’t wait to meet you!”

            Beth felt Amber’s big fake tits press into her own large, natural breasts, and smelled the perky, perfect blonde’s perfumes as she hugger her. Amber’s long platinum curls tickled Beth’s face, and the closeness of the beautiful upperclassman made Beth uncomfortable, but in a good way.

            “You look so good tonight, I love your dress. You’re just so pretty.” Amber was holding her hand and leading her through the foyer of the sorority house, past some of the other pledges and the other sisters, and down towards the basement.

            Beth’s long, thick, black hair was down, and she was wearing a deep, wine red dress with a neckline that flattered her huge breasts, breasts she sometimes felt super self conscious about, and sometimes felt were a gift from the gods, especially when a guy would get kind of dumb and drooly staring at them, then basically do whatever she wanted him to.

            She figured that was why Amber must have gotten her boob job for her 21st birthday, to get that reaction from guys… or because she was rich and could do what she wanted. Beth wasn’t judging; Amber was beautiful. Blonde haired, blue eyed, bursting with sexy positivity and not afraid to let anyone bask in her hotness, she’d recruited Beth to pledge to the sorority, and had basically flirted her into doing it.

There was something about the way Amber talked to her, something that made Beth feel like the center of the universe, and like the rest of the world didn’t matter anymore. When Amber started talking to her, she’d get really close, and softy start holding Beth’s hand, or stroke her hair, or play with her own long blonde ringlets, and the more Amber talked, the less anything seemed to matter.

Beth had had crushes on girls before, and guys, but no one made her feel the way Amber did, not even her current boyfriend Scott. Scott was nice, and handsome, and like a lot of the kids at the university he came from the upper class.

Tonight Amber was wearing a soft, rose pink mini-dress and wedges that made her even taller than she already was, and she’d bent over to give Beth that hug, otherwise she would have given her a face full of tit… which Beth wouldn’t have complained about.

Fake or not, those breasts were beautiful, and the little blue crystal pendant Amber always wore really emphasized her tits in the best way.

All the girls in the sorority had those necklaces, and most of them also had amazing tits.

“Hi Beth,” a goddess in a black dress greeted the two of them in the basement longue, “I’m Tiffany. It’s so nice to meet you.”

Tiffany was a golden shade of blonde, and if Amber was soft, and curvaceous, Tiffany was smooth and pronounced, like a statue that had come to life, that was radiating sexual energy.

Beth couldn’t help staring at Tiffany’s tits, they were bigger than Amber’s, maybe bigger than her own, and she was wearing her crystal pendant outside of her dress on a longer chain.

The goddess, who was also wearing heels that made her tower over Beth, walked up and gave her a hug that was a face full of breasts. “You’re gorgeous. Amber wasn’t exaggerating at all, you’re perfect. Here, sit with us.”

Beth was a sophomore with an eye on an English degree, with heavy emphasis on poetry. Amber, who was a junior, had befriended her the first day of fall quarter, and this was Tiffany’s senior year. Tiffany, Amber had explained, was the queen of the house, and that meant Beth would skip the usual hazing rituals because Amber liked her, and knew that Tiffany would love her too.

Tiffany took Beth by the hand and Beth looked up into her striking green eyes, “Oh, we have the same eye color, I think yours might be maybe a little darker. I don’t know, but you’re so pretty.”

Tiffany stroked Beth’s han, “You’re beautiful. Relax and sit with me, relax and sit down, and tell me about yourself.”

Beth blinked. There was something in Tiffany’s voice, some smothering, palpable feeling of warmth and softness in her voice that made Beth want to just follow along. And her skin was so soft; it was just like when Amber would talk to her.

They sat on the couch and Tiffany didn’t let go of her hand. Amber sat on the other side of Beth, and gently brushed Beth’s hair back over her shoulder. The two slightly older girls were so close to her, and they were wearing the same perfume, and every touch was so soft and…

“Tell me about yourself. Amber tells me you’re a poet?”

“Well,” god Beth felt herself blush, and she wanted to bite her lips as Tiffany kept stroking the back of her hand.

Beth couldn’t keep her eyes off of Tiffany’s blue crystal necklace either. It just dangled there by those perfect, tanned tits, and it was hard to focus on what Tiffany was asking her, which was weird because Beth felt herself hanging on the older girl’s every word.

“She’s so talented, and she’s so smart,” Amber’s voice floated over Beth, cutting her off and filling her ear with sticky warmth, “you’re so smart Beth. You’re so smart and you’re so pretty.”

Beth felt Amber’s fingertips trace down her arm as Tiffany’s sweet, soothing voice floated out to her, “Yes, Amber says you have a gift with words. She says your poetry is very, what did you say Amber?”

“Enthralling,” Amber’s voice was in her ear, and she felt fingernails trace down her arm now, “so enthralling, and captivating. She’s so captivating, don’t you think?”

Beth couldn’t help but notice how captivating Tiffany was, and felt a flush of heat, as well as soft, radiant happiness at the compliments she’d been getting.

“Yes,” Tiffany’s voice was soft, not a whisper, but a soft secret, “Amber’s right, so captivating, so enthralling. Don’t you think?”

As she spoke those words, she kept stroking Beth’s hand, and her question didn’t make sense logically, but Tiffany was so beautiful and so enthralling that when Amber whispered “Yes” in her ear, Beth felt herself say it too.

“You are very lovely Beth, and you’re very smart. And you look like you’re really comfortable here with us, aren’t you? So comfortable and relaxed, and we both think you’re just naturally, what did you say Amber?”

“So enthralling and captivating,” the heat of Amber’s breath on Beth’s neck, and all the touching, and all the softness of both women, and the softness of Tiffany’s big fake tits, and that pretty blue crystal were all making her feel so disoriented and so… she was enthralled by Tiffany, captivated and enthralled.

And she didn’t really understand that Amber wasn’t really describing Beth and her poetry. She just heard those words, and felt her vision shifting in slow, lazy circles from Tiffany’s tits, back to her eyes, and those soft lips, and the gentle caress of the blonde goddess’s touch, and…

“Yes, she’s gorgeous, I can’t help staring at her. Beth, you have such beautiful tits, we both had to buy ours so we could look like you, and I love you eyes, they’re so…”

Tiffany was stroking Beth’s fingers and pulling ever so gently on her hand as she did. Every little tug made Beth lose her train of thought.

Every time she lost her train of though her eyes would jump to Tiffany’s eyes, or her necklace, and that also meant her tits.

She’d find herself staring at those huge fake tits and that pretty blue crystal right down between those rising and falling… rising and falling…

“Green,” Amber’s fingers caressed Beth’s neck as she brushed the enthralled young woman’s hair to the side, “so deep and green, deep and dark, and soft. So deep, so dark, so soft and green.”

Tiffany was holding Beth’s hand in both of her hands now, “So deep and green, deep and dark and soft. So deep, so dark, so soft. What color are my eyes Beth?”

Amber was whispering the answer in Beth’s ear, and Tiffany’s lips were mouthing it too, it was just up to Beth to say it.

“So deep and green,” she was parroting the two blondes, “deep and dark and soft. So deep, so dark, so soft…”

“And you could just get lost in her eyes couldn’t you Amber?”

Beth felt Amber’s touch get just a little heavier and her body a little closer, “Couldn’t you just get lost in her eyes Beth? Wouldn’t it be nice to get lost in her soft, deep, green eyes? You’re so smart Beth…”

Tiffany was closer to her now, her eyes were getting bigger, and deeper, and softer as the green stood out more clearly. It was clear and bright and dark all at once. She was just above a whisper as she spoke to Beth now.

“You’re so smart. You’re so smart and so pretty. You’re so pretty and so relaxed, just so relaxed. Just relax and get lost in my eyes?”

“Yes?” Amber’s lips were a hair’s breadth away from Beth’s ear as she asked the question, and Beth felt her mouth move, parroting the two blondes again.


She felt fingers stroking her hair and soft lips brushing against her ear as she stared deep into Tiffany’s endless green eyes, “You’re so smart, and pretty, and so relaxed, just get lost in her eyes Beth, just lose yourself, it’s okay. Just let go. Don’t you want to get lost in her pretty eyes, they’re just like yours, so enthralling, so captivating, so soft, and deeper, and dark, and green. Don’t you want to get lost in her eyes?”

 Amber’s honey sweet, and sticky voice was dripping into Beth’s ear as Tiffany pulled on her hand again. Beth had been staring so deep into Tiffany’s eyes, anxiously waiting, hoping to feel Amber’s lips in her neck

“So relaxed, so relaxed Beth, so relaxed and so smart, and so pretty.”

“Amber’s right, just relax, you want to relax Beth.”

“Isn’t it easy to listen to Tiffany, just relax.”

“Close your eyes.”



“Close your eyes.”



Beth was surrounded by their voices and their touch as she started to blink, and fade away, then black out on and off, eyes closing as the two beautiful blondes swallowed her up in their voices. Beth’s eyes closed, she couldn’t keep them open.

“You’re so pretty, you’re so sexy, you’re so smart, “ Amber’s voice was in her ear, and now Beth felt those lips on her neck, kissing her softly as a hand brushed the side of her breast from behind.

It sent a thrill through Beth’s body, but she couldn’t think, everything was so foggy. “I have a… I have a boyfriend.”

She did, and she loved him, and this was a fantasy she never knew she had, but…

“You’re just so pretty Beth, we want you so badly. We want you so much, we don’t care about your boyfriend, and you don’t care either.” Tiffany still had Beth’s hand, and slowly brought it up to one of those big fake boobs and pressed it there.

Beth’s eyes had opened but she felt like she was in a dream.

“You don’t care Beth, you don’t care,” Amber was cupping on of Beth’s tits now, “just relax, just let go and relax.

Beth’s hand was pressed to Tiffany’s breast, and now the blonde goddess in front of her was making her squeeze that tit. “Let go, don’t think. You’re so smart, you’re tired of thinking, just feel it. Feel us, feel me.”

“No more thinking, just feeling,” Amber was massaging both of Beth’s tits from behind now, and Beth couldn’t find her words. She couldn’t find her thoughts; she was just getting so wet that she couldn’t think at all.

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