Story Preview: Neighborly Persuasions Version 1

Neighborly Persuasions
A Smuthunter Story

            “You get that door Tamara,” chimed out over the muffled sounds of dance music, and despite never meeting the occupants of the apartment face to face, Kyle knew that it was the mother, Esther, yelling at her daughter.

            He knew far too much about both of them, just from their yelling alone, and he knew even more about their taste in movies and music from the volume of their lifestyle.

            That was the only way to explain it, they were loud people, and over the last couple of weeks, inconveniently ever since he’d gotten his promotion at the office, their volume had gone from ‘noticeable but easily ignored’ to ‘invasive and all consuming’.

            But, as it turned out, Kyle was the only one really bothered by it.

Most of his neighbors were younger, and never home when the two of them would fight, or… well do anything at all really, because everything they did now seemed to have doubled in volume, and even if those other neighbors were home, they had their own means of blocking out the the noisy duo.

            “Hi, you must be the guy to fix the shower,” before Kyle could say anything to the young woman on the other side of the now opened door, she turned away from him and yelled, “Mom, the shower guy’s here.”

            “I’m, um, I’m not…” The woman in front of him looked to be about 20, maybe 22, had dark brown skin, long, straight, black hair, deep golden brown eyes, and even deeper cleavage that the plunging v of her white t-shirt made impossible to ignore.

            He didn’t stumble over the sight of Tamara’s massive breasts, he just couldn’t get a word in edgewise as a shout from down the hall drowned him out, “Well he’s too late now, you talk to him while I dry off.”

            “Look, I’m really not…” This time, even though he was struck by Tamara’s brilliant smile, he wasn’t allowed to finish because she was shouting back down the hall, before making eye contact with him again.

            “Okay Mom, “ her voice was just like her mom’s only softer, and there was a musicality to both of their voices that was lost behind the walls and the doors, and distorted by the yelling. “You come on in. She’ll be out with you in a minute. So, where’re your tools?”

            “I’m sorry, I’m not maintenance. My name’s Kyle, I’m down in Unit G, and I,” the dance music was still going, and Tamara’s hips were still moving to it, and that was making her tits bounce to it too. “I wanted to talk to you guys about the noise.”

            “Oh,” her radiant smile shrank into a loose frown and her golden brown eyes grew a little wider, “are we too loud? It’s my mom, you know, she’s old country, she likes to yell. Tamara, in Haiti, honey, everybody yells to you. That’s her. In Haiti this, in Haiti that, mom you’re not in Haiti anymore. You know how it is too, right? You know, family, you fight sometimes. I’m sorry. You come with me, Kyle right? Come with me, we’ll talk.”

            Her words were more up tempo than the music coming out of her room, but her body kept the beat, making it impossible for Kyle not admire your younger woman’s already irresistible chest.

            “If you guys could just…” She turned her back on him and walked into her room, and he follower her through the doorway into the apartment, then into her room, following her like he was trying to follow his point.

            “You want me to turn it down, and keep it done.” She picked up a small remote and the volume of the music became much lower, but still present. ‘This is better huh? I’d use headphones you know, but then she’d just yell louder, right? And you know, my music, it helps me relax, helps me unwind. I’m sorry it bothered you.”

            “For me, the music levels everything out. I get lost in it, it takes everything else away, you know?” The way she was standing in front of him with her perfect posture made her seem taller than she was, and it also made her tits jut out even more.

            The music hummed along under her voice, and her body stayed moving to it with a subconscious ease, making her chest continue to jiggle as she talked and talked. “And I’ve got so much to get away from, you know? Right? You went to university didn’t you? You’ve got classes, you’ve got friends, you’ve got work, you’ve got people you like, like people who like you too, and it’s like, what do you like more with your time?”

            She ran a hand through her hair, “You know, because you work all day, then you come home and it’s like, well you’ve got your own place right? And it’s this quiet place just for you, and that’s it with my music. But I’m sorry we’ve been bothering you, just you know, when you want to find that quiet place too. You and me, we’ve got something in common don’t we?”

            She stretchered her arms up over her head, then shifted her hips, and Kyle was only human so he couldn’t help but watch as Tamara’s torso moved, almost like a belly dancer’s would, making her breasts bounce up and down.

            “We both just need a quiet place, you know, so quiet so relaxing where we can forget about everything. It’s all you want, peace and quiet, you like that, you know what that’s like don’t you? Leave it all behind, find your quiet place now; maybe my music can help you like it helps me. Doesn’t it sound nice now? No yelling, no noise, just the flow, you follow me, maybe we can get to the quiet place together since we’re looking for the same thing?”

            At that moment the only thing Kyle was really finding was how impossible to was to look away from Tamara’s chest. She wasn’t talking about anything, she was just talking. And while it sounded to Kyle like Tamara thought she’d figured something profound out, he was too worn out from work to really follow along with her point.

            But, she’d finally paused long enough to let him answer.

            “I guess. I mean, I just came by to…”

            “You came to find your quiet place, you know you need our help to find it right? Just to relax, you can relax now, finding that moment, I’m quiet, the music’s quiet, I see you, you look like one of my friends from class when he’s got nothing on his mind. You’re not thinking about anything now, you’re just waiting now, quietly waiting in this place.”

            It came around to him slowly as he stood there, watching as Tamara’s body continued its own little constant dance, and as he watched her, Kyle found himself zoning out with her as she spoke, unable to focus on anything other than her chest, and the way her breasts continued to bounce.

It wasn’t a struggle to stare at them, and she wasn’t doing anything to have him not stare, and honestly, if he was going to have to wait around to talk to her mother, maybe she was right, maybe there wasn’t anything wrong with zoning out a little. He could look at her as she talked, he could be polite, admiring without leering, then he could…

Her rapid fire words, which were double the tempo of the music that was still going on, still providing a backdrop to everything as she continued to sway in front of him, interrupted his train of thought.

“You know, sometimes guys, they kind of turn off a little bit with me, they just sort of go away a little, I don’t know what it is. I think I just talk too fast, talk too much, say too much, I think it’s too much for you too huh? We want that quiet place we want you in that quiet place and it’s too fast here right? You need to go talk to my mom now, just walk down the hall, you’ll find her.”

Tamara had started waving her hands a little as she spoke, and the way they moved, it brought Kyle’s eyes right to her cleavage and the dance of her fingers through the air, moving with the music, kept him there, staring at her breasts.

Then, when she told him to go talk to her mom, those hands started to wave him along, and it felt strange, because he’d heard the mom Esther say she’d say when she was ready or at least imply it, but he couldn’t argue with what Tamara was telling him, and what she was saying was something that would help him end this and get back to his own place, where it would be nice and quiet…

He found himself opening their bathroom door as the words quiet place filled his mind.

Esther looked like her daughter, only more refine din her beauty, only shorter, with darker skin, darker hair, darker eyes, and larger breasts, much larger breast that were barely covered by a towel,

“Excuse me honey, that’s why you knock first. I’m not ready for you to fix the shower yet.” She didn’t speak with the same speed as her daughter, and as the sight before him snapped Kyle out of his own thoughts, he blushed.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. You daughter said I should talk to you and… and I don’t know why I didn’t…”

Everything about the evening had been so far out of his comfort zone and so far out of what he’d thought would happen, it felt like he wasn’t really in his right mind. Plus, the way Tamara had been maybe flirting with him, or just teasing him, had really left him off-balance, but not as much as seeing this gorgeous older women in a towel that barely covered her tremendous breasts.

“Well now that you’re here, why don’t you fix my shower then.” The air was thick with condensation, still warm and wet, and even though he was in the doorway still, it felt like a sauna.

“I’m sorry, I was telling your daughter I’m not the maintenance guy, I’m Kyle from Unit G and…”

And, she laughed.

“Of course you’re not honey, you don’t have any tools do you? But you really think I believe you got to say all of that to my daughter? Please, the way she talks, you don’t get a word in, and she’ll talk and talk until you’re just worn down. She’ll just go on and on, and you, grown man like yourself, you need to slow it down don’t you honey?”

She was wiping little droplets of water off the tops of her breasts, and he found himself staring at her cleavage, watching the way little trickles flowed down into her cleavage, moving down so slowly, until she’d run a finger down to wipe them away.

“I was just… I was trying to say that…”
Her laugh was rich and thick, as musical as her voice, which had started to stretch to him, and when she talked about slowing down, and being worn down, it felt like her words were elongated almost.

“There’s no rush, we can be slow. You just tell me, why is my water pressure so off now?” Her towel was slipping a little, getting loose around her breasts and she rested a hand on her chest to keep it in place as it started to droop just a little more, barely covering the massive swell of chest.

“You take a look here,” her hand tugged on the towel ever so slightly, and is started to fall away just a little more, “and you take care of my needs Kyle from Unit G, get my pressure right, and we’ll talk.”

Her voice was dripping over his mind like honey, and the little beads of moisture on her breasts, each one seemingly cascading down into her cleavage at the same slow and rolling pace made him feel like he stepped onto a different planet than the rapid fire world of Tamara and her constant, all consuming dance.

“Go on honey, don’t be shy, you get on your knees for me, you see what you can see, and tell me you can fix my problems now.”

She was speaking so tenderly, so slowly as more and more of her breasts were becoming visible that Kyle felt a weight on his shoulders pushing him down. It felt like the only thing to say to her was yes, but instead of speaking, he just got on his knees and looked at the valves for the hot and cold water that linked to the faucet of the bathroom’s free standing tub.

All the units had these old style ones, so he was familiar with them from first hand experience only.

“It looks like…” he twisted the nobs, “it looks like the volumes were turned down here, so you’re getting less flow into the shower in the first place. Do you want them all the way up?” It was the most he’d been able to say since walking through the front door, and it was for their benefit not his own.

He’d come to talk to them about being too loud, now he was doing something for them.

“Tamara,” Esther’s voice boomed out through the bathroom and down the hall, “why’d you mess up the water!”

The sudden volume shook him, especially as her voice had become so soft, and so slow.

“Kyle, baby, you go talk to my daughter, you go get her to apologize for wasting your time now.” Her towel started to fall away, and he still stood there, watching as it did.

“I see you staring honey, go talk to my daughter now, you take your time talking to her too, don’t let her rush you. You just go, it’s okay, I know you don’t know, but I know, you just go now, go on.”

Esther’s tone had become that same, delicate, slow rolling and almost nurturing tone again, and as she spoke, her towel become something like a prop in a burlesque show, teasing a little more, showing a little less, serving as a curtain in front of her as she unfastened it and held it up.

“I’m sorry but, you’re shower’s fixed and…”

More dark brown skin entered his vision as the towel seemed to be raised just enough to cover her nipples. “Slow down, relax, tell my daughter, talk to Tamara, be slow now, you’re here, I’m here, I see you staring, I’ll be here, you come talk to me again once you talk to her, be slow now Kyle, be slow.”

The word slow had taken on a haunting softness, and like her breasts, it seemed too big and too round, and the way she said it, the way it became a lullaby in between other words, was starting to blot out and cover up other things she was saying.

Kyle was going slow.

He was slowly taking his time helplessly admiring Esther’s barely covered breasts, and as disoriented as he was, going from a moment of pure engagement as he dealt with her simple plumbing problem, to once again being pulled into the off balance world of her methodical softness, her instructions seemed to take on a more logical and appealing weight.

He was walking out of the bathroom before he realized it, wandering down the hall to Tamara’s room in a stupor much like the one she’d sent him to her mother in.

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