Story Preview: Baum Squad

The Baum Squad
A Smuthunter Story

“I don’t think that’s what you really mean is it officer?”

Patrolman Lawson stood there, his instincts somewhere between continuing to simply stand stalk still and passive or howling like a cartoon wolf. His eyes were glassy, fixed in a downward slant, buried in the most buxom cleavage he had ever seen in person.

“Nuh…no…uh…um…yes?” He was trying desperately to make sense of what he was supposed to say. It was either no, or yes, but he couldn’t bring himself around long enough to figure out what the right answer was.

“Yes?” Her voice was sticky sweet and pouty.

He assumed her lips were matching her tone, but he really couldn’t look up far enough to see. Even though he was a head taller than her, his neck, his head, and his eyes were locked on a fixed downward angle.

“But that’s not what you, “ and she was running a finger up and down his right arm, “really want is it?”

Then she popped her gum and the snap made him shake his head for just a second.

He was back to his senses, his gaze went back to where it belonged.

“Look Ms. Baum, I’m sorry but I…uh…um…” his words trailed off when she popped her gum again. It was like flipping a light switch in his head, or like an old TV with a dial and static between channels.

Her juicy pink bubble swelled up in front of his eyes, then popped, then snapped, then popped, and she was still running her fingers up and down his arm and somehow his eyes had gone right back down into her cleavage.

“It’s okay officer, you’re just a little confused. I’m confused all the time. I’m always having such a hard time trying to think about anything.”

She was right up next to him, her fingertips were sliding down his face, his eyes closing down for just a second, before blinking open when her gum snapped again.

“You’re a little confused officer, it’s all very confusing isn’t it?”

Her voice was just as sticky as the big pink bubble, swelling up in his head just the same way, from just the same lips while he stared down dumbstruck at her tits.

“You are feeling more than a little confused and a little less than a little less than a little bit more confused about why you’re feeling so confused about something that’s too simple to forget, but you can’t remember can you?”

She blew and popped a little bubble as he felt himself nodding, he couldn’t remember anything really.

“You probably need some help officer, and I can probably help you because I’m so confused too.”

She tilted his chin up slightly with a pink painted nail, “Look at me officer.”

Patrolman Lawson looked at her, blinking and dumb. Instinctively he could tell she was attractive. She was looking up into his eyes with big bright blue eyes as she toyed with a long blond curly lock. She had round cheeks and a wide emotive smile. She wasn’t a toothpick, she was perfectly curvy in all the right ways and her sweet round face was just happy and inviting.

“You’re a policeman aren’t you?”

Her tone was bubbly, and it made him feel silly, especially because he kept on wanting to look down at her tits and it took him a moment to say yes.

It was really hard to think about anything.

She was wearing a pink tank top and a thin white hooded sweatshirt that she probably couldn’t zip up even if she wanted to. She was making sure her massive chest was jutting right out at him, so much so that he had no idea what she was wearing below the waist.

“Well if you’re a police man, aren’t you supposed to serve and protect me right?”

She snapped her gum loud enough to jolt him back into activity.

He desperately wanted to get away, or handcuff her. He was being assaulted, he knew it, he just didn’t know how. Every time he had a moment of clarity it got harder to stop himself from whatever she was doing to him.

At first it didn’t seem like much, she was just flirting with him to get out of a speeding ticket and he was used to that sort of thing. But somehow the ticket was… wait… that wasn’t right. She had walked up to him and started talking to him about a ticket.

She had made a little pouty face.

It seemed stupid to him really, that a grown woman would look like her and act like her. But he’d assumed the way guys would respond to those jugs probably taught her it was just fine to play a dumb little sexpot, and all of that ticked by in the back of his mind while she spoke to him.

Of course, any time someone’s talking to an on duty officer, you have to try and see what’s really going on. Yes, some people are just friendly, but most people… didn’t really… “Yes ma’am, but I still have to give you a speeding ticket.”

She was giggling as she put her finger on his lips and shushed him, “You already said that silly, you’re really confused aren’t you? It’s Ok, we can start over.”

She blew another big pink bubble in front of his eyes, and when it popped, his eyes drifted back down to her big jiggling breasts.

            “I really need you to serve and protect me officer, and you really want to do that don’t you?”

            Her boobs bounced again and patrolman Lawson’s mind was as stuck in her cleavage as his eyes were.

It gets hotter, a lot hotter.

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