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New to Me: The Behavior Analyst

I recently tried out a few files from the Behavior Analyst over on NightFlirt and I have to say…

I’m now a huge fan!

Before I start talking about why I enjoy her work, and what we can all learn from my experience with her files, and why you should try her out if you find what I have to say interesting, I want to talk a little bit about how and why I tried her stuff out.

So as many of you know, because if you’re reading this you’re on my site where I have them listend for sale, I sell my stories through NiteFlirt. This means before the money from the sales I make ends up in my pocket it sits on the site for a bit, and it pays out automatically once I make a certain amount of money. This means that when I have a few extra bucks on there I can use it to buy stuff from other content creators.

Well, I’d seen Behavior Analyst’s name pop up before, and no, I don’t know what else she goes by other than Behavior Analyst, and no I’ve never really talked to her, and do not know her at all, and based on the description of one of her newer files I picked it up.

Here’s the thing we all know now as consumers in this day and age of Femdom Hypnosis consumption, good copy doesn’t mean real hypnosis.
There aren’t even any reliable tells in descriptions that say “actual technique featured inside” because this fetish has been subsumed as a porn category and to make it making indie porn you have to figure out and copy the most successful marketing language.

This isn’t a colorful aside either, this is all part of the story. I could be dead ass wrong about everything I’m about to say about her, but while I don’t think I am, I want you to know that I know I could be. That’s just one of my many typical disclaimers, and I stand by what I say below.

So, I listened to that file and I thought, “This is hot and interesting, and she has tons of charisma, but… is it real?”

Real hypnosis isn’t the same as “did it put you in a trance”, but… it kind of is… anyway, I was interested because I heard bits and pieces of techniques and approaches I recognized, but of course that could be me projecting… bu I don’t think I am, or was.
Then, I bought her one dollar “boob zombie” goodie.
It was a dollar, it’s about hypnosis and boobs, which you know is very much my thing, and… It’s a short little piece, but it’s very coercive and compelling, and I’m not saying it made me buy her Arousal Trap file, but as the saying goes, “If I tell you to do it, and you do it, then what’s it matter.”

I was very interested in her work at this point, and was taken in by her conversational and subtle approach. Lots of language and speaking tricks, lost of use of strong, fundamental tools to establish rapport, but there was one other thing…

Everything felt like it was a follow up to something I hadn’t heard yet.
I went into her older stuff and bought her Spiral Hypnosis file, downloaded a gif, and fired it up to see if that was a good starting point, a place where I could ground myself more in her tools and her style.

It was.

It’s one thing to be able to mimic a hypnotist’s delivery, and it’s another thing to understand how to use your intonation and pace of language. That spiral file sold me on her as the real deal.

And this is where we need to talk about hypnosis a little more.

I believe Behavior Analyst is a real hypnotist.
I believe she knows exactly what she’s doing, and I believe that her knowledge and skill make her conversational hypnotic sessions effective. I love them, because the nerdier the hypnotic approach, the better. There is, for me, nothing hotter than a subtle, creative, induction, especially one that I wouldn’t or couldn’t come up with.

I’ve written over a thousand scripts for my clients. I’ve written tons of different styles and approaches, and I know what I can do, and what I can do well. I know that she does things that, I’m not saying I couldn’t do… but she is much better at some things that simply are not a part of my tool box.

So yes, I’m saying that if you want someone to just hypnotize the shit out of you in a way that’s as close to you not being able to see it coming… when, you know… you’re listening to a hypnosis file… you should check out her stuff right now.

Here, go buy something, this article will be here when you get back.

We’ll talk more about exactly what else is great about her in a moment, but first, it’s affordable and I’m endorsing her talent, her insight, and her ability.

I’m also telling you that these kinds of inductions, these conversational approaches, won’t necessarily work on you. It’s not just because the hypnotic experience is subjective especially when you’re passively listening, because hypnosis is a cooperative experience where ideally the hypnotist can pivot and respond to your needs, it’s because… well… actually, it is that.

Progressive relaxation and countdowns get used a bunch because they cast a very wide net. Same thing with staircases, elevators, and beaches. Those approaches have a lot of moments where your mind can hop on to the process, and they can also give you the old Milton Erickson “bore you into trance” whammy.

A one-sided conversational induction works on the basis that she will get you right out of the box. You’ll be hooked by the first couple sentences, and by minute three you’re wrapped up in her web whether you realize it or not.

This is why that much more conventional spiral session was so important in my responding to her. It was, if all my listening were to be framed as a single hypnosis session, the convincer that got my conscious mind to buy in and lower my skepticism guard.

It worked, she go her hooks in me, and now I’m all in.

(Or as “all in” as I can be, given my job, and my finances… which is like… good fan more than drooling slave?)

I’m especially “all-in” (again, see above) because last week I had a really good sales week (for me) with my stories, the kind of week I normally only have when I release something new. When I release new stuff I know the money is coming in and I need to not spend it, because it adds up to cover a bill or two.
The thing was, I didn’t release anything new, so when I checked my account (which I do all the time by the way), and saw money I was like, “Oh hey, I could wait ten days for this 15 dollars to show up in my bank account, or I could buy another file.”

Well, that happened a lot last week and I had no idea it would keep going (I would have been more responsible if I had) so I’ve been listening to A LOT of her stuff over the past 2 weeks or so.

Behavior Analyst uses a very direct approach in her recording. It’s clean, no frills, direct voice and quality audio. She uses her voice incredibly well, she has a great accent that adds a whole other layer of charm and effect to her words, and the similar vibes, approaches, and elements that make up her pieces creates a powerful and effective continuity.
If you like well recorded, conversational/covert hypnosis, then you’ll like her.

I’ve been responding very well to her work, and have limited recall to what the body of her files are. I’ve been losing time a lot with hypnosis lately and it’s great, and that’s saying something because most of her stuff that I’ve listened to has been in the ten minute range.
I’ve listened to a few of her longer pieces, and they’re also very effective in that regard too.

That said, structurally her sessions are one continuous induction where she weaves her suggestions in, and uses the tone of her voice to keep you disoriented and pliable. You are paying for the experience of her putting you in trance and taking you on a little walk, and not necessarily paying for a file that will establish a trigger or have a discrete and explicit behavioral impact… at least not at first.

If you’re at all curious, go and try her stuff out. My hope is that it grabs you the way it has grabbed me, because, like with the other people I have reviewed and endorsed, I want fans like myself to find the content they’ve always been looking for.
And, while some of the people I’ve heaped tons of praise on in the past don’t need my help getting attention, as an industry insider I can tell you that getting noticed when you make audio and not video is very hard to do.

So, give her a listen at try out one of her files overĀ at her NiteFlirt listening, where she also takes live calls (which I haven’t done yet) and see if she’s for you.

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I think it’s called Spiral, one of her oldest ones so you have to scroll through a lot of pages to get to it.

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