YouTube Female Erotic Hypnotists Links

The following is a list of female erotic hypnotists who have channels and full content on YouTube.

My hope is that this will become a comprehensive list, but I doubt it will ever become a complete list.

If you know of someone I’ve missed, leave a comment email me and I’ll check it out, and please understand this is by no means comprehensive, nor is it inherently an endorsement, nor is it a critique if I left someone’s channel or your channel, or your favorite channel off the list.

Additionally, since I work in femdom, and most of my traffic is people into femdom, this is a list of female, she/they, and/or AFAB (assigned female at birth) content.
Again, this is a fetish website focusing on the taste of predominately straight, cis men.

(If you wish a resource like this existed for trans hypnosis content, and it should and I hope someone makes one, then I hope you start putting one together. Chances are, if you do, it will have much more visibility than my no SEO value having site.)

If you’re looking for NON-EROTIC content, click HERE (eventually)

(Alphabetical Order, no descriptions because I put all of these up at once)

Anunna Healing

Blueberry Empire

Ella Enchanting

Goddess Zenova

Hypnotic Aphrodite



Lady Inamorata

Lady Lita

Lady Portia

Lee Allure

Mia Croft/Hypnosis is Bliss

Mistress Carol

Mistress Hypnotist

Secret Subject

Shadow Theory Hypnosis

Spoken by Elswyth

Trance Mistress

Trancing in the Sheets

YouTube Femdom Hypnosis (some technique, some role-play, a little bit of both)

Focused Relaxation

Presley’s World

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