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On Writing… Hypnosis Erotica

***Disclaimer: I don’t read male-dom hypnosis erotica, nor do I create that content, so nothing in this article has anything specifically to do with that subset of content. That is not to say this article is not relevant to that content though***

Hypnosis erotica is a bit of a cornerstone of the erotic hypnosis internet.
The story collection site is a lot of people’s first stop on their journey into our gloriously perverted world, and it remains a vital and important part of our fetish for a lot of people.

And you know what, one of these days I’ll send some stuff over there, or write something that will be exclusive for the site.

You see (and probably know), I write and sell femdom hypnosis erotica as a way to earn passive income, and also to write the stories I want to write. Profit wise, it’s not nearly as profitable as script writing, but it’s fun, and is usually much more fun than script writing is.

Part of that is the fact my stories are my content and my ideas so it’s all me (unless it’s a comission, but even then my clients tend to be “do your thing with this idea”), and another part of that is the difference in writing technique and the different needs that stories and scripts have.

So, what needs does hypnosis erotica address, and how does one go about writing hypnosis as a story compared to as a script?

Theoretically, or at least when I write a script, no matter how much fantastical content is in a script I write, the form is grounded in real hypnosis technique, and practical delivery and application of the suggestions in the file.
It might be wish fulfillment content, but it is delivered in a real way, and that’s a critical component to making hypnosis files that are exaggerated and/or fantastical.
The point of a hypnosis file is to be hypnotized, so if you’re not approaching it from that end result, you’re missing the point.
In short, I write real hypnosis scripts about “fake”*  things.

(* Things like: being a brainwashed, amnesiac, chastity slave with a sleeper agent email account that they send devotional emails from, where they beg to get to cum, and have to send a $20 tribute every time they sign in to that email account.)

[(But what about role-play and themed based files that don’t try for real hypnosis at all you ask? Well for that, or my thoughts on those things, check out… basically half of my blogs. You’ve got a 50/50 chance to find an article about real hypnosis vs. themed content.)]

Hypnosis erotica on the other hand, well that has a whole lot of other needs, and that’s what the majority of this piece is about.

Anyone who know me, knows my big fetishes are femdom, hypnosis, and breasts, and my first creative work in the hypno-perv world was at the Hypnopics Collective, where I’m actually still active (my name there is my old handle: Smuthunter2007).
I’m not linking to the site because it’s a crazy place, and you may lose some respect for me if you go to look at my exploitative id driven caption work, but the stuff I made there was critical in getting me started writing all my hypnosis stuff, and it’s a reason why this site exists.
I wrote my first prose story, Space Sirens ( first posted on my old blog), after I already started writing scripts part time, and until I launched my site and made this work my only job, I’d only written three stories in total.
Space Sirens was an instructive experience, because at first it had shoot outs and blood, and death, but then I had a realization:

If the point of the story is the sexy mind control, then the sexy mind control is how conflict is solved; it’s the action of the piece, not actually violence and action, and not other forms of conflict.

To be frank, I also asked myself, “Is this what I want to read about when I read something to masturbate to?” And listen, this is serious artist shit here, we all ALL OF US make the mistakes we see other people make, even if, and almost especially if they’re things we tag as mistakes.

So for me, I write jerk off content that’s designed to be jerked off to.
And while it started out as me exploring and expressing some ideas I had and things I wanted to dig into or see exist, over time it’s turned into me trying to channel and create (usually hypno-boob focused) content that expresses the desires and interests of my readers, which also happens to be my own fetishes.
Though these days, it’s less of a compulsive need to express them in fiction than when I started making captioned pics, or even when I launched this site five years ago.
I mean, I obviously still fucking love hypno-boobs, and I all my stories do express a sincere desire and/or passion, but I don’t just think about myself when I write them now.

So, when I write an erotic hypnosis story (again, usually about some hapless, vague outline of a dude who is hypnotized by breasts), I take my idea for a scene, or a phrase, or a gimmick, and I think, “How can this become a story, and in that story, what happens/how does it create opportunities for hypno-sex?”
From there, I start writing. And more often than not, I should probably edit my content down to a more punchy length (see also, my version of Dracula), but since I sell most of my stuff, I also try and put enough hotness in there that it will require multiple readings to get through, if you know what I mean.

Anyhow, while I basically only read and write purely porn content (which is why you can also read the abridged Dracula that I made), that doesn’t mean that’s all there is, or the only reason why hypnosis erotica exists.

Erotica, especially in niche fetishes, can be a great way to find your literary voice, and more so, it can be a great way to frame and give space to the stories you want to tell.
Plenty of the hypnosis erotica out there is a means to tell a story or express something past a few thousands words to cum to. It offers a playground for world building, for relationship dynamic exploration, and also just for freedom of expression and exploration of the self.

It just so happens to be framed, or thematically aligned with content that is sexually charged, or explicit to someone.

You can see stories that start out in one place, and watch the writers fall in love with the world, characters, and ideas they have, and then build on for chapter after chapter, and even year after year.
The fact we all start off from the same place, thinking hypnosis is hot, means we all share something profound, private, and usually sheltered in some way, so we’re basically starting from a position of  being automatically accepting of each other to some degree, and that means our art starts from a place of common interest and acceptance.

That’s the shared premise of all our stories, that something about hypnosis is erotic, compelling, and/or just a little titillating.

So, writing hypnosis erotica is also kind of a means of finding a built in audience, and the truth is, while tons of people will skim content to find the porny parts, if you’re writing something more than that, or for people that want something more than that, there’s a chance those people will find you, and in turn connect with your work…

At least that’s the hope. You hope that there are people that open a story, look at the word count and then say, “this is just porn”, then move on to something that could be more substantial to their interests and desires.

I will say that I’ve noticed over recent years that the content and makeup of stories at mcstories has changed in that pattern (at least n the FF and FD departments).
It seems like more writers are submitting content that does more than just be pure, uncut hypno-porn, and that means that if hypnosis erotica is a form of catharsis and expression of the id, then it means that more and different people are getting to do just that, and while it means maybe there’s fewer green tagged jerk off stories for me, it means more people are getting what they want and what they need through their own self expression.

And really, that’s writing, that’s art, that story.
Creation is a form of catharsis, and in so doing, it can and does teach us more about expression and self. We have to reflect to create , which means we have to stare at ourselves and our wants before we can give them form in the written word.

Post script:

-I’ve been trying my hand at, not re-making, but making stories based on my favorite stories that are problematic in some way. Usually it’s taking a part of the concept and working into into a different setting so that the participants are either aged up, and/or not being killed at the end.

-Maybe you’re thinking, “Gee Max, why do you need other people’s captivating, hypnotic cleavage, or titnosis stories when you can just write your own?”
And to that I say, none of us “need” porn stories, but the truth is, when we read other people’s work, or see their fantasies, it can inspire us, and it can even show us something we never knew we wanted.
Creativity is not uniform, and while our pervy minds have stuff in common, it doesn’t mean we all have the same fantasies.
(Also, it’s way easier to enjoy someone else’s work than it is to create your own.)

-Hypnosis Erotica can be (especially when I write it :p ) insanely trope heavy, and there’s something to that. I don’t look down on the “trappings of genre” because it’s called writing and making genre, it’s part of the fun, and it’s part of the motivation.
There’s even a sensibility to our shared tropes are really shared characters, and that makes erotica a bit like fan fiction, and obviously I don’t mean that as a bad thing… at all.
There’s a natural camaraderie between erotica and fan fiction, and I don’t just mean because of the /, it’s because so much of both is about people needing to and wanting to create things that don’t exist in the way they (we) want it to.
I think you can see this more as more and different people are empowered to write their hypnosis erotica.
Some of my favorite active writers right now are telling crazy interconnected fantasy tales, and playing with the ideas that appeal to them and are getting to explore their ideas and visions for high fantasy settings without any gatekeeping hemming them in.

There’s a lot to the glorious amateurism of our scene, and the fact that we will ourselves to be professionals based on the energy, effort, and dedication we have for our fetishes and our self expression.

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