Story Preview: Annalynne

A Smuthunter Story


            “Hi there, I’m Annalynne, how are you enjoying your stay here?”

            Bret looked up from his phone and stared up at a pair of large tanned tits on a lithe, tanned body. This young woman, who had to be ten years younger than he was, was wearing a turquoise bikini top, a semi-transparent wrap around her waist, large black designer sunglasses, and had long, curly, platinum blonde hair that went down past her shoudlers.

            “So far so good,” she looked like she belonged out by the pool, she looked like she belonged in a wet dream. “Are you, do you work here?”

            Annalynne’s bright white smile was on full display, “In a way, I live here when I’m in town. I’m a masseuse, and a yoga teacher, and I do some life coaching, but I just came over to say hi because this is the off season and I just happened to be here for some rest and relaxation of my own.”

            Bret had planned on being out here in the off-season specifically because it was the off-season, but he had no problem talking to a woman like this. He couldn’t tell if she looked more like a social media influencer or a porn star, and who knows, maybe she was both.

            “I was just thinking,” she brushed her hand on a bikini strap and took a quick look around the pool. They were the only people out there, no lifeguard, no one else at all. “You look like you want to relax, but you’re playing with your phone, and I know something about relaxing so I thought I’d come over here and help you. I was just going to work on my tan and maybe take a few laps, but I think helping you is more important.”

            She smiled down at him, and he couldn’t see her eyes behind her large, black, sunglasses.

            “Put your phone down,” her voice was strong and direct, and bubbly and warm, “and take a deep breath in. Breathe in with me now.”

            She lifted her hand up as she breathed in, and Bret watched her tits rise as she inhaled, “and exhale.”

            She dropped her hand down as she breathed out, and the sudden motion made her tits jiggle. “Now take a second and scan your body from head to toe. You’ll start to notice how one breath is already making you feel sooooooo much more relaxed…”

            She set her purse down by his chair, stood right in front of him, and put her hands on her hips, “…and now, just focus on me. Let your focus shift from your body as your breath in, to me as you breathe out.”

            She lifted both hands now, “Just breathe into yourself, 1, 2, 3, “ and as her arms raised her tits rose with her breath, and “breathe out to me as you exhale, 3, 2, 1.”

            The force of both her hands dropping as she counted down to 1 made her tits bounce even more. And as Bret found himself captivated by the buxom younger woman telling him what to do, he did shift his focus out to her.

            “See, you’re so much more relaxed with two deep breaths aren’t you?” Her voice was so sweet and so sticky now, it sounded like a big pink glob of bubblegum and it was sticking to his brain the more she spoke in an even softer, more powerfully direct tone. “And on this next bid deep breath you’re going to be so relaxed you’re going to want to just close your eyes for a minute and…”

            She stopped herself mid thought and started to raise her hands up again, “Breathing in and focusing on yourself… 1, 2, 3.”

            The sudden shift was accompanied by more of a jiggle as she more exuberantly lifted her arms up and took a more exaggerated deep breath.

            “And focusing on me now… focused on me and , breathe out 3, 2, 1,” her hands dropped hard and fast, “sleep.”

            Bret watched her arms drop and her tits jiggle, and his eyes closed as she said sleep.

            “Just leave your eyes closed, just leave your eyes closed and relax, and listen. Listen and relax, you’re so sleepy. You’re so very sleepy, too sleepy and tired to open your eyes, too sleepy and tired to speak, just warm, and relaxed and happy. You didn’t realize how much you needed this, but now that you’re feeling it, it’s just what you’ve always wanted, it’s just what you’ve always needed, and I’m giving it to you because this is my job. This is what I do and all it took was three deep breaths to really relax and open up. And the best part is, this amazing little nap is so restorative that when I snap my fingers, you’re going to wake up feeling great and wonderful, and open and focused because I’m very good at what I do, and you’re going to want to talk to me and be totally honest with me in 1, 2, 3.”

            Bret’s eyes opened as Annalynne snapped her fingers, and the sticky pink bubblegum sound of her voice and her words clung to his brain.

            “You look super relaxed, and you look super happy. How do you feel?”

            Bret felt weird, and he wanted to ask this woman if she had just hypnotized him, but when she asked him a question he realized it was easier to repeat what she’d said than to say anything else, “I feel relaxed and happy.”

            It just felt natural, as natural as staring at her rising and falling breasts.

            She stood over him and leaned forward, “And you like my boobs don’t you?”

            Bret felt reinvigorated, like he’d just had a power nap, and this question, this question she asked as she pushed her big tits in her tiny bikini top together left him speechless. It felt easy to say yes, it felt like he wanted to say he did like her big boobs, but the moment was too surreal.

            He tried to look up from her tits to her face, but her sunglasses were still on, and she was teasing at revealing a big nipple. He could see their outline under the thin turquoise fabric, but there was something about a naked breast and an exposed nipple that was different than seeing the shape of it.

            “Oh no, I didn’t mean to stress you out,” her voice was so soft, it was so wonderful soft and sticky and sweet and she pushed her tits together as she spoke, massaging the masses of tanned skin in her hands, making sure not to let her nipples pop out. “Just look at my boobs and relax. You remember how to breathe and relax, to breathe into yourself and see how you feel, then breathe out and focus on these. Go on, you feel so good when you do it.”

            Her lips were parted and there was a slight roll to her hips as it looked to Bret’s foggy, suddenly heavy again eyes, that she was getting into touching herself. The sudden, intense sexuality and the strange trance she’d already put him into… Bret understood that she’d walked him into some kind of hypnotic trick… made it all the more surreal and overwhelming.

            And in the hazy warmth of the day, and the sticky sweetness of her voice, and the soft massive sight of her huge tits, Bret couldn’t find a way to deny her instructions. He didn’t know why she was doing this, and he didn’t know why he didn’t want to resist whatever she was doing. He just felt so pacified by her breasts and her voice, and so tranquil as he kept just passively following her instructions.

            There was nothing to disagree with despite the fact he didn’t know what he was agreeing to.

            “Mmmmm, yeah, that feels so much better, and so much more relaxing. Remember, one deep breath makes you feel so relaxed, and two…” she put her hands under her tits and lifted them, “makes you feel even better. So just breathe in and focus on how relaxed and aroused my big tits make you with 1, 2, 3…”

            Bret took a deep breath and felt his jaw loosen and his lips part. His eyes were getting heavy, so heavy like those tits, and he was pretty turned on by those smothering soft boobs, boobs that were just gently easing him back down into the warm sleepy world from just a few moments ago.

            “And now just focus on my perfect tits and how they just make everything else disappear as you breath out with 3, 2, 1.”

            She let her tits drop and jiggle and his eyelids were getting so heavy as a confusing, smothering wave of arousal washed over him and made his mind go blank for a second… almost blank… blank except for the sight and thought of two huge tits swallowing up his vision and his world.

            “Oooooh, you do like that, and you like how relaxed and horny my big boobies are making you feel. But when I asked you if you liked them you didn’t say anything, and that’s okay, you’re still just a little too tense, so you can just focus on how my big, sexy boobs make you feel as you breathe in, remembering how easy it was to just relax and go to sleep after your third breath last time, 1, 2, 3.”

            She lifted and pushed her tits up and together as she counted up, “And just see how good it feel to only see my big boobs as you focus only on my big boobs with 3, 2, 1…” she let them drop and jiggle, “sleep.”

            Bret’s eyes closed again.

            “You’re so much more relaxed now, plus my boobs are making you so horny that it’s just draining all you tension and all your concerns down out of your head and in between your legs. It’s just getting you so much more relaxed right now since you’re just getting hornier for my big boobs. And you’re so relaxed that you want to really just sleep nice and deep, like my deep cleavage, but the longer your eyes are closed, the more you start missing my warm tanned skin and my pretty smile, and of course my big, sexy boobs. So if you listen to me very carefully and let my voice get stronger as your inner voice gets quieter and softer, I’ll tell you how you can feel even more relaxed and happy, and ALSO get to go back to staring at me boobs, okay?”

            Bret could feel his eyelids wanting to flicker open, and wanting to stay shut, and his cock was getting harder and harder in his swim trunks. He couldn’t make up his mind and his own inner voice was getting so soft and quiet, like it was cocooned in the sound of her sticky sweet pink bubblegum voice. Bret didn’t know if he wanted to make a decision to open or close his eyes, but she had given him a way out, “Okay.”

            “All you have to do is open your eyes, and stare at my boobs, and let the sound of my voice make you feel more and more relaxed with every word I speak. Let there just be more of me inside your mind and less of you inside your thoughts. And when you do that, you can just get nice and relaxed, so much more relaxed by getting more horny. Just keep listening to me, and let the sound of my voice just sort of wash away your own thoughts okay? That sounds sooooo nice doesn’t it, so just show me that’s what you want by opening your eyes and staring at my boobs some more.”

            Bret felt his eyes open, and as he stared at those lovely, heavy breasts his mind felt distant, like it was floating away on some ethereal breeze. He gasped as she played with her tits and he felt his cock jump.

            “You’re so much more relaxed now, your mind’s so much more relaxed between my boobs and it feels so good to just let my words become your thoughts now. And you like that, because you like my boobs don’t you?”

            Unlike the last time she asked him, he answered automatically, disconnected from any filter or any kind of conscious or intellectual grounding, “I love your boobs.”

            Annalynne laughed and rolled them in her hands, “Well they love you too. They love how relaxed and open and cooperative you are, and I’d love to show you more of them, but we can’t do that out here can we?”

            “Nu…” his foggy mind, all tangled up in her soft, pink, sticky bubblegum words took a long time realizing that she was right, “no, we can’t.”

            “But is there somewhere we could go? Somewhere private where we could be alone? Somewhere private where I could really professionally continue to help you relax?” Her fingers caressed the fabric over her nipples, and while there wasn’t a lot left to the imagination, the implication of what it would feel like to see more of her breasts was overwhelming.

            The problem was, she asked him a question and his brain was so sticky and cocooned in her voice that he was having a hard, very hard as he kept staring at her breasts, time forming the answer.

            “If only…” she started to tease revealing a nipple, “there was some place…” she stopped and switched to the other breast to do the same thing, “we could…”

she squeezed her tits together, “go.”

            Annalynne knew just how disoriented and slow his mind was, and she paced her words and her teasing to give him time to catch up,

“We can go to my room.” His voice didn’t even sound like him, but he knew this was what he wanted.

            “Are you inviting me to your room Bret? You want me and my boobs to go back to your room with you?” She squeezed her tits as she asked, “You sound like you’re sure, are you sure?”

            “I’m sure.” It was easy to answer because he didn’t have to think for himself, she’d told him up front that he was, and he was too relaxed and horny to think something contrary.

            “Well then,” she leaned down so her tits were directly in his face and touched his arm, “lead the way.”

            Bret Stood up, and Annalynne laughed because his massive erection was very visible. Bret also, through his surreal fog and growing mental distance, realized that walking back into the hotel and to his room would mean passing by other people and he froze.

            Something felt very strange and very wrong in that moment. The distance between his mind and his body was compressing, he felt like he was in a dream that he was starting to wake up from, but then she took his hand in hers, and said “3, 2, 1, sleep” and tugged on his hand.

            Bret felt himself collapsing back down onto the chair, “Oh you’re still so sleepy, and you need to just feel how it feels to miss my boobs when your eyes are closed. And you miss them so much already, and you need to take me to your room, and you’re so hard, and so relaxed that you can’t figure out how to get from here to there, it’s too hard, and you’re too relaxed. So listen, just hold this towel in front of your lap while we go back to your room, and if you tell me what number it is, I’ll let you open your eyes and look at my boobs again while I lead the way, okay? Open your eyes and stand up when it’s okay.”

            Things were spinning out of control, and Bret felt himself losing what little control he’d regained. He felt his erection starting to subside, and he felt his thoughts rushing back into his brain. He felt Annalynne throw his towel onto his lap and it startled him enough to make his eyes open.

            When he did, he saw one bare breast cupped in her hands, one big, beautiful boob with one large perfect nipple that made everything else disappear just like her nipple disappeared as she covered back up. But, it had already made the blood rush out of his head and back towards his cock again.

            “Remember, 1, 2, 3, breathing me in, and 3, 2, 1 breathing yourself out, feeling your eyes staying open as you just relax more and feel so good and horny as the tension drains back down into that hard cock, while my big boobs make you feel so relaxed. That’s right, and a second deep breath, 1, 2, 3 focusing on how good my boobs make you feel, and 3, 2, 1 focused on how beautiful my boobs are makes you even more relaxed. And you know a third deep breath makes everything else go away with 1, 2, 3, and keep your eyes open, and stand up tell me what your room number is with 3, 2, 1.”

            As he breathed in it brought him to his feet, and as he exhaled, he answered her question. Then, as he held the thick folded towel in front of his groin, covering his pronounced erection, she led him by the hand through the lobby and back to his room.

            He followed her in silence and didn’t think about how she was holding his phone in her other hand. When the got to the door she smiled, “Lead the way.”

            He unlocked the door with his key card and walked in first, and as he heard the door close behind the tanned, busty blonde, Bret turned around to stare at her tits again.

            This time they were naked, and her skimpy turquoise top was in the same hand as his cell phone. “Look at my boobs Bret. You love my boobs, they’re so big, and they’re so relaxing, because they make you so horny. When you get horny for me and my bob boobs you get so relaxed that nothing else matters. You get so relaxed and so passive for me that you’ll do anything I want you to do, just because my boobs make you sooooooo horny, too horny and too relaxed to think at all. Isn’t that right Bret? Isn’t that happening right now Bret?” I mean, you forgot your phone by the pool because of my big boobs, so your probably need to me to hold on to it while you look at them don’t you?”

You know where this one’s going… but you don’t know why…

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