Story Preview: Dazed and Confused

Dazed and Confused
A Smuthunter Homage


            As Brad knocked on the front door, he didn’t know what to expect.

His girlfriend’s car wasn’t in the driveway yet even though she was supposed to have left to get here before him, and he had no idea what her mom would be like.

“Oh, she’s nice, you’ll like her,“ was the extent of the what he’d gotten out of her, past some sweet childhood stories and things like that. They hadn’t been dating all that long, so it was weird to be out here in the first place, and it would be even weirder to hand out with his girlfriend’s mom alone.

            “You must be Brad! I’m Valarie,” the woman who opened the door didn’t look a lot like her daughter, but there were some similarities. They had the same green eyes, the same sharp noses and round cheeks, but not a lot else.

            His girlfriend Janet was the athletic type, svelte, long brown hair, with a tomboy-ish air to her, and the woman in front of him, was nothing like that at all.

She was eye level with Brad, thanks to heels, had blond curls, and was rounder and softer than her daughter in every way. To say she was more womanly would be less a comment on her age and more an observation of her figure and her image, and to say she was curvy would be to understate her chest.

Valarie more than filled out her pale purple floral dress, and while the scoop of her neckline wasn’t that deep, the size of her breasts couldn’t help but emphasize it. Janet t was too athletic to have a chest like that, and Brad couldn’t help but wonder if her mom’s were fake.

The very tight hug he found himself in as she said, “It’s so nice to meet you”, made him think they were real. Valarie also smelled nice; it was something floral, and also wine.

As they walked inside and he politely answered that yes he was Brad and it was nice to meet her too, Valarie reached over to a small table by the front door and picked up a mostly empty glass of white wine, “Janet’s not here yet, but come in, sit down; it’s so odd you didn’t drive up together.”

Brad found himself sitting in a very plush and padded armchair in a very nice, very warm and welcoming living room as his hostess walked towards the kitchen, “Yeah, she had to…”

“Hold on, hold that thought,” there was a wine drenched enthusiastic lilt in Valarie’s voice, something that almost touched on a slur. She stepped back out of the kitchen with two full glasses in her hand, “here.”

Brad took the glass and thanked her.

“Now,” she took a sip and sat at the edge of the couch adjacent to him, “what were you saying?”

“It’s just that Janet said she wanted to leave earlier, and since I’m heading back to my place before heading home for the summer, this just made more sense.”

He took a sip, it was a chardonnay, and the taste of it made him wonder why it had a bad name with the guys he hung out with. He wasn’t a big wine guy, but he liked this.

“Well, I’m sure she’ll be here soon, something probably came up and she didn’t want to bother you while you were driving,” and as the words left Valarie’s lips, her phone, which was next to her on the couch, vibrated.

“Looks like I was wrong,” Valarie put her phone down, “Janet says she’ll be here tomorrow morning because something did come up. She says you should call her once you get here.”

Brad realized he was making a face, and found himself taking another drink.

“Oh honey,” Valarie chuckled, “it’s okay, and I’m sure whatever’s keeping her is probably for the best. You know how she can be, if she leaves something unfinished, or not up to her standards… she’s so high strung about some thing, I want to say she gets it from me, but…”

Valarie smiled, took another sip, and shrugged. The heft of her breasts bounced ever so slightly, but not slightly enough to miss it, and Brad noticed a golden chain descending down into her cleavage. The woman was older, obviously old enough to be a parent, but it didn’t seem like it was by much.

It was also hard not to miss anything about her chest, because even though there was nothing immodest about her dress, he was still a young man, and her girlfriend’s mom was an attractive woman with big boobs.

Also, his girlfriend was saving their first time for “the right time”, and had made it pretty clear that them finding “the right time” would probably be on this break, but only if he abstained from certain private practices.

So yes, he was really noticing Valarie’s breasts and it was as simple as that. Still, Brad was already a little embarrassed about having noticed them, though how could he not, and having had those thoughts about her chest made him feel a little flush.

He took another sip of wine to try and balance his equilibrium.

“I’m sorry Brad,” Valarie’s tone shifted ever so slightly from warm and enthusiastic to curious and… enthusiastic, “Janet hasn’t told me that much about you. But don’t worry, this isn’t an interrogation honey, just tell me about yourself.”

She finished her glass as he told her about his major, and why he was interesting in software engineering, and the more he spoke, the easier it became to talk to Valarie. She had an aura about her and a sparkle in her eye that made him feel like he was the most important thing in the world while she listened.

It might have been the wine on both sides of that equation, but the way she sat and leaned in a little, and Brad couldn’t help but catch a glance down into her cleavage now and again, and the way she didn’t have to always ask him a follow up question, but showed him she wanted to hear more, made it so easy for him to just talk to her.

“It sounds like you’ve had a very long year honey,” she stood up and took his empty glass from him, “you’re probably really looking forward to vacation and having a chance to really unwind and relax a little.”

“Probably,” he got to his feet and took his phone out of his pocket, “I’m going to step outside and call…”

“Oh, sit down, she can wait. She’ll be busy now with whatever it is anyway,” Valarie’s voice came from the kitchen, followed first by two more full glasses, and then the jut of her chest. “Besides, weren’t we just having a conversation dear?’

She stood in front of him with a glass extended, “Sit, have another glass, relax, you were just telling me how long this year was, and today’s already been such a long day too, sit down Bard, relax, don’t worry about Janet, just talk to me.”

She took another sip, “And why don’t we just put your phone away over here, and you and I can have a real conversation without any more distractions. That’s why you’re here isn’t it?”

Brad didn’t quite know what to say when she plucked his phone from his hand and placed it on the end table on the far side of the couch. He also noticed that thanks to the wine, it was getting harder not to stare at her breasts, and as she walked back over to him, he feared that maybe she’d caught him catching a look at her.

“Sit dear, please,” she stayed standing and it was obvious she wasn’t going to sit until he did, so, he did.

“It must be nice to finally slow down a little. Your classes sound so demanding, and keeping up with them, and my daughter, and everything else, I’m sure your brain must feel so drained right now. I appreciate how hard it is to be smart, and how hard you have to work to use your smarts. You must be so tired of trying, you must be so tired of spending so much mental energy all the time, just relax honey, enjoy your wine and relax with me.”

Something had started to happen as Valarie spoke to him.

First, as she started to toy with her necklace, he noticed that he was staring at the thumbnail sized sapphire teardrop at the end of the gold chain that sunk into between her breasts, which meant he’d almost instantaneously absentmindedly been staring at her breasts, at least in passing.

Second, as she spoke to him in that same wine warm tone, her words had gotten a little softer and a little rounder, kind of like her breasts, and he felt a softness washing over him, like an invisible blanket of heaviness that he felt behind his eyes and all over his body.

Third, when she told him to enjoy his wine, while his eyes were not so much locked on to, but drawn into her cleavage with a lazy sort of passivity, he felt the urge to take a sip, and he did.

“Isn’t that nice, knowing that there’s nowhere else to be, and nowhere else to go. There’s nothing you have to worry about at all now, nothing you have to think about at all either. It’s such a relief for you to just talk to me, you don’t have to worry about if I like you, you don’t have to look forward to meeting me anymore, because you’re here now, I think you’re a very nice young man, and it doesn’t matter that Janet’s not here yet, you can talk to her any time, you’re really here to see me aren’t you Brad?”

The gem fell back down between her breasts and disappeared again, and as it did, he realized that he’d been staring, but as he started to raise his eyes up, Valarie’s fingers started to trace the chain, and honestly, as wrong as it was to be looking at her girlfriend’s mom’s tits, the wine, and the exhaustion that just seemed to overwhelm him all at once while she talked made it too hard for him to care. So, Brad just watched the whites of her French tips trace the chain while her breasts heaved slowly and easily with her breath.

“I guess I am, thank you for having me.” Her questions had become softer, more patient, almost like she wasn’t expecting much from him, and it made him feel like he really should show her how appreciative he was, or at least was supposed to be.

“You know, you’ve come so far, and that was so much driving after such a long and demanding school year, I think,” the sapphire rose out of those soft white breasts and its crystal blue sparkled, “you must have really wanted to meet me. It’s so nice of you to do more than just humor me, it was my idea after all, not Janet’s, so thank you for agreeing with me. It’s really for the best that we have a chance to meet, it’s really what’s probably best for you isn’t it Brad?”

She twisted the chain and the crystal spun, keeping his eyes locked on its subtle shifting. She sounded so patient, and he knew it was because… well… he didn’t know why she would have to be patient with him, maybe the wine had gone to his head.

Again, to answer her he tried to look up, but as his eyes started to shift, the crystal dropped and his eyes went with it.

“Oh, honey, it’s okay. You’re so tired, you’re feeling so tired and so drained aren’t you? You’ve been thinking so hard all year long, and I’m sure you’ve been thinking even harder about making a good impression, and thinking about the way you would act around me, trying your best, putting in so much more effort, and it’s so hard to try now isn’t it.”

The gentle enthusiasm of her words, still dripping in wine, made him blink and he found himself taking a long sip of his wine as she did the same.

“You poor thing,” her fingers went back to the chain, but this time her nails were brushing up and down against her flesh and she’d leaned in a little towards him. “You’re finally feeling it aren’t you? The overwhelming mental drain of being so smart and working so hard, of working so hard and doing so much, really, if you think about it, doing so much for me, driving out here. You look like your mind is spinning honey, you look like you really need to relax and just let everything slow down.”

Her wine glass sat empty on the coffee table, and her fingers were moving up and down over the tops of her breasts, up and down in opposite directions, and Brad felt like the world had shifted forty-five degrees as he blinked.

“You’re feeling so overwhelmed sweetie, I know, overwhelmed by what you’ve accomplished and what you’ve done, and you just feel the drain, the constant demanding drain on your brain that being so smart makes you feel. I know you do, I know it’s so hard for you, you’re not used to these feelings, not used to noticing these feelings, you’re confused right now, so confused, so just slow down and relax, I’ll help you Brad, honey, just listen and relax okay baby?”

He was having a very hard time understanding what Valarie was talking about, and he wasn’t in a position to argue, or even make up an excuse to change the subject or… his phone was so far away and the chair was so warm, plus she was so sweet, and there was something about the sound of her voice right now, it sounded just like her tits looked, and while her words felt like they were smothering his brain, the idea of her smothering his face in her chest crept across his imagination.

He’d blinked and his eyes hadn’t opened immediately. For a split second he was lost in a daydream of her soft tits in his hands, and in the moment his eyes shut his eyelids felt like lead and his whole body felt five times heavier.

“No,” his eyes opened and he felt the adrenalin surge that came from startling awake when he’d accidently fall asleep in class.

She smirked at him, hands falling to her lap, “No?”

“Oh god, I’m sorry, I just, I’m really tired.” He was embarrassed, and even though his mind had shot into awareness and a bolt of electricity had moved down his spine, as quick as it came, it was gone, and his body felt incredibly warm and heavy.

“Oh sweetie, I know. That’s why you really need to relax isn’t it?” A hand had come back up to her chest, and again the sapphire came up out of her cleavage, and this time she just toyed with it, dangling it and dropping it, having it sink a little deeper ever time, but still remaining revealed just enough.

There was something about the anxiety of seeing it teetering on the edge of disappearing, something about the precarious and slow way it moved, combined with the soothing, overwhelming size and shape of her breasts compared to the crystal, that caused Brad to find himself transfixed with it again.

“I think you’re so worn out mentally that you might not understand what you really need. I think it’s so hard for you to understand what’s happening right now because you’ve just used up all of your brain power.”

She was almost chipper, almost cheerful as her words started to wrap around his fuzzy mind. When the crystal dipped down with those sweet sticky words, his eyes started to close as it slipped all the way between her breasts.

“Don’t you think you’re tired of thinking Brad?”

The blackness parted as he opened his eyes again, and just like before it felt like his eyelids had tried to stay shut, like his whole body was working against him.

“I uh, I’m, um…” the tip of her middle finger was moving around the top of her left breast, and there was something very inappropriate about all of this, not because he was staring at his girlfriend’s mom’s very large breasts, but because it seemed like she was forcing him to. “I’m sorry?”

“I know honey, I know,” the other hand returned and the up and down opposite motion started again, “you just need to keep relaxing, and you’ll feel this confused feeling fade away soon enough, I promise. You’re in such a daze, and you’re so confused now, it’s really too hard to think isn’t it, and isn’t it just so exhausting being so smart all the time Brad? You need a break, you need to relax with me, you’re here to see me, to get to know me, to let me get to know you, and I know you need to just relax okay, just relax and listen to me honey, I’m sure you’ll notice how good it feels to finally, really and truly let go.”

His vision was staring to blur, and the crystal had made its way out from her cleavage again, but now it was just sitting there as Valarie continued to caress her breasts.

“Just sit back and take a breath honey,” Brad was a smart guy, he was sharp, he was quick witted, but he was feeling so slow right now, and the harder he tried to clear his head the more focused on her breasts he became. The more he tried to gather his thoughts, the more her voice sapped his reason and his focus.

He was breathing in nice and deep, and she’d moved so much closer to him now, practically leaning out of the couch and onto the arm of his chair, that he was breathing in her warm, sweet, wine tinged scent, and that was also making him dizzy.

“Now just breathe out, nice and slow honey, just let go,” her hands had fallen into unison now. He hadn’t really noticed that they’d both moved up her breasts as she told him to breathe in, but he followed them down as she told him to exhale.

“See, I’m sure you’re already noticing how much better you feel, you poor thing.” Everything was getting so tangled up in his head, and it felt like it was because of her voice.

She was talking to him like he was slow, and he knew he wasn’t, but as he listened, floating in a slightly dazed and very confused cloud of her voice, staring what felt very much like helplessly into her cleavage, constantly distracted by her fondling hands and the sparkle of her sapphire, Brad felt like he was losing ground every second.

Her simple words matched her patient tone, and the gentle caress of condescension dripped from her voice, replacing her wine infused exuberance.

“Now, tell me,” as Brad let out that deep breath he felt himself sinking down into the chair, or was it down between her breasts, “doesn’t that just feel so much better?”

(It just gets better from here, but you probably already knew that)

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