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VORE: Voluptuous, Orgasmic, Raptures, Ends

Themes: FD, FM, Monster girls (slime, spider, plant), Vore (devour), Extreme use of Titnosis (Hypnoboobs, Hypnotits), dark fantasy, everybody dies… but in a fun way… okay maybe more weird… but they die with a smiles on their faces.

Synopsis: In this Dark Fantasy story three foolhardy adventures meet their demise at different monster girls in the heart of the Deep Forest.

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The Dark Secret of Zeta House

Themes: FD, FF, more magic than hypnosis, witchcraft, succubus, period piece, different than my usual stuff and why it’s also posted for free.

Synopsis: Before their senior year of college begins, two members of the Zeta Zeta Zeta sorority house receive the secrets of the house.

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Saundra Klaus

Themes: FD, FM, Consensual Hypno-sex, Extreme use of Titnosis (Hypnoboobs, Hypnotits), brainwashing, long term behavior change and emotional control.

Synopsis: On the night of the company holiday party Allen asks his buxom co-worker and former hypnotherapist Saundra to use hypnosis to help him stop hating the holidays. She has a unique way of giving him what he wants, even the things he wanted but didn’t ask for.

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You Wouldn’t Believe Me if I Told You

Themes: FD, FM, Extreme use of Titnosis (Boobnosis, Hypnoboobs)

Synopsis: Dean was pretty sure his best friend had been acting weird because of a woman, but he had no idea just how much control this mystery woman has over his best friend… or how much control she would end up having over him.

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When one of my commission clients said he loved this story and wanted to see more of Kayla, he also floated the idea of a crossover maybe with Janet who was mentioned but never actually appeared in Dazed and Confused.
That sequel, Repurposed also led to the commissioned stories Crystalized Control, Annalynne, and Bright Water, with a final chapter coming soon.

Dazed and Confused

This story is an homage to some of the classics of the  breast powered femdom hypnosis genre

Themes: FD, FM, Extreme use of Titnosis (Boobnosis, Hypnoboobs), MILF, stupification, brainwashing

Synopsis: After a long academic year, Brad’s going to meet his girlfriend’s mom for the first time.

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This story also turned out to be the beginning of what would become a series, along with You Wouldn’t Believe Me If I Told You.
The other stories in this series, after these two parallel first chapters are: Repurposed, Crystalized Control, Annalynne, and Bright Water, with a final chapter coming soon.

Formerly only available as a bundle, you can now read this story for free.

Cerebral Constriction

Themes: FD, FM (minor), FF (lots), high fantasy, monster girl, lamia, snake hypnosis (you know what I mean)

Synopsis: A woman travels into the woods to gather herbs with her guide, and wanders into the schemes of a snake-woman with desires of her own.

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Double Bound

Themes: FD, FM, heavy use of Titnosis (Boobnosis, Hypnoboobs), tit-fucking, emotional manipulation and brainwashing.

Synopsis: Alex is a college freshman in a new town. He’s smart, he comes from money, and finds himself becoming enthralled by the bookish and extremely busty owner of a local used book store.

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Dracula, The CountessPart 1

So this is different. I got inspired to do a take on the Dracula novel, but by making Dracula a lesbian vampire, because well, who doesn’t like those… also I watched a bunch of Hammer Horror movies this last year. So, I started writing, and it got away from me. Part 1, which is Jonathan Harker’s story really got some legs, and as I wrote, I started folding in easter eggs, and changing my ideas, and it became 20,000 words and you can read it all for FREE down below!!!

You can also read the Abridged Version which is just the sexy hypno parts as well, totally for free because I wasn’t clever enough hiding my vampire content from NF this time. 

Themes: FD, FM, some light FF, vampires, hypnosis

Synopsis: Jonathan Harker has made his way across Europe to the home of Count Dracula, to help him move to England… only it turns out Dracula is a Countess, and she has other plan for him as well.

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If you’d like to see a part 2, or maybe even a part 3 down the line, I’ll make a deal with all of you. If I get $100 in tips from this link down below, I’ll write part 2 and put it up for free.

“Cost” $5.00

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The Flower of Weakness Trilogy

With a new story about a sexy evil plant monster woman, why not enjoy the original commissioned trilogy?

Themes: FD, FM, Hight Fantasy, Monster girl, heavy use of Titnosis (Boobnosis, Hypnoboobs), pheromones, lactation (sort of, you’ll see), and so much more.

Synopsis: Nathaniel is a young man who lives on the edge of the Elder Woods, an ancient and mysterious forest. On his first hunting excursion alone into the woods he discovers a beautiful and buxom woman whose upper body sprouts from a large flower, and who seems to be compelling him to come closer to her… but to what ends?

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Formerly for Sale Only, now you can read it for free!

What’s Your Name

Themes: FD, FM, Supernatural/Magical Hypnosis, minor use of Titnosis (Boobnosis, Hypnoboobs), Succubus

Synopsis: When his work friends take Tom to a brothel, not knowing he was a virgin… (this one’s a little different than my usual fare, and comes from some pretty specific inspiration).

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This Isn’t the First Time

Here’s a brand new free story!

Themes: FD, FM, brainwashing, superheroes/comics themed mind control

Synopsis: Christopher Ward, formerly Power Lad the teen sidekick of the Night Detective, and now the superhero known as Redeemer, has found himself face to face with his one of old partner’s archenemies, Sylvia Quinn, better known as the cunning and beguiling Hypnotrix.
But the thing is, neither one of them is in costume when it happens…

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Formerly for Sale Only, now you can read it for free!

NLP: Nobody Likes Patricia

Themes: FD, FM, Bimbodomme (Domination via Bimbo), Extreme use of Titnosis (Boobnosis, Hypnoboobs), Tit Fucking, Brainwashing.

Synopsis: Chris and Trixie (formerly Patricia) have known each other forever and have even ended up at the same local college. But, over the years, as Trixie has become more busty, she’s also become a bit of a bimbo. Now, after some homework, she’s had a lifer changing realization about who she is and what she does… and their friendship will never be the same.

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Ruby Red Parts 1 and 2 

Themes: FD, FF, Supernatural/Fantasy, hypnotic eyes.

Part 1:
Synopsis: Britney loves Halloween, because being a gorgeous bust blonde she can pull off the “sexy” version of any costume. This year, she’s a sexy princess, and she’s caught they eye of another party goer, a Sexy-Dracula-Girl whose eyes might just catch Britney.

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Part 2: Long Shadows – Formerly for Sale Only, now you can read it for free!

Themes: FD, FF, Mild use of Titnosis (Boobnosis, Hypnoboobs), Supernatural/Fantasy, Magical Hypnotism

Synopsis: After a crazy encounter at a Halloween party, Britney has gone to see her old sorority sister Julia, a therapist, to try and make sense of what happened to her… or so she says.
Purchase of this story also includes a short Making Of about this story and where its core concepts came from.

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Formerly for Sale Only, now you can read it for free!
Before Look Into My Eyes, there was this story, which was the stylistic basis for that one.


Themes: FD, FM, Considerable use of Titnosis (Boobnosis, Hypnoboobs), MILF, Clothed Female Naked Male (Mild), Memory Manipulation and Mental Regression (Intense)

Synopsis: He goes to see his therapist to help with some relationship and work issues, she has her own desires and own way of helping.

(If you liked Travel Dangers, you’ll like this one too.)

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One of My MOST POPULAR stories, now available for everyone to enjoy (or still buy for $1)

Boob Zombie

Themes: FD, FM, heavy use of Titnosis (Boobnosis, Hypnoboobs)

Synopsis: Joe locked himself out of his condo, it’s a good thing his neighbor has a spare key. But when he knocks on her door, but the incredibly busty woman who answers isn’t who he expected at all.

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One of My MOST POPULAR stories, now available for everyone to enjoy (or still buy for $1)

The Dangers of Travel FD, FM, Classic Hypnosis, Titnosis (Boobnosis, Hypnoboobs) A young American man is traveling for work and he meets a good natured British woman on a train. What happens when he can’t sleep, and what happens when it turns out they may be headed to the exact same place?

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Formerly for Sale Only, now you can read it for free! 

This is a personal favorite that I think just went under the radar for a lot of people, so here it is for all to enjoy

A Skeptical Mind

Themes: FD, FM, Titnosis (Boobnosis, Hypnoboobs), Multiple Induction Types and Techniques, Romantic (Sweet and SEXY).

Synopsis: While at a neighbor’s party, Craig finds himself drawn to the busty and charming Elisa, who is a passionate student and practitioner of hypnosis. Find out what happens when Elisa approached the skeptical Craig about being hypnotized.

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Formerly for Sale Only, now you can read it for free! 

The Making of a Chubby Chaser

Themes: FD, FM, heavy use of Titnosis (Boobnosis, Hypnoboobs) BBW, FF (mild)

Synopsis: College senior Sally has always been a bigger girl, but thanks to her huge breasts and the power of hypnosis she’s never had a problem getting what she wants.
Now what she wants just happens to be the star quarterback who needs some math tutoring. He’s about to learn what else he’s always needed too.

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Broadcasting Positivity 

This story was written as a Custom, If you want to order your own story, you can find out more here.

Themes: FD, FF, Stage Hypnosis (Mild), Sexual Brainwashing (Intense), Technological Brainwashing (Intense), Lesbian Conversion (Moderate), College Girls.

Synopsis: The Mesmerizing Madam Nina has slowly but surely been creating a team of women to help her create viral videos to help her brainwash and take over the world.
This is the story of how she has recruited her team, how she has bent them to her will, and what happens when the videos are released.
Warning: Exclusively intense hot lesbian action inside.

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The Liz Trilogy (All 3 parts now free to read)

This story was written as a Custom, If you want to order your own story, you can find out more here.

Themes: FD, FF, Covert Hypnosis, Smoking (heavy), Forced Intoxication (very mild, more implied than stated)

Synopsis: Liz has had a very long day at the high powered law firm she works at, and on top of that, it’s raining.
But, as luck would have it the drink she went to have alone became a drink with an awesome coworker she’d yet to get to know. Of course, if she knew what her new friend was after…

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Part 2: Liz’s Long Night

Part 3: Liz’s Longing

That’s Not Fair:

Themes: FD, FF (very very mild), EXTREME use of Titnosis (Boobnosis, Hypnoboobs), bimbo-domme (not bimbofication but a domme that is a bimbo herself), covert hypnosis.

Synopsis: Mariah is like an overly sexualized parody of a secretary and Ryan Dane has never had any time for her, her irritating voice, her tits, or her nonsense. Not at least until she barges into his office and demands they get to know each other.
Ryan will never be the same again.

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Formerly for Sale Only, now you can read it for free! 

The Devil-Girl Inside my Bed FD, FM, FF, Psychological Horror, Supernatural Horror, Humiliation (Mild) Written in the first hand accounting of such classic horror stories as Frankenstein, this is the tale of a man who has found himself captivated and terrorized by a succubus that is draining away his mental and physical strengths in the most delightful and damning way possible. But, is she real? What does that mean if she isn’t? More so, what does that mean if she is?

Read the Entire Story for Free here.

Formerly for Sale Only, now you can read it for free! 

The Rise of Lady Splendor FD, FM, Superhero/Comic Book Adventure, Violence (Mild), Humiliation (Mild), Magical Hypnosis Officer Ted Stephens has found himself at the business end of an armed robbery at M.O.O.N. Labs, but he’s less concerned with the gunmen and more worried about the mysterious and domineering Lady Splendor. Is she a friend? A Foe? There’s only one way to find out True Obeyers! (Comics fans there’s a lot in here just for you)

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Formerly for Sale, now the ENTIRE BUNDLE can be read for free.

Halloween Hypnosis Bundle: This story bundle includes my offering for the Inraptured Halloween Story Event, and now all 3 are available to read for free.

These stories will not be sold separately.

Travis and the Halloween Party: Tells the story of Travis and Betty, a young couple who find themselves hypnotized at a Halloween party by a practicing witch named Connie. This story is offered for free at This story is  mainly FM, slightly FF, had a good bit of FFM, Classic Hypnosis, Magik You can read this story in it’s entirity here for free.

Connie and the Halloween Party: Tells Connie’s side of the Halloween party including the parts of the story that Travis was unaware of, not around for, or too deeply hypnotized to experience. This story is slightly FM, mainly FF, had a good bit of FFM, Classic Hypnosis, Magik Read the Story here for free.

Taken by the Vampire: A gender neutral 2nd person narrative telling the story of a busty Vampire woman seducing you the reader at a Halloween party (not the same one as the other stories), and what befalls you. This story is Femdom, Supernatural Hypnosis and Mind Control, Horror (mild) Read this unique story here for free.

Space Sirens of the Invisible Planet FD, FM, FF, Pulp Adventure, Sci-Fi When the Captain Russ Stinger and the crew of the Astro Sword crash land on an invisible planet in the middle of deep space, not only are their lives and minds in danger, so too is the fate of the Galactic Union. Read it Here.

Unethical Associations FD, FM, MILF HYPNO, Classic Hypnosis Professor  Andrea Armstrong, PHD Psychology, has decided she’s tired of one night stands and dealing with the rigors and trials of dating. So, she’s decided to perfect the practice of using hypnosis and classic conditioning to brainwash one of her TAs for practice. Read it Here.

It Happened One Day at the Office FD, FM, FF (minor), Hypnoboobs (moderate), Crytsal Pendant After being accidently hypnotized by his coworker Melissa in the break room, Jay finds himself confronted first by her intended subject, then by the hypnotist herself. Read it Here.