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Not Retired At All: My Second Hypno-Crush

Correction: Lady Lita is still extremely active and making new and exciting content. You can find her recordings HERE, and you can also find information about various forms of live sessions as well.

Additionally, I’d hate to think that this post in its original form did anything other than celebrate someone whose work I deeply enjoy! 

Semi-Retired is a multi-part series that focuses on Hypnodommes that are no longer as active as they once were. This series does not explore the reasons for their absence, but does explore the marks they left on me, and maybe you too. SEE ABOVE.

Part 1: My Second Hypno-Crush I love Lady Lita. And honestly, I’ve loved her from afar for a VERY long time. And by love her, what I mean is I have very fond feelings for her work, and my history with her as I don’t know her at all. She was an important figure in developing the scene, was immensely popular for a good chunk of time, and for some people she was a problematic character. I’m going to brush over most of that, and instead focus on what she meant to my development.

(But, maybe I’ll get around to doing a series after this one that talks about the customer facing side of the Femdom Hypnosis industry and how we’ve ended up with some of the staples we have today)

If you’re new to the scene, you may have no idea who I’m talking about when I say Lady Lita. Honestly, I don’t know what, if any, social platforms she’s on other than her youtube channel, and she’s been seemingly, and accounts may vary here, semi-retired, for a while. remains active and creative. She also has a couple of Facebook pages!

And if you’re not new to the scene (or just like gossip and drama?), I suppose I should probably address in a vague and non-confrontational sort of way some of the stuff that has surrounded her. (It’s mostly myths and legends, and her own personal business.)

I’m not including any of the below to kick up old bullshit, it’s a matter of addressing things people have directly asked me, and others about over the years. I ONLY have good things to say about her and her work.

Is she a cult leader? Did she start her own church? I don’t know, I really don’t. Her whole approach is/was very cult leader-y, but come on, that’s hot right?I mean, here we are talking about Femdom Hypnosis and I’m telling you there’s a woman who uses her talents to seduce and entrance people into her cult (of personality at minimum… pay attention to that term, we’ll be coming back to it later), and you’re going to tell me that NOT what you signed up for? But, like I said, I have no idea. I also am not interested in exploring her business outside of, wait for it, Her BUSINESS… at least, you know, for the sake of this article and the fact I’m going to be talking about something ostensibly good from 13 years ago. If I were someone who wanted to enter into one of those super intense D/s relationships, and this goes for everyone regarding EVERYONE, I would 100% kick the tires and make sure it was a good and healthy match.

If anything, I’d say some people have a character, and some people have a lifestyle, not knowing this woman, I couldn’t say which is which.

Didn’t she have drama with/was mean to people? Again, I don’t know. My interactions with her, and they were very few for lots of reasons I’ll get to later in this piece, were always very pleasant. Our emails were nice, she asked me if my leaving her member site was because of some drama (it wasn’t, it was budgetary), and she had a lot of fan facing interaction and user friendly content modeling. She was also hit hard by piracy, and this was in the earlier days of it too, like pre 2010, where everything on the internet was different. Also, who gives a fuck about drama if you’re just buying files?

(It’s almost like I’ve included this ‘controversy’ stuff as a means to address and talk about what does and doesn’t always matter in your relationships to the material and people on this scene)

Didn’t she give people headaches via suggestion? There’s what I’m likely assuming an urban legend around her that she basically spiked files with subliminal suggestions that if you pirated her stuff your brain would… explode? Again, I don’t know, and who knows? More so, who cares? And if that actually worked, wouldn’t that make her hypnosis that much hotter to you? How are you not excited by the idea that she’s so good, she can give you crippling pain if you cross her.

And Finally…

Wasn’t she actually brainwashing and taking advantage of people? See the cult answer. Also, and this is important, see how the idea of that just got you a little more amped and curious? See how a part of you was like, “well I like to play safe, but aren’t there dangerous women out there who will ruin me”, and doesn’t that just pour the gasoline on the whole Femdom Hypnosis fetish for you?

You see, that’s why I love Lady Lita… that, and her accent.

And also…

Her boobs.

I’ll tell you right now, there’s going to be A LOT of boob talk in the next couple paragraphs, but not in a pornographic or leering way.

It was around 2002-2003 when I discovered her via a place called agnarsphotoden, which will come up again in this series (and probably deserves its own mini-entry), and it was infatuation at first sight. When I discovered her, what I discovered was these big tits that were aggressively used in her content, content that was devious and dark, as I said above, had a sexy British accent, and was also a little witchy.

Now if you know me at all, you know that my two fetishes really are Femdom Hypnosis, and Boobs, and while other women had done work with/around hypno-boobs, frankly, Lita’s were the largest to be featured in our scene at the time, and I wish I could say that it wouldn’t matter as much to mid-to-late 30s me, but the thing about fetishes is that they’re compulsive and reflexive. We discover these things we want, and we develop these instant and automatic responses to them, and while the nuances of our fetishes can and do change over time, and we sometimes shift them so much that they can be almost unrecognizable to us, the core’s still there. So me being a boob guy means I’ll always be a boob guy, and for a couple years I was 100% Ladly Lita’s boob guy for as much as my meager budget to support.

-End of boob talk- -Okay, mostly the end of boob talk-

As I’ve said before, I was not a good subject until very recently in my hypnosis life, and honestly, as I’ve also said before, there’s stuff I still actively struggle with. So fifteen years ago, when I found myself writing the word now on the inside of my left wrist with my finger, feeling a distinct sense of disconnect and compulsion to do so, it was a powerful, and unnerving event, one that I had never experienced before.

I was about two to three years into exploring the fetish (on a shared computer, which added to my habit of downloading, listening once and then deleting… which was also informed by my shame and denial) when that happened, and while I may have had some other trance-y moments before that, that was the first time “something happened”. It was so affecting that for a long time I thought about getting a tattoo there of something else, fueled by a denial of my fetish and the insidious impact of that moment.

One of the things that got me to sign up for her site (which I would do for a month here and there because I was poorer than I am now) was that she had a list of free sessions for her members, and that was how I heard “Now” and a few others. As time passed, and she moved pretty quickly here, her style became very cult of personality driven. What I mean by that is, you can sell the product, or you can sell yourself as the product. Often times the distinction between the two is: are they selling hypnosis, or are they selling themselves hypnotizing you? It’s one of those things that can come down to hair splitting, and it’s more of a scale than a binary, but it can be a valuable perspective when looking for content.

So with lady Lita, you would buy/listen to her sessions because you wanted to play at being in her cult of worship and devotion. That was there from day one, and it got stronger as her presence and business developed. It was pretty hardcore mental D/s, and… It. Was. Hot.

The idea of her was hot, and it was hot because she was just heaps of what we’d call clichés now, and she did a really good job of developing and advertising both what she did, and what she expected. For my broke ass, this meant I enjoyed everything on her member site, and ended up only buying 1 file from her, a session called Breast Obsessed, which had a video file you were supposed to start at a certain point in the session. The only thing was, I was on a first gen IMAC, so it was years before easy video player compatibility. Shockwave anyone? That meant in the couple of listens I had to that file (saved it to a disk, but in one of my “I’m Quitting” phases I threw it away), I never got to see the video part. But, earlier this year, I re-purchased the file and FINALLY got to have the whole experience… then my computer crashed and I lost the file again. That’s okay because I don’t really consume stuff more than once or twice now.

Funny story about computers dying… I went through most of 2003 and all of 2004 without home internet, and then without a computer at all. Again, first gen IMAC, those things weren’t supported that well or that long. So that left me with a pretty new grasp-ish on my fetish and nothing but my imagination to take care of my needs. Over that stretch of time I spent a lot of time thinking about Lady Lita. Probably almost every day, and probably twice a day. That’s why I love her still. She was this sort of perfect version of what I wanted and was into, and at the time, I really liked her style. I’m also the kind of person that doesn’t get tired of eating the same food all the time, so make of that what you will.

Now, I want to talk a little bit about her work. I’ve had a chance to reacquire those member site files (I joined again a few years back), and I still liked them a lot this time around. I also always liked her free file Destiny, which told you what you were in for if you got into her work. (It also, as a file, does its level best to hook you in.)

In those files she uses a bit of progressive relaxation, some count down, all the basics that work well in the MP3 medium. She has a great easy delivery, strong voice acting, and overall effective technique, and got pretty hot and heavy with the sound effects, and content too. She is equal parts erotic and hypnosis. She also used, from what I experienced, the two halves approach in some of her files. That’s what I call the structure of a session when the induction is a free standing process that has no immediate connection to the content of the body of the file and its suggestions. Basically, this induction could be used with any file, and any file body could follow any induction. This is an important and valid approach (I use it in my work when it’s asked for/when it works), and  the modular nature of it can help with subjects who are anxious about “what will happen when” in sessions. Personally, it’s not my favorite thing, or my chosen approach, but like I said, it works, it’s valid, and that makes it good.

Lady Lita also does a lot of files that don’t use the two halves approach and have a strong continuity of theme and technique.

The two halves approach worked well in the early to mid 2000s because our scene was not as nuanced in its approaches as it is today. And about that, there’s LOTS of ways to hypnotize someone, but there are fewer ways to do it remotely, and fewer still via one sided recordings. The clichés in our scene, as far as induction approach goes, are there as much because people like them (Spoiler Alert: fetishists like the things that scream out THIS IS THE FETISH), as they are because they work. My love for Lady Lita comes from those two things together: she screams out everything I like, and in brief moments she worked on me back when I wasn’t a strong subject. Also, I may have been brainwashed to be obsessed with her… maybe she brainwashed me to find myself drawn to her more and more every day… Lady Lita is the One Tr… Naw, probably not.

Where can you find her now: Lady Lita seems to be back to being at least semi-full time is full time and is doing skype sessions (I’m tempted…), as well as putting out new content on a regular basis here. She has a Facebook public page here And I’m going to be lazy and link the links section of her Youtube channel here where you can jump to her sites (yeah, I didn’t talk about the Empire and the other women she worked with, but that was/is a thing), and their collected products.

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