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...stare deeper and deeper, fall into classic titnosis and obey
Stare deeper into the cleavage you don’t want to look away…

It’s time to explore the world of hypnotic breasts, captivating cleavage, and titnosis.

I can tell you the very first time I saw an instance of breasts being used to hypnotize someone, or more simply put, my first recollection of HypnoBoobs. It was right here.

Go watch it, I’ll be here when you get back.

Looking at the dates in researching this article I realized I saw this on TV right as puberty was setting in, as I was an avid In Living Color watcher. But, it wasn’t the first time I was exposed to the idea of breasts as a tool for convincing men to do things.

I couldn’t tell you where that was, or where it was first clearly implied in my psyche, maybe here?

Still, this comedy sketch clearly illustrates the core foundation of the what, why, and how of titnosis.

But before that, there are some basic fundamentals we should probably go over so we’re on the same page.

One: For the sake of argument let’s agree that breasts are actually inherently sexual.
By this, I mean that since women have them and men don’t, breasts denote the feminine.
Now, since men (arguably people looking for male-female relationships) look at all gender differences as signifiers of that gender, something the other person has that you don’t and that you can see, it tells you about them as a potential sexual partner.

So, there you go, since ‘only’ girls have boobs, and girls are sexualized, boobs are sexualized.

You don’t have to agree with this, you may perhaps think that this is overly-simplified, or that it’s just some sort of recursive justification for the sexualizing of breasts, that’s fine, I’m just asking you to stick with me here on the logic train for the purpose of this conversation only.

Further, on this topic, this also explains the easy creation of the breast fetish, in that it is something that is either wholly or quasi-sexual, even without the kinds of context that often create other fetishes (like hypnosis for example), that can take hold in a developing person’s mind and stay present through their adolescence, as breasts are in western culture.

Two: Sex can be both a tool of, and a desired result of convincing. What I mean by this is that sex can be used to change people’s minds, and people try and change each other’s mind to have sex.

This isn’t only what it is, I mean duh come on, hence me saying ‘can be’ and not ‘is’, but I want to be clear so we are again on the same page for this. It’s a lot of pre-talk before we get deep into the enthralling cleavage of titnosis, but you can have serious talks about ridiculous things.

So what is it then about hypnoptic cleaving and being boobnotized that has made the idea of hypno-tits so pervasive in our fetish?
(Keeping in mind that this is 100% my thing/kink, so this is comedic in its closeness to home for me, and maybe I’m also trying to figure it all out for myself.)

Sexual convincing, the act of seducing someone into compliance, is a trope in pop culture, and it came to be that way out of a certain amount of very real truth. ‘We’ all do crazy things for love, ‘we’ all do crazy things to get the attention of attractive people, because on a purely genetic level ‘we’ are powered by and motivated by sexual reproduction.

Quick Aside: I am, of course, talking about thinking with your privates and not with your brain, and these sorts of broad assertions about humanity have gotten me in trouble with my readers in the past, so let me be clear here, I am talking in the abstract about broad conceptual notions associated with humanity as animals, not as Humanity.

When we look at narrative devices in our stories, things like the honey trap, the femme fatale, the suave seducer of women, these characters all posses a physical beauty and an understanding of their own charms and how to use them.
One of these charms, for women, is the inherent power of cleavage, and the exploitation of the male as a visually driven entity who can be distracted and convinced by the exaggerated sexualizing of a woman’s chest.
The presentation of a woman’s cleavage, or more of her breasts, is also an indicator that the man is allowed to turn off his big brain and think with his dick. The idea being that since we as guys are always ready to go, we will instantly respond to this tactic/stimuli and conversation change.
We will then, to continue down this path, do our part in the conversation, IE cooperate with the boobs in hopes of more.
You can substitute legs, ass, etc. but breasts are the most commonly used example, because other than vaginas, they’re the biggest difference between men and women and as such the most visually distinct (see point 2 above).

This is essentially the story of any hypnotits story ever told, only minus the mechanism of hypnosis. And yes, this can be said about most hypnosis stories, that the mechanism of hypnosis is overlaid onto the foundation of something else, but herein lies the strength of this connection.

What do we think of when we think of the mechanical stereotype of hypnosis? Looking into someone’s eyes?
Watching a watch?
Staring into a spiral?
Seeing something fascinating that captivates us?
Or maybe it’s hearing someone saying ‘you are getting sleepy’, or, ‘your mind is becoming empty now’?
Let’s take a look at the hidden mechanism that allows these things to play out in regards to being boobnotized by hypno-cleavage.

First and foremost let’s talk about shape:
Eyes, and spirals are circular with a central point and smaller circles within them (or the essential shape of smaller circles in the case of a spiral). Breasts are circular with point that becomes central when they’re exposed, and have smaller circles within them, that being the areola, and the nipple.
The visual iconography, the functionality of “look into my eyes” or “look into the center of the spiral” translates on a sight based level perfectly to “look at my nipples”.

The same sentiment can be applied to cleavage, with the idea of becoming lost, fixated, focused, whatever you’d like to call it, on deep hypnotic cleavage.
Further, given that breasts have an essentially aesthetic shape, and an implied sense of intimacy and closeness, which in turn also fuels their seemingly inherent sexuality, breasts become an obvious tool for the induction of trance within the world of those stereotypical images and ideas.
‘Watch my boobs as the jiggle up and down’ or ‘watch my boobs swing back and forth’, is just like watching the pocket watch, the metronome, the crystal, or anything else you’d like.

This is, keeping in mind, how it relates to the core conceit of the hypnosis fetishist, that hypnosis is in fact a sensual act, be it soft and seductive, or forceful and overpowering.

Second, let’s look at breasts as a concept of obsession:
I say obsession here as a short hand for all consuming fascination, or distraction, or visual compulsion. This ties in with the idea of ‘getting very sleep’, in becoming distracted and consumed by breasts is akin to a different mental state, such as feeling the onset of the trance state, IE, being very sleepy.

Further, this also plays on the core technical mechanism and conceit of how hypnosis actually works, that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, and that hypnotism is an act of permissive behavior that works with the subconscious mind.
So when hypno-boobs titnotize you, you are given permission to look at something you are drawn to, something you want to do, and by doing so you begin to cooperate. As the trance process continues in this process, it is maintained and propagated in the subject by those core sexual desires that are arguably not wholly conscious.

So, we can see where and how the very core ideas of titnosis originate organically and initially without hypnosis, how hypnosis is essentially overlaid on a preexisting cultural touchstones, how and why breasts become boobnotizingly mesmerizing mammaries, and how being hypnotized by breasts, by hypnoboobs fits within the overall structure of hypnosis as a whole.

So, that may be the how and why of why you’re into hypno-boobs, why you want to be put under titnosis, and how society has structurally supported and enabled your fetish in the first place.

Of course, it bears repeating that much of this is predicated on clichés and tropes, those being the iconography and popular images of the breast and of hypnosis mixed together.
That’s why this In Living Color sketch from 1992 does such a good job of summing everything up.
Comedy is reflection, and you can see everything I’ve written about reflected in that clip up top. After all, it is an essentially honest take on the hypno-boobs fetish in the first place, complete with the spiral bra and everything.

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