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Getting What I’ve Always Wanted

Hi everyone, this is a slightly different kind of blog for me in that it’s a hybrid between a review and my other exploratory essays, that’s why this is going up in both feeds.

It’s titled “Getting What I’ve Always Wanted”, because that’s how this idea started… well… sort of.
It really started because I wrote a review for a piece I liked that was made by someone I’m a fan of, but then she took that piece down, and it didn’t seem, I don’r know… fair… to advertise something of hers that I loved that people couldn’t buy if they were so inclined. So, I was going to write a new review  to plug one of her new pieces, but then I kept going, and going, and found something in her catalogue that, through a whole mix of factors, was exactly what I’ve always wanted in a file/video.

Titnotized JOI, by  Goddess Emily

Who is this Domme?
This is Goddess Emily, there’s not much she puts out there to know about her other than her work, and I respect that. I’ve had a few chats with her via DMs, but they’ve been pretty casual, not really about work aside from me saying the occasional complimentary thing (ps: if you want to compliment a Domme, do it for their work, not their looks, and not for what you dick does), and I honestly couldn’t tell you anything about her that she doesn’t share on her Twitter.

She’s not a client, and what makes me love so much of her stuff is that while it sounds like it might have come out of my head, it’s coming from her, and that makes it better, because that means someone out there understands my desires, and like all of us, I want to be understood… we all want it, and that’s part of the power that comes from people that make our fetish content, not only does it get us off, it proves that we’re not alone in the cold void of space (which may be where she’s from, no one knows if Goddess Emily is some terrible eldritch horror or not… that’s a joke for her).

Purchase Link: Here
(This is for Clips4Sale, she has content on other platforms too)

33 minutes

Was I Hypnotized?
Yes. When I watched this video, I also watched one of her shorter “just an induction” files first, so by the time this one started, I was already somewhere between light and medium trance, with the break in the playlist between the two serving as a kind of fractionation experience. That’s how I consumed most of her stuff for the three weeks or so that I was watching stuff every day.

Am I a Brainwashed Slave Yet?
I can safely say yes, yes I am.
Did you read the part up above where I said I watched her stuff every day for three weeks? That’s kind of what did it, because repetition is a foundational tool in hypnosis. But what really did it was her approach, and the way it connected with me.

Why This Video? And more so, why her?
I watched 32 of her videos in 21 days, some more than once.
Some were new, and some were older, some were from her really hitting her stride and finding her style, and some were… not as much, but by the time I got to the ones I enjoyed less, it didn’t matter, because the triggers were in, the repetition was set, and her approach was working on me.

So I think it’s obvious that I love Femdom Hypnosis and that this is 100% my fetish. It is… and so are boobs.
In some circles my love of hypno-boobs is so well known it’s essentially a running joke, and/or self parody, but listen to me when I say that as far as pure, uncut, erotic hypnosis and fantasy goes, my number one thing is being hypnotized via breast fixation.
And, I’m obviously not the only one. I even try and explain the how/why of this combination being prevalent in this prior article because it’s such a common and seemingly intuitive thing, but past all of that, high concept thinking and consideration aside, it’s a pretty fucking big part of my hypnosis fetish life.

The other big part is that as it turns out, I’m apparently a little more hardcore than I thought, and/or maybe the average hypno-perv.
I like a harder, more severe and/or intense style of domination more than I enjoy soft seductive hypnotic play (that I also really like). I like being made to feel weak, and stupefied, and to be objectified, I like it when there’s proof, and here’s the kicker, I always assumed the degree that I liked it was about the average.

It turns out my taste is not the average, and while Titnotized has a lot of funny, sexy, obviously playful content, it also goes into that harder place, and it hit all my buttons. But I realize I’m not really talking about this file as it exists by itself, so let’s do that now.

In Titnotized JOI (the name says it all), Goddess Emily hypnotizes you to be her slave, and a slave to her tits, then she has you masturbate to completion along with all of that.
That’s the file.
Oh, she also has my single favorite suggestion of all time, “you will be hypnotized when you see my breasts”… and guess what, I am.
Every once and a while when I’m scrolling through my Twitter feed and an image of her pops up, I stall out for a few seconds. I’m serious, that actually happens.

So, given that there are so many other hypno-boobs files and boobnotists in the world, what is it about her that works so well for me.

She knows how to use her medium to its strongest ends, and she does 2 things that work super well for video:

-She dances around and does a lot of physically presentational sexy stuff that any horny dude with a fantasy kink could beat dick to without really engaging with the hypnosis part.

-And since that part of the audience is out of the way, she focuses on strong technical hypnosis in her audio tracks, and makes it content that could essentially stand alone just as an MP3. She’s actually into, and practices hypnosis, and uses her physicality and her abilities in harmony with each other by allowing herself to maximize both separately.
It’s counter-intuitive, it may not work for you, but I think it’s brilliant and effective. It’s a classic approach, and it’s ultra practical to do because good hypnosis audio is hard to do in real time while being ultra sexy, and it used to bug me years ago, so I get it if it’s not your thing.
I love her approach because I love good stuff that’s done well.

She’s a little dark, a little intense, and all of her pieces fit together into work that has come into my life and landed on my radar at the perfect time to hit me in my sweet spot, and here’s why:

I’m at a point now where suggestions are finally starting to get some traction with me, but I’m still not naturally inclined to just go with the push. With Goddess Emily’s approach, how she paces her inductions and what she focuses on, and how she frames your expected response to her reflects a core understanding of this stuff, what makes it sexy, and what makes it work.

Her induction style is well paced, is efficient and creative, and she uses her voice even more effectively than her body, to pull me in and disarm me.
I’m saying me here, not the general “you”, because this was my experience, and it was so personally impactful that I don’t want to presume it’s universal.

There are little things to her too, her inflection, her phrasing reach me, and so dos the permissive simplicity of it. Hypnosis can be awesome when it surprises you, and a big part of my job is understanding the want behind the want, and that’s why her ability to capture and deliver the core of what I want in a way that speaks to my fetishes is so profoundly enjoyable.

Does This File Include Masturbation Instruction?
Yes! And Vigorously so, no less!

Are There Any Suggestions, Triggers, or Post Hypnotic Suggestions?
There sure are. Themes of orgasm dependence on her breasts, and other her boobs related behaviors. It’s all very straight forward, “you will be a slave to her boobs” stuff, and I mentioned a few more specific suggestions up above.
Some suggestions take root on a subconscious level, and some can only really impact us on a psychosomatic participational level.
“You will only cum to my tits” can hit you deep, but it’s an easy one to shrug off when it stops being fun,  that said, if you’re the highly suggestible type, you may not want to fuck with this one… unless you want her to fuck with you like that.

I’m not, and I did, and it was the case for those three weeks.

Other Thoughts/About The Hypnotist?
I really like, appreciate, and am inspired by Goddess Emily.

I know, I know, I say the same things about a handful of women, but it’s the truth. I’ve seen a lot, I’ve heard a lot, and there is a lot of fantastic stuff, and Dommes I’ve never talked about, and that doesn’t mean I don’t like, respect, or even love that content and those people. I just might not have somethign super interesting, or personally relevant to say about them.

Emily actually inspires me, and her work has given me a depth of experience I hadn’t had yet.

I’ve been doing live sessions with someone, and I’ll be writing about that soon, but a big part of the fun and success I’ve had there comes from what these videos have given me, showed me, and let me experience.
It’s helped me start to figure out more of what I really want, helped me talk to other people about that, and get a better sense of what I’ve always wanted, and even a  bit more insight into my own psychology, what I do with my emotions, and why.

You never know what or who will come into your life, or when a moment of change will take root, and if I wanted to force an analogy here I’d say it’s like trance and suggestion. If you practice being open to it, and go with it when happens, that’s how you can get what you’ve wanted.

In my experience, that’s the only way.

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