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Celebrating Trance

You want to be hypnotized right now
Look into the center… deep into the center

I got hypnotized!

I know it doesn’t seem like something worth “!” about, given that this whole scene is built around the act of being hypnotized, but lets stop and think about this for a second.

How cool is it that this thing we love, are compelled by, and are infatuated with can and does actually happen to us?

Pretty Great Right?

Now obviously this wasn’t the first time it’s happened to me, nor was it my first live session or anything ground breaking like that, but to me it is still worth celebrating, because to me it is still, and I think always will be, something special.

Think about it! Why wouldn’t being hypnotized by a powerful dominant woman who you trust be special?

I’ve written a lot in the past about measuring expectations, everything from knowing what trance can feel like compared to what we think it does, to what a relationship with a pro domme can be/isn’t, and I thought today it would be good to write about celebrating these realities.

If I hadn’t gotten sick for like a month almost immediately after my session, I would have written about this:

How when it trance I felt naked, not like my clothes had disappeared, but like you feel in the tub, or skinny dipping, open, exposed, not vulnerable, just unadorned. I would have written about how it was different than being uninhibited, and how it was like being simplified.
In this, I’m sure you would all share either an understanding, or perhaps a longing to have that sort of experience, and I would have written about and spoken to how it wasn’t simply being in an erotic state of exposure, but a more intimate relationship not with my hypnotist but with myself.
Simply feeling closer to who I am by feeling what I did.

But, roughly a month of blowing your nose so frequently you thought your memories were going to come out like a hypnotic amnesia trigger, has taken away most of the meat of that piece, so instead, we’re here.

It isn’t just a matter of celebrating the tactile sensations of trance, or the results of suggestion, but the reality of experiencing something you want, the sense of joy we can have from doing what we’ve always desired. What is that to you?

We can, on occasion, diminish what we have and what we want by saying it is “just” play, or “just” fantasy, as though recreation and imagination are not important parts of who we are. There is a profound difference between recognizing that you are indulging in fantasy and knowing your own boundaries/boundaries of your play, and saying “this isn’t real, it doesn’t matter.”

One empowers you, and the other diminishes you. Not because everything must always matter and everything must always be serious, but because celebrating what you don’t take seriously is just as important as keeping perspective on what you do.

So, why not go and get yourself hypnotized right now? Sink into a trance, feel its effects, and celebrate this thing you can experience and enjoy!

After all, isn’t it amazing that it can happen to you at all?

Anyway, if you have questions or ideas for future articles, of if you just want to reach out and say hello, feel free to drop me a line.

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