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So listen, let’s get this out of the way up front, I don’t think any of you will go in for any of this. I’m a dude, you guys are dudes, why would you buy me stuff? Totally different set of social contract rules across the board right?

Well here’s the thing, what harm can it do. Maybe you’re like, “this guy’s made awesome hypno-tits pics for me for years, let’s see what’s on his wishlist?”
Anyway, this is my digital tip jar.

This is My Wishlist, filled with nothing practical, just awesome fun stuff that shows you how much of a “Man-Child” I am.

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FD HYPNO Wishlist:

If you’re interested in contributing to my Female Dominant Hypnosis experiences, the best way you can do so is by booking my a live session with your favorite hypno-domme.

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If you like the idea of exposing me to new people and their work, buying mp3s/videos is a great way to go as well, but contact me first since I have/have had prety extensive libraries and I’d hate for you to get me something I already have.

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