Know Your fetish

On Fetish Induced Loneliness

I am utterly alone
I am alone

So, this wasn’t one of the blogs I was planning to write this week, but it being a particularly dark and tiring winter, what better time than to talk about something we never mention:

The Loneliness of Perversion!!!

Know Your fetish


...stare deeper and deeper, fall into classic titnosis and obey
Stare deeper into the cleavage you don’t want to look away…

It’s time to explore the world of hypnotic breasts, captivating cleavage, and titnosis.

Know Your fetish

Mythology of Mind Control: Mass Media Origin Stories


Last time, we took a look at the nature of myth and metaphor in broad strokes. We used that base to explore the history and context of the Siren and some of the ways the mythological creature became an archetype and why it has persevered

You don’t have to read any of that to read this, I promise.

I was talking with a friend the other day, and we were talking about where this fetish comes from and what her origin story was.
It was different than mine, different than a lot of ours, but it was similar to some stories I had heard from other dominant women.
In the conversation we talked about fetishes in general and how we get them.