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So let’s get the disclaimer out of the way.
Hypnosis is real, it’s a real thing with real lasting effects, and it can do a lot of amazing things to help people grow, develop, change, and experience things. I would hope that by now you all know I firmly believe in its merit, that’s not what I mean when I say it’s all fantasy.

            I’m also not denigrating the experiences we have in trance, or the relationships we have with the people that help us have these experiences. That’s also not what I mean when I say it’s all fantasy.

If this seems pedantic, please understand that I’m just kicking my tires so we’re all on the same page as I continue here.

            That said, much of my writing on the topic of the world of Erotic Hypnosis has been in the real of its reality, and despite providing plenty of fantasy content like stories etc. I haven’t really explored the pure and unadulterated fantasy side of our scene.

            This came to me when I thought about what my last piece was, a hard and close look at findom, sissy content, and humiliation. In that piece I talked about everything except one crucial component of all these fetishes, the question of what they are if they are exclusively and explicitly just fantasies.

Let me offer now a formula for the pure fantasy explanations/explorations of Erotic Hypnosis:

What is a fantasy:
It is something imagined and desired that is not true, or not yet come true.

How does hypnosis impact a fantasy:
Hypnosis can mediate the distance between the not real and not yet true, creating a closer and more tangible sensation of reality and truth, but that’s not all.
Hypnosis, when it is a component of the fantasy and not the agency of the fantasy becoming more real, serves the following roll.

When we imagine hypnosis as a power over us, then it is a destruction of our sense of self or at least our agency and control. The liberation of control, when we send our lives firmly grasping at it, becomes a potent fantasy.
Since we live as though we are always in control, the fantasy becomes not being in control,
Then, the fantasy becomes not being in control and in turn controlled in such a way to prove unquestioningly that we are not in control.
So, when we look at something like Findom, or Sissy, or Humiliation, it is not so much that the fantasist desires these things in their actual life, but the liberation that comes from imagining them as proof of being out of control.
So, the fantasy is being made powerless then of being exploited in the mediated experience of the fantastical, and not in the actual and tangible real world.

So, one could surmise that someone who has a sissy hypnosis fantasy isn’t exploring repressed or latent homosexual urges, or even actually wants to be entranced and made to think they have these cravings, instead they crave the fantasy of hypnosis as a magical and all consuming power that destroys the self/self-control and whose manifest power is so great that they act wholly out of character and actual desire.

Pure Fantasy of powerlessness = fantasy of hypnosis + fantasy proof of powerlessness.

If we explore this as an actual (sort of actual) formula:


Then we can see the difference between the fantasist and the more intense fetishist with:


Which is:
Pure Powerlessness = Hypnosis + Proof of Powerlessness.

            We, or at least I, have spent so much time talking about hypnosis as desirable because of its promise and not because of its overall conceptual appeal.

That is it s a process, the act of inducing trance, that can be so easily so easily made to be seductive and intimate, that is requires so much attention from another and puts the subject as the center of that attention, that exploring it as a magical fantasy, as a daydream unto itself should also be addressed.

In short the idea of hypnosis can be remarkably sexy by itself without the desire to actually be hypnotized, and the market has proven that there is an appetite for this, a subject I have explored in some depth in previous articles.
So, when we examine something like Findom from this lens then it becomes a matter of conceptual fantasy, and a satisfaction from having that fantasy and not experiencing it as a actuality.
Basically, you can get off on a girl telling you to give her money, or talking about wanting to peg you or make you suck on her strap on, just as surely as some people get off on actually doing those things or having the mediated and more real experience of being hypnotized into doing or experiencing those things.
What this means in sum total is that we’re back to this formula but with a clearer picture of what it means:

Pure Fantasy of powerlessness = fantasy of hypnosis + fantasy proof of powerlessness.

So in this, nothing is real except the experience of having the fantasy, compared to the reality of the fantasy becoming more real or true by any number of degrees.
It is this latter component that is sold most frequently, the essential core concept of experiencing something past just the act of escape, but there are plenty of people I would guess that don’t need it to be real.

Now, what’s the point of all this, besides providing some more porn theory?
Good question?
Let’s say you’re you. You know what you like and you know what you want, but you also hear people saying this thing, or promising that thing, and no one out there seems to really be talking about how you feel or what you want.
Exploring and understanding our fetishes can be a complex and difficult process sometimes, especially when it can feel like so much of what is said is basically offered up as a sales pitch.

Anyway, if you have questions or ideas for future articles, of if you just want to reach out and say hello, feel free to drop me a line.

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