Dark Fantasy Stories

Here is a listing of all of my dark fantasy stories for sale. They were all commissions ordered by the same customer, and all occur in the same world, but are not one long story.

Dark Fantasy, as a genre is made up of typical fantasy narrative elements, but they are used to tell stories that are more grim, tend to be more violent, and have more of a sense of reality to them. Game of Thrones is the most popular and well known dark fantasy, but it’s far from the only one

In the erotic prose sense of my stories, they tend to be closer to horror, in that the protagonists are constantly falling victim to monster women, or witches, with no compunction about using their powers, even at the cost of the main characters lives… often times, as so many of these women are actual monsters, that is the point.
The other point of these stories, as with all of my stories, is the hypnosis, the subversion, and the build up.
This is especially true here, because the endings tend to be rather… permanent.

As a fan of role-playing games since probably 1991, first via video games then table top and live action, and being a hypnosis fetishist, I’ve always been partial to monster women with mind control powers, and various Monster Manuals. I’ve had a ton of fun writing all of these.

And here is the link for ordering customs, which I’m only “kinda” still doing.

VORE: Voluptuous, Orgasmic, Raptures, Ends

Themes: FD, FM, Monster girls (slime, spider, plant), Vore (devour), Extreme use of Titnosis (Hypnoboobs, Hypnotits), dark fantasy, everybody dies… but in a fun way… okay maybe more weird… but they die with a smiles on their faces.

Synopsis: In this Dark Fantasy story three foolhardy adventures meet their demise at different monster girls in the heart of the Deep Forest.

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Wheels Within Wheels

Themes: FD, FM, Extreme use of Titnosis (Boobnosis, Hypnoboobs), hypnosis both regular and magical, dark magic, lots of sex.

Synopsis: This story is a sequel to Miss Potter’s Wheel and is the story of Danny, a friend of one of Constance the Witch’s victims and the only person in the world that remembers his friend ever existing, and is plagued by dreams of a mysterious woman beckoning him to find her. If you enjoyed Mrs. Potter’s Wheel you’ll love this one.

Cost: $5.oo
(12,000 words)

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Mrs. Potter’s World

Themes: FD, FM, Extreme use of Titnosis (Boobnosis, Hypnoboobs), MILF, BBW, Corrupt Hypnotherapy, Brainwashing, twist ending.

Synopsis: Edmund’s busty, older, heavy set neighbor offers to hypnotize him to help with his anxiety. But things are much more than they seem… (this one is a little different in some fun ways and was kind of a labor of inspiration.)

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Cost: $5.oo
(12k word count, 20 pages long)

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Jewels of the Sunken Palace

Themes: FD, FM, Heavy use of Titnosis (Boobnosis, Hypnoboobs), Monster Girls, Dark Fantasy, magic, adventure.

Synopsis: Sir Damien Dane’s uncle disappeared years ago while searching for a lot kingdom and the potentially priceless crown jewels associated with it. Now, all this time later Damien and his friends have found themselves on the same quest…

There are two versions of this story included, one that is more story driven, and one that is more ‘action’ driven.

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Cost: $4.00

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The Fortunes of Courles Manor

Hey all, this is a Custom NOVELLA  that the patron generously allowed to put up for sale to the public. It you want to order your own story, you can find out more here.

This is a different offering for me too, click HERE for a look at what makes this different.

Themes: FD, FM, Extreme and Repeated use of Titnosis (Boobnosis, Hypnoboobs), Monster Girls (Flower Type), Dark Fantasy, magic, adventure, revenge, intrigue, action, violence.

Synopsis: Down on his luck, and with nowhere else to turn, the formerly celebrated and accomplished Treasure Hunter Nathaniel makes his way into the woods to test his luck against the legendary Courles Manor.
Of course, he doesn’t know about the three sisters that live within…

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Cost: $10

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Strands of Silk

So Burdens and Thralls originally started as this, but the client suggested something else, and we went in that direction first. But, I had enough of this one figured out that I wanted to write it too. 

Themes: FD, high fantasy/magic, Extreme use of Titnosis (Boobnosis, Hypnoboobs), Dark Fantasy, Monster Girl

Synopsis: Daro is coming to the end of an important quest, but as his journey winds down he finds himself stranded alone in the woods, with only an old, abandoned, dusty, web filled temple for shelter.
But nothing is as it seems, and the priestess he meets inside is hiding even more than her massive breasts underneath her robes.

There’s no sample for this one, due to technical issues, but if you liked the Flower of Lust series, or Burdens and Thralls, you’ll enjoy this one. If those weren’t for you, neither is this.

Cost: $4.oo

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Burdens and Thralls

Themes: FD, high fantasy/magic, Extreme and Repeated use of Titnosis (Boobnosis, Hypnoboobs), hypnotic tit fucking, Dark Fantasy (as in it’s grim, and there’s some bloodshed)

Synopsis: This is a story of vengeance, and the cost of its delivery on the wicked. This is a tale of enchantment, of cunning, and of single minded purpose. It is also a tale about a witch who uses her breasts to hypnotize someone, repeatedly, and with sexy results.

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Cost: $4.00

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It Was Fated to Be

Themes: FD, high fantasy/magic, Extreme and Repeated use of Titnosis (Boobnosis, Hypnoboobs), hypnotic tit fucking.

Synopsis: Zane is a hero of prophecy well on his way to vanquishing his sworn enemy The Demon King. Yet, on his quest he has come to a village at the edge of his foe’s territory and has come face to face with a truly cunning foe.

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Cost: $4.00

This story was 22 pages in Word.

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The Flower of Weakness Trilogy

With a new story about a sexy evil plant monster woman, why not enjoy the original commissioned trilogy?

Themes: FD, FM, Hight Fantasy, Monster girl, heavy use of Titnosis (Boobnosis, Hypnoboobs), pheromones, lactation (sort of, you’ll see), and so much more.

Synopsis: Nathaniel is a young man who lives on the edge of the Elder Woods, an ancient and mysterious forest. On his first hunting excursion alone into the woods he discovers a beautiful and buxom woman whose upper body sprouts from a large flower, and who seems to be compelling him to come closer to her… but to what ends? Read all three chapters for free:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

You know what… I also wrote one and a half dark sci-fi stories, so I’ll also include them here:

Space Sirens of the Invisible Planet FD, FM, FF, Pulp Adventure, Sci-Fi When the Captain Russ Stinger and the crew of the Astro Sword crash land on an invisible planet in the middle of deep space, not only are their lives and minds in danger, so too is the fate of the Galactic Union. Read it Here.

And read the never released by itself short: What About the Pilot? Here

(And maybe I’m posting this here because maybe there’s a sequel coming soon…)