Free Story: Space Sirens of the Invisible Planet

Space Sirens of the Invisible Planet
A Smuthunter Story

             Something had gone terribly wrong.

            “Warning, emergency surface landing in ten minutes.”

            The fearless and dashing space explorer Captain Russ Stinger, ran to the control deck of his ship. Emergency lights flashed and the robotic warning system crackled and blared the same message over and over.  Stinger arrived at the command deck’s doors and swore.

The doors were magnetically sealed and the emergency life support bubble had already been activated.

            His craft, the Astro Sword had been the only home he had known for 15 years, and now it was crashing out in the middle of empty space.  Crashing into a planet that didn’t exist.  A planet that wasn’t on any star charts, and didn’t show up on deep space telemetry.

            Yeah, something had gone terribly wrong…

* * *

            It was third watch, and Lieutenant Danny Jessup was at the helm piloting the Astro Sword through the blackness of space.  There was no day and no night out in the great black beyond, there were only shifts.  Eighteen brave men and women manned the spacecraft and had seen the unimaginable ends of the galaxy.  They fought the Corsairs of the Commonwealth of Rebel Stars, found lost artifacts of the First Travelers and were heroes of the Intergalactic Space Union.

            It was everything being a Deep Space Ranger had promised and Jessup thanked the Mother Terra Nova and Father Sun every shift that he had the privilege to serve under the one and only Russ Stinger.  Jessup was only a year out of the Academy, barely a man by the looks of him, but aged by the countless adventures that made a Deep Space Ranger’s life.

            As he looked out into the endless dark, his co-pilot Cora Tanner let out a barely audible sigh.  She was from Danny’s graduating class, and was the ship’s astrobiology specialist.  Danny was primarily a hostile plant combat reconnaissance trooper, but every Ranger was first and foremost a pilot.

            “Bored already?”  Danny asked as he looked over at her.  Cora was a bookish blond, diminutive and just curvy enough to catch the eye.  Her hair was always up and her omni-augmented-enhancement glasses made her eyes look slightly too big for her face.

She was sweet, sweet and boring.

            “Oh..I..uh…no.  Sorry, I was just…sorry…my head feels sort of fuzzy.  I keep thinking I’m hearing something on the deep wave transition channel and when I try and focus in on it, it just sort of…I don’t know.”  There was a glassy look to her eyes, but Danny didn’t think anything of it.  She was probably just a little space fatigued.  He’d put a request for additional downtime in for her at the end of the shift.

            “Ok, why don’t you just a take a minute and get some shut eye.  We’re in empty space, it’s not like I’m going to run into anything.”  The great dirty secret of space flight was that pilots took turns napping, reading, and playing games all watch.  Flying was either mind numbing boredom, or it was pants shitting excitement, with nothing in between.

            “Danny, I’m not tired, I swear there’s something coming in on the deep wave.  Why don’t you plug in and see if you can hear it?”  There was “something” on the deep wave, and it was space fatigue.

            “Ok, fine, what am I listening for?”  He plugged in his headset and started adjusting the frequency dials.

            “It’s a woman’s voice I think, something soft like that.”

            He adjusted the dials and waited to hear something.  He turned on the visualizing-sound-wave-interface and ran down the bars of echo, sonar, and pulse batch messaging, and didn’t hear a damned thing.  “Cora, there’s nothing out there.”

            Danny looked over at her and couldn’t believe what he saw.

            The slightly curvy scientist had slid her hand between her thighs and was rubbing herself over her pants.  Her eyes were closed and she was biting her lip.

            “Cora?  CORA!”  He was out of his chair and shaking her as he shouted.  She didn’t seem to hear him, but her hand moved up to his face and she tried to pull him closer when her glassy eyes opened and she saw him there.  Danny looked into her eyes, they were empty, like windows out into a cloudless blue sky.

            “Holy shit, we’re under attack.”  Danny had seen this effect before in his training.  Psycho-hypnotic-audio-disruption weapons had been outlawed forty years ago, but there were still a few in circulation on the outer colonies.  They were massive weapons though, either ground based or mounted on destroyer class vessels, and there was nothing that size around.  There was nothing around at all.

            Was it some sort of new cloaking? Had someone weaponized deep space communications frequencies?  What…was…was…was…

            Danny blinked and tried to shake himself free of the warm dizzy feeling in his head.  He felt Cora’s hands on his cheeks and he looked into her big empty eyes.  She kissed him hard and pulled his head back to kiss down his neck.  She had turned the speakers on and the frequency she had found was filling the deck.  It was the same words spoken over and over in layers.  It was a woman’s voice, musical and erotic, layered in a perfect harmony

            “You are lost alone in the emptiness, lost in the blackness of space, lost and looking for warmth and pleasure.

            You are lost and alone, so weary, so tired of waking in perpetual night, wanting only to dream in this darkness.

            You are so weary and tired, so alone in the endless dark. It is so easy to sleep in the darkness, sleep in my voice and I will guide you to warmth and pleasure

            Listen to my voice and let it guide you into peaceful rest, and warm pleasure.

My voice is a warm beacon of soft surrender and gentle satisfaction.

            Listen to my voice and let my voice guide you into warm arousal and peaceful rest.  Dream now and sleep, dream and surrender.  Dream and obey my voice.

            You must listen to my voice, only my voice matters.  My voice is pleasure and arousal, my voice is your dream and you will sleep in my voice. Sleep and obey me.”

            Cora’s lips caressed his neck as she unbuckled his pants.  There were layers upon layers of subliminal instructions under the master layer.  Commands to masturbate and to have sex.  Commands to thoughtlessly and mindlessly alter the ship’s course.  Commands to seal and lock all doors.  Commands to ensure that all others hear and obey the voice.  Commands to be docile and to mindlessly follow all commands.  And just like that, the Astro Sword was on a collision course with a hidden planet in the middle of unknown space.

* * *

            Stinger kicked the emergency hatch as hard as he could.  The landing hadn’t been as bad as he thought, and the secondary command unit had told him on the way down that the ship had full capacity when it started it’s decent.

            Once it was in the gravity well of the planet…the INVISIBLE planet, the Astro Sword’s retro rockets flared on and its auto-landing protocols brought it down slowly through the atmosphere.  But there was something in the upper atmosphere that interfered with the engine burn and the system relays, and just like that, the Sword was going down, slowed only by sporadic engine life and saved only by the ship’s shield system buffering the craft from hard impact.

            “Captain, primary power’s gone, secondary power’s at full but the relays are fried.”  Joan “JJ” Jones hadn’t looked up from her System Managers Device (SMD), she just followed the banging sound of combat boot on steel.

            “Gotcha JJ.  Any wounded?”

            He was kicking at the emergency latch, the air valve that kept it locked hadn’t released.  External readings on the way down said the planet was an earth match, breathable air, same gravity, no toxic atmosphere particles.  Whatever had screwed with the engines and caused the primary system to burn out wasn’t poisonous and hadn’t impacted the personal computing devices.

            “None so far sir, but we can’t get into command yet, the emergency seal is still up.  Isolated life support, and independent power are still at full in there, but Jessup and Tanner aren’t responding to any internal coms.”  She was a shorter woman, round with a sweet face, a body full of curves in all the right places, honey brown skin and thick black hair.

            Sweat was dripping down Stinger’s bald head as he swore under his breath and kicked at the handle again.  There was a creek and a gasp of escaping pressurized air.  Mission accomplished.  It would be two hours before the command unit would open, unless the override codes were keyed in from inside.  Danny and Cora would have to wait.

            “Nothing to do about that.  I’m taking a team out and I want Hansen to make a perimeter around the site.  I need you to get your people up on the relays, and the coms as fast as possible.”  He pulled the lever and watched the emergency door slide open.  A lush green forest rolled out before him and a bright yellow sun shone down through a too dark blue sky.

            “Yes Sir!  I’ll get Hansen’s team up and I’ll send you Brauer and Colton.”  She turned and left, and Stinger watched as she went.  She had a sway to her hips that he couldn’t help but watch.

* * *

            Colt Hansen cycled through his battle rifle’s optics from thermal, to x-ray, to holographic, and down to actual, scanning the plant cover that encased the downed ship.  He always knew there were more mysteries in space than anyone wanted to admit…wanted to think about…mysteries like invisible planets…and as he heard the three other members of his team sound off, he smiled his hard smirk and acknowledged in kind.

            Kano, check.

            Perkins, check.

            Lester, check.

            Combat vets one and all.  Hard charging, quick thinking, badass Rangers’. Rangers.  They were guys he could trust, guys he had been to war with, and if there was anything out there looking for trouble, guys who would get the job done.

            All their battle armor was still in their lockers though, and the captain had vetoed any Automated Perimeter Countermeasures.  So it was all flesh and blood, all eyes and ears, everything the battle hardened young man preferred.  After a tour in the expeditionary combat corp. Hansen knew there was nothing more reliable than human senses and human judgments.  Even with all the stealth tech, sound projection and disorientation ordnance, and all the other covert operations tools, he knew nothing was sharper than a sharp soldier.  Not even security cameras and satellite recon could be one hundred percent counted on.

            A year of hard fought combat on the edges of unified space had given him scars, but none deep enough or nasty enough to ruin his looks or his body.  Hansen was a handsome bastard with his thick black hair, deep blue eyes, superhero jaw, and stately nose.  Lots of guys he had fought alongside told him it wasn’t fair he had the looks, the toughness, and the luck to not catch a bullet out in the black.  They never complained though, Hansen fought hard, and he played even harder on leave.  Aside from JJ and the Captain, he was the most loved person on the ship.

            “Stinger this is Hansen, do you copy?”

            There was a flat crackle.  It was dead air, not jamming, not intercepted messaging, not interference, just dead air.

            “Stinger? Do you copy?”


            Hansen was a hundred yards out from the craft and was slowly starting to backtrack to the ship as he called down the line to his team.  Nothing. Nothing at all.

Radios were out.  He felt a deep sense of smug satisfaction even as felt his adrenaline kick in.  No one ever wanted to talk about the great mysterious of empty space, but now they were in it.  This was what he had signed up for, the great unknown, and the big fights you can only have against enemies you don’t know.

            “Excuse me sir, but are you okay?”

            Hansen wheeled to his right, rifle raised, laser recital lined directly into center mass…center mass of a beautiful busty brunette in a silver skintight body suit with a plunging neckline that didn’t leave much to the imagination at all.

Hansen took her in, all of her in.  She was average height for a human, at least she looked like a human, and she had her hands on her hips, resting on the white utility belt…inches away from a holstered pistol.

            “I’d be doing a lot better if you slowly dropped your weapon and put your hands behind your head miss.”  He had clicked the rifle’s safety off as he spoke, his eyes quickly surveying everything around him as he felt the trigger give ever so slightly under his finger.  A single easy pull and she would be down…that is…if she was a human or had similar human anatomy.

            “I know you’re still pretty shaken up so I’ll excuse your rudeness,” she drew her weapon, some sort of ray gun (ray gun?) and let it drop at her feet.  She had knee high white boots on, boots that looked more like club fashion that functional combat footwear.

            “But it’s awfully rude to take away a girl’s gun without asking her name first.”  She raised her hands above her head slowly, arching her back and letting her heaving breasts jut out, stretching more than surrendering.  Hansen watched he breasts rise, cleavage pushed together as she rolled her head back like she was posing for a photo shoot, not in the crosshairs of getting shot.

            “I’m sorry miss, but I don’t really think this is the time for manners.”  If it was, he wouldn’t be ogling her through his scope.  Her breasts were huge, double d’s that looked like they were about to spill out of her top at any moment.  Hansen knew this was a dangerous situation but there was something very disarming about her breasts.

            The buxom stranger giggled as she ran her fingers through her thick dark hair, curls cascading back as she ran her hands down to her chest.  “There’s always time for manners,” she cupped her tits and pressed them together, “isn’t that right?”

            There was something strangely compelling about her…something about the sound of her voice made Hansen want to agree with her…maybe she was right…maybe he needed to reassess the situation.

            “I’m sorry miss, it’s just…” the feel of the trigger under his finger and the weight of his rifle in his hands felt more reassuring than the softness in her voice.  He switched his sights to thermal, her shape didn’t change.

            “What are you?  This planet doesn’t exist on any star maps and it didn’t show up on any of our sensors.”  Hansen cycled to x-ray and her skeleton was human.  He hated to admit it to himself, but part of him wished the x-ray would have let him see a few layers less.

            “I’m No’aimy and this is my people’s home world.”  She ran her fingers down her cleavage and looked at him with big doe eyes.  Big dark eyes that seemed to swallow him up.  It was hard to know where to look, the more of her he saw, the more of her he wanted to see.

            “We call it Syrena, and the reason you’ve never heard of it is because no one can leave.  Our upper atmosphere shields us from everything, but it also interferes with a lot of electronics too.”  She had taken a slow step forward, her hips rolling from side to side, her hands starting to pull down the top of her body suit.

            “No one can hear you on their radios, and they’re all probably too busy to talk anyway.  We all wanted to come and see our new arrivals.”  The smooth creamy skin of her cleavage was spilling out and her hands barely covered her nipples.  The sound of her voice, the sweet melodic lilt of her words, was the sweetest thing he had ever heard.

            “How…” he was lowering his rifle, but he didn’t quite know why…maybe it was the fact he wanted her…maybe it was because she had secrets…maybe it really was just good manners…he didn’t know, it just seemed like the right thing to do.  “How many of you live here?”

            No’aimy smiled and started to roll her breasts in her hands.  Hansen felt his eyes start to follow the soft bounce and roll of her massive breasts as she continued talking.  Her voice was getting softer and she was getting closer.  “That’s very nice of you to ask me that. See, you knew I was right didn’t you? There’s always time for manners isn’t there?”

            He wanted to say yes, to repeat everything she had just said, to just agree with her on principle, but before he could speak, she let her left hand slide to the side slightly, and started tracing small circles around her nipple with her middle finger.  “But you don’t really care about that do you? Not right now at least, not when there’s soooo many other things we could talk about.”

            The buxom alien woman reached out and pulled the rifle from his hands, and met no resistance.  “Look at me human, I’m all you care about, all you want to think about, I’m all you want.”

            Something sparked in Hansen’s brain, something that was being smothered, and whatever she was doing to him wasn’t going to work anymore.

* * *


            Lydia Brauer gasped, her panties were soaked through, her knees buckled and she was dizzy with pleasure.  Her teammate was calling for help but she was powerless to do anything.  Seconds ago the combat geologist saw movement to her left, then a flash of purple light, and now she couldn’t stop cumming.  Her rifle was tight in her hands, she was holding on to it for dear life.  It was reflex, not a plan, not her training, just her body bucking and acting on its own.

            She heard Stinger shouting for her through the brush, and she was trying to warn him, but only short gasps of pleasure escaped her lips.

            “Don’t worry, you’ll be fine, the pleasure blast is temporary, but we do have to take you prisoner.”  A tall blond with an hourglass figure was standing over her with a ray gun in her hand.  The weapon looked like something out of her little brother’s comic books.  The barrel was a narrow tube surrounded by concentric circles and ended in a ball.

            The amazon that stood over her was wearing knee high white boots, a silver low cut bodysuit, a white belt with a holster and a wide white headband.  “The good news about that thought sweetheart… “she pointed her weapon right in Lydia’s face, “…is that you’ll love it.” Purple rings of light shot out of the ball at the end of the barrel and Lydia’s body and mind were shattered with pleasure.

* * *

            Conner Colton felt something slimy under his boot.  It was a strange place to be, out in the middle of the woods on an unknown planet with a sky that was the wrong color blue and trees that were the wrong color green.  Sound traveled differently here too, and none of his electronics seemed to work right.  Not even his short wave radio, a technology older than the timeless science of space travel, could get a signal.

            A second ago he thought he heard Hansen’s voice crackle through the dead air, but when he brought it up to his ear to respond, nothing.  It was impossible to tell if this was an attack, or a defensive measure because even his jammer detection wasn’t responding.  Millions of space bucks worth of comm.-tech, hundreds of hours of training and field experience, and the Astro Sword’s field communications expert was baffled.  Baffled with something sticky on the bottom of his boot.

            He tried to wipe it off on the grass, but when he looked down the red headed twenty-five year old saw what looked like the sticky trail of the world’s biggest piece of chewing gum stretching out behind him.  It was pink and elastic and it didn’t seem to want to break. And, AND IT WAS GROWING!


            Conner was pulling his battle blade, a wide sharp knife with a serrated back and a spring loaded projectile system, when Stinger came out of the brush.

            ‘The fuck is that Officer?”  Stinger had his rifle in one hand and his command pistol in the other.  Even as he took everything in, the captain was watching the perimeter.

            “I assure you sir, I have no fucking clue sir. it looks like bubblegum, but it’s getting bigger. I’m going to try and cut it, you might want to stand back.”

            “Might not want to do…”

            It was too late, the blade slid through the pink, and the gunk on Colton’s shoe mushroomed out and exploded in a bubble around him.  Stinger watched in horror as the bubble inflated in front of him.  It really did look like bubblegum.

            Inside the bubble, tendrils of pink sticky gum were slithering into Conner’s mouth, ears and nose, pumping a potent sedative into his body and flooding his mind with euphoric hallucinations.

            Outside the bubble, Stinger heard the swoosh of an energy weapon and the sound of a body hitting the ground.  He didn’t risk popping the bubble but as he turned towards the sound of battle, the bubble popped itself, cocooning Conner in goo.  There was no time for that though, Lydia should have come running, and she didn’t have an energy weapon.  Stinger was all alone, his team neutralized, it was up to him.

* * *

            The skin around No’aimy’s neck was soft and smooth, fragile in Hansen’s powerful hands. Her wide dark doe eyes looked up at him in shock.  He hadn’t started squeezing yet. Yet.

            “Who are you? What’s going on here? ANSWER ME!” He felt her physically wither in his hands.  Her certainty and aura of subversive compliance had vanished.

            “We’re…we’re a the security force, we’ve come to take you into custody.  The rest of my team has already neutralized your defensive perimeter and we are starting work on your crew.”  As she spoke, she started to slide her fingers up and down his forearms, keeping full eye contact with him the entire time.

            “You know this is a violation of the Galactic Union’s Peace Charter, you won’t get away with whatever you’re planning.”  He narrowed his eyes and looked dead into hers.  She was still hiding something.  He didn’t want to squeeze it out of her, but he would if he had to.

            “We know.”  Some of the softness had returned to her voice and her soft touch was making Hansen’s skin tingle.  “We know and we don’t care. The GU has no power over us, and you aren’t the first Space Rangers we’ve captured.  No one comes here unless we want them to.”

            Now he was getting somewhere.

            “How? How did we get here?”  There was a rhythm to her touch, and she arched her back ever so slightly, causing his arms to rest gently on the top of her breasts.  It was easy to let his grasp around her neck relax just ever so slightly.  She was starting to cooperate after all.

            “We have long range hypno-weapons that lure ships into out atmosphere. They crash land and we salvage the tech.  We used to be lucky to get a handful of survivors, but with the improvements your people have made, we have gotten many more prisoners.”  He could still feel the fear in her voice through his fingertips, but her dark doe eyes seemed strangely confident…even if that confidence was hidden deep in the fear he saw there.

            “How? How can you just kill people like that?”

            He felt angry, but his anger was muted, and even though he wanted to squeeze tighter again, something was stopping him.  It might have been the shock of hearing these terrible things, he didn’t know, but he just couldn’t bring himself to choke her.

            “Because that’s how the world works.  People die for what other people want and other people need all the time.  We’re no different than your people.”

            Hansen felt her fingertips caress his cheek as she spoke.  Everything she said seemed to be true.  Her voice spoke directly to his need to know these secrets, the unknown mysteries of the galaxy.  It was strange, that these mysteries didn’t seem so great.  She was just like him.

            “We just want to be safe”, she slid her fingertips to the back of his head.

            “Just like you.” He felt his fingers start to loosen around her neck. She just wanted to be safe.  He knew what that was like.

            “We just want to live in peace,” she started to rub the back of his head.

            “Just like you.” He felt his hands slide down to her chest.  Her breasts were so big, so warm, so soft.  What was she doing to him?

            “What are you doing to me?”

            He felt his head sinking to her chest, pulled in closer, his hands sliding down her to her ribs.

            “So many questions.”  Her voice has become so soft and he didn’t know when it had changed.  Soft, soft as her breasts and just as warm.

            “Wouldn’t it feel so much nicer to just rest your head, than ask so many questions.  You’re so safe now, there’s no need to ask all of these questions.”  She was pushing his head further down, guiding his mouth to her nipple.

            Hansen felt like he was sinking.  His muscles felt like they were melting, and his mind was moving so slowly he could hardly talk.  “Mysteries…secrets of the galaxy…danger to…mmmm”

            “Quiet now.”  Hansen felt his lips close around her nipple, her words swirling around him like a whirlpool of warmth and sweet soft safety.

            “There’s no need to ask anymore questions, no need to think at all, just surrender.”  She was guiding him gently on to his back, pressing her weight on top of him.  He was strong, she could feel his mental strength humming through his body, but as long as she could keep him aroused, he wouldn’t find the strength to fight her off again.

            Hansen felt No’amie’s fingers rubbing and pulling on his cock as he kissed and sucked on her breasts.  She was sliding one nipple into his mouth then the other, whispering to him about surrendering over and over.

            “Stay still, perfectly still for me.”  He watcher her stand, then cup her massive breasts in her hands, then slide down to her body suit, sliding it all the way down.  The world went dark as she took him deep inside of her.

* * *

            “Captain?  Captain can you hear me?”


            “Hansen?  Hansen are you there?”


            The light on JJ’s pistol flashed down the empty corridor.

Something had caused the power to cycle down.  Not shut off, not overload, but cycle down like the ship was at dock.  Someone in engineering had turned everything off, and that was where she was headed.  It was the only explanation.  Even the floor lighting was off, leaving the ship pitch black.  Her SMD was still on, but as the power cycled down, all of the data channels shut down one after the next.

            Interior coms went down right before the power went off, and then she tried to call out for help, but the radios were down too.  But JJ was a Space Ranger.  She could shoot, and she could fight.  Whoever had gotten inside, whatever had gotten inside, she would put it down.

            JJ felt a silky smooth hand slide around her mouth and the barrel of a gun press against her temple.  Large breasts pressed against her back and she smelled something sweet in the air, something sticky sweet that almost instantly made her feel dizzy.

            “Drop your pistol darling, I’d hate to have to shoot such a pretty girl like you.”

            She thought she felt lips bush against her as her captor whispered in her ear.  The voice was strong, certain, and she felt weak just hearing it.  It was the voice of command, and JJ knew deep down inside she was supposed to obey commands.  The pistol fell and the light shut off.

            “Yes, my sweet girl, listen to my voice, only my voice. Nothing else matters now only my voice.”  It was true, only the voice mattered.  The hand across her face slid down her neck to start to cup her breasts.

            “How many of you are there?  Tell me everything.”

            It was like JJ’s words formed by themselves, obeying the voice before her mind could.  It was as though her captor’s hand massaging her breast was forming JJ’s words for her.

             “There are two locked in the command bridge.  Four in a defensive perimeter.  Three on an expeditionary patrol. I am here, and there are eight others on the ship working in the engine room and other places.”

            “Very good.  It feels good to obey me, good to obey my voice. Good to obey your mistress.  I am your mistress and you will obey me.”

            “Yes mistress.”

            JJ quivered.

              She no longer felt the gun pressed to her head and felt a second hand cup her tits.  “You are such a beautiful girl, and so very submissive.  You must have been such a good soldier, you will make an even better thrall.”

            JJ felt her mistress turn her around in the darkness, and then tasted her kiss.  JJ didn’t know that the rest of crew on board had already been captured.  She didn’t care.  She didn’t care about anything anymore, and as she felt her mistress peeling off her uniform, she didn’t care that she had never even looked at another woman before.  Her mistress wanted her, she would obey.  She would always obey her mistress.

* * *

            “Your crew has been captured Captain Stinger, drop your weapons and it will all go so much easier.”  A woman’s voice echoed out from somewhere close in the woods.  Strangely enough, he couldn’t tell exactly where though.

            “I don’t know who you are, but if you’ve hurt so much as a hair on any of my people’s heads…”  Conner was still next to him, wrapped up in pink goo, and Stinger was keeping a sharp eye out.

            “There’s no need for that Russ, you don’t mind if I call you Russ do you?”  She was laughing at him, or at least feeling obnoxiously smug at him, he couldn’t tell.

            “I don’t care what you call me.  Just who do you think you are attacking my people!”  He wanted to believe that she was bluffing, but everything did seem to have a systematic feel to it.  No coms, no sounds of returning fire, she probably wasn’t bluffing.

            “And this?”  Stinger pointed his pistol to the cocoon of pink goo.  “What the hell is this?”  It was a valid question, but it was also a probing questions.  A way to start a conversation to at least get some idea about what his enemy was.

            “That my sweet Russ is a bio-mine.  They are non-lethal and we use them to subdue and compromise anyone that steps into one.  Unfortunately for your friend there, the effects are rather permanent.  When we cut him out of the goo, he is going to be a mindless zombie.  But that’s better than being dead isn’t it?”

            She had a point.

            “The use of chemical weapons and mind control tools is expressly forbidden by the Unified Space Warfare Treaty…but…but you probably don’t care do you?  Given that no one knows about this place do they?”  Things were looking worse by the second.

            “Very good Russ you’re starting to figure it out.  You humans are so proud, and you Space Rangers are the worst.  All that danger and all that bravado that fills up your lives makes it so hard for you to see when you’ve lost.  And trust me, you have lost.”

            Shit.  She was right.  He dropped his guns.

            “How?  How did this all happen?  You owe me that much at least.”

            “I supposes it wouldn’t hurt telling you, after all, you did just surrender didn’t you?  I promise I will tell you everything if you say ‘I surrender’ how’s that?”

            There wasn’t much choice.

            “I surrender.”

            “Good boy.  Long ago, this planet was colonized and turned into a deep space weapons research world.  During the first great Galactic War, our ancestors infiltrated the home world and destroyed all the star charts for this solar system and activated their most prized creation, the Global Shadow.  Ever since then, this planet has lived in peace, and the research has continued.”

            He heard movement all around him, he was surrounded.

            “But, to make the Global Shadow permanent, it had to use the upper atmosphere as a component, and that has made it almost impossible to leave the planet.  We have been working on ways to bypass that, and we think your ship, given that it is in perfect condition, will finally be what we need to escape.”

            They were close now, very close.  He could see silhouettes in the tree line.

            “How did we land here anyway?”

            “Most of our planet’s research is in mind control weapons.  We use a hypno-wave-transmission dish to lure any passing ships down into our gravity and then we take what we want from the wreckages.  It isn’t the most humane, or even the most successful all the time, but it has served us well.”

            It made his skin crawl.

            “And my people?”

            As he asked, he saw a tall blond woman in a low cut silver body suit walk out of the woods straight ahead of him.  A thick white headband kept her hair back, and Stinger looked right into her deep green eyes.  She had high white boots on, and a white belt around her slender waste with an empty holster on it.  A ray gun was in her right hand, and her left hand rested on her massive cleavage.  Stinger was transfixed.  She spoke.

            “That, is a different story all together.  We have genetically engineered ourselves to have irresistibly seductive and persuasive organic weapons built into ourselves.  Our voices cause extreme suggestibility, our pheromones create a chemical imbalance in your brains to override your decision making abilities, our eyes radiate a low grade light that interferes with your ability to focus on anything else, and our touch allows us to receive and communicate with your nervous systems.  I should also tell you that it was women who built the Global Shadow, and women who were our greatest thinkers, so as time passed, it was women who took over everything.  You see, men are weak, and women are strong.  Our ancestors knew that your cocks made you unreliable, so their very first experiment was making themselves, and all women after them, look like this.  Men are more likely to lower their guards for sexually attractive women, and while the men were fawning all over the women, they continued to advance their technology. ”

            He could feel himself starting to get caught up in her spell.  Even though he knew it was all technological manipulation, and was himself a very strong willed man, he couldn’t shake the sinking smothering feeling all around him.  It took a great deal of effort for him to mutter, “What next?”

            “Simple my dear, we are going to take you to our slave camps and put you to work for us.  We are most likely going to brainwash your crew into becoming our agents in unified space, and you will deliver myself and many of the other high ranking women of this world to critical strategic targets where we will take control of them, and then all of known space.”

            She was right in front of him, her breasts pressing into his chest, her arms around his neck.  “Can’t…can’t let…let you…do…that.”

            “Of course you can, after all, you want to help us.”

            She kissed him long, and deep, and slow…

* * *

            “U.S.S. Huntsman, this is Captain Stinger of the Astro Sword, we are requesting immediate assistance.  We’ve just come out of an uncharted wormhole and are at limited capacity.  We have no idea how long we’ve been gone, and we have wounded aboard.”

            Captain Russ Stinger felt like he was directing a play from a seat deep in the balcony of his mind.  He knew the voice that was speaking, knew all the actions that were being taken, but they were not his world.  Everything  he was doing was a series of actors doing their parts and he simply followed along.

            “Roger that Astro Sword.  We all thought you were dead.  Come up to dock and we’ll get you all taken care of.”

            When the voice clicked off the com, Russ smiled.  No part of him wanted to warn the other crew.  No part of him even thought of waiting till his captors were in the airlock and breaking dock, leaving them out in the empty.  No, he wanted his mistress’ plan to work.  She was all that mattered.

-Just The Beginning-

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