Hidden Free Story: Lost Tales of the Space Sirens

Lost Tales of the Space Sirens Presents: What about the Pilots?
A Smuthunter Story

Cora Tanner and Danny Jessup had spent the emergency landing in a mindless daze, busily ravaging each other like all their physical training as Deep Space Rangers had been purely to make them better at fucking. They had collapsed in a sweaty tangle, their uniforms spread out in parts across the Astro Sword’s cockpit, and they had slept.

The magnetized emergency doors couldn’t be overridden from the outside and the unit had its own independent life support, so the two of them slept peacefully in their own little world as the craft touched down. They were completely oblivious to what was befalling their crewmates on the surface and other parts of the ship as they planet’s inhabitants made first contact.

The two pilots had already been deep in the throws of passion when their craft passed through the upper atmosphere and out of the broadcast scope of the planet’s hypnotic lure.

Still, the broadcast had done its work and the two of them had buckled faster than anyone with their disciple ought to have.

* * *

Danny blinked and rubbed his eyes.

He was naked, hungry, and sore in the best way possible.

The cockpit smelled like sex and Cora’s soft body was nuzzled up next to his. Slowly he started to recall what had befallen them, like remembering a dream. The afterglow was spent instantly and he was shouting and shaking his naked partner before he even realized he was doing it.

“Get up. Get up. We have to get up.”

He watched her placid smile fade as her eyes opened. He watched her blink once, then twice, then saw a worried frown twist across her lips.

“Oh shit.” She was looking him dead in the eye, the color draining from her cheeks.

“Yeah. Fuck. Yeah.” He was on his feet pulling on his uniform.

His sidearm was out, resting on the arm of his seat, well within reach. She was doing the same, she had already pulled down the emergency suppression rile from its case. They were on edge, neither one of they saying a word. The ship was not moving, they knew it, they knew they had crashed, or landed, or crash-landed.

“Suits?” Danny had unfolded the rifle’s stock and had it braced against his shoulder, the muzzle trained at the magnetically sealed doors.  The cockpit had emergency space and combat survival suits, and since they couldn’t get a read on anything with the ship’s scanners it seemed like a good idea.

Cora punched in the release commands and started suiting up. There was an anger in her eyes that Danny had never seen, and he was starting to feel waves of sickening shame about everything… especially being compromised the way he was.

He passed the rifle to her as he started to get in gear.

Before he put his helmet on he looked right at her, “I’m sorry.”

“Me too.” She locked her helmet in place and switched on her coms.

            The suits weren’t made for space walks, and were lighter than a proper astro-suit. They were combat rigs, heavy in base gravity, and not ideal for anything except surviving whatever shit situation a pilot could find themselves in.

            “You ready to do this?” Danny had moved up to the emergency panel.

What they didn’t realize was that the coms in their suits were insulated from the same interference that had shut down everyone else’s communications.

Cora took up a protected firing position and gave him the thumbs up.

Slowly the doors started to open into the airlock between the cockpit and the corridor. Then, the airlock doors disengaged, and that was when the shooting was probably supposed to start.


Cora blinked, her finger frozen on the trigger. The lights were so pretty, so soft and shimmery… so easy to…

Danny saw the reflection of the twisting pink and purple spirals on her faceplate and watched as her body lurched slightly then became still, then he watched as the riffle drooped, then dropped out of her hands.

He blind fired down the hall, using the reflections on her helmet to guide his aim. He couldn’t hear the fizzle and the crack of the image generator being hit, but the reflections vanished.

Cora dropped down and reacquired the rifle right as pink bolts of energy started rushing down the hallway. They exploded against the front view screens of the cockpit and didn’t leave a mark. No scorch marks, no impact craters, nothing.

Danny couldn’t see who was shooting, but he watched his co-pilot, the sweet and mild mannered bookish scientist methodically brace herself and return fire.

“What are you shooting at?” She heard his voice crackle through their comms.

“Bimbos in jumpsuits with laser pistols.” She sounded angry, and there was no hesitation in her description or her shooting.

“What?” He was hammering in the close commands on the doors. The volume of fire was too much for the two of them, and they didn’t have the rounds for a protracted firefight.

There had to be another way.

Maybe blow the emergency hatch and try and flank their enemy, or at least just break for cover.

“There are four bimbos in silver body suits with the boobs hanging out, shooting at us with laser pistols.” The steady pop-pop-pop of the rifle’s burst fire was echoing through the cockpit, but it was a dull and muffled sound.

He didn’t hear the clank-clank-clank of the fist sized silver ball that bounced into the room as the doors started to close, but he saw it. Quick as he could, he kicked it back out into the airlock and watched it explode into a glob of sticky pink goo as it made contact with his boot.

It had spread out and gummed up the inner doors, preventing them from closing. It has also glued him in place, directly in the line of enemy fire.

Then the lasers collided with his chest and his head, and nothing happened.

He was stuck to the ground, obscuring Cora’s line of fire, but their weapons couldn’t get through the suit’s shielding. He didn’t wait to see what else they had, his pistol spoke for him.

They dodged and scattered, but one of them had been hit square in the stomach and was down, down and not moving.

“What the fuck is happening? Who are those people?” As Danny swore, Cora had moved up to his side and was trying to cut through the gum like substance with a survival knife. There had been no return fire.

It was no good, the blade had gotten stuck inside the sticky pink mess. “I don’t know, and I don’t think I can get you out of this. You’re going to have to lose the suit, or just the leg, and we don’t have anything that can cur through the lining.”

“The good news is, “ Cora had punched in a few commands into the wall panel, “atmosphere is good, and gravity is good. You won’t asphyxiate or float away.”

As he popped his helmet he shook his head, “Yeah but so much for being laser proof. What the hell were they shooting at us anyway?”

He was out of his suit fairly quickly, and they were moving slowly down the corridor towards their downed enemy.

The other three had beaten a hasty retreat.

What if this had all been a big misunderstanding? What if he’d just shot an innocent woman who was trying to defend her home. What if they were shape shifters who picked a form that they thought would have given them a tactical advantage?

Cora was kneeling over the downed woman. She was a red head with massive breasts. She had a white utility belt and thigh high white boots, they all did. And it looked like her body suit was armored. There was no blood and the woman was still breathing.

Shape shifters always reverted after they’d been knocked unconscious or killed, it was a reflex to that particular kind of violent physical stimulation that all shape shifters shared, but this girl had remained the same.

Cora passed the rifle up to him as she knelt down to investigate the unconscious enemy.

“Red blood, looks like she bit her lip or her tongue, human bone structure… Here, can you pull back her eyelid for me?”

Danny knelt and did just that.
“The eyes look human but… but there’s something extra with the eyes, secondary and tertiary irises, and the pupils are purple. Also…”

She stood up and started adjusting her suit’s sensory input. “It looks like their bodies produce a heightened amount of… I don’t know what exactly… some sort of pheromone or… how are you feeling?”

“Adrenaline’s still pumping, I’m mad. We need a plan. We need to find the crew or what’s left of them.. or…”

He picked up the woman’s weapon. Its business end was a silver ball on the end of a rod surrounded by concentric circles that lead to the handle and had a fin at the back. The red head’s waist was too narrow for him to be able to take her belt, but he pocketed a few of those silver ball gum grenades.

What he didn’t see was any sign of communications equipment.

* * *
“Stand down Rangers!”

Joan “JJ” Jones was walking down the corridor towards them, her hips swinging the same way they always did. Her hands were up and she was all alone.

“Stay where you are JJ.” It was Cora. She’d had to open her faceplate to be able to hear Danny now that he wasn’t on coms.  She had her rifle trained on the curvaceous Chief Engineer.

“I gave you an order Rangers.” She sounded confident but she had stopped in her tracks.

“All due respect JJ, but we’re not going to do that.” Everything they’d come across had been a non-lethal weapon. They didn’t need to say it out loud, the woman had been there to capture them, not kill them.

They’d also already been subjected to multiple mind control weapons so it wasn’t hard to piece it all together.

“Rangers, you need to disengage that hostile stance now. You have seriously fucked up.” She motioned towards the buxom ginger at their feet.

“They opened fire on us, they’re the ones that brought us down. For all we know, they’ve already gotten to you too JJ. They brain zapped us over coms when we were still in orbit and they’re taking prisoners.”

As Cora spoke, Danny leveled the ray gun and shot their Chief Engineer.

JJ moaned in ecstasy as the laser hit her square center mass.  She was quivering, biting her lip, her hips bucking. Her hands were on her knees as she double dover in pleasure.

Cora closed ground on her, weapon trained on the blissed out engineer. “Now we know what those do.”

“Yes sweetie… yes we do.”

* * *

Danny felt a soft hand over his face and a wicked sneering voice in his ear before the energy beam shot into his spine.

The words “yes we do” echoed around in his skull as every nerve came to life in orgasmic bliss. He felt several more bolts of electric pleasure rip through him, and then he knew no more.

He didn’t feel his invisible assailant take the pistol from his hand.

* * *

“Now turn around nice and slow, or I start shooting, and I’m not interested in letting you live if I don’t have to. “

“Danny? DANNY?” She thought she knew where that voice had come from, but she didn’t know for sure.

“He can’t help you now. Lower your weapon and cooperate, I promise it will be so much easier for you that way.”

She knew she had to act fast, whatever pheromone these women-creatures produced was likely part of their capture process, and the voice of her enemy was already bouncing around in her head a little too much for her liking. The faceplate of her suit slid down as she wheeled around, ready to fire.

The suit could take one or two rounds from the pistol at least, and that was more than enough time to take her shot.

It had to be.

Danny’s quivering and groaning body was still upright, a human shield for the dark skinned, dark haired woman in silver that was behind it. Only the alien woman’s pistol, which she had taken from Danny, was trained at his head and not Cora.

She couldn’t hear whatever the alien was saying, but she got the gist of it well enough. She shook her head.

The dark skinned woman had made eye contact with her and kept it. She was whispering softly in Danny’s ear, and Cora couldn’t read lips. She also know she was blind to everything except what was right in front of her. The rest of her sense were useless inside the suit, she had to act fast.

Cora watched in horror as the alien woman put the pistol in Danny’s hand and saw him train it on her. His eyes were glazed over, his face a vacant smile. She watched the silent scene unfold, then did the only thing she could think of.

The rifle round tore through his thigh, and before he could even hit the ground she had closed the distance and smashed him in the face with the butt of her weapon. The rage and the fear made her fast, the suit weighed nothing; desperation had given her boundless strength.

Still, the dark skinned woman was faster.

Danny was down and out, but Cora was face to face with the alien, looking into those strange eyes, seeing the shifting shades of the multiple irises. Slowly, despite herself, she was starting to feel light headed, unfocused, the light in the woman’s eyes was captivating, even more so than the image projector that had so easily snared her had been.

The woman’s features become softer too, warmer and more inviting.

Cora tried to find that rage she had been wielding, but the longer she stared the more she wanted to stop fighting altogether. This beautiful woman, this sliver clad space angel was saying something, and before Cora realized it, a pair of hands had reached around her neck and face, and disengaged her helmet.

She stood there, stock still, gazing into the shifting and shinning colorful eyes.

The dark skinned woman reached out and brushed her fingers across the smooth skin of Cora’s cheek, “Do you still want to fight me?”

Her touch felt like a kiss on Cora’s exhausted and befuddled brain, “Drop your gun, you don’t have to say anything, you can just stop fighting.”

Cora felt her finger loosen on their own, like the woman’s voice had hijacked her muscle control, but the eyes were so pretty, the touch was so soft, and the voice was so soothing that it didn’t matter anymore. Cora didn’t want to fight.

Everything since she had first heard the broadcast had been so difficult, this seemed so easy.

“What is your name my sweet?” The woman had put both hands on Cora’s cheeks, and was starting to massage her head and play with her hair.

Her lips moved on their own accord, “Cora.”

“Cora, you’re a very beautiful and very powerful girl. My name is Mo’lija, do you find me beautiful?”

She found herself biting her lip, “Yes.”

Mo’lija moved in very close, almost for a kiss, “I know you do. Now, why don’t you take off your suit and follow me. You’d like to do that wouldn’t you?”


Almost before the word escaped her lips, Cora was stripping.

Mo’lija stood back and watched as JJ, who had recovered from her blast of orgasmic delight, continued to help the other Ranger undress.

It ahd been the practices hands of the Chief Engineer that has popped off Cora’s helmet, and were doing the same with the rest fo the suit.

Cora felt the Engineer’s nimble fingers help with the buckles and clasps, and before she knew it, the three of them were walking out into the sunlight, and away from what was becoming a hazy memory.

* * *
JJ’s fingers and tongue were everywhere and Cora was crying in joy.

The woman that ran this planet were so kind and so sweet, it was so easy to forget what had happened that she couldn’t remember ever wanting to remember any of her old life.

They’d saved Danny’s life, they’d even forgiven him for his violence, but he wouldn’t surrender.

The busty redhead that he’d shot had done everything she could to subdue him, but some men and women were genetically incapable of accepting deep and true surrender.

It had fallen to Cora to execute him, to discharge the pleasure beam until his emotions were burnt out and his sex drive and his aggression were no more.

It was an execution of the self, not of the body, he would be a labor slave, not a drone like those caught in the bio-mines, but a dulled down version of what he had been.

She had been honored to cure him, and she had adopted him, like a pet to work for her. He was also a warm and responsive sex toy, his anatomy still functioned but that was all. He was a perfect toy, because toys don’t have feelings.

Now as JJ satisfied her over and over, Cora focused on the lessons she was learning. She was being trained in the right way to please the women of his world and to satisfy her fellow crewmates. She was being taught how to seduce and beguile the flesh.

Mo’lija watched over them, offering soft words of guidance.

These two would be crucial in her plans… plans none of the other Sirens could ever know…

To be Continued…