Story Preview: Wheels Within Wheels

Wheels Within Wheels
A Smuthunter Story

            “Come to me. Find me. Let me find you.”

The voice, her voice, shimmered in a silver fog between waking and sleeping, “Give yourself to me so we can be complete.”

Danny woke up slowly, passing through the mist and into consciousness. He felt warm, like someone else had been in his bed, but as he woke, he started to feel empty… an emptiness that radiated out from his soul and reminded him of the terrifying truth he’d been living with for months.

Chris had disappeared the night after his company’s holiday party, and no one Danny talked to at his best friend’s office remembered him. It was worse, his parents didn’t remember their son, but they did remember Danny. They couldn’t remember where they knew Danny from, and thought he was just friends with Chris’s brother. Chris’s brother also didn’t remember Chris, and swore up and down that Danny was his friend and that he was an only child.

When Danny had called the human resources department of Chris’s company looking for his missing friend the receptionist said no one by that name worked there, or had ever worked there.

Danny was the only one that remembered his best friend, but even though he remembered him, he couldn’t find any pictures or any trace of Chris having ever existed. His social media accounts were gone as thought hey never existed, and when he tried to file a missing persons report there was no trace of him in any database.

None of it made sense.

And then there were the dreams.

Of her.

He sensed her in his sleep, reaching out to him, calling him, touching him, making his body hum like a plucked guitar string. He felt a part of himself pulling her closer to him while also blindly reaching out towards her, but when he tried to see her, when he tried to makes sense of her in those fleeting moments between waking and sleeping, she floated away, just a cloud of silver mist that gave the impression of a woman’s body.

Danny was a skeptic, but he didn’t think the recurring dreams of a ghostly woman calling out to him and his best friend vanishing from reality were unrelated.

The Internet was, predictably, unhelpful but not boring.

There were stories, all purported to be fact, about a soul sucking succubus whose body was covered with invisible glyphs and runes that only appeared in the moonlight or during carnal acts (if she sucked people’s souls while she fucked them, who was reporting these events…), stories about vampire women and their thralls who you could identify by the ruby necklaces they wore (who was seeing these vampire women, who was reporting on them…), and there were stories about the truth of antediluvian history.

These stories about the time before Noah’s flood were filled with ancient she-demons and powerful sorcery (what?), but since Danny didn’t even believe in Noah’s flood he certainly didn’t believe in a lost history of the world (it all sounded like the Conan stories, not the movies, the books…), or ancient artifacts made of elements not found on the periodic table (obvious bullshit). He also didn’t believe that the earth was hollow, or what the antediluvian historians believed that the earth was once hollow because obviously now it wasn’t, but the more he read the more he saw threads of something…

It was more than tropes, or clichés, or archetypes, there was something fearsome and powerful in what he read. Yes, it was fear of women who were not afraid of their sexuality, and yes it was a masculine fear of intimacy and losing yourself in your emotions and the emotional power women could have over men, but there was something else, something even deeper.

It felt like something that presaged the myth of the Sirens, something that foretold the fairytales about witches, and as he read he felt the fear of it and found the threads of some primordial darkness that he couldn’t shake.

The Internet

The more he read and the more he tried to weave these emotional threads together, the more vivid his dreams became… not of her, not of the voice that was there under the surface calling to him every morning before he woke… dreams of vampires and demons and snake and spider women, terrifying psychosexual nightmares where they devoured him one at a time, over and over every night.

And every morning as he woke, in the moments between his dreams ending and his eyes opening, the silver mist twisted and shimmered in her flawless, voluptuous form, and her voice grew stronger and clearer.

She was closer to him now, and his body didn’t just hum when he woke up, it ached. There was an intimacy and a warmth in her voice, more seductive and alluring than before, more… irresistible.

After a week of researching, she had become a shimmering vision of naked flesh and her words burned in his mind. He knew he had to find her, he knew she had to be the answer, and he had an idea where to start, but he didn’t trust himself.

Danny took to the internet again, this time looking for people to talk to about dark magic and dangerous powers. Most of the people he found himself talking to seemed… unreliable or were fabulists, but given what he spoke to them about Danny knew he didn’t have a leg to stand on in that regard.

The consensus from magic practitioners and people of various spiritual inclinations and paths he spoke to was that whatever happened, it was beyond the scope of curses and the magic of ill will. One witch said it was power beyond mortal control, and that he needed to find someone to place protective wards on him immediately.

He considered it, but he doubted the efficacy of the candle lighting incense burning crowd he’d been speaking with. Then he got a direct message on one of the forums he’d been posting on.

Believe it or not, I’ve helped people in similar situations as yours. You may not believe me, but it sounds like you’re in a crises where one of your past lives is invading your memories. Past lives aren’t necessarily literal previous lives, it depends on who you are and what your faith is, but there are layers of the soul and the self that can be found and explored. What makes more sense to you, that you’re struggling with a part of yourself, or that someone you say you’ve know for most of your life has simply ceased to exist?

People don’t just disappear from reality, but the reality of the self, what we need, and who we are can change. I would love to help you, please reply at your leisure.

~ Constance Potter, clinical hypnotherapist

Danny had never considered for a second that he was going crazy, because if he was having a psychotic break there would be other things happening, or at least he assumed there would be. No, whatever was happening to him was specific and very narrow, and this woman sounded like she had some idea of what he was talking about or experiencing.

He messaged her back, they spoke briefly on the phone and he booked an appointment to see her. She said she’d closed her office a while ago and only worked with people sparingly out of her home office in her condo.

She had a pleasant enough manner on the phone, and sounded sincere, capable, and more than anything, he thought she sounded reasonable. She told him that they could have a tedious phone conversation if he wanted to, but that it would be better to meet in person, and he found himself agreeing.

Danny had a hunch that despite the logic and reason at play, this wasn’t a coincidence.

Let me find you.

This woman, Constance, didn’t sound anything like the silver mist woman in his dreams but he knew it was her.

It was her.

“Danny? Hello, it’s nice to meet you,” the woman who opened her door to him didn’t look an ethereal spirit woman, nor did she sound like the voice in his dream, but there was something undeniably magnetic about her.

She was a bit younger than he’d expected, but he didn’t know for sure. Her softly curled chestnut brown hair hung down over one side, and he saw touches of gray in it, and she had crows feet around her sparkling dark brown, strikingly dark and close to black eyes.

“I was surprised when I saw your posts that we live so close to each other,” she was wearing a long, billowing, navy blue skirt and a loose cream colored mock turtleneck that accentuated her curves by prominently hanging off of what Danny couldn’t help noticing were a tremendous pair of breasts. She was a little heavy, but she was graceful as she led him into her living room. “I’m glad you could come to me for help.”

“I was surprised that you were local too,” he wasn’t, not really, but he had to play along if he wanted to find out what was happening. Danny knew whatever this was, it was dangerous, and it was beyond his current understanding, but he was going to…

“Now Danny,” her eyes sparkled as she smiled at him, “just follow me into the office so we can begin. You have questions and you need answers, and I know the last few months have been hard for you, but I can give you the help you need.”

His guard was up, but there was a depth to her eyes, a deeper darkness hidden in the dark brown of her irises, and it made him lose track of his thoughts for a moment. It was just a flicker of darkness and confusion, just enough for the smooth, comforting, strong sound of her voice to wrap around him, and he found himself following her down the hall into a converted bedroom.

“What’s that?” On a desk across from a low backed office chair was a black and white spiral on a stand. It was about eighteen inches across, and instead of answering him Constance flipped a switch on it that caused a motor to hum to life.

“Sit down in the chair, and look at the center of the spiral Danny. Just stare into the center and listen to the motor hum. You’re tense and guarded, and your mind wants to be open, but you feel the need to protect yourself so you’re closing yourself off. “

She stood next to the spiral and smiled at him as she gestured towards the chair.

He remained standing, “Can’t we talk a little bit first?”

“We could,” she brushed her hair back over her shoulder, “but right now you’re too conflicted on the conscious level, so we need to disengage your inhibitions and your doubts so you can open yourself up to the deeper layers of what’s inside.”

He sat down, but not before realizing there was something seductive about her, and that he caught himself looking at her chest. It was in her voice, but it was also in her body language, and her eyes. They sparkled when she spoke to him, her energy flowed out of her eyes, and her aura was… Danny didn’t know much about hypnosis, but he had a feeling she’s started hypnotizing him as soon as she opened her door.

“That makes sense,” the chair was comfortable and she smiled a little wider as he sat down and found himself staring into the center of the spiral. “But, what’s with…”

Constance laughed, and it was a sweet, musical, infectious sound. Danny wanted to make her laugh again, something about her made him want to see her smile, wanted to be the reason she smiled. But when she started speaking again, the strong, soft lilt of her voice started to wash away his thoughts.

“In my experience hypnosis works best with a touch of theatricality,” she waved her hand in front of her chest and Danny’s eyes were pulled from the spiral back to the outline of her bosom. “When it’s a show, even though it’s serious work, it’s safe, and the safer you feel with me, the easier it will be to just relax and open up.”

Danny laughed. He didn’t mean to, but he couldn’t imagine feeling safe with her. Despite the strange allure, the magnetism around her, he knew he couldn’t give in to the pull.

“I know,” her voice was softer and smoother than before. He couldn’t imagine how much silkier and soothing she could sound, unless her voice became the one from the dreams, “hypnosis is absurd sometimes, just look at us for example. I’m having you stare at a big swirling spiral, and you’re finding it more and more compelling despite yourself. And as you keep listening to the sound of my voice, your breathing is slowing down and you’re starting to actually relax. It’s absurd, and campy, but the more you try and stop it now, the more it slips through your fingers, like sand…”

She waved her hand in front of her chest again, “…like warm sand on a beach as the waves wash against the shore with your breathing. Your eyes are getting heavy now Danny, tired and heavy, like staring into the sun, but your mind can relax on the beach, you can take a vacation and just… close…”

She waved her hand in front of his face, and Danny felt the swirling images of a beach twisting around with the spiral as he closed his eyes, “…your eyes and let yourself listen, and listen carefully.”

“Take a deep breath in, and as you breathe out imagine that you’re breathing out all of the tension in your mind. Breathe out, and when you do, let the images of the beach you can’t get out of your mind just slip away piece by piece with every breath. When the warm sand and the bright sun are gone, when the waves stop washing on the shore of your mind, when you feel more calm and peaceful then you do now, open your eyes.”

Danny took a deep breath, and the first time he exhaled all he could think of was the beach. But as he listened to the spiral’s motor hum and just focused on his breathing, things quieted down until the world was peaceful, empty and silent. He opened his eyes, but before he could look around Constance spoke.

“Now feel the inevitable, irresistible need to watch the spiral swirling around and round now Danny. You’re compelled by the absurdity, and the longer you stare at the spiral, and the heavier and heavier your eyelids slowly start to feel, the easier it is for us to talk, do you understand?”

“You’re hypnotizing me to lower my inhibitions, and so I’m more agreeable,” he didn’t overthink what she was actually asking, he just answered the larger question he was thinking about,  “You’re making it easier to convince me this is all in my head.”

The strangest part of answering wasn’t the fact he felt like he was just talking, it was the fact the more he watched the spiral swirling around, the more fascinating it actually became. It was absurd, but it was happening, and every twisting spiral pulled his eyes into the center, making him blink.

Constance laughed that sweet, compelling, musical laugh from before, “I am, and you’re responding well because your mind has been busy, strained, and tense. You want an answer, and you need to relax, and since you’re ready, subconsciously you responded quickly and easily into going into a light trance. You needed to let go of that first layer of tension, so you did. And now, you need to just breathe and relax and keep talking to me. Tell me what you’re thinking.”

She was still standing beside the spiral and her hand rested near her collar bone, gently brushing the top of one of her covered breasts, and she sounded so soft and welcoming and so understanding. He looked into her eyes, into her dark, almost wholly black, sparkling eyes, and for the briefest of moments he thought about telling her everything.

She would understand, she would rationalize his thoughts and contextualize everything, There was a pull in her eyes, a subtle, incessant pull in the way she looked at him, compelling him to give in… to tell her everything…

And that was part of her trap, a trap he was half in, and had to stay half in to get to the answers he needed, but he couldn’t go further.

“I think you’re a very good hypnotist,” it was supposed to be a platitude, something to fill the empty space and satisfy her prompting but as he said it out loud he felt his eyelids starting to close. “And I think you understand me better than I understand what’s happening.”

“Don’t fight it, let your eyes close Danny, and don’t sell yourself short. You understand a lot, and thank you, I am very accomplished. You know,” she walked towards the side of the chair and as he blinked he felt his eyes wanting to stay shut longer every time he did, “this is all part of the show, and with most of my subjects I help induce trance by massaging them and talking about hypnosis as a metaphor.”

Danny felt her energy washing over him, it was palpable, a teasing, promising touch that made him want to reach out to her. But as she stood so close to him, talking in the same smooth patter, it almost felt like he was pulling on her, pulling her closer and closer to him.

“My husband’s last name is Potter,” she laughed again and the sound was so clear and sweet but it was genuinely amused like she was laughing at her own private joke, but she took a noticeable step back from him. “And a I do have a big spinning wheel, so I usually stand behind my clients as I rub their neck and their shoulders, physically working out their tension as I induce trance, taking them deeper and helping them form an agreeable relationship to my suggestions by talking about their minds as pieces of clay that we can shape together.”

His eyes blinked softly shut, but not before he saw her out of the corner of his eye, smiling at him, watching him intently with those sparking eyes, eyes that were sharp as a hawk’s now.

“But you have so much energy inside you right now that I don’t think touch and metaphor would work as well for you. Just relax and listen, just sink into your feelings, and stare into the swirling spiral as your eyes open again.”

Danny felt good as his vision focused back on the spiral. A pattern was developing and he had to stay aware of it. Every time he dipped under, he let go of a little bit of tension and felt calmer. Every time he came back up, his body, and not just his mind, was looser.

“I think it would be best for you to keep watching the spiral spinning, and just like before, we can talk and you can focus on the swirling spiral until your eyes just need to stay closed.”

Her voice reached out to him, and just like the pattern of the spiral and his rising and falling feelings, he looked at her for as long as he could until the spiral pulled him back in. Her sharp, sparkling eyes told him it was okay, “Are you feeling more relaxed now Danny?”

He was looking into those eyes, and it felt like there was a flickering optical illusion because for a second he saw spirals in her eyes. When Danny tried to blink the swirling patterns out of his vision his eyes stayed closed, “Yes actually, I do.”

He sighed as he spoke, and like recognizing her skill as a hypnotist, saying he was relaxed made him more relaxed.

“Good, I want you to let yourself just feel the relief of letting go. We haven’t talked about what you’ve been fighting, but before you can heal, you need to learn how to let go, and what a relief it feels like when we do get to free ourselves. Sometimes with deep psychic wounds, they’re so embedded in our minds and identities we don’t know that we can let go of them, and we have to let go of the symptoms first. Now tell me Danny, how do you feel, do you feel ready to begin?”

“I feel like we’ve already begun,” surprisingly his eyes opened, and surprisingly he was looking into her eyes and not the spiral. “You told me I was right, you’re hypnotizing me into being more agreeable.”

Constance brushed her hand down from her collarbone to the top of her breast again, “Yes, and let’s see how cooperative you can be now, close your eyes and sink deeper down me.”

Danny’s eyes closed and he felt a thin distance between his mind, his voice, his thoughts, and his body.

“Now, before we explore your subconscious and find your past life, let go of the apprehension of what’s going to happen, and open yourself up to the fact we are going to fix your problem and heal your wounds. Open yourself up by opening your eyes and staring deep into the center of the spiral again.”

Danny felt a tug to follow her soft leading voice, but he knew the trap was closing on him. He knew she was slow walking him into it, and whatever happened, he couldn’t let himself drop much deeper than this warm, fuzzy, relaxing state of…

As he reflected on his state of being, as he noticed everything he was feeling, his eyes opened and stared into the center of the spiral. Danny felt a thread slipping from his grip, something small that broke and fluttered out of his reach, but as he followed it into the center of spiral, he couldn’t stop himself from feeling more little threads of his consciousness starting to snap.

“It’s alright Danny, you have nothing to hide and nothing to fear. This is all part of the show, it’s all so absurd, you know you’re safe, safe in the absurdity of being hypnotized by a big, spinning, fascinating spiral. You’re just following the black and white pattern twisting around and round, the black darkness of your eyes closing, the white light of the room as your eyes open. Everything together taking you away from your need for conscious thought, and down into the depths of your psychic self, your subconscious inner life. Follow the spiral as it becomes the sound of my voice, and as it spins, just feel the spiral spinning back the days now.”

It was absurd.

All of it was absurd.

His missing friend.

The misty, mysterious dream woman.

Being hypnotized by a stranger in her home by a big novelty spiral.

“That’s it Danny, you’re doing so well, follow my voice back now, back to the moment you felt something missing. Tell me about this friend of yours you feel is gone.”

“He was my best friend, we met in college, I didn’t have many friends before college. He works for Cable Incorporated Industries and he told me he had to go to his office holiday party, but we were going to go drinking all night after he finished up there. But he never called me after, and then the next day no one knew who he was anymore.”

The spiral swirled around and round and the more spun, the more it twisted, the more the words came out. He started talking about meeting Chris, and he talked about trying to find him. With gentle nudges from Constance he talked about his deeper feelings too, his loneliness, around the holidays, blinking, agreeing that it is a trying time of year. And as Constance asked him to remember the years before college, what it would be like to live in a time before his own, if he would still feel lonely, if the loneliness would still be there, if he felt that way even with his friend, and then his eyes were closed and he was imagining himself in the 1970s, talking about a Christmas Party that happened decades before he existed, talking about feeling alone in the crowd and…

“This doesn’t make sense,” Danny opened his eyes and shook his head then stared at his hands, not looking at her or the spiral. “How could he be a fake memory? How could he be, I don’t know what you said, a… a… someone I knew before? The world says he doesn’t exist, but I know he does. I know…”

“It’s okay Danny, I know you weren’t expecting to start skimming layers off the surface of your conscious mind like that, but imagination and emotion are connected. There’s a feeling of creating something, and creation comes from a feeling of need. But now, as you’ve started to slide down into that inner self, did you remember Chris there, or did you remember being lonely?”

Danny took a deep breath through his nose and shrugged off the feelings of trance pulling back down on him. He survived the first trap, whatever it was.

She couldn’t convince him that his friend didn’t exist, “It was the loneliness. I don’t think it was a past life phantom, or whatever, and I don’t think I created an imaginary friend. If anything, trying to find him like this, doing whatever you were doing…”

“Exploring past lives, and easing you into the idea of past life regression as a feature of the mind, imagination, and like I said, for some people’s spiritual lives, the soul. It’s also important to me that you start looking backwards, and start looking into yourself this way, because I want to know when you first realized magic was real.”

“Magic,” he looked up at Constance and saw that she’d taken off her mock turtleneck and it turned out the skirt was a part of a dress, a dress with a deep scoop neck that showed off her remarkably pronounced cleavage. “I don’t know if it’s really real, but…”

“Well other than alien abduction,” she brushed her hand down one of the straps of her dress, and Danny followed it down to her breasts and then despite himself, he was staring at the spiral, the spring, swirling…

Constance’s voice was soft and quiet, “magic is the only logical explanation, but you’ve had magic in your life as long as you can remember. You’ve always had very good luck, small lucky things happen to you, but they always go your way. All your life you know you’ve been able to will little things to fall in your favor. You’ve had a charmed life, Daniel, all of your life you’ve been protected, and you’ve been able to will your protection to your loved ones and your friends. Tell me about that part of yourself Daniel.”

The spiral was pulling him back out of the moment, back out of his conscious mind, back into memory, “Never broke a bone, I never really get sick, I…”

The words came fast at first, but realization started to form, “I… I keep the witch from stealing my memories.”

“Is the witch the dream woman you mentioned in our messages?” She sounded very much like a therapist as she asked that question. “Do you think the witch is also real?”

The second question confused him.

“Yes?” His eyes opened and she brushed her fingers across his cleavage, and before they finished their soft journey his eyes were pulled back into the spiral.

“I don’t know?”

The spiral pulled his doubt to the surface.

“That’s okay, we agree that I see some magic in you, and that you believe something happened to your friend,” he saw motion out of the corner of his eye, it was her hand gently caressing the tops of her breasts. but as her hand moved he couldn’t keep his eyes away from the spiral. “And you know a witch is in your dreams, trying to steal your memories.”

“That sounds…” he was stuck, the spiral wanted him to just keep talking, but his doubt and his theory that she was the witch were colliding with each other and neither one could make it out of his mind and into his voice.

“It’s okay,” she was whispering, “look at me Danny.”

He followed her command and watched as she traced a finger down her cleavage. As the finger dropped so did his eyes, and he was sinking into the darkness.

“How does that sound Danny?”

That was an easy question, because he didn’t have to choose or hide his thoughts, “…right…”

The word escaped his mouth, but nothing else did. No follow ups, no need for explanations. He sat there in the dark, and felt how simple and easy it was to give in, to fall away, down, to sink down under the current of trance, but…

“Open your eyes and look at me Danny,” again he obeyed, and the first part of it was something he had wanted to do.

But the second part, “Take a deep breath in with me,” her chest rose as she took a deep breath that he mirrored, and it was hard to stop himself from talking, from saying what was on his mind, from sinking into trance, and to keep from staring at Constance’s breasts.

“And breathe out,” again her finger went down her cleavage and as Danny exhaled his eyes betrayed him a second time, first by giving in to the appeal of her chest, and then in closing.

“I don’t think I’m magical,” the words escaped him unbidden.

“I know you don’t, but let’s stare deep into the spiral again, and tell me more about that.” He couldn’t stop himself from opening his eyes, they were so heavy, he was feeling so disoriented, and when he tried to focus on the spiral, he kept on seeing her touch her breasts. Every time his eyes refocused, they were drawn back to her cleavage, and again his eyes started to play tricks on him.

He waited for the spiral to start pulling out his words, but just as he felt the urge to talk, to answer her, she drew him back to her tits, and as it happened, the impression of the spiral was transposed on her breasts, with the center swirling between her cleavage.

He was supposed to be answering her question and he was supposed to be keeping himself out of her clutches completely. He was so close to making her reveal herself, and he was so close to…

“Not magical, I don’t have powers. If I had powers, why would I be alone?” The question he asked was the question he carried in his heart, it was his deepest fear and his deepest truth. ‘Why would I still be…”

Softly, as softly as anything she had said, Constance asked, and asked in a way that felt very much like she already knew the answer, “Be what?”

He couldn’t stop the thought that had started, not with the soft, gentle nudge of her voice, not with that tone that made him want to answer all of her questions, “a virgin.”

She answered his thought and his question before he could ruminate in his own confession.

“You protect yourself with your power, and that keeps people out. Your best friend couldn’t hurt you, so he could be close to you. Other friends, people you don’t wholly trust feel you pushing against them, and women feel you protecting yourself and know they can’t be close to you. Lovers can hurt us more than most anyone else can, and when you’re so closed off, when your magic keeps the world away, it even keeps carnal partners away. You power has separated you as much as it has helped you, and you’ll always be alone until you lower your guard and open your heart to fear, and loss, and pain, and love.”

Danny sensed something.

Deep in the softness of her voice, deep in the wisdom of her words, he felt a tug, a gentle sticky pull. He felt an insidiously kind, lilting sound hidden between her words, a sound in his mind, something no ears could hear, but it was a sound none the less.

“You’re lowering your guard now Danny, you’re deep enough and relaxed enough, and you’re so tired of being alone, so tired of keeping the world out,” his eyes hand found the center of the spiral and had been fixed there, blinking heavy, sleepy warmth through his body as it turned each word to the surface and into existence as he spoke, but as Constance said his name, her hand moved and pulled his eyes from the spiral.

“Sink deeper, and let go of this tension too, just like before. Sink into the spiral and let your power, and your strength rest, let your vigilance rest,” the spiral was spinning over her cleavage now, and its ghostly illusion made her breasts even softer, softer than her gentle, whispers, softer than warm, heavy sleep. Softness was wrapping around him, engulfing him…

“Only I can help you Danny,” deep cleavage, too deep to escape, too soft to climb out of, he was sinking into the smothering softness I found you and brought you to me. You found me, and now you are here.

Her dream voice coiled around his brain and as it touched him, a spasm shot through his mind, body and soul.

The illusion of the spiral was gone, the smothering trap of her power and her essence was outside of him again, but…

But he was staring into the spiral and he was sinking deeper into its twisting, twirling, “What’d you do to my friend…”

Constance laughed.

It was still that sweet, joyous, musical laughter, it was pure delight. “I was surprised you didn’t ask me sooner Danny. You would have asked, you would have accused, and I would have deflected and denied. But you wanted to catch me, you wanted proof, and you risked yourself knowingly playing my games. You have subconsciously been using your powers all your life, and you put so much trust in them without even knowing what you were doing, but Danny…”

Her hand moved and his eyes, as they had been trained, moved to Constance’s breasts. “The subconscious is the realm of hypnosis, and when the  subconscious can be spoken to, when its desires can be addressed, when the mind is given things it has always needed and never had…”

The blurry, hazy illusion of the spiral twisted in its incessant churn, compelling him to stare into the center, to stare at her cleavage as she pulled the wide straps and shoulders of her dress down to reveal her bare breasts, “…before, the subconscious will betray your conscious desires, recognizing that whomever speaks to it in just the right way, knows better than you do what you truly need.”

The titnosis and magical, sexual domination is just beginning… 

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