Free Story: The Flower of Lust Part 1

The Flower of Lust
A Smuthunter Story

             Dawn came slowly across the slanted roofs of the town of Thornwood. It was not as small as some of the other market villages and hamlets of the realm, but though it was an important stop for trade caravans, it also sat on the edge of the Elder Woods.

            There were forests abound in the realm, bright and green and full of life, but none were as thick or as full as the Elder Woods. Shadows stretched longer there beneath the boughs of the Elder Woods, and it had become a bastion for things once known and plentiful, things both dangerous and splendid that had been driven into dream and legend for many in the realm.

            No road could be built though the Elder woods without constant upkeep, and the same was true for the edges of the township itself. The underbrush grew thick and fast and no amount of burning and pruning could tame it. Some said it was old magic that kept the Elder Wood so vibrant, that the ruined castles and ancient keeps lost in the inner most depths of the forest held enchanted items and deep sorceries that bled into the very earth, water, and sky of the woods.

            Yet, despite all such wonders and legends it was nothing so mystical that had brought young Nathaniel Kresnik to the edge of the woods alone. He brushed his shaggy brown hair from his forehead as he stared down the path into the forest’s long cool shadows. No, his quest was nothing so glorious as treasure and magic, but something far more practical and valuable, he was setting out to hunt.

            Despite the forest’s ever expanding growth, the woods seemed unable to swallow the paths worn by its denizens, and so the twisting web of winding game trails proved time and again the greatest way to explore the woods.

The sun was behind him now in the east, and it would follow him in his westward journey, though he knew there were places where the branches wove the forest into wooden caverns where daylight came only as rain through a leaking roof.

He had gone with the other men of the town, traveled into the wood as a part of  hunting parties, but he had yet to brave the forest alone. It was as much a passage of manhood as it was a practical quest for food.

Though he had grown in years into manhood, needs at home and the needs of his family had kept him from this undertaking, and now that he was of marrying age he’d taken it upon himself to prove his worth to himself and to the maidens who caught his eye.

His quiver was full, his dagger was sharp, and his bow made of the finest yew, was freshly strung. The earth shifted slightly under foot as he stepped onto the game trail and under the branches, twisted overhead like the arch of the town’s temple doors. The log wall that encircled the town held three gates, and none were immediately behind him, he had never felt more alone than at that moment, and he was glad to have told his family of his plans.

Nathaniel didn’t fear the more mysterious whispers of the woods but the simple dangers of the hunt. Coming across the wrong animal and being harmed or killed, be it by the tusk of a boar, or the point of a stag’s horns, or the iron grasp of a badger’s jaw stranding him alone and bleeding, would ensure he left this world alone having never truly known a woman’s touch or the pride of standing as a man amongst his peers.

Still, he walked the trail alone, his eyes and ears open, listening for a sign, looking for tracks, sniffing the air for the scent of fresh spore. Birds fluttered before him, but his step was light and their flight was not a warning to other beats. Long he walked before he caught sight of his prey, and slowly he fit the shaft in place, the only sound was his slow breath and the muted creak of his bow bending taut.

But he was not fast enough, and the buck bolted.

It was not him, he was not down wind of the animal and it hadn’t looked at him, there was something else. He eased his draw and sniffed the air, wondering if he could catch the scent of a predator, but he only caught a sweet fragrance on the air. It tickled his nose slightly and left a taste of honey on his tongue.

With the same measured purpose he had with every step, Nathaniel stepped out into the small clearing and felt warm sun shining down on him. A breeze whistled gently through the branches and the sweetness on the air became more tangible and alluring. He’d never caught a scent as pleasant or as alluring, and he found himself stepping through the low brush between the trees.

The origin of the scent had to be close, nothing as fragrant and strong could hold that sweetness for long. His imagination rolled with thoughts of what it may be, flowers he could pluck and take to one of the women who had caught his eye, delicious fruits none had discovered or had been inclined to share, he wasn’t certain what it could be but the scent had awakened a need in him to find out.

He crept along and the brush began to thin under his feet just as the sun started to warm his back. Around him the trees grew straight and tall, but seemed to have parted for the sun, and the heat of the day only enhanced the sweetness in the air, warming it like mulled wine in winter.

Then, the wind blew gently again and he was overwhelmed with the fragrance, and what he saw before him in the golden light of the sun, took his breath away.

A single large flower, as tall as he, stood alone in the grass and the sun. It’s petals appeared white in the light of day and twisted upward like a rose. He watched in wonder as they began to unfold before his eyes, and then he gasped.

Though his nose was filled with the sweetest scent, and though he’d sought out this mystery, his hand moved on its own, an arrow knocked and ready, the bow string taut in his hand.

There was a woman inside those petals, or at least the upper half of a woman. She was naked, and her skin was the green of young leaves.

Her arms unfolded up over her head and out into the sun just like the petals had, long tresses of violet hair fell down over her shoulders, and her arms looked to be covered to the elbow by white gloves that looked as though they were made of petals both large and small. She was staring at him with light purple eyes that were vibrant as the sky at sunset.

She was smiling at him, and as she pulled her hair back he noticed that her ears were slightly pointed, but quickly his eyes were drawn to another feature. Her breasts were large, larger than he’d ever imagined, and they were full and firm. She stretched again and arched her back, and while his hand stayed steady, his eyes were drawn the bounce of her chest.

He stood stalk still as her white clad fingertips ran from her the base of her neck down between her breasts before she cupped them. They were the size of ripe and juicy melons, and as he watcher her pinch her nipples with tender care, he thought he smelled a new fragrance, something stickier that clung to him heavier than the perfume he’d followed here.

“You’ve found me brave hunter, but as you can see, I cannot give you cause for good chase.” Her voice was merry and light with laughter; it was free as the wind and rolled like a gentle stream.

Was she making a joke?

It was then that he heard the world around him, all of a sudden alive with birds and beasts. His gaze was pulled from the steady and rhythmic rise and fall of her chest by the passing of a large buck that walked from the wood and nuzzled against her as she extended a hand. It was the one that had briefly been in his sights.

“Besides, you would not favor the taste of my meat, not especially when you need only look about to find much sweeter game.” Her melodious voice was tender with sympathy as she was laughing at something he himself was not.

He didn’t reply, he didn’t know what to say, instead he tried not to think of the tension in his back and shoulders as he tried to keep his aim steady. She was a story come to life, but which one he did not know.

Finally he found his voice, “Who are you?”

She brought a finger to her lips and tilter her head sideways, “I think you mean what am I?’

She laughed again, and again her hands fell to her massive breasts.

“I am, “ she squeezed them softly again and he found his eyes following her hands “a part of the forest. A flower given flesh and voice, I am as you see me to be, beauty to be admired, and certainly not to be pierced with arrows.”

            The longer he gazed at her full breasts, the less he thought he could put an arrow through them, yet still he stood at the ready. The string bit into his fingers, and despite himself he loosened his draw slightly.

            “I would ask who you are, but I can see you clearly, and I can sense you too. You haven’t the hard eye of a seasoned hunter, and I do not smell the blood of the kill on you. Your human senses cannot detect it, but when one of your kind becomes skilled in the hunt or in war, the blood is on him, just as it is when they know the pleasures of the flesh.”

            The fragrant air was filling his lungs and his nose with every breath, and with every breath he felt again the soft longing to follow the scent. But to do so would bring him closer to her, and he planted his feet as surely as her roots.

            “I am sure though that you’ve dreamed of both yes? The thrill of the kill, knowing your strength and your cunning so ably provide, and the touch of your hand and the throb of your manhood satisfied in the embrace of a lover?”

            As she spoke, her hands continued to move in gentle circles cupping her breasts and rolling them as the musical sound of her voice flowed over him. The motion had become all consuming, leaving him enthralled by the lulling and gentle roll of her swollen breasts.

            “Beauty is meant in all ways to be desired and to be cherished, and you are welcome to continue to cherish me from afar. I can come no closer to you, yet you may come to me, to feel my softness and to see more clearly all of my radiance.”

            Her tone was dripping with patience, and the sun baked air was making him feel warm and content here. Still, he did not budge.

            “You’re”, he’d gotten tired in some deep way, of being spoken too, and despite being out of his depth a part of his pride demanded his voice be heard regardless of what he faced or where he was, “you’re not human. You’re…”

            “I am beautiful and you desire me. I cannot come to you or I would wrap you in my embrace and give you all you desire. Yes, I am bound to this spot,” again she pinched her nipples between delicate fingers, and the delectable scent of something sweet and sticky flooded his senses. “And I have a gift for you.”

            He blinked, and realized his arms had failed him, in the brief rapture of her fragrant web, he let his bow and arrow fall from his hands. His body thanked him and in the gentle warmth that had become his world, he felt the relief spread.

Still, he would not take a step nearer to her, despite his fascination with her and the roll of her breasts, despite the soothing musical sound of her voice and the beguiling scent that had brought him here and invaded him so, he trusted not to go to her.

            “All the beasts of the forest know they serve in the great cycle of life, as do I and as do you, and were I to ask it, any one would gladly give itself for your glory, any beast would be honored to serve you on your way to manhood. I would see it so, because you delight me, and my beauty is for the hunger of the eye and the flesh just as the beast is for the simpler hungers.”

            The buck returned to her without a word and this time as she reached out with an open hand, palm up, she blew as though offering a kiss, and golden dust sprinkled across its face. It walked a short distance, and then fell to sleep on the forest floor.

All around him he continued to hear the sounds of the forest, vibrant with life, and the sunlight had begun to dance across her skin, and the petals that spread from below her waist, cast a rainbow of hues out around her, from creamy white to autumn red and orange, touching all shades of all flowers, as though the ground was covered in an endless bouquet.

Still, his eyes would not stay away long from her chest, and again as she spoke he found himself captivated by her breasts. His breaches had become tighter as soon as he had seen her, and now the sight of her breasts rolling in her hands in offering to his eyes was driving him past any desire he’d felt before.

            “He is yours, a mighty gift for one such as yourself. Now, let your concerns fade, I know they were gnawing at the back of your mind, I know they were drawing on your thoughts. I know what you were thinking, follow those thoughts now.”

            And she was right, whatever she was. He was still staring at the gentle and captivating way she continued to play with her breasts, and seeing the animal fall to sleep, he imagined as much at her behest as his own, that he could see himself cutting its throat, dressing it, then carrying back such a prize, and he saw the eyes of the women in his town, their looks of awe and desire, and then he saw that look in her eyes.

“Now you are free to gaze and to admire me, free to drink me in and delight

in my beauty. Those thoughts are gone now, and I remain.” He blinked as thought he was waking from a light sleep, and again his eyes found her breasts.

“Tell me, my sweet, are any of your woman as beautiful as I?” Her tone was not haughty or condescending, but sweet and encouraging, and he felt a deep desire to answer her and continue to stand in the warm light, breathing in the sweet air and staring at her swollen chest.

            “None are as faire.” When he spoke, he felt a cold tension and a shudder run down his spine. “But none are…” he steadied himself and realized his whole body had become light and soft, ungrounded, “…none are as…”

            “Save your words, “ she pinched her nipples again and again his mind became sticky with the sweetness that filled the air, “you haven’t told me your name and you would offer instead a guarded compliment. Tell me, what are you called. What are you named?”

            The chill returned, this time stronger. Nathaniel knew that you never spoke your true name to a being of the forest; at least you never did in any of the tales. He felt the brush of fear on the back of his neck.

            “What is your name? Tell me yours and I will tell you mine.” It was the riddle of the heroes in those tales, playing the same game as their foe, but none of the characters from those tales were as beguiling as she, and even as he said those words he found himself drifting back into the warm embrace of the sun’s golden light and the fragrant air.

            “You are too clever by half my young hunter, I ought not have tried to ask you, but waited for you to offer it. But tell me, if none in your township are as beautiful as I, and you must desire them, would you not desire me more?”

            She had cupped one breast in both hands now, and had begun tracing circles around the areola and down into the nipple.

            “Could any woman in your home hold your gaze as I do? Could they keep you as still as I have? Would you not love to kiss these breasts?”

            She sounded dutiful in the way she was asking, as thought she were trying to offer some greater wisdom to him, and as the questions fell across his ears, he found himself agreeing with her implied truths.

            He wondered then if she had held him to the spot, kept him from running and had him beguiled in her beauty when a part of himself had wanted to flee. Yet, these questions fell from his mind as quickly as they came; her breasts were so full and inviting.

            “I only asked your name if you wished to give it to me, to share in my beauty and share yourself as I would share with you.” He heard a sincerity in her voice that was cultivated by a deeper compassion than he had initially thought, and as she continued to trace circles around her breast, he found himself wading through sticker and sticker thoughts.

            “I am only beauty, I am only desire, look upon me and see only lust now. Your eyes lust for my breasts, you body hungers for my touch now does it not? All else is fading now into warmth and all else is fading from your mind, share in my beauty with every breath.”

            Nathaniel found himself teetering on the edge of some deeper darkness that was crowding the edges of his mind. He had been staring so long at the sight before him, he had become enthralled by the sight, and the longer he stared, the sticker and heavier everything else had become.

            “Your eyes are ever drawn to a woman’s chest, it is natural, it is right, and as mine are greater than any you have ever seen, it is only natural and right to be drawn more powerfully to them. Youthful hunger and innocent lust, your lust, consumes you now, swallows you now, and all else is fading away, there is only my beauty, for I am only beauty, come to me.”

            He took a step forward and then another, and another until he was just out of arm’s reach, then the shiver of dread returned once more and found himself consumed with the realization she was clouding his mind and fogging his judgment.

Slowly, sensing danger on a near primal level, his hand started to move towards his knife, and he saw her see it, somehow breaking his gaze from the enchanting visage of her breasts.

            “Yes, you can toss it away now, you do not need it, you cannot pluck me as you would another flower, and you would not want to. No, there is no need, draw it and throw it behind you, leave it with your other tools. Gaze and lust and follow your deepest desires, I am your desires, follow me.”

            The chill in his body melted into a blissful warmth as his eyes filled wholly with the sight of her breasts again, drawn back into focus and away from the machinations of his fears by the simple act of her squeezing her nipple once more.

Her words were so simple, so plain and true, that his body moved in perfect accord, and he did draw his long hunting knife and he did toss it away just before he stepped into her embrace.

            She reached out to him with the finger that had been tracing around her nipple, and pressed it to his mouth. It was coated with a stick sweet liquid, and she gently pressed her fingertip between his lips, and Nathaniel found himself in a warm and soothing dream, a blissful daze as he sucked on her gloved finger.

            “Isn’t it such a beautiful taste from such a beautiful breast?” She slid her finger out of his mouth and wrapped her hand around the back of his neck. She guided his head into a nod, and pulled him gently to her breast.

            “My breasts are perfectly beautiful, they are made to captive you, they are swollen with my beauty and my beauty is so very sweet.”

            His body, slender and well muscled, had become limp and compliant to her touch. Every breath in. standing this close to her, was an intoxicating delight, and her surprisingly firm touch guided his lips to the breast she had presented.

            Yet, this did not feel right.

            “I am swollen for you just as you are swollen for me, drink from me and follow your lust, drink and follow, all else is gone now, there is only my beauty, only your desire for me. Show me your desire, give yourself to me.”

            She stroked his head with tender strength and the musical cadence of her voice was still full of wisdom and patience. She was instructing him, and he felt as though her voice was coming from the edge of some greater place and brilliant with some secret wisdom.

            “You have only dreamed of lust, you have ever only dreamed of lesser images of me, of my beauty. Kiss my breast and surrender to desire, I am desire, I am knowledge.”

            His lips parted and he kissed her nipple softly as he’d dreamed of doing so many times with such lesser beauties. Her hand held the back of his head, “Hold me now, wrap your arms around me and embrace my beauty.”

            Again, his body moved in accord with her voice, and her skin was warm to the touch and softer than flesh.

Wherever his skin touched hers a new warmth began to enter his body, and as he held her, she slowly wrapper her other arm around his waist and lowered him to the ground.

            A delightful weakness was spreading through him, and as he kissed her nipples and sucked ever so slightly, a sweet sticky liquid started to flow into his mouth and down his throat.

            “Drink my essence now and give yourself to me.” Now that she had him cradled to her, his lips on her breast, his juices flowing into him, she slid a peddle covered hand between his legs, massaging him over his breaches, and he squirmed with ecstasy and drank in more of her with greater vigor.

            It was not hard to unfasten his belt and expose his fullness; it was slightly harder to pull away from his lips to take off his tunic before bringing her other breast to his lips.

            “You are so young and sweet, so innocent and pure, lost for so long in dreams of lust and desire, lost and helpless to these desires, lost without me. You have always needed my caress, my touch and my essence, there is no greater beauty than me, and you can have no greater desire than to be mine.”

            With the word mine she wrapped her hand around his cock and the silky glove that closed around him was slick and warm.

            “You sweet young thing, there is nothing else now, only my breast, only my essence, only me, your only desire.”

            His body jerked and went limp as Nathaniel was given his first climax at the hands of another. She angled him upward and his release burst against her free breast. He did not see the way it was absorbed into her skin or the smile of satisfaction on her face, but slowly his eyes opened and he saw again her massive swollen breasts.

            The pleasure did not stop and her hand continued to stroke his still hard cock. The sticky sweet liquid from her breasts had overridden his own natural imitations and forced him to remain hard and ready to climax for as long as she desired.

He felt so small and so powerless in her embrace, her touch was draining him and he felt his essence flowing out in another burst of bliss. He tried to stop her, to ask her to let him go, but his lips found her breast again and the sticky sweetness flowed once more.

            “Drink me in, you’ve been longing for this taste since you first caught its scent. You were stronger than I thought you would be. My fragrance is enough to overwhelm most, even the most certain and willful of men. My beauty is enough to enthrall and charm all eyes that look upon me, but you craved more to surrender, you lusted after the sweetness of my essence.”

            A part of him struggled to the surface in dire realization that he was drinking down his own demise with a ravenous hunger, but the sticky sweetness swallowed that voice and he came again with a moan of anguished delight.

            “Drink more from my breast, my sweet young thing, my innocent. Your seed is for me as my beauty is for you. This is your place in the great cycle of all things. I have given to you, and my juices are a gift to ensure you give to me. You have no choice, this is your purpose, we all have purpose my darling. I live to give you this bliss in beauty, I live to enthrall you and entrance you, and you live to feed me, you live to serve me with your seed and your soul.”

            She pushed him down flat on his back after he came again, every drop splattering on her green skin only to be absorbed like a spring rain.

            “Look at me, open your eyes and look at me.” She had spread his legs and slid his swollen sticky cock between her massive breasts.

            “What is your name my sweet?” She pressed her breasts together and Nathaniel gasped, the ache from deep within him, from between his legs was only diminished by the emptiness he felt behind his eyes and in his chest.

            He did not say.

            Slowly she slide her breasts up and down around his cock, and he watched himself becomes swallowed by her chest. “Tell me your name my darling, tell your true love, tell your purpose for being who you truly are.”

            He desperately reached out with his hands, and found only that they were drawn to her breasts.

            “You want to tell me.”

            She had taken so much, she had drained so much out of him, he wanted to resist, he didn’t want to give her more, but he didn’t know why. He didn’t know why he was fighting, every burst of pleasure, every explosion had been stronger and more all consuming than the last, he knew this was what he always desires, what he had experience in his sleep and at times by his own hand, but only as the most pale of compassions.

            “You want to tell me.”

            The music in her voice, the sound of a summer breeze and of rolling stream, was so gentle and nurturing. He understood that she knew better than him. He was, he realized as her breasts continued their smothering and swallowing up and down motions, so much less than her. She was wise and he was innocent, he craved her approval, he needed her.

            He came again and fell into darkness, hearing his own name escape from his lips.

Nathanial walked in through the town’s main gate, the body of an eight-point buck over his shoulders.

That night, all who feasted on the meat agreed that it was the most deliciouis that had ever tasted.

Come morning, several of the men who had shared in the bounty were gone and they would never be seen again.

Nathaniel knew what had become of them, but his voice would not share his secrets, his words would not come to warn anyone.

Instead, he ate of the gift she had given him, and he knew the richness of the bounty came from her.

He saw her again, blowing golden dust into its face, her own pollen, her own essence blown into it.

He would return to her soon, as soon as he was rested, as soon as he could provide again the substance she craved.

In the depths of the Elder Woods, several lost men, townsfolk who had been driven by a scent on the air and a taste they could not name, had found themselves scattered in her sun-drenched clearing.

Their bodies were still as large flowers attached to their cocks and milked them. They smiled in bliss as the Alraune’s breasts filled their vision.

Soon they would take the flower pods that were attached to them to the further edges of forest, closer to other towns, and there her spawn would grow to maturity on their current hosts.

Then her daughters would lure more men to them, first to feed and then to reproduce.

The Alraune, the vampiric flower woman smiled, her roots were spreading and her power was growing.

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