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WHY HYPNOSIS IS BULLSHIT! (Even though it isn’t)

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Why Hypnosis Is Bullshit (even though it isn’t)

Okay, let’s just get this out there, hypnosis is bullshit.
(I would hope you’re already seeing where I’m going with this and not getting worked up and angry, like ‘how dare he…’)
Why is it bullshit? Here’s why!
So let me get this straight, someone is going to talk at me about fluffy clouds or stairs, and count in a soft voice, and I’m going to sort of what? Zone out, and then my mind is going to become an open book where you can say things to my hidden parts and I’ll think, and feel, and do things?
But I’ll only do those things if what you’re saying to me is something I already want, like I’ve already come up with my own ideas and you’re just saying them back to me, and that’s supposed to a big deal?
Oooooh, what a special skill you have to say something I already want, and have me think something I’m already thinking…


Hypnosis sure is bullshit.

It’s funny what happens when you erase nuance and context isn’t it? It’s funny how getting rid of the meat of a thing, the actual, tangible components of something, and focus on the simplest, most superficial elements of it can devalue it as a whole, right?

So let’s talk about why I’m writing this.
I love comic books, I love pro wrestling, I love the newest version of the Ninja Turtles cartoon, I love erotic hypnosis, I love role playing games, I used to LARP (live action role playing… I ran around with a foam sword on a weekly basis in a public park almost every Sunday from 1995 to 2013 with a some breaks in between), basically everything in this world that I love the most is FUCKING RIDICULOUS!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand, here’s what I’ve learned about that.

If you can’t laugh at, recognize, and appreciate the ridiculousness of what you want and what you love, you’re not enjoying it for what it is, you’re becoming beholden to it.
Let me explain what I mean by that, because it’s a weird idea.
Passion blinds us, passion motivates us, and out emotional responses to things we like create a relationship between us and that content. So, we end up seeing it through tunnel vision, and the more we like it the more prone we are to elevating it.
When we elevate something, we give it power.
Not necessarily power over us, just power, but the way we respond to power tends to be either we have the power, or we are subject to it. But with relationships, that power exists between the elements of the relationship, and it goes both ways.

However, most of the time we end up in one-sided relationships with art, entertainment, etc. because we’re enjoying something passively/consuming it, so we don’t give it anything in the same immediate way it gives to us.
Then, we start to expect certain things from the art/artist, because it means something to us, and that meaning isn’t two way. As fans etc. we have a different power, but often times it manifests as entitlement, or hero worship, or something along those lines.
When this happens, we lose perspective, and our emotional relationship with the material becomes unhealthy to various degrees, and what we love becomes detrimental to our emotional well being.

In my experience, one of the best ways to keep perspective on the things that matter to us, that are precious to us, is to see and embrace the ridiculous bullshit parts of our passions.
Seriously, everything I love is dumb, childish, or just plain absurd, and me being able to see this, me being able to recognize these things, especially as a grown adult, allows me to enjoy these things without shame.

Oh, what’s that? Shame you say?

When we’re ashamed of the ridiculous parts of or passions that is another way we give them power over us (and not the sexy kind), and another way we elevate them. Laughter and self-awareness have a way of undermining our shame, demystifying our passions, and normalizing them.
Shame is a crushing force, a crippling emotion that has far reaching effects on us well past the relationships we have shame about. Laughter, self-awareness, and critical recognition/understanding of our passions empowers us to both look past, normalize, and understand the ridiculousness that can create this shame.

Now, let’s look at how we can approach doing this.

“What I love is dumb, BUT I still like it.”
The relationship we have with the word ‘but’  means that everything we say/hear before it is basically bullshit, or secondary. That’s just how we talk and think. So, here’s the easy fix, the one that negates nothing.

“What I love is dumb, AND I still like it.”

Also note the use of the word ‘still’. It’s essentially extra in these statements, but I included it on purpose. (And yes, I just used BUT on purpose there too.)
‘Still’ matters because it reinforces your awareness of the dumb, the ridiculous, the weird, whatever it is about the thing you love, and with ‘still’ you agree.
You agree and double down, and that means no one/nothing else can illuminate that to you. Since shame lives within our relationships to others, this means no one else can leverage that against you.

This is important for another reason, and that is, it helps you understand what you love about what you love. Seeing the dumb parts, which are often times the awesome parts that we like the most, breaks it down critically, like an autopsy. Since this is ostensibly a blog about Femdom Erotic Hypnosis, I guess we should use that as an example.

Why is Hypnosis as a whole dumb?
We covered it in the opening paragraph.

What else about it is dumb?
The idea of mind, control, brainwashing, calling someone a title like Mistress or Domina, or Goddess or OverQueen, whatever, pocket watches, spirals, masturbating to someone saying things like, ‘you are getting sleepy’ and ‘you are under my power’, all of that can be seen as pretty dumb.

Wait, is it all dumb?
Yeah, sure, everything’s dumb all the time. Sports are dumb, puzzles are dumb, painting is dumb, music’s dumb, everything’s dumb when you look hard enough.

So where does this leave us?

It leaves us with figuring out why the dumb parts don’t matter, and why the parts we love DO matter. But that’s an article for another day.

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