Sharing With Me

Hello! Do you wish you could send me a file you think I’d like, or maybe talk with you about why you like it, or even possibly review? Well, it’s come up, so here’s how we can do this in a fair, private, and practical way.

As you may be aware, the world of Femdom Erotic Hypnosis is a small one. It’s estimated through various people sharing their site metrics that there at are most only a couple hundred thousand people that share this interest, and of those people even fewer of them are willing to spend money in the scene.

That’s why, if you think that there’s someone’s work I should check out, I will not accept shared files, nor will I trade, BUT I will make a deal with you.

If you send me the cost of a person’s file in Starbucks (US only, $50 or less, email me first too) I will in turn buy that file, and if I think it’s good/have something good to say about the session, I’ll do a write up for it.

That’s a lot of conditions right? Also, why Starbucks?
So first off, I drink A LOT of coffee, and going to the cafe is one of the ways I get out of the house to keep sane.
Second, if you buy something and then send me the download link at the same time, that’s still sharing.
Third, if you’re interested in your privacy, sending a Starbucks EGiftCard is pretty low on the personal details.

But that’s not what you’re really curious about, you’re curious about the vague “Give me something and maaaaaaaaaaybe…” part of all of this.

So, as you know, or I would assume you know, I am hypnosis focused.
I love me some themed porn, but that’s not what I write, and it isn’t what I’ve been writing about on my blog.
I write about content that I believe, by my own standards, to be hypnosis focused.
I try my best in my write ups to explain how and why a piece is hypnosis focused, and I avoid writing either negative things about performers and their work, or coming out an saying someone ┬áis “fake”.
(I also avoid labeling people that are doing explicitly role-play focused content. as something they do not advertise themselves as.)
If you want me to check out something that’s your favorite, and it hits you just right, but it doesn’t hit me the same way, I’m not going to signal boost it here.
(I will, however, be more than happy to talk to you about what’s so awesome about what you like.)

Look, I know this is a crazy idea, and a crazy setup, but it’s come up with readers and I wanted to create a way to approach all of this.

Anyway, I have very little belief that anyone will do this, but on the off chance it happens:

Starbucks Online Gift Cards

My email: tscandc -at- gmail -dot- com