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Day 10: My First Time has been… Discontinued?

Hello, and welcome to a new mini-blog, FAN-uary, where for each of the four weeks this month I’m going to focus on a different Domme whose work I enjoy, and discuss a different video from them each day.
(This one is all video, March will most likely be the same sort of thing, but with audio)

Content reviewed in this blog is Femdom Erotic Hypnosis that will mostly be for sale. I’ll include links to where you can purchase this content, and everything posted here will be positive, but this isn’t about public worship and devotion, and I hope to find and explore interesting concepts and ideas by talking about these works with all of you.
As always, I will disclose what my relationships to these people are, if any, and while this is sale content, these write ups are not intended to be adds.

Making the content I’ll be reviewing here is hard work. It is time consuming, and it is both creatively and emotionally demanding. PAY FOR YOUR PORN.


Diana Rey Day 3 of 7: Just Talking 

Who is this Domme?
Diana Rey (that’s the link to her ABOUT on her site) is, in my words, a hypnotist who puts a focus on creativity, and exploration of the mediums of video and audio to create unique and erotic sexy hypnosis experiences.
Her Twitter handle is @paydianarey, so you should probably get a good sense of a good part of her approach, but she’s not a fuck-you-pay-me domme, and she also offers occult services like tarot readings.

Disclosure: While I don’t really know her in any meaningful way… like I don’t know if she has pets, or is a vegetarian, or anything at all, but she’s someone I consider a friend in the industry and I feel like for the sake of editorial integrity, you all deserve to know that.
But that’s not why I’m doing this, it’s all because of her work.

Purchase Link: Here
So it looks like this one’s not available for sale anymore. It’s not on Clips4Sale that I saw, and she does cycle out content, and it might seem dumb that I’m going to talk about something you can’t really watch anymore, but hey, I said this wasn’t just a giant add, so let’s see if we can’t find something cool to talk about based on this video.

-Check her IndieBill listing HERE as well as the link above to find her content-


Was I Hypnotized?
Yes, yes I was!

Am I a Brainwashed Slave Yet?
Muuuuust obey… But in all seriousness, to address a comment from yesterday’s post, this question’s just a little good natured fun.
It’s kind of a vent to prevent any of this from getting too self-serious in its presentation. I obviously take this stuff seriously, and am a serious fan about it, and I try to say serious and engaging things here, but I don’t want to get my head stuck up my own ass… it spends enough time there already.

Why This Video?
So this was the first video of hers I saw/bought, and my thinking was:

If she can do this, then she’s a real deal hypnotist.

And wouldn’t you know, she did it to me. Also, yes I know it’s kind of shitty to be like, “Hey, here’s this awesome video you can’t buy anymore”, but we’ll get to the broader stuff at the end.

Does This File Include Masturbation Instruction?

Are There Any Suggestions, Triggers, or Post Hypnotic Suggestions?
Yes, there’s an obedience command… but you’ll never get to hear it unless I can convince her to take this one out of retirement.

Other Thoughts/About The Hypnotist?
So let’s talk a little bit about one-and-done some more.
Here’s me, talking about a video I love… that I’ve only watched twice.
We’re ten days in, and the average cost of the videos I’ve watched has been about $20, plus the fact that I’ve purchased I think 4 of these videos multiple times, and prior to doing this whole thing I’ve averaged less than  2 viewings per video.

So let’s talk a little bit about buying porn.
Do you ever ask yourself, “How much would I pay for an orgasm that’s biologically free, that I can give myself any time?”
Because I do, and generally I don’t like to spend more than $30 on something that will make me cum once-ish (if it’s that kind of file), and/or just add facets to my already hyper detailed spank-bank because I’m a fetishist.
(And that’s not even factoring in the work component of this stuff as research and inspiration, or the unique and discrete set of skills it takes to do hypnosis well over audio/video, because what I’m talking about is average hypno-fetishist consumer stuff.)

I should watch stuff more than once, especially because this isn’t a cheap habit, but the one cost effective thing I do is, if I buy something and feel like I’ve been mislead in the add copy, I make sure I get at least one spite orgasm out of it.
Have you ever done that?
“You know what, fuck this, this isn’t what I was sold but I’m gonna get mine anyway?”
It’s liberating, and you can tell yourself that it may not have been what you wanted, but you at least got something out of it, and then you know that’s one more person you don’t have to buy from.

But what’s it matter if you’re only one-and-done?
Well, it’s about buying the next one from that person, it’s about getting a slightly different version of the thing you want, which I already talked about last month, so let’s take this in a different direction now.

Here’s a closing thought on being one-and-done.
It’s taken this awesome and rewarding project for me to really consider my consuming habits in a more meaningful way.
There’s something that happens when you say something out loud (or commit it to writing etc.), and acknowledge it, and I think… I think I’m not the only person that has these habits (like I said last time), and I hope that by talking a little bit about it, it will help us to have some perspective on how and why we purchase…

You know, other than to be hypnotized and have our minds trained to be obedient and submissive… you know… that.

Hello! Is there a Domme you think I should check out? Is there someone whose work you’re very passionate about that you think I should check out? Click this link right HERE to see how we can do this.

Contact me HERE with your thoughts, your suggestions for other videos, or anything else for that matter.

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