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Day 11: Autobots vs. Panopticons

Hello, and welcome to a new mini-blog, FAN-uary, where for each of the four weeks this month I’m going to focus on a different Domme whose work I enjoy, and discuss a different video from them each day.
(This one is all video, March will most likely be the same sort of thing, but with audio)

Content reviewed in this blog is Femdom Erotic Hypnosis that will mostly be for sale. I’ll include links to where you can purchase this content, and everything posted here will be positive, but this isn’t about public worship and devotion, and I hope to find and explore interesting concepts and ideas by talking about these works with all of you.
As always, I will disclose what my relationships to these people are, if any, and while this is sale content, these write ups are not intended to be adds.

Making the content I’ll be reviewing here is hard work. It is time consuming, and it is both creatively and emotionally demanding. PAY FOR YOUR PORN.


Diana Rey Day 4 of 7: -Panopticon

Who is this Domme?
Diana Rey (that’s the link to her ABOUT on her site) is, in my words, a hypnotist who puts a focus on creativity, and exploration of the mediums of video and audio to create unique and erotic sexy hypnosis experiences.
Her Twitter handle is @paydianarey, so you should probably get a good sense of a good part of her approach, but she’s not a fuck-you-pay-me domme, and she also offers occult services like tarot readings.

Disclosure: While I don’t really know her in any meaningful way… like I don’t know if she has pets, or is a vegetarian, or anything at all, but she’s someone I consider a friend in the industry and I feel like for the sake of editorial integrity, you all deserve to know that.
But that’s not why I’m doing this, it’s all because of her work.

Purchase Link: Here (Clips4Sale)

-Check her IndieBill listing HERE as well as the link above to find her content-


Was I Hypnotized?

Am I a Brainwashed Slave Yet?
We’ll see tomorrow, based on how I respond to the suggestions in this one

Why This Video?
I don’t remember what about it made me buy it in the first place, maybe the name, which really does make me think of the Transformers, but I’ll tell you why I picked it for this one:

Because it’s fucking good! And I don’t just mean the hypnosis content, I mean the way she uses the medium, ties in different visuals/lack there of, and frames the session around this being being a video.
Sometimes I get inspired by ideas, other times I just get mad they weren’t mine in the first place.
And look, before this turns into way too much praise (deserved or extra deserved), this video is 100% the art film version of an erotic hypnosis clip session, and not just because it’s in black and white at times.
Your milage may vary compared to mine, but I love it as a whole and as a piece.

Does This File Include Masturbation Instruction?

Are There Any Suggestions, Triggers, or Post Hypnotic Suggestions?
There’s some orgasm control, some masturbation control, and some devious means of imprisoning you in a cycle of obedience.

Other Thoughts/About The Hypnotist?
Let’s have a little diversion into what suggestions feels like, and how to notice them working.

So as I’ve said before, when you start a session and you’re asked questions, answer them. If you’re told to breathe, or to close your eyes, or whatever, habituate yourself into doing what you’re told and do those things.
Eventually, as you do so, when you get to a point where you receive a suggestions about your arm getting lighter, or you eyes not opening, or whatever, and you start to cooperate with them, you’ll probably feel 1 of 2 ways.
(I’m saying probably because this isn’t the be all and end all of how this stuff feels, and these are two kind of jumping off points for feeling)

  1. It can feel like autopilot, stuff’s just happening on its own more or less.
  2. It feels like you’re the one doing it, but it feels like a few layers of self have been stripped away so you’re doing something but it feels simpler, and less complex in its own way.

These feelings can and do (if they’re what you feel, and again, you may have very different experiences than these) persist when you respond to triggers post session, and since you find yourself out of session, sometimes the second one can feel more abstract and less imposed.

But, that’s the thing, suggestions rarely feel imposed, and that’s because of the cooperative nature of hypnosis.
If you think about stage hypnosis, which we all tend to do as our default no matter how smart about all of this we are, there’s this romantic idea of going about your life then having a trigger go off and then you’re doing the sexy version of clucking like a chicken.
The thing is, you’re removed from the immediacy of the space that would inform that action, and instead of it existing as a discrete concept that exists in the frame work of the session, it becomes a nebulous idea.
When you’re dealing with something like chastity, which if you test by edging or just plane beating off works against your own anatomical inclinations, the suggestion has to be something that is more meaningful than the reverse.
Basically, you have to want to be chaste or have to want to be cowed into a meaningful demonstration of submission otherwise you’ll reject the suggestions.

So, if you watch this video and feel it sinking in, follow the feeling, and feel what happens as you do what she says, and do wha she tells you will happen later.
But again, she’s not “nice”, and Panopticon, is not a “nice” session, as awesome as it is.


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