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You Should Listen to Lee Allure

Hello, and welcome back to what was once a daily hypnosis review blog. I doubt I’ll be going daily again, as it’s been… 7 months since the last time I did one of these, but anyway, I’m hoping to get back to doing these, since they were both fun to write, and helpful tools for me. For example, I’m using this one today as a warmup before doing other work.

And as always, the article is written immediately after experiencing the content I am reviewing.

Content reviewed in this blog is Femdom Erotic Hypnosis that will mostly be for sale. I’ll include links to where you can purchase this content, and everything posted here will be positive, but this isn’t about public worship and devotion, and I hope to find and explore interesting concepts and ideas by talking about these works with all of you.
As always, I will disclose what my relationships to these people are, if any, and while this is sale content, these write ups are not intended to be adds.

Making the content I’ll be reviewing here is hard work. It is time consuming, and it is both creatively and emotionally demanding. PAY FOR YOUR PORN.


Do NOT Listen by Lee Allure

Who is this Domme?

Lee Allure is a pretty well known Femdom Hypno-Kinkster who is very visible in the real time hypno-kink community. She teaches classes at hypnofetish conventions, runs workshops, and offers a range of services.
She’s also a stone cold pervert… you know, like the rest of us.

I’ve met Lee a couple of times when she’s come to town out here to do workshops, and we hit off a bit of a friendship, so I am endorsing the work of one of my friends in this review. In full disclosure, she sent this to me too.
But here’s the thing about that, I only talk about the things I like, and I only recommend the things that I think are worth recommending. I’m sure I ‘could’ be bought, but no one has tried, and also, every domme has better traffic than I do, so why bother.
Anyway, I think you all know I feel compelled to be as practically transparent with you all as possible, so yes, a friend of mine passed along a file, and now I’m saying great things about it… you know… the way I say great things about the stuff I’ve bought, or enjoyed for free via YouTube.

Also, this script was based on an awesome story on MCSTORIES that I really enjoy, the link is down below.

Purchase Link: Here
Read the story that inspired it:Here

12 minutes

Was I Hypnotized?

Am I a Brainwashed Slave Yet?
This is my second listen, and I think I’m not, but between my first and second listen I basically forgot most of what was in this file… so… maybe?

Why This MP3?
Three Reasons:
1. It’s a one long induction that folds in on itself with a whole lot of overload, confusion, and misdirection.
2. I found the content and delivery to be super hot.
3. This links with reason 1, but the file is multiple audio channels, so you find yourself jumping from one voice to the next, or get caught up in the background track while the foreground track pummels you before the two switch places.

In total, I thought this was a fun, sexy, effective session that does a lot of what I like, and uses a lot of techniques I enjoy.
If you’re a fan of the story it’s based on, you’ll know there’s a strong hypno-boobs element, and there is some of that in the session, but it is not prevalent.
What is prevalent is the “don’t listen”  theme. There’s a lot of work with negatives, and the misdirection and the wordplay make this file a very dense session that proves you can do a lot with a little bit of time.
It’s all killer, no filler.

Does This File Include Masturbation Instruction?

Are There Any Suggestions, Triggers, or Post Hypnotic Suggestions?
There’s a lot of submission and addiction content, and some other stuff along those lines, nothing that I think I need to explicitly tell you about.

Other Thoughts/About The Hypnotist?
I want to talk about learning for a second.
I’ve spent a fair amount of time listening to Lee explain how she works, how she learns, and what she does in execution and why.
Lee and I have completely different backgrounds in learning hypnosis, but we’ve come to the same conclusions, and picked up the same tricks and moves. I’ll freely admit that she has more tricks and moves than I do, so in her workshops, I’ve picked up some best practices and some high concept ideas that I’ve folded into my work.

Here’s how this applies to you:
Growing as a subject involves practice. There’s a lot of dogmatic sayings in and around hypnosis that there are no bad subjects, and stuff like that.
It comes from, I would bet, creating a modality that removes the responsibility from the so that in clinical work the subject it free to engage and experience, and allow the process to happen to them.
If you’re like us though, and you’re chasing a fantasy, or elements of an experience, you need to practice, and you need to learn.
One of the best ways to change expectations is t0 change the scope of your experiences. Listen to different hypnotists with an open mind, let things happen, and let yourself learn.
We all have favorites, we all have our assumptions about what will and won’t work, but when we embrace our humility (which is also a big part of being submissive in general…) about what we do and don’t know, that’s when he teach ourselves to be curious, and curiosity is ultimately what allows us to grow.

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