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Semi-Retired Part 2: The Mysterious Mystery of Nikki Fatale

WARNING: This post may disillusion you about the realities of Femdom Hypnosis, reader discretion is advised 

Semi-Retired is a multi-part series that focuses on Hypnodommes that are no longer as active as they once were. This series does not explore the reasons for their absence (okay, this one does-ish), but does explore the marks they left on me, and maybe you too.

Semi-Retired Part 2: The Mysterious Mystery of Nikki Fatale

Retired, for the sake of these articles, can also be the polite was of saying the woman in question has quit or otherwise left the scene, maybe without fanfare, and maybe without any kind of announcement. All that said, this is a tricky one to talk about without talking about the “why”, or at least heavily implying what that “why” is. So, I’ll be as businesslike as possible and know that I am not alleging anything.

In this industry, you have lots of different roles, that’s because this is an industry and industries are all labor driven. When you hear about how much work a Domme does, from lighting a video shoot, to doing her own sound editing, to correspondence, to writing copy and posting files for sale, all of those things are roles she takes on doing, and each one makes up a piece of her job.

It’s a lot to do right?

And, it’s uncommon for someone to be equally good at or interested in doing all of those things, so if they can afford it, they hire other people to do it. As you probably know, I’m a script writer. I write content for other people based on their requests and specification, and for a single payment upfront. That’s my only role in this scene, that’s all I do.

This is different than running talent, or running a production company.
To run talent means that you hire a voice actress to record what you’ve written, and then pay her either an upfront payment, a percentage of sales, or maybe both. Joe from Kisemet video is a good example of this. He hires women to do scripts, and has worked with Dommes in the past on a project or two, but mostly the women he works with are actresses, and we all know this going in, provided we read his website even a little bit.

There are other ways of “running talent” as well (there’s abad kind too, but we’re not going to get into that), and we’ll make this a broad term for this part of the conversation.

Another way to run talent is to create and maintain a persona that another person performs as, models for, and is assumed to be.
This is not a bad thing, but it can be kind of weird for all parties involved if you email someone your dirty heartfelt confessions thinking it’s Mistress Glorious Hypno-X, and it’s her boyfriend Todd who has this fetish and teamed up with his girlfriend to go into business together.

Running this kind of talent happens, not as much as you’d assume, and there’s no reason to get defensive or worried about anything, but it’s important to understand.
In a macro sense, hiring anyone (or splitting the profits with a partner etc.) is no different than hiring a web designer to do the things on your site you want done but can’t do yourself.
I know that’s a.. hold on, you know that waring you read at the very top of this article, I had to stop this section to go write it… callous and practical sort of business driven justification for something that has a lot of emotional import for all of us, but it’s the reality of the for profit world of Femdom Hypnosis.
You want to make this stuff because you love it and you see that there’s money to be made, but you’re a guy, get a woman or a woman’s voice to record it for you.

And that’s how we get to Nikki Fatale, the subject of this piece, and also Bob from Hypnofantasy, as well as The HypnoWitch Shiri, and a little bit of RC formerly of the defunct RC Writes.

I don’t know Bob, I’ve never really talked to him, and he and I have no business connections. But, I know a lot of people, and I know some people who have had interactions with Bob.
I remember when Hypnofantasy came on the scene, and it was a lot of things, not just the home of Nikki Fatale.
Bob had files, later there were other sites connected to it that sold other content like subliminals, and even some other voice talent, but the thing that put them on the map was the pairing of Nikki Fatale and Shiri the Hypnowitch.

If you’re wondering where all this is going, Hypnofantasy is still up, you can still buy Nikki’s files there, but she’s long gone (aside from a brief resurgence of Bob using her login on Inraptured to try and spark some interest. I knew it was him for several reasons as hinted at below).

In those early files Nikki recorded she basically told us she was using someone else’s words (and not just because she pronounced hypnNOtized hypMAtized for the longest time). She told us all about Shiri and her mysterious ways and powers, and the pretalk for her sessions was a disclaimer we all ignored about how she was voice talent.
Notice how I didn’t say “just voice talent”, because in this work, like in any acting, there’s a gray area between performer and character, and hypnosis being hypnosis, that gray area can get pretty big. Further, if you have an interest, or a curiosity in the work you’re doing, eventually you’re going to start doing more, and as the years went on Nikki took a more active hand in her character and work. (I can vouch for this, when I decided to stop lurking, she and I became limited internet friends after a fashion, but no I’m not in contact with her, and no I don’t know where she is etc.)

Going back to those early days though, she broke through with Submission to Hypnosis 1 and 2, both from her partnership with Shiri, and from there, the two of them, selling through Bob and Hypnofantasy, became one of, if not the biggest things in our scene.
Together Nikki and Shiri (who really is one of our scene’s greatest mysterious and sources of intrigue) created a lot of very popular files, and that had to have made someone a good chunk of change.
After the Shiri partnership, Nikki teamed up with RC, who had written a story called Just Because.
I don’t know how many scripts they partnered together on, but it was at very least the first of the Because series, and again, this is admitted in the pretalk, none of this is insider gossip or a stunning secret revelation.
Because was a hit, there was a Nikki’s Underground (a site and forum that was darker and kinkier), there was another forum, and some other fan facing content, all of which was because Nikki Fatale was super popular.

Then in early 2011, she was gone.

She wasn’t in Inraptured’s chat anymore, no new files were coming out, compared to the once or twice a month rathe they had been, and when something did finally come out, it was clearly a low quality “lost recording” kind of thing, and then Bob had some new talent that was recording new material, and re-recording some old material.
(Geez, I feel like I’m writing an episode of Behind the Music)

My gut tells me it wasn’t amicable, but from what I’ve learned about this scene, sometimes people just have to leave, and sometimes when they go, they go without saying goodbye to their fans. Money, emotion, the stress of this being a secret identity, all of it can add up to people feeling like they just need to get out, and yes, this will come up again in at least one future entry, but like I said, my gut tells me it was a falling out.

Buuuut, I didn’t really talk about her work and why she was so cool did I?
I first heard Submission to Hypnosis 1 and 2 when 1 was on agnarsphotoden in… I want to say 2005-2006-ish (see, I told you it’d be back, also the site had some of Shiri’s stories, and her diary entries, all of the Shiri stuff was super interesting), and then when 2 was streaming on the hypnofantasy site.
The original hypnofantasy site had a lot of streaming content, streaming members area content, and   files for sale, and as time progressed Nikki had her own site, and her files moved into a primarily sales driven focus.
I bought A LOT of Nikki files, and for a very long time she was pretty much the only person I was buying files from. This was because it wasn’t a cult of personality, the files were long AND affordable, I thought length equalled quality to a certain degree, and they always at least kind of worked on me, plus, they were hot. The Nikki and Shiri stuff would get pretty porn-y, while the later Nikki stuff would tend to be more hot in a D/s-y sort of way.

(If you’re following along at home, this was compared to the pricey, shorter Lady Lita cult of personality stuff, which was not streaming, so I did not feel as great about paying for it, because until 2010, even though I was no longer on a shared computer, I was still denying myself this fetish and deleting everything I got in “I’m quitting” binges.)

Nikki’s inductions (we’ll call them all Nikki’s since that’s who we’re most directly talking about and I really can’t guess at the authorship) were logic based, thorough, creative, and connected to the body of her files.
They were creative, intense, real hypnosis, and they… okay, hold on, yes let’s talk about real hypnosis for a second.
Real hypnosis isn’t the same thing as you being hypnotized, real hypnosis is when there’s a technique, and understanding of technique applied to its delivery. I like real hypnosis for the record, that’s my favorite thing. I like it more than girls with big boobs talking to the camera about hypnosis Mesmerize (but I like that too), and regardless of who wrote the content, Nikki was in my book, a real hypnotist.

The other great part about her work was, aside from me not talking nearly enough about her awesome delivery and pacing, was the structure and content of the suggestions in her work. Everything, not being cult of personality driven, was self contained, or contained to the world of the files, with suggestions linking sessions and making series, sometimes as easter eggs in files, sometimes as prerequisite for the next file.
Back in 2015, when I started doing this as my full time job, I went through the vast majority of the Nikki Catalogue (I’d replaced the files I’d deleted over the years) and in those revisits took away a lot of valuable perspectives, and even remembered a few text chats we’d had about technique and the things she found interesting.     

I want to end this by saying again, I don’t know what happened, but I do know a few facts.
Fact 1: Bob owns the Intellectual Property that is Nikki Fatale’s catalogue.
Fact 2: Bob, like Kismet Joe, has been royally and profoundly fucked by piracy… you know, just like all the women in this scene have too.
Fact 3: This business works in trends and waves.
Fact 4: Money makes everything complicated.

Where can you find her now:

You can buy all of her excellent files at Bob’s site: hypnofantasy 

PS: The closest I ever came to a hands free orgasm came when I peed myself a little at the end of Escalator: No Hands, NIkki’s HFO file, and that happened in 2015.

2 replies on “Semi-Retired Part 2: The Mysterious Mystery of Nikki Fatale”

Thanks for an interesting read. An announcement made back last year on revealed that she too had a hidden male ‘master’, who was stepping forward to take a more prominent role in the proceedings. On that note, do you have any insight or experience with It has a huge amount of content, is presented in a conspicuously naive web 1.0 way, and makes much use of text to speech.

Oh man, I remember Seductra now that you bring it up, and yeah, big time web 1.0 energy there.

I’ve talked to pro dommes who 100% started out either pivoting from more conventional D/s work into hypnosis, and I’ve heard stories about pro-dommes who got started doing it because their significant other had the fetish and they figured out they could make money doing it, and even some points in between.
Now I’m never surprised to hear when there’s a guy attached in some way.

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