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Day 5: You May Remember the Point of this Article

Hello, and welcome to a new mini-blog, FAN-uary, where for each of the four weeks this month I’m going to focus on a different Domme whose work I enjoy, and discuss a different video from them each day.
(This one is all video, March will most likely be the same sort of thing, but with audio)

Content reviewed in this blog is Femdom Erotic Hypnosis that will mostly be for sale. I’ll include links to where you can purchase this content, and everything posted here will be positive, but this isn’t about public worship and devotion, and I hope to find and explore interesting concepts and ideas by talking about these works with all of you.
As always, I will disclose what my relationships to these people are, if any, and while this is sale content, these write ups are not intended to be adds.

Making the content I’ll be reviewing here is hard work. It is time consuming, and it is both creatively and emotionally demanding. PAY FOR YOUR PORN.


Day 5: You Won’t Remember a Thing

Who is this Domme?
Goddess Alexandra Snow. You can check day 1 of this series for more details on her, and why I chose her to focus on for this first 7 day stretch.

Purchase Link: Here


Was I Hypnotized?
Yes I was!

Am I a Brainwashed Slave Yet?
I think I’m on my way(ish)… or not?
It’s only been 5 days of fun sexy content that I’m being very critical in my engagement with, so I think it may not be ideal for me to become a sycophantic submissive slave.

Why This Video?
This is another one I had before that I enjoyed, even though memory play is something I’m not really great with. I’m going to talk a lot about that in other thoughts, but I want to talk about why this one a little more.
So let’s say you’ve been following alone with these videos, and maybe watching everything I’ve linked to since we started this in January?
I have zero idea if anyone’s doing this, but it’s something I think about. Now I’m not saying this is a curated hypnosis curriculum designed to make you a better subject, but in a small way it can be.
So, let’s talk about hypnosis for a second.
Going into trance is a skill, it takes practice, and it takes comfort. Every hypnotist will tell you there’s no such thing as a bad subject, and I’m here to say there is.
Because we all start at different places skills wise, and you can start out bad at something, at least in the basic sense of how we see ourselves.
One thing I learned in my youth through mid 2os as a martial artist, and as a martial arts instructor is that you can’t be bad at something you’re learning to do, because quality of performance indicates familiarity and literacy in what you’re doing.
So let me qualify what I said about “bad subjects”, because it sounds like I’m saying two contrary things.
You can be “bad” in that you don’t know what you’re doing/need to learn and be taught because for some people it comes easily, and for some people it simply does not.
So a “bad subject” is an untrained subject, and for some people they don’t need training, but for other people, they do.

So again, why this video?
In yesterday’s post I talked about the limits of re-framing.
This is not one of those limits, at least not as long as you’re fair with yourself, patient with yourself, and willing to be honest with yourself.
Unless I hit hypnotic sleep/black out (more on this later), I remember everything.
I know, because of the way my memory works, that certain kinds of suggestions do not land with me.
But here’s the thing, while I remember most of this session, there are bits and pieces that didn’t stick, and I had no way of knowing that was going to happen before I tried watching this video again..
I picked this video because at this point, these are the most consecutive days (or near consecutive) that I’ve been hypnotized, so because I’m the kind of person that needs to practice things like hypnosis, this has been a lot of practice for me, so I picked something that I could use to gauge my progress.
(And also, that you could use to maybe gauge your own.)
I picked this video, because I have a relationship to her work, and she makes stuff that lands with me, so if there was a chance to have some memory stuff land, it would probably be with her.

Does This File Include Masturbation Instruction?

Are There Any Suggestions, Triggers, or Post Hypnotic Suggestions?
There’s a lot of memory play, and some lingering memory effects as well, depending on your susceptibility.

Other Thoughts/About The Hypnotist?
I have an above average to very good memory.
I also have a compressed sense of time, so a lot of my memories feel very immediate and very recent.
Experiences that were 7 years ago feel much more recent than that, and even events from much longer ago also have that same immediacy.
Part of this is probably biological, and I think part of this is connected to my depression and depressive though patterns, in that I play things over and over in my head, I dwell on things and that causes the memories to stay present, and I’ve dwelled on things for as long as I can remember.
That being since right around 6 years old.
So, what does all this have to do with sexy hypnotism?
In the summer of 2012 my then girlfriend hypnotized me over the phone (long distance suuuuuuuucks), and for the very first time I actually blacked out.
It was the very first time I went so deep that the lights went out and I had no recollection of what happened.
She asked me some questions, gave me some pretty tame suggestions about that moment, and then I came up enough to start recalling what happened.
This was a profound and powerful experience for me, and one of my two most memorable hypnosis sessions ever.
(This probably has something to do with my trust issues, and being both madly in love with the woman hypnotizing me at the time of those session, and both if us being in a good place too.)
In fairness, I haven’t had a ton of live sessions, either with her when we were together, or since with other hypnotists, and I’ll say 2 things:
1. I’ve never gone that deep in a live session since.
2. I’ve gotten a lot better at going into trance and responding to hypnosis as a whole.

So obviously, things aren’t necessarily a singular path when it comes to how you respond to hypnosis.
Two and a half-ish years later, I discovered Alexandra Snow’s work, and as I said in the first entry, her work helped me a lot, but it’s obviously a very different experience.

Recently, I’ve been working on how I relate to time, and how I relate to memory, as well as thought loops, those things where you find yourself cycling through the same train of thought over and over, and I wonder if maybe that work (by the way, therapy is great, I highly recommend it), has helped with this process.

All of this is to say, and no I had no idea this article was going to go in this direction, your mind is your mind, and it’s complicated.
If you don’t respond to something, it may be you, not it, and it may be because you had a big lunch, or maybe because you have deep seated psychological issues like me.
But regardless, if it’s real hypnosis, and you practice, maybe you too can have a couple minutes of a hypnosis video slip through your mental cracks, or maybe you’ll have a big breakthrough moment where you get exactly what you wanted.

Contact me HERE with your thoughts, your suggestions for other videos, or anything else for that matter.

One reply on “Day 5: You May Remember the Point of this Article”

Hypnosis does get more interesting when it is live, I know for me when I was listening to watching a file I would go down easier, but doing live session it took much longer to go down, I would go into trance and it would only be somewhere between a light trance or deep trance. It was never where I wanted. I think it took me a year of being my Domme’s submissive that I really was able to go deep with her.
You really can’t be a bad subject unless you really don’t want to experience trance, of course the first time your not going to go into a deep trance, well unless your one of those highly suggestible people. It is something that becomes easier to do the more you go into trance and even when you have been enjoying hypnosis for over 5 years there will still be times that you can’t go deep depending on what is on your mind. If your mind is heavy with all these thoughts of things you need and want to do your not going to be able to go as deep, but when you ready to unwind you’ll go down much easier.

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