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Day 18 and Up Only!

Hello, and welcome to a new mini-blog, TUBE-NOSIS, it’s a place where for the month of January 2019, I’m going to watch a female hypnotist’s video a day and provide a rundown based on the watching experience.

Content reviewed in this blog is both vanilla, and erotic. While you should always approach anyone with respect and courtesy, please do not approach vanilla people about your kinks and fetishes as that is not the business they are in.

Day #: Day 18, Addicted to My Control with Zenova Braeden

Video Link: Here


Was I hypnotized?
Yes, and I was blacked out, and/or very deep for the vast majority of the video. I’ll get into it in the next part.

Why This Video?
So, I’ve been following Zenova on and off since she started doing stuff, and there was always something I liked about her, and no, not just her boobs. It’s always a gamble when you’re looking for real hypnosis and you buy off places like C4s etc. but Zenova is good, and she’s just gotten better and more creative with time.
I picked this video because I wanted to both watch it myself (I hadn’t), and also get her out in front of those of you who may be skeptical. She has good technique and pace, and is clear about what she’s doing and how she does it, I really like being hypnotized by her.

Is This Erotic?
Yes, in that it’s D/s, it’s very much in the fetish world, and is not at all vanilla.

Are There Any Suggestions, Triggers, or Post Hypnotic Suggestions?
Yes, and I think they are: please when she snaps, and wanting to buy her stuff. There may be more, but like I said, I missed at least the middle third of the session.

What About The Rest of Her Channel?
A few more full length inductions, and then some samples.

Other Thoughts/About The Hypnotist?
Like I said, I like her, and I’ve been watching her stuff lately so I’m practiced and responsive to her. I don’t know her at all, we’ve never had any interactions, but given that she is a serious hypnotist who makes videos titled Titnosis, obviously I’m going to be in the bag for her.

Hypnosis Tip of the Moment:

The more you practice with one hypnotist, especially someone whose work you connect with and respond to, the better the result will be, and the better a time you’ll have. If you find someone you like, don’t be afraid to just focus on their work for a while.

I don’t have a links section for her on my site, but you can see her Clips4Sale store here
Here Member Site here
(I have no idea what’s on it, I just discovered it and am signing up as I write this)

Anyhow, I feel like I was pretty transparent in endorsing her stuff, let me know what you think, and let me know if you take the plunge with her work.

Contact me HERE with your thoughts, your suggestions for other videos, or anything else for that matter.

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