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Day 17: Mind Control By Yourself

Hello, and welcome to a new mini-blog, TUBE-NOSIS, it’s a place where for the month of January 2019, I’m going to watch a female hypnotist’s video a day and provide a rundown based on the watching experience.

Content reviewed in this blog is both vanilla, and erotic. While you should always approach anyone with respect and courtesy, please do not approach vanilla people about your kinks and fetishes as that is not the business they are in.

Day 17: Mindfulness Practice Leaves on a Stream with Lydia Bogert

Video Link: Here


Was I hypnotized?
Yes. I’m going to talk a bit about how she does it down in the other thoughts section, and it may be better for you to watch the video first, since it’s not quite a surprise induction or anything like that, but it is done in a very subtle and affecting way.

Why This Video?
This is another I as searching YouTube and found this channel channels, and this is the shortest of her 3 videos. One of the other ones is a straight forward progressive relaxation one, and this seemed like it would be more interesting to everyone else.

Is This Erotic?
Not at all. So if you comment on her stuff or reach out to her, don’t mention being a perv. You can however, mention all your perviness to me, that’s what this whole thing is for.

Are There Any Suggestions, Triggers, or Post Hypnotic Suggestions?
This is an exercise that uses hypnosis and hypnotic technique to help you frame what you’re doing, so no, not really.

What About The Rest of Her Channel?
Two more videos, not a lot of subscribers, so maybe subscribe and leave some likes, and maybe if enough of us do, she’ll come back to making content.

Other Thoughts/About The Hypnotist?
Way back in Day 11 I said Guided Meditation is Hypnosis, and I stand by that, especially in this video.
However, in this video Lydia uses a super sly move right at the beginning to hook you/convince you with some emotional suggestibility by telling you to close your eyes when you’re ready, to not force it, and just wit for it to happen.
Here’s how that works:
-You’re given a permissive suggestion to do something, in this case it’s close your eyes.
-The permission part matters because it tells you that you will do this when you are both ready to buy in, and when you feel something starting to happen, IE, closing your eyes.
-So, since you’re closing your eyes because you’re feeling something, it means that something IS happening, so what she’s doing is working.
-Taken out of context that doesn’t sound like much, but when you throw in tone, the fact you’re here to be hypnotized, and her overall modality which includes speaking from a place of knowledge and authority, it does a very good job of putting you in a receptive, light trance almost immediately.

So, I enjoyed this video and I got a lot out of her smoothness of approach, and now really want to watch her other two.

Let me know if you want more of this kind of explaining talk, or have any technical questions.

Contact me HERE with your thoughts, your suggestions for other videos, or anything else for that matter.

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