Free Story: Unethical Associations

Unethical Associations
A Smuthunter Story

“What is the sound of the tick of the tock?”

            To some men Professor Andrea Armstrong was on the wrong end of 40, and to others she was too stern to be approachable.  Maybe her years as an educator had given her an imposing demeanor, but the passage of time did not hurt her curves, or curb her desires.

            She was a tall woman, closer to six feet than to five, and while her conservative clothing gave no hint of cleavage, it could not hide the swell of her chest.  Her eyes were an impossibly dark green, magnified by the lenses of her thick-rimmed black glasses, and her raven dark hair was constantly up in a high tight bun, an imposing illusion of even greater height.  The days she wore sweaters to her graduate seminars, she kept all of her male students (and a fair few of her female students as well) in rapt attention.

            Yes, some men were drawn to her, but the fantasy of the sexy librarian was never more than a passing rush, a quick burning lust that gave her and her partners a sense of mutual conquest but never any substance.  And while she had seduced several of her former students (men and women alike), those too were simply brief moments of predatory satisfaction.  Nothing substantial, nothing sustaining.

            “Watch the watch as it swings back and forth and remember, what is the sound of the tick of the tock?”  Andrea’s gold plated pocket watch swung back and forth, steady as a metronome, and predictably, his eyes simply followed.  Professor Armstrong was hypnotizing her TA, Ken Taylor, in her office, and when she was done hopefully he would become just what she wanted.  Or at least he would be a start.

            “What is the sound of the tick of the tock Kenneth?  Just keep watching the watch, yes watch the watch.”  He was an ideal candidate for a first time.  Like any good TA he just naturally did whatever she told him.  Establishing an authoritative modality was a powerful tool in hypnosis, and she was certainly going to exploit hers.

            What is the sound of the tick of the tock, was a nonsensical questions, just something to puzzle the mind, and the pocket watch’s value came from it’s cliché sensibilities.  She wasn’t performing a classic hypnotic induction, it was actually just a trick.

* * *

            “Kenneth, I would like you to meet me at the end of my office hours today, I need your assistance with some research.”

            The hardest part of working for Dr. Armstrong was that she never asked, she told.  She was ruthless and demanding, but she was fair too.  And, a good word from her opened a lot of doors in a lot of fields.

            “What will be working on professor?”

            “Cognitive recognition in hypnosis.”  Her voice was so flat, so monotone all the time, that it took him a moment to realize what she said.

            “You’re going to hypnotize me?”  It was a strange thought and his question was tempered with disbelief

            “Yes Kenneth, I am.”  And with that, she left the lecture hall right before the first undergraduates arrived.

            For Ken, only Professor Armstrong called him Kenneth, the fifty-minute lecture passed slower than it should.  Psych 101 lectures were generally a fast paced affair.  There were always enough students who really wanted to engage with the material that he didn’t feel like he was talking to a wall, and there was something fun in seeing people start to discover the subject.

            But today felt disjointed.

            “Yes Kenneth, I am” kept popping into his head.

            Of course he knew how hypnosis worked, knew the value, and recognized the applications, but to actually be hypnotized?  That he wasn’t so sure of.  Of course, Professor Armstrong was a seasoned professional, a PHD in high regard, but this type of interaction with the mind wasn’t a science, it was a tool, and not every tool worked for every job.

            As the period came to an end and he put out a stack of graded papers, it occurred to him that maybe he really didn’t want to do this.  Of course, he wanted to help her with her research, but maybe there was a better subject.

            Or at least a more suitable candidate.  Someone who wouldn’t feel so nervous being alone with her after her official hours.  Someone who didn’t feel like they were always being sized up.  Like a piece of meat, like a tool for a job, not like a real and genuine human.  Professor Andrea Armstrong PHD used people and he knew it.

            “Yes Kenneth, I am.”

            Lunch, then grading papers.

            “Yes Kenneth, I am.”

            His own academic pursuits.

            “Yes Kenneth, I am.”

            Her office door was open.

* * *

            “The camera is to record our results, I will be recording the entire process.  It is already recording.”

            It was second nature to create a professional environment.  Her ease with imposing rigidity made it easy to make younger men feel off balance.  It would create a disconnect once she started to instruct him in the process, to turn the formal and uncomfortable into the reassuring and formulaic.  Once he accepted his role as subject he would respond accordingly.

            The recliner he sat in was soft, a light cream color, brought in specifically for these experiments.  He had already started to sink into the chair, leaning back with the footrest extended, his utterly average body starting to splay out.  His unremarkable face looked anxious, but he was trying to hide it.  He was a plain and simple twenty-something.  He was a tool.

            Andrea slide her chair next to the recliner and pulled out her pocket watch.

            “Kenneth, I am going to begin the process of hypnotizing you.  Since you are here and willing to participate in this process, you are willing to be hypnotized.  I am aware that this may seem unconventional to you, but as you are already familiar with the clinical and therapeutic value of hypnosis, you will provide the most undiluted data.”  She knew it was what he wanted to hear, needed to hear to create a baseline for his expectations and understanding of what would happen.  It was a lie.

            “Now take a nice deep breath and relax.”

            She watched him breathe in and exhale a slow managed breath.  It was perfect, a well practiced and well worn response to her commands, behaviors she had already conditioned into him through their past association.  As she watched him continue to breathe the same way, she reached into her pocket and removed her pocket watch.

            “Now I want you to focus all of your attention on the watch as it starts to swing back and forth.”

            She saw the smallest flush of amusement on his face and knew that he was subconsciously taking the bait.  Everything felt perfectly certain to her as she started to swing the watch.

            “You may notice as you watch the watch swing back and forth that it seems to move all on its own.  You will see as the watch swings that my hand is perfectly still.  You may even notice that the watch seems to swing wider and wider as you watch it.  You may notice that as you watch the watch swing back and forth the distance seems to even out until the watch seems to just pass outside the range of one eye, then across to the other.  You may feel like you should move your head, but you will find that as you watch the watch swing just above your eyes, your eyes will simply follow while the rest of your body remains still.”

            Andrea felt the barest hint of excitement and arousal as she watched his eyes follow the gold plated watch back and forth.  He didn’t realize it, but at any moment she could snap her fingers and tell him to sleep, and he would be perfectly hypnotized.  The trap was closing in on him, but she couldn’t rush it, and couldn’t force the progress she needed to make in his mind.

            “You are doing very well Kenneth.  Now, even as you may start to feel your eyes becoming heavier and heavier with every swing of the watch, you may start to notice the sound of the watch.  In between my words you may start to hear the gentle tick-tock of the watch as it swings back and forth.  If you can hear the sound of the tick-tock of the watch then you can just say “Yes Ms. Armstrong” for me now.”

            He said “Yes Ms. Armstrong” almost immediately.

            “Very good Kenneth.  Now as you watch the watch you may even notice the tick tock just under my voice.  You may find it is easier to hear my words more clearly if you let yourself focus on the tick tock of the watch as you watch it swing back and forth.  If this makes sense to you then you can just say “Yes Ms. Armstrong for me now.”

            “Yes Ms. Armstrong” escaped his lips as soon as he heard the question.

            He was so willing to comply with her, so ready to be hypnotized, that he was committed to doing everything she asked.  Andrea could see his eyes starting to droop, straining under the physical demand of staring at something just above his sight line.  She could see the intense focus he was exerting on the task as well as the focusing on the subtle almost impossible to hear gentle tick-tock.  All of these conventional tools were just the mask, the dressing that was hiding her true induction.

            “Excellent Kenneth, very soon you may find yourself losing yourself in the gentle swing of the watch, letting those heavy eyes tire, as you follow the constant rhythm of the tick-tock.  You may find yourself fading but I need you to continue to focus.  Even if you find it easy to blink for a moment and feel your eyes start to close, you can just rest for a moment and follow the gentle tick tock of the clock.”

            His eyes closed and his face started to go slack.  She had him in a light trance, but she would not deepen it yet.  There was still too much to do.

            “You can just let your heavy eyes rest as you focus on the tick-tock of the watch, helping you clearly hear and understand everything I say to you.  Now as you hear my words so clearly, so perfectly, I want you to focus on the tick and the tock.”

            Andrea let her voice become softer, more comforting than stern.  Her tone was leading and lulling, matching his state.  “Focus on the tick and the tock.  Focus on how the tick becomes the tock, and the tock becoming the tick.  Tick becomes tock, and tock becomes tick.  The tick is the tock and the tock is the tick.  Focus on the tick of the tock.  If you can hear the tick of the tock then you can say “Yes Ms. Armstrong right now”.”

            His voice was shallow and dreamy as he softly said, ‘Yes Ms. Armstrong.”

            Andrea let her voice become even softer, and even more comforting, almost seductive.  The tone of her voice was reinforcing his compliance and manipulating his lightly entranced mind to create a new relationship.  She would teach him that when he slipped under he would hear soft seductive words of approval and encouragement, the things he fundamentally needed from her.  Her voice regained its clinical and precise tone as his eyes fluttered open.

            “You can hear the tick tock so clearly as you can visualize the watch in your mind, seeing it swing back and forth in your mind even as you feel your eyes start to become lighter and lighter.  The lighter and more refreshed your eyes become, the more clearly you can visualize the watch.  So clearly that as you find your eyes starting to open now you can see it right in front of you still swinging, just as it was in your mind, just as it was before.  Now watch the watch as you listen to the tick of the tock.  You can hear it so clearly now, listen to the tick of the tock.  You hear it just as clearly as you hear my voice.”

            ‘Now,” she let the word hang, savoring the moment, “what is the sound of the tick of the tock?”

* * *

            Ken thought he might have blacked out for a second but realized he was only resting his eyes.  The process was taking longer than he thought and he didn’t really understand what any of this had to do with cognitive recognition.  Still, Ms. Armstrong must know what she was doing, even if she was just waving a watch in front of his face.  He half expected her to tell him he was getting sleepy.  Then she asked him the question and he felt himself caught up in something he couldn’t explain.

            Dr. Armstrong never asked questions, and hearing her words made him feel confused.  He didn’t know what she was asking him, and didn’t know what to say.

            Her voiced was just as stern and matter of fact when she spoke to him again. “Watch the watch as it swings back and forth and remember, what is the sound of the tick of the tock?”

            His eyes felt heavy as the watch swung back and forth, and as he tried to understand what she was asking, he just felt more confused.

            “What is the sound of the tick of the tock Kenneth?  Just keep watching the watch, yes watch the watch.”   His eyes followed the swing of the gold pocket watch on its chain and he could hear the tick tock under her words.  Tick became tock, and tock became tick.

            “Tick becomes tock and tock becomes tick.”  He felt everything grow fuzzier around the edges and he couldn’t understand exactly why he said those words, but he did.

            “Very good Kenneth,” her voice was so low and so soft he thought he was dreaming, “you have done very well now close your eyes and sleep.”

            He did.

* * *

            “You are deeply hypnotized Kenneth.  I told you I would hypnotize you and I have.  You are in a very deep, very suggestible state right now, and as you trust me and want to be hypnotized, you want to be very suggestible.”  She let her words ooze out slowly, as sticky sweet as honey.

            “You understand this on a fundamental level, and accept it whole heartedly.  You know this is true, and you willingly agree to this.”  The contract she was creating in his mind wasn’t to make it easier to control him, it was to distract him from what was truly happening.

            Her declaration that she would hypnotize him was the real induction, built on the shock induction premise.  The pocket watch and light trance were to create a baseline of associative pleasures.  The tick of the tock question was also part of the shock induction premise, designed to create a path that lead back to that base pleasure.  Now, as she created the contract, she was implanting a hidden pattern of compliant behaviors that would slip past all of his defenses.

            It didn’t matter how skilled she was, hypnosis wouldn’t allow her to control him completely.  It was just a tool to enhance her natural dominion over him.  He wouldn’t accept overt suggestions to do the things she wanted him to, but he could be taught to respond and react on a fundamental level.

            She was not hypnotizing him, she was brainwashing him.

* * *

            “Eyes open, wide awake, fully focused and refreshed now.”

            Her strong no-nonsense voice pulled him out of an empty dark sleep.

            “Did I?  Did you?  Did you hypnotize me?”  It was all he could think to ask.

            Andrea Armstrong was standing over him, toying with the gold watch, her hair down and her glasses resting low on her nose.  She was looking down at him over those lenses.  “Of course I did, I told you I would hypnotize you…”

            Her tone changed, “…didn’t I?”

            It had become soft and sweet, like honey dripping into his mind.  He found his eyes looking towards the gold pocket watch.  He felt warm all over, and empty headed.  “Yuh…yes.”

            Her voice regained its stern tone again.  “Yes what?”

            “Yes Ms. Armstrong.”

            He didn’t fully know why he said that but it felt appropriate.  It felt natural, and it was so easy to say.  He knew it was the right answer.

            “Very good Kenneth.”  The sticky sweet words made the warmth spread and as he looked up at her, she let the watch dangle down again.  “Watch the watch and remember the sound of the tick of the tock.  What is the sound of the tick of the tock Kenneth?”

            All was black again.

* * *

            The subconscious mind would protect against any harmful suggestions, but an unstated suggestion, a reflexive behavior, would slip right by and take firm hold.  Positive reinforcement enhanced with hypnotic suggestions would create the path for the new loyal and obedient behavior to take root.  It was working almost instantly on Kenneth, but honestly, she had essentially brainwashed any TA and most every student she had ever had.  The real test would come later, but for now, she would continue to hone her approach.

            “Open your eyes for me Kenny.”

* * *

            No one called him Kenny, he hated Kenny, but her voice was so soft, so sweet, so perfect that it made him shiver.  Doctor Armstrong had taken off her jacket and unbuttoned her blouse.  Her full heavy breasts rose and fell in her lacy black bra, and Kenny couldn’t seem to take his eyes off them.

            “Do you want to fuck me Kenny?”  That voice made his cock swell and his head swim.

            “Yes Ms. Armstrong.”

            “Very good Kenny, I want you to fuck me too.”  She slid down her skirt and stood over him.  She had put her hair back up, her shoes were still on, and her panties matched her bra.  “Now pull your pants down and show me your cock.

            “Yes Ms. Armstrong.”  Kenny, why was he thinking of himself as Kenny, found himself cooperating.  He knew he shouldn’t. He knew it was wrong, but her voice was so sweet, so different than normal.  When she spoke, he just felt like he should do what she wanted.  It felt good inside to do what she wanted when she sounded like that.  He always wanted to make her happy, she was his boss, his teacher, his mentor, but now it was more than that.

            She slid on top of him and pulled her panties to the side.

            “Don’t just lie there Kenny, fuck me.”

            ‘Yes Ms. Armstrong.”

            He felt his hips buck up into her as she rode him.  Her hands were on his face, stroking him, pulling his hair.  She pressed down on him hard and he felt his cock pulse inside her.

            “Don’t cum yet Kenny, you aren’t done fucking me are you?”

            “No Ms. Armstrong.”

            He felt something deep in his cock, something like a vice clamping down and holding him in check.  Her fingers wrapped gently around his neck and he saw it.  She was holding the watch in front of her breasts now.

* * *

            Kenneth’s cock was as average as the rest of him, but she knew how to make the most of it.  Andrea rolled her hips down as she held his head in place.  The watch dangled in front of her cleavage and she let it start to swing.  There was one way that Kenneth was not average though, his willingness to accept hypnotic suggestions was astounding.  It was even greater than she thought it would be, greater than it should be.  She hadn’t expected him not to cum, but the pleasure commands had given her a handle on even his most primal physical reactions.

            “What is the sound of the tick of the tock Kenny?” She stretched the end of his name out long and slow, and by the time she was finished he was already more glassy eyed than before.  His eyes followed the watch as she started to ride him faster.  “Now, what is the sound of the tick of the tock Kenny?”

            “Tick becomes tock and tock becomes tick.”

            “Very good Kenny.”

            She came.

            Her body shivered and she came again.  Slowly she slide up and down on him, teasing out the moment as another wave of pleasure coursed through her.  Andrea raised her hips until just the head of his cock was inside her.

            “Watch the watch Kenneth.”  Her voice regained its customary edge, and as it did his eyes instantly cleared and he focused on the watch, almost despite himself.

* * *

            “What?  What are you doing Ms. Armstrong?”

            “I didn’t tell you to speak Kenneth, I told you to watch the watch.  You will watch the watch and you will not speak without permission.  You will be quiet for me, and you will pay attention.”

            He felt his cock tighten, and felt like he was about to burst.  His mouth was shut, his ears were open, and his eyes were locked on the pocket watch as it swung in front of her breasts.

            Ken felt her slide down ever so slightly and he bit his lip.  He wanted to cum, needed to cum, but couldn’t bring himself to do it.  Somehow she had taken control of his cock.  Somehow she was preventing him from doing something that couldn’t be controlled.  She slid off of him.

            “Watch the watch Kenneth…”

            His eyes followed the steady swing of the pocket watch back and forth and he hardly noticed that she was unclasping the front of her bra.  He watched the watch swing slowly back and forth until it came to a stop just above her breasts, just as she

let the clasp go and dropped the watch from his view.

            “Cum for me Kenneth.”

             Her massive breasts were all he could see as he came.

* * *

            “Now Kenneth, how are you feeling?”

            Andrea Armstrong had dressed and cleaned up all traces of what happened.  With a few simple words she had returned him to a deep sleep and ensured that he wouldn’t remember anything unless she wanted him to.  You will wake feeling very good.  You will feel relaxed, refreshed, and well rested.

            “Very good.  I feel good, relaxed, refreshed, and well rested.”

            “Excellent Kenneth.  You were a very good subject.  You showed a clear ability to create associations between suggestions, actions, and reactions.  You demonstrated a very clear ability to actively and reactively think in a deep hypnotic state and passed all of my tests.  I am required, due to the nature of our work, to ask you if you would like to see the video to ensure you were not abused or taken advantage of during your hypnotized state.”  You want to watch the video and when I awaken you and ask, you will say yes to me.

            “Yes Ms. Anderson.”

            She smiled as she pressed play.

            Kenneth watched in rapt fascination, by the end, his wits were dull, his mind was empty and he had cum in his pants.  It was a good start.

-To Be Continued soon in Unethical Instructions, a crossover story with The Making of a Chubby Chaser

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