Story Preview: The Making of a Chubby Chaser

Making a Chubby Chaser
A Smuthunter Story

Those big pale tits were jiggling like jello with every thrust and Jake couldn’t stop pumping. He didn’t really want to though, he didn’t really want anything, just to stare at those beautiful pale mounds of flesh.

A trickle of drool was running down the corner of his mouth as his body kept going like a machine working on a factory line. His cock was thrusting in and out, halfway out all the way in, over and over, and he watched the creamy white flesh bounce, oblivious to how good the pussy he was fucking felt.

Oblivious to how swollen and eager his cock and balls were.

Oblivious to everything.

Jake just kept fucking.

Then he heard her say, “Squeeze them chubby chaser” and as his hands started to massage the massive flesh of her chest he erupted in her so hard he passed out, his body collapsing in a heap on her plump frame.

She rolled him off of her gently then slid her hand between his legs.

His cock was sticky and mostly flaccid but it didn’t matter. She started to stroke him slowly until it started to bulge again.

‘That’s it chubby chaser, you know you’re not done for me, I’m not done with you yet.”

Jake’s body responded but his mind was away, lost in a dream of her massive breasts as she slid down on his cock, reverse cowgirl style.

Briefly his eyes flickered open as the head of his cock slid into her tight slit again. He saw the cascade of her pale yellow hair and the soft rolls of her love handles, and her wide cushiony ass, she was like a pudgy pyramid that had swallowed up his cock and his world.

Jake’s eyes closed again as the pleasure coursed through him like a sedative.

He didn’t think the words but his subconscious was filled with them, he was Sally’s sex toy now, her good little chubby chases.

Of course, it hadn’t always been like that…

“You look a little worn out.”

It had been a long day. Class, practice, now tutoring, it was a lot for anyone, especially a quarterback. Jake’s head was filled with dates, times, play calls, passing routes, audibles, page numbers, orders of operations, and everything else but the desire to study. His brain felt like it was at maximum capacity and despite what really did seem like her best efforts his math tutor Sally Hanes wasn’t really helping.

Sally wasn’t a math major by trade, or so she said. She was a psychology major, or going to be a teacher or something, but she was one of those smart girls that knew everything and she had come recommended by his old RA and friend, Ken.

She was a heavy girl with a pleasant face and long blonde hair. She was pear shaped, he guessed, maybe a little more than that, but not like one of those really heavy girls, or women, or whatever. She just had wide hips, a belly, thick arms, and a pair of those sloppy big girl tits that sort of spilled out everywhere.

They weren’t like those big tits you saw on fit girls, or like those tits that were too big for a short girl or whatever, they were just these big jiggley masses of boob that were kind of smooshed together by her bra and pretty much on display from her low cut top.

You couldn’t look at her without seeing those boobs, and you couldn’t really talk to her without accidently talking to those boobs either.

“Yeah, I am.” Jake’s eyes dipped down to the cleavage that was spilling up and out of her top, “I’m like, I can feel my brain storage is filling up you know?”

She smiled a little bit and nodded, and he watched as her cleavage jiggled, “Well, we’re almost done. Let’s just try and make it a little bit further, you’ll be glad you did, you’ll feel so much better if you go a little bit further with me tonight, right now. Let’s do it okay? Good.”

It had been like that all night with her, she had this way of talking that kind of covered all the bases, like it cut you off before you had an answer then gave you the answer she was looking for.

It was impossible to argue with her, mainly because she made it so hard to think of anything except what she sort of slid into your head.

He wasn’t really used to being sort of overpowered like this, he was a leader and a doer, a guy who always had a lot on his plate because he could handle it, but she did seem like she knew what she was talking about.

And the more she talked, the more she explained in her sort of forceful and self-supporting way, it felt like she was confusing him with how right she was.

Then, sometimes when she was explaining stuff he’d get a little sidetracked by the sight of her massive breasts, and thanks to the lighting they would really look great and inviting at a few angles. They looked really soft, like pillowy soft, and he wondered what it would be like to wrap them around his cock.

He’d think these thoughts then he’d realize she was explaining things to him again and he’d just sort of habitually agree with her so she wouldn’t know he was thinking about titty fucking her and was listening.

So far, it seemed like it was working, but the more she talked the harder it was getting to sort anything out.

Sometimes it almost felt like she was deliberately trying to say too much to him, and he would sort of check out again and find himself staring at those tits that were just as round and big as pressed together butt cheeks.

He’d nod and agree with her with and say “yeah” like he knew what she was saying, but really it was getting harder and harder to keep track of anything.

“Jake? Hello, Jake?” He shook his head and blinked a little. She was saying his name in a kind of playful way, sort of teasing him.

“Sorry, I um, I was…” What was he doing?

“You were just saying you were done.” Her voice was really melodic and it felt sort of certain, like she was used to knowing what she was saying, like all of her words were an expert’s words.

It felt good to listen to her, and it felt like trusting her was the right thing to do.

But, what she just said didn’t sound right.

“I thought we still had a little more to go.” He was feeling kind of foggy, way more out of it than he thought he was.

“That was half an hour ago. Please don’t tell me you can’t remember anything we just went over.” She was shaking her head and he felt kind of like an ass.

It wasn’t that he was lazy, or a bad student, or that he wanted to get by on his athletics, it was just that math wasn’t his thing.

“Alright, “ she sighed and leaned in a little closer so her cleavage was filling up most of his vision, “let’s go back to where we were and see if we can find out where you floated off… let’s just go back and try to find the moment…”

Her voice had become even softer, almost soothing and nurturing.

“…where you started to drift away… like falling asleep with your eyes open… feeling your mind needing to let go… too full of thoughts… too hard to think at all anymore…”

Those big plump pillows of breasts were right in front of his eyes and he was losing himself in those words. It felt like she was trying to put him to sleep, but she was right, he couldn’t think about anything else anymore.

“Just letting go and drifting away… finding the moment where you cannot hold on any longer… where it’s just too hard to hold on now… too hard to think at all… letting go… letting go now…”

Jake let out a little sigh floated away on those huge creamy tits that looked so fluffy just like big sleepy clouds.

He moaned as he felt something warm and wet and tight swallow up his cock, and he felt hands on his head guiding his face down into the endless depths of warm soft skin.

He got a text from Sally the next morning that say that said:
Good work yesterday, you really showed some progress. See you tonight.

He shook his head like he was trying to shake an idea loose. Last night had been good, he felt a lot better about a lot of what they’d gone over, but something else felt off. He’d had the weirdest dream about her, but he figured that was because he was so tired and the poor girl didn’t really bother to cover up those boobs of hers.

He was used to girls showing off in front of him, but Sally didn’t seem like she was doing it on purpose. She was a little too bookwormy to have bothered and she didn’t flirt or come on to him, or find an excuse to touch him, or anything really. She was just a sweet plump nerd girl who was helping him to pass a math class he should have already taken, and he’d basically fallen…


Inside her?

In the back corner of the library?

Did they fuck in the library?

His text to her read:
Hey, thanks for all the help. This is weird, did I fall asleep yesterday?

Her response to him:
Yes you did, for like 5 minutes, it wasn’t a big deal.

His response to her:
Did anything else weird happen?

Her: Like what?

Him: I don’t know. Sorry, so tired. OK, meet you there, same place?

Her: Library closes early tonight, come to my place. Off campus apartment, I have cheat books for you. Here is the address.

Him: OK, see you there.

            He’d had stranger dreams than he guessed he’d had. There were no dinosaurs, and there weren’t any taco truck-helicopters that made up his usual strange dreams though. It was just weird because she wasn’t his type at all. Yeah, those were some big old titties, but they were sloppy, and he liked fit girls, like his girlfriend.

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