Free Story: Liz Part 3, Liz’s Longing

Liz’s Longing
A Smuthunter Story

            “Yes Mistress, I hear and obey, I will take your coffee cup to the kitchen.” Liz looked Joan straight in her pale blue eyes, smiled at the look on her girlfriend’s face, then stuck her arms straight out in front of her. “How else may I serve you Mistress?”

            Joan just shook her head, “If I wanted you to call me mistress honey, believe me, you’d be calling me mistress.”

            “Yes Mistress, “ Liz smiled back over her shoulder and jutted her hip out slightly. Yoga pants did great things for her great legs and great butt, and she wanted Joan as distracted as possible.

            Her girlfriend, the woman that had hypnotized and seduced her, had been teaching her the finer points of hypnosis and would let Liz play the dominant in their play up to a point, but Liz wanted more.

She didn’t want the leash or the sense of simulation that Joan would give her, Liz longed for the power of real control. She wanted the unbridled force of personality that Joan imposed on her, the power that made Liz so hot and so vulnerable when she was on the receiving end of it.

            She’d tried a few months ago, tried to make a power play and covertly induce her lover into a pliable enough state where she could take that degree of control.

It didn’t work, and for a while after, the hungry desire to have that power in their play fell out of her mind like a loose change from a pocket.

It had to have been Joan’s doing, and the thought was both incredibly exciting and demoralizing. Not for the sense she was being violated because that wasn’t really what was happeing, but for the fact that she both didn’t succeed and that her girlfriend sent her back to square zero.

It wasn’t even square one, for a month or two the idea didn’t even exist in Liz’s mind. Now, it was back and it only made her longing grow.

Liz was too sharp, too well-versed in everything that had come into her life and changed her world to not come back with a better plan. Joan was good at what she did, she knew how to press all of Liz’s buttons, and knew how to use every tool at her disposal both subtle and overt.

            That was why Liz dropped a sleeping pill in her lover’s coffee. It wasn’t her proudest moment, but she was evening the odds. Joan had all those triggers buried in her head, and Liz just had her wits.

            It was also only half a pill, and it was decaf.

            And it wasn’t even a real “Sleeping Pill” sleeping pill.

            But, decaf!

Decaf, that was the real betrayal here.

            They’d had a long an wonderfully exhausting night before, slept late, and Liz decided to strike at breakfast.

            “Lizzie, baby?” The words floated from the living room out into the kitchen, and Liz blinked once, then twice, and whispered to herself, “I am awake, I am in control” under her breath.

            She’d given herself a special reactionary trigger, something to override the one Joan loved to use on her, the one that being completely honest, she loved to experience. But it wasn’t the time to give in, it was the time to take.
It was a simple process to give this trigger to herself. If at any time, Liz wanted to resist the trigger, she programmed herself to have permission to say the or think the words, “I am awake, I am in control”

            Maybe she could have dug into her own subconscious a little deeper, maybe she could have taken it out, but that wasn’t what Liz really wanted, and that wasn’t the only trigger in there, it was just the only one she knew and had figured out.

And that was also part of the problem, if there was a problem, she wanted it both ways.

            So, Liz let her voice drop, let it become soft and monotone, gentle, “Yes?”

            “Come to me Lizzie.” The voice was so strong, so rich and compelling, it took more than she’d expected to repeat the words “I am awake, I am in control” under her breath again, but she did.

            Liz walked with the same almost hesitant gate, let her eyes become glassy, and walked back out into the living room. It was Joan’s apartment, but it had become their apartment.

Liz walked back into their living room.

She’d been put into trance enough times, and was charismatic enough to be able to play the part to make it believable.

Sometimes the sweeter moments of being in love came out of nowhere; sometimes they were ever present and plain as day.

            “Did you…” Joan let out a long yawn.

            Liz, during that yawn, walked over to her girlfriend bent down and kissed her. She ran her fingers through Joan’s blonde hair and traced a fingertip down her cheek and to her neck, all in the longest and softest of kisses.

            Joan kissed her back on instinct, then pulled away to break the kiss, “What are you…”

            She was cut off again by another deep and loving kiss.

“You sound so sleepy.” Liz’s words were soft, and she let them sound almost like a yawn, like a dreamy and enthralled yawn as she continued to speak, “Nice and sleepy.”

Liz nuzzled up against Joan’s neck and started to rub her hands up and down the usually dominant woman’s arms, “Do you want to go to bed with me now?”

“Lizz….” Joan’s words were cut off again by another long kiss and Liz ran her hands up to her lover’s face, stroking down until the little tension in Joan’s body subsided again.

“I want to go to bed with you,“ again Liz’s voice was a drone, a passive and submissive tone that carried the weight of everything it had been trained to say.

Liz was being submissive, stating her desires to Joan, serving Joan’s desires by asking what she wanted, then agreeing, but this time it was before her lover could verbalize. Instead, the call and response of their usual rapport was shifted slightly, and Liz had hoped that Joan would be too fuzzy to catch it and instead fall into the trap.

“You’re still so sleepy, don’t you want me to go to bed with you?” Now Liz was running her fingers through Joan’s hair, massaging her scalp, almost whispering in her lover’s ear, voice still muted.

“Bed sounds so nice, so warm and soft, so sleepy, sleepy soft.” Those gentle fingers moved up Joan’s temples, and Liz kissed her again.

“Anything you want, “ she broke the kiss for just a second, before pressing herself even closer, “you want to go to bed yes, take me to bed, take you to bed and sleep?”

Every word was deliberate in that moment, picked to sound like something else, chosen to feel like something else, designed to disrupt the woman’s disoriented mind.

“You can’t go to bed like this.” Liz stopped her tender massage and went to pull Joan’s top off. When Joan didn’t fight, when she sighed and closed her eyes, Liz smiled, then dropped the discard clothing to the floor.

“You want your Lizzie to get you ready for bed, yes, read to sleep with your Lizzie.” She felt the pull, the anxious desire to inflect her growing authority, but Joan was just as keen as her, just as much of a gamesman as she.

“Sleeping with Lizzie is sleeping naked, taking Lizzie to bed is warm and tender, naked touch, “ as she spoke, she removed her own top. Liz hadn’t bothered to put on a bra or panties, and these little details were important facets of her plan.

Joan had opened her eyes, and blinked them shut once or twice more, but as she slid her hands around Joan’s back the powerful blonde opened her eyes again.

“Sorry, so…” the words came out in a confused yawn, “sleep?”

The bra came off with the question, and Liz let her hands cup her prey’s chest as she kissed her again.

Joan could have asserted herself, could have realized what was happening if Liz had only picked one attack, but there was too much stimulation all at once. Too many soft words in too confusing an order, too much gentle touching, and the smothering pull of sleepiness that was surging through her.

Liz had never planned to “roofie” her girlfriend, the added chemical effect was part of her overload and confusion approach. It was one more thing Joan had to try and juggle, and since Liz was intimately familiar with the woman’s play book of seduction and domination, it was easy to step just far enough ahead to keep her off balance.

“You want to take me back to bed, to sleep, deep sleep with me, you want to sleep with me don’t you? You wanted to see my naked body, always making me undress first, like now, like always, always now, now it’s time to sleep with me.” Liz snuggled her face against Joan’s again and let her body go limp, then moaned the word “sleep” one more time.

“Too sleepy to take my pants off now, “ Liz had put on yoga pants and a tank top, where Joan had gotten fully dressed, “help me please, stand up with me and help me please.”

It wasn’t too hard to pull Joan up to her feet when Liz stood, and she watched as those pale blue eyes opened again, “So sleepy, don’t know if I can give you…”

This time when Liz kissed her, she put her hand between her girlfriend’s legs, pressing up against her jeans, and let her middle finger start to slowly do the work.

            She broke the kiss and smiled, “I’ll do everything, I’ll take care of everything for you, just the way you want, you want to take off my pants, take me to bed, so sleepy, warm.”

            Joan’s hands were surprisingly deft as the strange run-on-sentences bouncing around in her head made it impossible to remember what was her idea and what was something she just heard.

            Liz stood naked in front of her girlfriend and watched as she rocked slightly, barely able to stand on her own feet. The jeans came down, and the panties too, “almost ready now, ready for bed, ready for sleep, step out of your clothes and come to sleep with me.”

            Joan did as she was told, and Liz led her back to the bedroom to sit on the edge of the bed.

“I’m so tired” came out as “Mmm, so huh” as Joan, fighting the urge to close her eyes, tried to apologize for, or realize what was happening.

“You look like you’re feeling so sleepy Joan, so very sleepy.” Liz still let her voice stay in the range of deeply hypnotized girlfriend, but a wicked smile stretched across her beautiful face.

“You’re feeling so very sleepy Joan, so sleepy, close your eyes and sleep.” With those words, Liz’s hand moved back between Joan’s legs, and she started to kiss her lover again.

Her other hand ran through Joan’s hair.

            “Let me make you feel good, you always want me to make you feel good.” Liz was still careful not to break character as she spoke, then returned to the kiss.

They kissed and kissed until Joan could only be kissed, and that was when Liz’s finger slid from teasing and tracing the edges of her lover’s slit and toying with her clit, into a much more purposeful massage.

Naked on the bed, above the covers Joan came hard and came quickly. It drained the last of her desire to stay wakeful and to hold any semblance of being aware. She fell into a deep sleep in her lover’s embrace.

And she woke up with a silk scarf tied across her mouth.

“I want you to understand that I love you so much Joan, I do. And I know what you love and what you like. I know everything about you.” Joan’s eyes opened to see Liz sitting in the same chair, at the same angle, that Joan had been sitting in their first night together, clothes back on and a smile on her face.

She felt soft fabric bound around her wrists and realized she was tied to the headboard of the bed. It wasn’t the most unpleasant thing she’d ever woken up to.

            “I know that you love me just as much as I love you, I know that what we have is very real, and I know you know I respect that, and I respect you. I know you love me and you would do anything for me, so I’m just making sure you will. You see, my love, you’re too strong and too skilled for me to get what I want otherwise.”

            Joan watched her smoke, taking long thoughtful drags, like an art student or a philosopher digging deep into an idea, and Joan felt something stir between her legs.

            It was a raw heat, a rush of excitement. She knew she was bound up, she knew she was gagged, or at least muffled so she wouldn’t be able to use her triggers, and she hadn’t seen any of this coming. Even as it was happening, it didn’t feel like this. It felt like she’d triggered her girlfriend, then realized she wasn’t really as awake as she’d thought, and that was it.

            And that, that right there was so fucking hot.

It was so hot, it almost too hot to imagine what her sweet submissive Lizzie would do to try and break her, or dominate her. That was, after all, what this had to be about. Her girlfriend’s desires had returned, and this time she’d played them closer to the vest, and worked out another way to make her dreams come true.

It gave Joan a better understanding of her own prowess and what she did to people. And, like a damned up river being set free, a wave of erotic pleasure cascaded from the back of her head all the way down her spine

            Liz smiled with a deep and wicked joy when she saw her girlfriend’s eyes sparkle with realization. “You’ve given me so much, and you’ve taught me so much, but you’ve never let me show you anything new. Now, baby, you’re not letting me do anything and that’s the first little pleasure of submission I want to teach you. I want you to feel the joy of being preyed on, of being chosen because you’re so sexy, you’re so beautiful, you’re so special that I just have to have you the way I want you.”

            Liz stopped for a second then laughed, took another puff and shook her head, “Okay, wow, sorry I just realized how that sounded out loud. Joan, baby, you picked me, now I’m picking you, that’s what I’m trying to say. That, and I’m going to use everything you taught me to teach you how wonderful you’ve made me feel.”

            “You let me hypnotize you before, willingly, and you taught me how.” She was measuring out her words, taking in a slow drag, letting the smoke curl out as she exhaled. It helped her feel elegant, it helped her keep the leverage she’d won so far. “But it was always on your terms, it was always in this little space you made, you were still always in real control and I know it.”

            “But that just means a part of you I already used to me, used to going away just little, down into that soft and fluffy light trance you let me put you in. So, it’s going to be so easy for you to sink into the sound of my voice very soon. Your eyelids will start to feel heavy, your world will start to slow down as you just breathe in and out, here with me, safe with me. Deep down inside, you know this is what you want, just to be close, to share with me.”

            Liz had been trying to teach herself how to blow smoke rings but she was still a ways off, so instead, she just modeled the pattern for smoking after Joan’s. By assuming her modality, mimicking her body language, she could disarm Joan even more completely, and it would only add to the challenge, to see if Liz could out-work her lover with the same tools.

            “But don’t surrender to me yet, even though you know inevitably you’re going to sink very deep down, all the way down into trance for me. Don’t just give up now, even though it’s what you really want so deep down inside. Don’t think about it, don’t focus on the inevitable and don’t fight it, not yet.”

Liz smiled as she saw the recollection in Joan’s eyes and her attempt to smile with a gag in her mouth. Liz let out a little laughing puff of smoke, “Besides, you wouldn’t want to just drop, just drop, “ she snapped her fingers and Joan’s eyes fluttered.

“I know you’re trying to trick me baby,” and Liz laughed again as Joan opened her eyes. “But, you already fell for my tricks and that’s why you’re here so I won’t be falling for yours.”

Liz put the butt of her cigarette in the a small ashtray on the bedside table and started to toy with another one in one hand while igniting and disengaging her lighter in the other.

She had shifted her gaze slightly, to give the impression of eye contact, baiting Joan to try and lock on, to try and see if her compromised lover would try and will her into trance though her eyes alone. It was a deliberate choice to try and inspire the woman to spend more of her mental energy and focus on other places, to once again get Joan off balance.

From the moment Joan had opened her eyes, Liz had been trying, seeing if she would take the bait of more deliberate and obvious attempts, ones that were also priming the pump in other directions.

“I think, “ Liz let her voice become deliberately more humble and self-conscious, “I think I could have taken you earlier, but I didn’t watch to push my luck. You know, I mean, you know how it is when you’re trying it out yourself the first time.” The lighter flickered to life and the tip of the cigarette moved closer, then the flame died.

“I’ve never really wanted to try it all by myself, not with other people, not without you there with me, together with me. And all the times we’ve played together with other people, like at the Holiday Party, and with the new girl in accounting, you’ve let me shine…”

She flicked the flame of the lighter to life again, and held both up, getting closer than the last time before stopping, and laughing a nervous but manufactured little laugh, “but you have to be careful and confident when you’re taking someone all the way down, especially when you’re by yourself.”

She leaned in a bit closer to Joan, “I know I told you I want to teach you how good it feels to be powerless, and I could. You’re all tied up, I could just start playing with you and teasing you, and treating you like my little bondage princess but…”

It was easy to make her hesitation sound genuine, there was a part of her that truly felt this way, but it was much smaller and not nearly as hungry as her dominant side had become.

“But I want to hypnotize you, and I almost wish there was another you,” again the flame came to life, and again she made to ignite her smoke, but came short and stopped. “A you to help me, to think about what she would do, what another you could do to help me and make me feel confident and loved, to make me feel powerful and self-assured as I take you. I wish you would help me the way you always do, and I try to think about what you would say or do, how you would seduce someone as strong and skilled, and as deeply submissive as you are, you are aren’t you?”

Nothing Liz was saying was dishonest, or deceitful, but Joan knew the game.

Still, there was an emotional side of her, one more powerful than her pride, one that did want to give her girlfriend everything, even if it meant giving up control. It was hard though, because even if Liz was right, even if deep down inside there was a submissive Joan, it wasn’t what she felt.

The words came and went, and every line of thought looped around, like the soft cords binding her arms and keeping her silent. It was hot, hot to be sought after like this, and hot to toyed with, even if it wasn’t her natural desire or instinct.

It was more for the flattery than the function, and Joan never felt more loved in her life than at the moment her girlfriend was trying to hypnotically dominate her. It made her smile.

And in a close second, the fact Liz wouldn’t just light that damn cigarette was driving her crazy.

Mainly, because she really wanted a smoke herself.

“I know you probably remember the first time you had me here better than I do,“ Joan listened to her lover’s almost wistful voice. “How your words were enough to tangle me up more than any physical restraint ever could, and seduce me more completely than any touch.”

What she was saying was true.

“But, I think we both know that no matter how hard I try, I don’t have the same skills you do.” Joan watched Liz stand up then lie down on the bed next to her. Liz had put her yoga pants and tank-top back on by the time Joan had opened her eyes.

It was a visual symbol of dominance, and it had been frustrating as hell watching her put her un-lit cigarette and her lighter down on the table before snuggling up. At least the smell of the last one took the edge off a little.

“But we both know I have other skills, “ Liz rain a fingernail down Joan’s stomach, down between her legs. “Close your eyes; you can’t really see me from this position. Unless…”

A single fingertip dipped into Joan’s slit, “…Unless you’re afraid of your eyes being fixated on one single spot.”

On the word spot, Liz traced that fingertip up to Joan’s clit and started to massage it with the same absent-mindedness she’d played with the lighter.

“And I could stay here next to you, I could tease you right to the edge over and over, wearing you down until you would cum right down into trance…”

Liz stopped, licked her finger, then got off the bed and went back to her chair, “…but I don’t know if that would really work nearly as well as your techniques.”

Her voice had become a little higher, a little more playful, “I’d hate to get you so close, to get myself so close to the edge of what I really want, what you want so badly baby, and come up short. So, let’s try this, let’s see if I can’t drop you down, let’s see if I can’t hypnotize you without your help.”

She picked up the cigarette and the lighter again, “Don’t get distracted by the heat baby, don’t let your mind wander down to the growing warmth between you legs. It’s not like one little touch could set off a chain reaction, “ she flicked the lighter to life again, then let it die out, “that will just keep going inside your mind. It’s not like you’ve ever made me cum with just your words, so we both know that could never happen, and there’s no way you could ever cum into a deep trance, like a fire burning all the way down into such deep darkness is there?”

Liz brought the smoke up to her lips, the lighter less than an inch away, “Oh wait,” her arms fell to her sides again, “you have done that. And I wonder if I had you helping me, what solution would you cuuuuuum up with,” she laughed a little and despite the obviousness of it all Joan did feel a little more heat between her legs, “to solve your own puzzle, to untangle your own mystery?”

The lighter came to life then died over and over again, “It’s a good thing you can’t talk, otherwise you might start giving me the answers. You might feel this urge in the back of your mind, this tug almost, or maybe this hunger right between your legs, it wouldn’t matter, just to get there, because you couldn’t solve this puzzle until you recognized that you want to surrender, you want to sleep, and you want to give in to me. Everyone wants to give in, you said that yourself.”

It was true, those were her words, but Joan understood the deeper truth of her words. It was a broad concept, a line of argument and logic used to include the subject in the experience to help them acclimate to the process of entering trance.

Joan knew that, and she knew what Liz was doing by saying it, she just couldn’t do anything about it. It was pointless to deny to herself how hot all of this was, and yes, she finally admitted to herself, a part of her did want to surrender, but even though this was almost the ideal situation it still wasn’t what she wanted.

But Liz’s words came back to her; Joan was learning to be powerless. And yes, there was something compelling about the idea of how Joan would approach entrancing herself.

There was something fundamentally engaging about experiencing what she had done not just to her girlfriends, but to many others in many different ways.

“You know,” the lightered flickered again just inches from the tip of the cigarette, “I could tell you to try not to think about how you would hypnotize yourself. I could warn you that you’ll just end up putting yourself into a trance for me because all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, and when you’re quiet and focused on one idea, like now, you’re really just meditating on the idea and meditating is a form of self-hypnosis isn’t it? But would that be enough to push you a little further down the road? Is that how you would trick yourself?”

The lighter came to life again and that little flicker of light was like the pulse of arousal that flared between Joan’s legs and made her subconsciously rub her thighs together.

“Out of all the techniques you know, would you try progressive relaxation?” The smoke was up by her lips, the lighter flared then faded.

“Play along?” It came a little bit closer.

“Or would you just look deep into your own eyes, and say sleep?”

The tip of the cigarette caught flame, and a strange sense of relief flowed down Joan’s spine.

She realized too late what was happening, as her eyes became locked on Liz’s, curls of smoke flittering up from her girlfriend’s lips, “sleep.”

Joan let out a moan and blinked.

“Cum to sleep Joan.” This came after a ponderously long drag and an elegant exhale that floated like a kiss. “Cum to sleep.”

She let out another moan, a groan of ecstasy that was muffled by her gag, and then her world was black.

Joan wasn’t consciously aware of her girlfriend snuggling up next to her entranced body, wasn’t aware of the soothing words pouring into her unconscious mind, or the tender caress of fingers between her legs every time Liz whispered, “Good girl Joanie” in her ear.

Joan opened her eyes and yawned. It had been a long, lazy, Saturday.

‘Oh good, you’re up.” Liz walked into the living room from the bedroom and it took Joan a moment to put together that she’d been sleeping on the couch.

Joan looked up at Liz and smiled.

“There’s been something I’ve been wanting to ask you.” Joan yawned again in reply. Part of her wanted to say ‘can it wait a minute, I just woke up’ but instead she smiled.

Liz smiled back, and something flickered in the back of Joan’s mind. That smile, the gorgeous and devious smile was a warning.

“Will you be a good girl and lick my pussy Joanie?”

“Yes Mistress.” Inside her own mind, even as the words escaped her lips, Joan laughed at herself. Even as the tranquility of submissive consumed her, she felt proud of her lover.

She also felt the most profoundly simple and uncomplicated desire to obey, she needed to be a good girl for her Mistress.

The End.

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