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Day 4: Foot Stuff Friday with “One True Mistress”

Hello, and welcome to a new mini-blog, TUBE-NOSIS, it’s a place where for the month of January 2019, I’m going to watch a female hypnotist’s video a day and provide a rundown based on the watching experience.

Content reviewed in this blog is both vanilla, and erotic. While you should always approach anyone with respect and courtesy, please do not approach vanilla people about your kinks and fetishes as that is not the business they are in.

Day 4: Foot Drone by One True Mistress

Video Link: Here

13 minutes

Was I hypnotized?
I was, and as you’ll read again in this piece, your milage may vary. Her induction is smooth, and direct, so it may not take as well with you.

Why This Video?
So first off, for clarification, it’s a static image with audio.
Full disclosure, One True Mistress (aka Rose, formerly Crystal as per her channel) is a friend, and I’ve done some live sessions with her. She’s very hypnosis first and has some cool technique.
I asked her if she had anything she wanted featured on this blog and she sort of shrugged and said, “I guess, but it’s not good and I hate it”.
Buuuut, me being me, I was like, “Whatever, it’ll be fine, I’m doing it.”

Is This Erotic?
Yes, yes it is. More so if, unlike me, you’re into foot stuff.

Are There Any Suggestions, Triggers, or Post Hypnotic Suggestions?
Yes, masturbation is alluded to, contacting her is overtly “suggested”, so is foot obsession.

What About The Rest of Her Channel?
Some super old low quality (her words, not mine) stuff that I haven’t watched.

Other Thoughts/About The Hypnotist?
So this offering is, I think, an important example of making content. Doing this stuff is hard, it takes practice, and it takes a willingness to try. There’s some wet mouth in this audio, there’s some clear improvising which is good, you want a Domme who can think on her… wait for it… feet, and there’s a lot of just doing the damn thing effort.
You’ve seen and you will see more polished approaches, but the world’s not all polish, and this is a video from a skilled hypnotist who is getting her feet wet.
Pun, basically intended.
It’s also flat out real hypnosis, and real foot fetish content, so there you go!

If you don’t like foot stuff, this isn’t for you. If you want to try sample someone new trying new things, give this video a shot. After all, it’s free, and it could turn you into a foot person!

Contact me HERE with your thoughts, your suggestions for other videos, or anything else for that matter.

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