Story Preview: NLP, Nobody Likes Patricia

NLP: Nobody Likes Patricia
A Smuthunter Short

            “Oh my god, Chris, I have to tell you something, it’s sooooooooo important.”

            Chis could feel his eyes rolling into the back of his head as soon as he heard Trixie’s voice. No, that wasn’t it, it was as soon as he smelled her strawberry  stripper perfume.

            “Yes Patty?” He sighed out his response, tired of her before she could even tire him out, and calling her by one of the 4 or 5 names she had was just passive aggressive spite.

            “God, come on, no one calls me that. I’m Trixie and you know it silly.” She hit him on the arm before scrunching up her pretty face into the valley girl version of grievously serious.

            Patricia, who went by Trixie, which was the fun version of Trish, which was the not-a-boring-cat-lady-named-Pat short version of her name, was as blond and as vapid as they came without being too much of a bimbo to function. She was the kind of dumb that didn’t make her an idiot, just irritating.

            “Sorry, Trixie,” it was like she’d intentionally decided to get by on her looks ever since her tits came in, and one of the problems with growing up with someone was that you were stuck with them, and the memories of them. “What is it?”

            “Chris, don’t be mad at me but,” today she was actually and not ironically dressed like a school girl: plaid skirt, black shoes, white blouse that was showing off the E’s that made sure none of the nerdy guys at their university let her get F’s, and her long shampoo commercial blond hair hanging down over her shoulders, “I’ve been accidently brainwashing people like, like forever I think.”

             “Yeah, no duh, it’s called flirting, and showing off your…” he looked down at her chest, then back at her face. She was pretty, there was no denying that, and he’d had a crush on her on and off until he realized she was a lost cause. “And it’s why no one likes you.”

            She giggled and shook her head, “What do you mean no one likes me?”

            “Oh god, I’ve told you this before, the reason you don’t have any really good friends is because you steal everyone’s boyfriends, or you lead people on and dump them hard, and you just don’t think about what you do.” Part of growing up with someone, with ending up going to the same local college, and secretly, deep down, having to face the fact you cared about someone even if they bugged the shit out of you, was sometimes you had to tell them hard truths.

            “Oh that, pfft.” She ran a finger through her straight blond locks and then laughed. “No, people like me until I decide I don’t like them. That’s what I mean. It’s like, it’s like I get people to do whatever I want and they’ll just do anything for me and then when I’m done with them they don’t know how or why they let me do that to them. And like, the first person I did it to was myself. Because no one did used to like me, nobody likes Patricia, not even me, so I changed me, then I used what I changed me with to change other people.”

            “You’re saying you brainwashed yourself with your boobs?” Chris was shaking his head about all of it, every last part of this conversation.

            She let out another pfft.

“Ob shut up and listen okay. No, I wanted to be a certain way when we were younger, and I just started thinking that way, and I started using words and ideas about that kind of way of being, and I started to change the way I thought about myself, and how my thoughts sounded, and what I called myself, it’s called re-framing and it’s real and it works, and I re-framed myself, and I guess I’ve been doing it to other people ever since.”

            He had no idea what she was talking about.

            “And it’s like, like I didn’t know the term for it until yesterday. And it was like the more I read the more I sort of saw myself and everything I do. So much stuff is boring to me you know, but this was just the first thing in forever I was really interested in, and I couldn’t stop reading.”

            Before she’d really become who she was now, Patricia had been more intellectually curious and Chris remembered her as a reader. So this, whatever the fuck it was she was talking about, was refreshing in that regard.

            “There’s this way of talking to people where you mirror them, or where you lead them and they start mirroring you, and then there’s hypnotic language, and and there’s hypnosis too, and it’s totally something I’ve done to guys.” She’d become sincere and serious, but her voice was so soft and bubbly it just made everything she was saying sound even more absurd.

            “Yeah Trixie, I know, I’ve seen your boobs.”

            She laughed and grabbed his upper arm, “Oh god, you know?”

            “What? That guys do anything for boobs, yeah. I’m a guy too.”

He was.

            “I’m serious. I figured out how to flirt with people, and talk to them, and talk them into letting me hypnotize them, mainly with my boobs, into thinking things the way I wanted them to, using my words and my thoughts, and not knowing why.”

            They’d been walking together across campus, moving towards the adjacent off-campus housing where they both lived, and Chris was laughing. “You’re telling me you’ve been seducing people for years, changing their minds with your charms and your chest, and you’ve created a system to what’d you call it, re-frame them?”

            She stopped walking again, “No, re-framing is part of the tools. I’m actually totally brainwashing people. I’m making them change their priories and hold two contrary ideas in their mind at the same time, that they’ve both reconciled as true, and having them act against their own interests. That’s the definition of brainwashing.”

            Her soft, bubbly, enthusiastic voice made it impossible to take what she’d just said seriously, especially because while it sounded just like her, those were not words she’d use in any sort of conversation.

            “You sound kind of arrogant Trixie, more than usual.” He’d started walking again.

            “I’ve been brainwashing you too Chris.” She was a few steps behind him.

            He stopped.

            “I have. Not in the same way, but I know your patterns, I know how to disrupt your mental patters and get you to change your mind and do things. But it’s different because I just make you want to stay friends with me even though you don’t like who I am.”

            “That’s not funny Trixie.” He’d gotten too annoyed, and worse, it all sounded close enough to being true that it was making him a little angry.

            “I’m not joking Chris. It was an accident though, but it’s actually happened.” She said she wasn’t joking, but everything she said was still in that soft bubbly voice and it made her sincerity sound laughable.

            “Bullshit.” He’d caught himself from swearing at her or from being meaner than he’d intended.

            Trixie had caught up to him and was well within his personal space, her hands on both his biceps, “It’s not bullshit and I’ll show you.”

            She started to rub his arms, “I know you too, you’re curious, and you’re confused, and you like, don’t want to think that this is real, but it’s also like, how could it not be. So why don’t we go back to my place and I’ll hypnotize you. And if I can’t then you can feel better about everything and I’ll just be wrong, right?”

            “You don’t have to sell me on this, and I’ve seen more of your boobs every day more than anyone except you. You just sound, you sound like…” He rolled his eyes. “Fine, fine. I mean I’m the skeptic here right.”

            “See, you’re doing what I want already. Now tell me about your day, catch me up.” She put her arm in his and guided him back to her place as they just made regular small talk like they always did.

            Then, they were in her bedroom.

            “Now it’s different with other people because they don’t know it’s coming. It’s covert hypnosis then, lots of distractions, lots of naturally falling into the same speaking rhythms, and they have something they want from me, with guys it totally obvious right? But with girls they have a want too, so I sort of play them out gently and since I’m me, I carry myself this way, other girls respond a certain way too. But you’re just you, and I’m just me.”

               Trixie had kept physical contact with Chris as much as possible ever since the first touch earlier, and now she was snuggled against him as they sat on her very pink bed in her very pink room.

            “Plus,” she rested her head on his shoulder, “you already know me and you trust me, and you’re already doing little innocent things the way I want you to, like liking me enough to not realize you don’t like all of me. Because really Chris, nobody likes Patricia.”

            He wanted to push her away and then roll his eyes, but she’d leaned on him a little too much for that, so he settled with the eye roll she couldn’t see, but would hear in his voice, “Uh, I know you go by Trixie now, but your name’s Patricia and you’re sounding kind of schizo.”

            She giggled, “Sort of, yeah, maybe, but not really. It’s like, names are labels right? They have qualities they mean things, because they’re like words right, and words mean things. So it means something that when I tell you I’m hypnotizing you right now, it means that I’m hypnotizing you right? Well it means something to be something or someone, and sometimes it’s just like this thing we want to be isn’t the label for us, and like my name doesn’t match me now. And people like me, but people didn’t really like Patricia, I didn’t. So now I tell people I’m Trixie, because I want to be liked and nobody likes Patricia.”

            As she explained everything in that round about way she’d stopped snuggling up to him and straightened herself, all while staring at him with her soft wide pale green eyes. Meanwhile, Chris wanted to point out that this ‘new’ rebranded version of her really wasn’t all that charming.

            “And I’m not developing dissociative personality disorder Chris, I’m not separate people, I’m just a better version of the old, but the old me is still there, because after I’m done with people, it’s still the old me people don’t like. It’s the old me that’s confusing you. But, I’ll make it simple, because I’m really serious about all of this. Did the old me have boobs? Like, did the old me have these big beautiful boobs? Like, did I act the way I do now, did I like what I like now, was I as nice as I am now when I didn’t have these beautiful breasts?”

            Chris had half-expected her to strip out of her top, but instead she just pushed her chest forward a little and pointed down at them with both hands.

            “It’s funny now, as you think about it, it’s like you’re remembering that I wasn’t so nice to you was I, not before these grew all the way in. I used to lead you on, I used to keep you in the friend-zone, I knew you liked me, but before I really grew into who I was supposed to be, I took advantage of that didn’t I?”

            It was weird, in that one moment he felt an overwhelming urge to agree with her. Chris felt himself nodding along with his friend as he puzzled over the facts.

            “Look at you nodding,” Trixie giggled. “See, it starts with little agreements. We had lots and lots of little agreements since we knew each other for so long, and when I really realized what made me happy as a person, I started to lead you away from your crush on me even as I started getting more fuckable. Like, if you really thought about it, like, if you had some perspective I guess, you’d be like ‘how could I not want to fuck Trixie’ right?”

            Chris’s eyes were still following Trixie’s fingers down to her breasts as they just rose and fell with her breath because they’d gone from just pointing to circling, like her finger guns were directing traffic.

            “So you’re saying that since you grew up and got more mature, and stopped leading me on, you also brainwashed me? Where did you even get these ideas?” He shook his head and rubbed his eyes as much in disbelief as when he realized she’d said her breasts, those breasts she’d lured him into staring at, were a crucial part of her hypnotic approach.

            “I was doing research for my psych paper and I was talking to the bookstore girl, you know the one who runs the used one downtown, she’s kind of bookish, but with like way bigger tits than mea nd really cute glasses? I told her I was interested in how people think and stuff, and she was too cause she was a psych major when she went here. And she gave me this book by this other professor at this other big school and… oh god I’m blabbing. No, listen, I trained you how to think about me.”

            Once more Chris shook his head. This time though it was because Trixie was finally acting like a college student. She’d found something new and interesting and gone all in on it. It was like when Chris got into The Clash and wouldn’t shut the fuck up about ‘the only band that matters’.

            Once again, sitting next to him on the bed, she moved to lean against him. They had adjusted to face each other moments before, but now she’d turned to rest her head on his shoulder, “See you’re letting me do what I want right now. Like, another guy would be uncomfortable like this, because he’d be thinking of how hot I am and he’d be thinking about my boobs,” her fingers were tickling his bicep as she pressed herself as close to him as possible, “but you’re comfortable here with me, because I taught you how to think about me.”

            He sighed, ‘Okay, fine Trixie, how’d you brainwash me, specifically.”

            “Hey, “ she giggled, “I thought you were going to let me try and hypnotize you?”

She stopping her tickling stroke along his arm and squeezed it instead.

            “Come on, you were just talking about how you’ve trained my brain or something, I was just asking.”

It wasn’t ‘not’ nice having her close to him, but she’d been touchy feely for a while. Really, ever since it was clear they’d never be an item.

            “Ugh, yeah, you’re right. It’d be better if you just agreed and stopped asking questions and stuff. But here’s how I did it. It took a while, like a year before I really had you in the right head space, and then I still do little things all the time, like duh of course I do, but basically, I started talking to you like a girl I wanted to manipulate into like me as a friend. I was nice a certain way, I was withholding a certain way, and gave you negative reinforcement sometimes, just so when I gave you positive reinforcement other times it would be more clear. And like, what really did it was I was just super consistent. And that’s why you don’t like Patricia, because she’s not consistent.”

Trixie giggled again and made sure to stay pressed super close against him, and never lifted her head from his shoulder.

            Once again, hearing those words with that ridiculous voice just made everything she was saying sound and feel crazy. “That really doesn’t… no, you know what, that does sound super manipulative and, well, I still don’t believe you even though it does, maybe sound like something someone would do.”

            “It’s okay,” she stood up slowly, adjusted her skirt, then turned around to face him, “what’s happening now is your ego is making you think you couldn’t be controlled like that. And that’s just totally the point of all of it. You’re not supposed to realize it, you’re not supposed to realize your wants are really my wants, and that’s what makes my boobs so hypnotic.”

            He was sitting there on the bed and as much as he wanted to put his head in his hands and sigh, or just leave the crazy world he was sitting in, he stayed.

            “See, if you want to look down my top, and just stare at them in a sweater, or whatever, you know, you don’t realize that when I’m letting you, when I’m making it easy, and I don’t mean you, you, you know what I mean right, I mean you, when I make it easy for you, not you, just the you, you, to stare at my boobs, you don’t know, you know, that you’re doing what I want, because it doesn’t matter since it’s what you want, but when I want it, and you, not you, just you are doing what I want, then I get what I want, right?”

            One more button on her blouse had come undone and the cleavage that seemed to have defined his friend’s life was now fully on display. Her pale pink bra was even showing in parts.

            His head was spinning a little from her long rambling series of you’s and right’s, and want’s, and he didn’t even hear her question.

            “Right Chris?” She nodded like she was waiting for him to agree, but she’d just started rambling,

“I guess.”

           He said it without any real conviction, and even though her boobs were basically on full display, and even though he was looking up at her and them, he wasn’t really staring. Instead, he was still doubling back on everything she just said. As Trixie spoke the sentiment seemed to make sense, but her words were all over the place and he didn’t know if he really got what she meant or just felt like he did.

            “So, it’s like you and me. You see me, like, you see my boobs, and you used to stare at me, and I do mean you, not them you, just you, like you know, in general you would stare at them, especially Freshman year here you are, staring at them, but you’re not really staring because you learned that you shouldn’t really stare, just see them and sort of not think about them, because I taught you, how to just be able to see them and forget them, like even though they’re such a big deal, they’re so hypnotic that they hypnotized you, with me working on you, into not noticing or thinking about them, and forgetting about Patricia’s breasts and just knowing that Trixie has great boobs, see what I mean?”

            Once more her chatter had become an endless sort of noise of confusing articles, and he was still trying to listen to what she was saying even after she was done saying it.

            Her blouse fell to the ground, and it was just Trixie in her bra standing over him, “See what I mean Chris?”

            “Uh,“ again he was at a loss, not sure of what he was being asked, and honestly it was irritating him that this had happened again, “I guess?”

            “You see Chris, all that time with me, I’d show you, and then I’d reinforce a certain kind of thought about me, and I’d show you, and repeat, and repeat showing you and slowly you learned that you just weren’t thinking about my boobs, and that’s really deep behavior conditioning, but like, look up okay. Look at my tits in my bra, and it’s time to get hypnotized by me now. More hypnotized than now, more hypnotized than you’re feeling now.”

            “Trixie, I’m not…”

            “Pfft, yes you are. You’re super relaxed with me because you’re always relaxed when you’re around me, and you’re super focused on what I’m saying, so much that you’re not thinking of anything else or noticing anything else at all, and you’re always so agreeable, but now you’re agreeing without thinking, and going along with everything I say, so why don’t you just admit you’re a little hypnotized by me.”

            Everything she was saying was having the effect of illuminating different things he was just becoming aware of. He was relaxed, he was focused, he couldn’t think about anything else, but he wasn’t going to admit it.

            “Okay, fine, don’t say it now, just agree with me not to admit it, and look at me, look only at me, see my chest, see my breasts, my boobs in my bra, and think about how if I were anyone else, how if you were any other guy, think about how it would feel to see me like this, looking at my boobs, listening to my voice, being…”

            She leaned in over him and started rubbing the back of his neck, “…so close to me. Think about how they would feel, how you would feel, and realize you’re starting to think about how beautiful and compelling my deep cleavage is now. Realize you’re starting to realize my boobs are entrancing you now, and when you do, when you finally agree, just say Trixie’s boobs are hypnotizing me.”

            He sat there for a while, and at first the same defiant spark that wouldn’t let him agree earlier was still burning bright. But the longer he stared, and the closer her breasts got to his face, the more he realized he couldn’t look away. Her touch on the back of his neck had moved into her massaging his temples and bringing his face so close to her cleavage he could almost kiss the tops of her breasts.

            He thought about how other guys would be lucky to be here, and how if it were someone else with a rack like hers he’d be in heaven, and slowly, he felt himself starting to melt down into her bed, sitting upright but sinking down.

            He just couldn’t think of Patricia that way, and as he stared he started to blink his eyes more and more frequently.

            “It’s okay Chris, you imprinted these tits as being Patricia’s tits, and nobody likes her, not even you. But I’m Trixie now, and these are Trixie’s boobs. Patricia, your old friend that you don’t even like, could never have manipulated you like this, and her tits couldn’t put you in a trance, but Trixie’s boobs are so hypnotic, and your friend Trixie knows all your secrets and knows where you’re vulnerable, I always have. And unlike the old me, the old mean Patricia, I’ve only made you feel good, like now, as my boobs keep pulling you deeper into hypnotized trance for me, don’t they?”

            As before, but in a quieter and softer world, Chris found himself utterly lost and confused by her question, “Uh huh.”

            It seemed like the right answer.

            “So since you agree, since you’ve finally accepted it, just tell me the truth, say “Trixie’s boobs are hypnotizing me.”

            Through half closed eyes, his voice came out devoid or sarcasm or ire, no longer irritated, just calm and flat, captivated and monotone, “Trixie’s boobs are hypnotizing me.”

            “That’s right Chris they are, and in a very special way too. No one else would ever get this kind of treatment, no one else would ever get to feel this good falling into trance for me. It’s because you’re special, and I’m nice. I’m not like Patricia anymore, I’m sweet and thoughtful, and I care about you. You know I do, and feeling this way is what being cared about feels like. Patricia never made you feel this way, because she never cared about you like me, and when you think about it, that just means she used you, and you don’t like people that use you, you don’t like Patricia, nobody does. Nobody likes Patricia do they? Not even you.”

            She’d stopped massaging his temples when he finally crossed over into a moderately deep state of trance, and instead, let her hands move to the back of her bra to unclasp it. As she told him how nobody liked the old her, that bra fell to the ground to join her blouse.

            “Do you like Patricia Chris? When she’s been so terrible to you?” She pinched both of her nipples as she asked him, “Look at my big perky nips and tell me the truth baby.”

            “Nobody likes Patricia.” She’d gotten his mind to jump the track and his call and response answer was just what she’d set him up to repeat, mirroring her words and internalizing her thought process as his own.

            “And aren’t my boobs so hypnotic Chris?” She pinched her nipples again, and bit her own lip as the pleasure of the sensation and seeing her handiwork was really turning her on.

            “Trixie’s boobs are hypnotizing me.”

            He’d paused for a moment before saying those words, and it looked like he would have just said yes, but the full sentence that had become a fulcrum for everything that was happening to him took that simple word’s place.

It was just what she had wanted.

            “And do you want to fuck my hypnotizing boobs Chris?”

            There was no mirrored answer for this, but her nodding was contagious, and though he didn’t answer verbally, his head did nod up and down.

            “Okay, I’ll let you. But my boobs are going to take you into an even deeper trance, and they’re going to hypnotize your cock too, No one else’s cock has ever been hypnotized by my boobs before, not like you.”

            “Trixie’s boobs are hypnotizing me, ” escaped his lips as she knelt down and pulled down his pants before adjusting his growing cock between her breasts.

            “My boobs are putting your cock into a very deep trance, just like they put your mind into hypnosis, and the deeper you sink, the harder you’ll get, and the harder you’ll get the closer to cumming you’ll be hypnotized into being. But when you cum, you’re not just going to blow your load all over my hypno-boobs, you’re going to forget all about that bitch Patricia, and that’s a good thing, it’ll simplify everything.”

            Chris, who felt like he’d fallen slowly but irrevocably into a parallel world where what was happening was completely beyond his control, just moaned as he watched his cock disappear between her breasts.

            “You’ll forget all about ever not, not liking Patricia, and you’ll forget all about her, and when you cum, you’ll realize there’s only Trixie, only me, only these hypnotizing boobs that make it so easy for you to always remember how nice I am to you, how sweet I am, and how much you love being my friend. You love it so much, you love me so much you’ll do anything for me, you’ll do everything for me won’t you?”

            He groaned again and once more, “Trixie’s boobs are hypnotizing me” replaced yes.

            She giggled at that response, “That’s right Chris, they are. But they’re just helping you with what you’ve always wanted. You don’t like being annoyed with me, and being bothered by me, but that’s just because you remember Patricia, and that’s not me anymore is it Chris?”

            He was rock hard and his cock was humming between her tits, “Nobody likes Patricia” was his only answer.

            She giggled again and squeezed his cock a little tighter between her breasts, “Buy you do like me, so I’m not Patricia, not anymore, and once I make you cum, once my boobs hypnotize your cock into cumming all over them, they will also hypnotize you into forgetting all about Patricia, so there will just be your friend Trixie, Trixie whose boobs make it impossible for you not to like, not to love, and not to obey, and why is that?”
“Trixie’s boobs are hypnotizing me.”

            “Good boy Chris, that’s right.” She’d figured out the depths of his automated mirroring responses, things she hadn’t fully thought through, but knew how to use now that she recognized them.

            “Now, you’re so excited about just liking me, just loving me, just wanting to do anything for me, you’re so deeply hypnotized in cock and in mind that you just need to cum now Chris, cum all over my hypno-boobs and forget all about what I told you to forget okay? And when you cum, tell me the truth about how you feel about Patricia.”

            His hips bucked up a little and she pressed down to meet him, smothering his cock, until he groaned, then she made sure to have the head pressed into her sternum as he started to climax, making sure his load splattered, where it would be the most visible.

            Chris’s voice, desperate and gasping moaned out “Nobody Likes Patricia” as his hot cum erupted between her breasts.

            He blinked then, and took a deep breath as the world came into new and sudden focus. His eyes met her pale green eyes, and she smiled, “Wow, that’s a lot of cum.”

            It was.

            “Oh god, Trixie I, wow, did you… did you make me do that?” He was panicking, shocked, and disoriented, but her smile calmed him down.

            “I did. My boobs hypnotized you into cumming all over. Just look at what they did to your cock.” She ran a finger through his mess, then rubbed it across her breast.

            “You didn’t believe me when I said I was hypnotizing and brainwashing people, and you didn’t believe me when I told you I was manipulating you. But why wouldn’t you believe me?” Her sweet, giggly, bubblegum voice was so innocent it masked the almost wicked and calculating light in her eyes.

            “I don’t know. I guess. I just though…”

            This was the moment of truth.

            “I just thought…”

            In his head the instinct was to say something, but what? Something sarcastic? Something dismissive? Something that wasn’t mean maybe, but at least impatient with his bimbo best friend Pa… No, he’d known her when she went by Patricia a long time ago, but she was a bitch then, and this never would have happened back when despite his better judgment he’d had a crush on her when she’d really been a bitch. But she was so nice now, Trixie was so sweet.

            “…you’re so nice now, why would you even need to?”

            That was his answer.

            “Well,” she was still playing with his cum, “not everyone is as nice and as understanding as you are. Not everyone can do this with me and still just be friends, not like you can. You’re such a good friend, I’m glad I finally got to hypnotize you and show you. Now, why don’t you go into the bathroom with me and clean up this big mess you made okay?”

            He did what she’d told him, and in truth he’d been doing it for years, but now there was nothing subtle about it. Now, Chris was truly brainwashed.