Story Preview: Yes Mistress(es)

Yes Mistress(es)
A Smuthunter Story

             “I heard Nina hypnotized you.” Carlie Grier was smiling like the cat that ate the canary. There was something feline about her, or at least graceful and confident.

            Jack always liked her. He liked her style. She had short auburn hair, just long enough to part to the side, and hazel eyes that looked a little larger than they were because of her glasses. She was stylish and she seemed to come in to the office with new frames every couple of months.

            Jack also liked her because she was a flirt. He liked her because she was charming and fun to talk to and had a good energy, plus she had what anyone would call a good body. That was where the feline comparisons came from, the way she moved, like a dancer or like a cat. She would arch her back in just the right way to accentuate the curve of her full cleavage, or twist just slightly to remind anyone that she had an ass that didn’t quit, but it was all done with a nonchalant sort of ease and confidence, so much so that it was something the men in the office felt more than noticed.

            Being married, Jack didn’t really go overboard admiring her the way other people did, but that was another reason why he liked her. He still liked to be flirted with; he still liked attention from attractive women.

            That was probably why things happened with Nina Torres the way they did, even though he didn’t know what they were.

            “Yeah, she uh…” he blushed a little, “yeah, she…”

            Carlie laughed, “She hypnotized you.”

            Then she laughed again, “She’s been taking classes, and we had a bet that she could hypnotize you, and she said she’d won. Was it fun?”

            They were sitting at a small table in his living room, and Carlie had come by to have a girl’s lunch with his wife Stephanie. That was another thing he liked about Carlie, she was friends with his wife and that helped with any suspicions from the missus, even though she had no reason to be suspicious in the first place.

            “I don’t really remember, honestly. We were talking in my office and she was talking about the classes she was taking and I guess she sort of slid me under. She must be really good right? I mean, do you know anything about this, you two are pretty close.”

            Carlie’s grin was still stretched across her slender lips, “We are, and you know who does not like Nina at all?”

            “My wife?” He also smiled now too. Nina was the kind of woman other women seemed to inherently dislike.

She was busty, bustier than Carlie and more prone to show it off. She was also what a lot of people would call vaguely ethnic because they didn’t know she was a quarter Hispanic and they just saw her as sort of not-white.

She was also a naturally sensual person, another thing people said when they didn’t know how to describe her being more comfortable with touch and with physical affection.

Calie nodded.

“Yet, the three of you have gone out and seem super friendly? I swear, girl politics makes no sense to me.” He shook his head.

“It’s just keeping your enemies close. And Steph is certain that Nina is trying to seduce you.” Carlie stopped, then archer her brow. “Maybe that’s why she wanted to hypnotize you? Are you under Nina’s power now?”

They both laughed again, but Jack was a little nervous, “I mean, maybe, I can’t really remember what she did. Could she have done anything weird to me? Is she really good, or do I just not know what I’m talking about.”

Carlie was wearing a thin white cardigan and a pair of flattering blue jeans and some sensible flats.

“So,” she paused for a good moment “I’ve gone to a few classes with her, not as many as she has, we actually did the introductory classes together, but I couldn’t do the next levels because of time constraints. And Nina’s good, but a lot of what makes her good is her personality. She’s so charismatic in her own way you know, she can pull people in and that makes her a good hypnotist, but a good hypnotist still can’t make you do anything you don’t want to do.”

It sounded like it should have been a relief to him, but it wasn’t.

Steph had become distant, and a little cold, and they’d been fighting a lot. She’d been talking about leaving and taking some time apart, but in that way an unhappy person comes up with simple solutions to deeper problems.

And yes, Nina was a remarkably attractive woman but that wasn’t who Jack was. He wasn’t the kind of guy who would step out on his marriage, and he wasn’t a quitter.

“And I’ll be honest with you, I don’t know as much as she does, but I think I could take you just as deep into trance as she did. I think I could put you in just as deep a trance and I could have your subconscious reveal anything she might have said or done while you were under. But, we don’t have to, because she told me everything.”

There was a twinkle in Carlie’s eye as she said “everything” and there was always a little bit of a challenge in the woman’s voice any time she got excited or engaged with something.

But, Jack didn’t necessarily know how he felt about two of the most attractive women in his life taking turns hypnotizing him in the middle of his marriage problems. Something about it seemed a little risqué but he didn’t really know what.

“I appreciate that Carlie, but I don’t really know if…”

She held her hand up, “Let me stop you right there Jack. When Nina hypnotized you, did she ask you for your permission first? Did she ever ask you if you wanted to, or would let her, or anything like that?”

It was all a bit hazy, even the parts he could remember, but he shook his head, “No, I don’t think so.”

“So,” Carlie pushed her glasses up with the subconscious practice of someone who did so constantly, “she just started talking to you and you went into a trance? She told me she used what is called a covert induction and conversational hypnosis. I don’t know any of that stuff first hand, it wasn’t in the classes I took with her.”

Nina had come into his office on a remarkably slow day last week, started talking to him about her interest in hypnotism, and then 45 minutes later he was waking up, feeling both remarkably confused and relaxed. Now, Carlie had switched over to what he called her “work bitch” voice, the tone she used when she was making sure everyone knew what was happening and why.

“But, what I do know is that if you could be put in a trance that way, what it means is that you wanted to be hypnotized even if you were aware of it or not. No matter how hard I tried right now, if you didn’t want me to hypnotize you I couldn’t, but when I say look into my eyes, and you do, we’ll find out what you really want. So, Jack, look into my eyes, look deep into my eyes.”

“Do we uh, Steph’s supposed to be…” He was feeling a little more apprehensive than he thought. For some reason it seemed ridiculous and inappropriate to be hypnotized by a woman and have her wife walk in on that. But, that didn’t really make a lot of sense to him in any rational way.

“Don’t worry about it, when the door opens you’ll come out of trance and we’ll just be talking. That is, if you want me to hypnotize you, which I think you really do.”

“Otherwise,” she laughed again, “you wouldn’t have asked about that and just said no. Now, look into my eyes.”

Jack found himself staring into her slightly too large hazel eyes.

“Our teacher for the introductory classes was a very accomplished hypnotist and she was very invested in our success. She took some time after one of our classes to tell me how lucky I am to have hazel eyes. She said it would make my eye fixation inductions naturally easier and more powerful.”

Carlie’s voice was still certain and direct, but Jack heard it drop into a softer range, a more sympathetic tone.

“She said that any time I wanted to hypnotize someone all I needed to do was to ask them to look deeper into my eyes and watch the way the color begins to change from green to brown or brown to green. I’m sure it’s something you’ve noticed already isn’t it, something you’ve seen but never consciously noticed before now.”

“I, yeah, that’s, I never…”

“I know, ” she waved a dismissive hand in front of his face with a theatrical flourish, “don’t talk right now, just look into my eyes and listen.”

“As you stare your eyelids will begin to feel heavier and heavier, like a wave of deep relaxation is starting to wash over you now. It can take as long as it needs to, and it is a very pleasant experience to look deeper into my eyes now, seeing the colors changing as the edges of your world become smaller and smaller.”

He blinked and felt himself almost immediately becoming detached, like a part of his mind, physically in the front of his skull, was starting to power down.

“You’re doing so well because we’re already so close, and you already feel a wonderful sense of deep trust with me, I’m easy to listen to, easy to be with, and as the colors continue to shift in front of your eyes, every time the green begins to fade it’s easier and easier to feel your eyelids growing even heavier and more relaxed.”

Jack blinked once, then twice as the sound of Carlie’s voice became all-consuming, “That’s it, you’re doing so well, just keep looking deeper into my eyes, and they next time your eyes close it can just feel right to let them stay shut.”

The color of Carlie’s eyes really was fascinating and enthralling, and her voice was so easily compelling and easy to follow. When his eyes closed he felt his body leading him, like it was one step ahead, and he sat back in his chair as his shoulders slumped down.

“I’m going to start counting you down now Jack, and as the numbers get smaller and smaller, you’ll be able to sink even deeper down. The deeper you sink the easier it will be for your conscious mind to let go of its thoughts and just drift along and follow me. As the numbers grow smaller it’s going to be even easier to just let your subconscious mind open up and feel all of your filters and inhibitions melt away.”

It all sounded so nice, and as he heard her counting down from ten to one Jack felt his body loosening and the volume of his thoughts turn all the way down. He felt like, and he wasn’t consciously aware of this, the world only existed in the moment and even though he was aware of what he was hearing, time had folded on itself in the soft and warm embrace of Carlie’s voice.

“Jack, I would like you to think of your memory as a movie now, something you can watch passing in front of your mind’s eye. You’re in a very deep and meaningful state of trance now, where it is so easy to feel the pull of my suggestions leading you. It feels so much nicer to be directed and guided, it’s a wonderful and soothing vacation from yourself to let your trust in me and in the sound of my voice guide you.”

In his imagination Jack started to see his mind as a viewing screen, as a display, a concrete means of viewing and not the nebulous sea of the organic imagination.

“Your subconscious mind is like a sponge, an endlessly deep pool of reception for everything in your life and mind. Everything that comes in sinks into the subconscious and we can find the memories you are going to watch now, even the memories you do not consciously remember you remember, like the last time you were hypnotized by Nina. Follow my voice and watch your memory, just watch until the memory movie ends.”

Words and images rolled across the screen behind his eyes, as Carlie watched him. He was in a dream, and then it all faded to black. “Tell me what suggestions Nina gave you. Your subconscious knows and just watched all of them and they are so easy to say for me, it’s so easy to tell me because you trust my voice.”

Jack’s words did not come out easily, but they came, “Nina is my Mistress.”

“Why is she your Mistress Jack?” The sound of her voice was so gentle, it felt like Carlie’s words were holding his hand.

“When Nina hypnotizes me, she is in control. When Nina lets me see her cleavage, I feel submissive and hypnotized by Nina. When I am aroused, I think of Nina.”

“Why do you think of Nina? Why does Nina’s cleavage hypnotize you?”

Again, Jack’s words didn’t come easily, in part because he knew what he was saying, even though he didn’t know in a permanent of meaningful way. His consciousness was a paper-thin filter.

“She told me to, she said they would when she hypnotized me. Then she hypnotized me with her cleavage when I was already hypnotized.”

“Did Nina do anything with you physically when she hypnotized you? Did you do anything with Nina?” It was so comforting to a deep part of him to have such an understanding voice reaching out to him.

“Yes.” It felt so good to admit, it felt so good to say.

“That’s very good Jack, you’re so deeply hypnotized and feeling so wonderfully open, feeling even more open and unburdened, feeling so agreeable and accepting now as you listen to the sound of my voice. My suggestions are so comforting, so reassuring, the suggestions I want to give you are so pleasurable, they will feel impossibly easy to accept now, and you want me to give them to you.”

Jack felt his head nod slightly as he said, “Yes.”

“That’s good Jack, I knew you would. I’m going to snap my fingers now and when I do you are going to wake from trance feeling wonderfully refreshed and relaxed. You’re going to remember what you want to remember and forget what feels good to forget. Now…”

She snapped her fingers, “…wake up Jack.”

He did.

And as he did a kaleidoscope of memories cascaded through his mind and fell into darkness.

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