Story Preview: Wiggle Jiggle Bounce Drop

Wiggle, Jiggle, Bounce, Drop
A Smuthunter Short

            There was a knock at Jake’s door, followed by a bubbly, “Helloooooooo?”

            “Hi… Amber?” Jake opened his door to see girlfriend’s friend Amber standing outside his door.

            Amber was blonde, ditzy, slim, and so busty his girlfriend said she caused car accidents when she walked down the street. Her hair was perfectly straight, so blonde it was silver white and up in a high ponytail. She looked like she was dressed to go to the gym.

            “Hi Jake, is Cecily around? She said she was going to come over here and I need her help with something.” Amber’s hands were on her hips and her thin pink hoodie was unzipped down to just below her breasts, showing off a tank top that was a different shade of pink and probably only reached her belly button due to lack of fabric. Her black tights had pink side streaks too, but her tennis shoes were white on white and looked like they’d never been worn.

            “She works late tonight, you know that.” Jake said it with a laugh, but he wondered sometimes how this airhead was friends with his very smart girlfriend.

            “But she doesn’t work on… wait,” her hips shifted and her head tilted, and those triple ds of hers, according to Cecily, shifted too. This was the most they’d ever been on display around Jake and it wouldn’t surprise him if his girlfriend had to tell Amber to tone it down around her boyfriend. “What day is it today?”

            “Uh…” anyone could screw up a day, but the way Amber asked it didn’t seem like something that slipped her mind, or that she’d had a brain fart. “It’s Thursday.”

            “Oh great!” Amber looked genuinely thrilled to hear that then walked past him into his living room, “that means I can get her help tomorrow. Unless…”

            She put one pink painted nail to the corner of her mouth and titled her head slightly, “Unless maybe you could help me. It might be better to get a boy’s opinion anyway. But, I guess maybe it might be kind of weird.”

            “Amber, I don’t really know you and…” Jake felt like she should be ushering his girlfriend’s bimbo bestie out of his home but…

            “I have a date, and I got this new bra, and it’s plain because it’s really hard to find good fancy bras when you have big boobs like me. Like, it’s easy for Cecily to get cute bras because she’s like, regular sized…”

            His girlfriend had respectable breasts, and plenty of fancy, sexy lingerie. “That doesn’t sound appropriate.”

            “Please Jake,” she tilted her head the other way moved her hand to the top of one of her tits and pouted. “I don’t need to like, show it to you, I just need you opinion to make sure it really brings out my best qualities. It’ll just take a second, and it would be so nice. Cecily always talks about how nice you are.”

            In hopes that it would get Amber, and her cloying, sticky sweet voice, and her giggly, reflexively flirty nonsense out of his living room, Jake shrugged. “Okay, if I say yes, what do you need help with? What do I need to do?”

            “So,” Amber pulled down on the bottom of her half zipped hoodie, pulling on her tank top as well, showing even more cleavage than before. “I need to make sure this bra, like, works. Does it look good now?”

            Jake didn’t really look, he didn’t have to, “Yeah.”

            “Jaaaaaaaake,” she unzipped her hoodie a little more, “you really need to look. Don’t be weird, just relax, take a breath, and look at my boobs.”

            She giggled as she said those words and Jake shook his head, and he was about to say something but Amber stopped him, “I’m serious Jaaaaake, I need to make sure my bra makes my boobs look good, because I really want this date to go a certain way.”

            The way she switched from giggly to pouty was enough to give him whiplash, but the airbags he was staring at would probably cushion the forward snap.

            “They look great Amber.” In his best, most reserved and matter of fact tone Jake said, after he did in fact take a centering breath, “You have very nice breasts Amber, they always look very nice,”

            “Awwww, Jakey,” she put her hands on her hips again and thrust her chest out even more, “you like my boobs. That’s very nice of you to say, and don’t worry,” she gave him a little wink and smirk, “I won’t tell Cecily.”

            Jake forced himself to take another deep breath, and as Amber pulled her partially zipped sweatshirt open a little more she giggled again, “Relax Jake, I’m teasing.”

            Amber’s sticky, giggly voice got a little softer and a little sweeter as she continued, “You’re so uptight, just relax. Seriously, just take another deep breath, and relax with me. You’re being so nice right now and I really appreciate it, and it’s so important, and it’s really so nice of you, so just relax, this really isn’t weird, and relax okay.”

            He felt like Amber was talking to him like he was a worked up dog, but he couldn’t deny there was something nice in the sound of her voice. Just the way she said relax felt like she was reaching out and giving him a hug. And he couldn’t deny that the sight of her pillowy breasts under that soft pink tank top and the way her deep cleavage and warm tanned skin stood out, was a strangely calming and compelling sight.

            It also wasn’t that hard to just look at her boobs like she’d asked him to.

            “So,” she tugged at her top again to emphasize the shape of her chest, “I have this like, test for like new bras, tops, dresses, you know, and Cecily always helps me with them. The test’s like, does it make them look good, and not like squished or anything, because a good fit’s important right? But the real test’s wiggle, jiggle, and bounce parts. Cause, you know, it’s like, does the bra support me, but also, does it like, make them look good when they move, cause you know, it’s like, a little bit of titty bouncing at the right time’s the secret to keeping a guy wrapped round my finger. So like, it’s really important the bra makes my tits wiggle, jiggle, and bounce the right way, and like look good when I do it. So I need you to tell me how they look when I…”

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