Story Preview: What’s Your Name

What’s Your Name
A Smuthunter Short

(It’s not as short as it was planned to be)

            “Hi baby, my name’s Talia, what’s your name?”

            She was dressed, or undressed as it was, in a bright pink lacy bra and matching panties adorned with white ribbons. Her hair was a bright dyed silver that was almost white, and her deep blue eyes were a sparkling violet in the room’s dim light. She had an hourglass figure, a genuine porn star body that was so pornographically picturesque, he felt his cock shoot to life in spite of his nerves.

“T-Tom, I’m Tom.” Her skin was dark, not just tanned, but something darker, and her hourglass figure was adorned with blue-black tattoos.

Her most prominent piece was a snake that twisted up from below her panties, wrapped around her stomach and back, and ended with the head of the snake on her left breast over her heart. Other symbols covered her left arm and her right leg in a web of mysterious occult images, pentagrams, skulls, and runes.

“Hi Tom,” she touched his face and then without warning, kissed him so softly on his lips that is almost took his breath away.  “You don’t have to be nervous.”

            She kissed him again, longer this time, and Tom was stuck in the surreal feeling of the moment, unable to kiss her back.

He was at a brothel, a legal one that his friends had taken him to on their trip, and this was actually happening.

“Your friends don’t know this is your first time do they?” She was touching his face with both hands, looking deep into his eyes, and as he stared back into the violet blue of her gaze, he felt transparent.

“How did you know?” He hadn’t told his buddies. They were all friends from work, people he didn’t know in college, people he didn’t share much of his personal life with, just people who helped him occupy his free time.

“I can feel your energy, I can feel your presence,” she kissed him again and her tongue pressed gently into his mouth before she stopped and looked deep into his eyes once more.

“I can taste it on you, and it tastes good Tom, you feel good to me.”

The way she said his name gave him goose bumps, and he felt her filling up the room, surrounding him, willing him to feel good, just like she had said he would feel; just like she told him how he was feeling.

“Look into my eyes Tom, tell me what you see,” there was no trace of blue now, just a violet that seemed to pulse and glow, He felt dizzy, lightheaded really, and unable to stop himself from swaying back can forth with her as she gently moved from side to side, swaying snake like back and forth.

Her eyes were shifting, scintillating, until they became a soft gray green, welcoming, familiar, beautiful, the eyes of someone else, the eyes of someone he had known and loved.

“Annabeth’s eyes, you have Annabeth’s eyes.” He felt dreamy, warm, and drunk. The words he spoke were secretes that came from his soul, and she was reaching into him, showing him where his answers were, showing him where his desires were.

That’s what he really saw in her eyes, but he couldn’t shape that abstract thought. He couldn’t tell her what he saw, and felt like he needed to answer her, to giver her all of his secrets, especially because he really did see his ex-girlfriend’s eyes staring back at him.

Only they were stronger, radiating an overwhelming need to stare deeper, like a very deep pool of water he needed to dive into.

“Did you love her Tom?” Her fingers were caressing his face, and her eyes flickered like candle flames between those warm, familiar green eyes, and the violet glow he had seen before.

“Y-yes.” It was hard to remember the words, but it was easy to tell her anything.

She kissed him, “Then look at me, and love me too.”

Tom watched as the tattoos seemed to shift, and the snake came to life. Her skin was moving, dancing with shapes he hadn’t realized were beautiful, buxom devil girls, sensual creatures that had been hidden behind the runes and shapes on her skin.

Annabeth was touching his cheek, her lips were close to his, “Take of your clothes Tom, give me what you always wanted to give me.”

Tom shook his head, “No, this isn’t real, this isn’t good.”

He was trying to back away from her, but those fingertips kept them together. Her touch kept him bound to her, and even though he was afraid, suddenly and profoundly afraid, those gray green eyes were starting to tap his emotional reserves, draining the big vibrant feelings from him as he stood there, staring deeper into them and just breathing.

“This is very real, and I can make it better than good if you let me. Let me back inside, let me show you what you desire.”

She broke contact with him, and started to wave her hands in front of Tom’s eyes. As he stared at this shadow figure of Annabeth, her hands moved to remove her bra, then pull down her panties, before touching herself, fingering herself in front of him, fondling her breasts, and letting out a wet, happy moan as he looked deeper into those endless eyes.

Those motions were all translucent, blurred after images that made it seem like she had an extra set of arms. As they danced and blurred in front of him and all over her body, their looping, endless motions held him transfixed as they caressed and rubbed, then beckoned to him.

It felt like he was sliding into her, it felt like his cock was teasing against something warm and wet, something perfectly made just for him, “I want you, I need you Annabeth.”

That was his secret, those were his words, and the phantasm before him, this mixture of his memories of her, and this lithe, curvaceous women who his friends had paid for him to have an hour with, was pulling it out of him.

“Take off your clothes Tom, show me what you’ve always wanted and never had, show me and tell me what I can give you, let me give you what you’ve always needed.”

He heard two voices speaking, and the snake tattoo returned, but now it was slithering around her, consuming her arm, its head was spread across her fingers, fingers that brushed across his neck. Annabeth and Talia were speaking to him as he felt a warm, sharp sting that started to glow and throb in pleasure like his whole body became a cock…

I think that gives you a pretty clear picture of this one, but just wait and see what happens next!

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