Story Preview: Unethical Positioning

Unethical Positioning
A Smuthunter Story

            “Dr. Armstrong, it’s wonderful to meet you. How was your sabbatical?”

            Christopher Younger was the newest member of the university’s social sciences faculty, and everything about him reminded Andrea of a different problem.

It wasn’t that he was a problem yet, but she felt like he could be. He was young, handsome, and carried himself with the kind of certainty she’d seen constantly in her male peers. Female students would be attracted to him, his manner would make him too assertive, and he would find a way to inject his assumed ambitions into everything.

“Dr. Younger, it’s nice to make your acquaintance. It was much shorter than planned but I’m happy to be back. How are you settling in so far?” He was dressed in a button down blue shirt, tan khakis, and looked to be in very good shape. His brown hair was short, he had the hint of a tan, and his brown eyes were sharp.

“It’s nice so far, but I’m surprised you didn’t dump all the 101s on me. I thought by now you’d just be focused on upper division work while you write your next book.”

She gave him the most patient smile she could muster, he was scouting the lay of the land and she could almost taste his professional goals. “Oh no, I like the low levels, it gives me a chance to be present for my TAs as they learn to lecture, and it lets me offer a hand to students who may be majoring. I think it’s important for me to be present along the way.”

He nodded, “Well, thank you for that. It’s nice to have a chance to teach up a little, and do work that I couldn’t do at the community college level. I was also hoping, not today, but maybe we could talk a little bit about syllabuses and class criteria and focus. I think you and I have some different ideas about things, and I don’t want to step on toes, or go against the grain here.”

She raised an eyebrow, “What do you think we disagree on?”

“Well,” he shifted and she could tell he was a little nervous and rightly so, “I read your book, and I’ve seen your papers, and I think you and I clearly have different focuses, and different beliefs about the value of certain practices.

“Such as?” It was Andrea’s turn to shift this time, only she was crossing her legs and sitting back. The leather knee length skit she was wearing made a slight noise as she did, and the short sleeved burgundy blouse she was wearing clung to her full chest as she raised a finger to the corner of her mouth.

“I want to say I appreciate your work, I do. I think it’s good. I just don’t think hypnosis has a lot of value in the broader academic experience, and I haven’t run into a lot of professors that spend a lot of time on altered mind states these days. Most of my work has been in analysis, and that’s kind of the trend these days it seems.”

“I see.” Andrea nodded, and she watched the way his eyes did their best not to wander down to her chest. ‘Their best’ wasn’t perfect, but it was better than a lot of her peers, and countless of her students. She took a moment to brush back her long dark hair off of her shoulder. “Tell me Chris, have you ever been hypnotized as an adult?”

“Not since my undergrad, but I don’t see what that has to do with anything here.” He could have sounded defensive, or put off, but instead he was curious about her question, about her counter-point. He was a debater and a thinker, that was good, she could use that against him.

“One of the reasons we stick with what we know, and you know this, is because it’s often what we’re the most experienced with and literate in. I wouldn’t ask you to teach outside of your focus, and your specialization. I was a supporter of your hiring, and I’ve read your papers too. I was just curious about your literacy in the subject, because it hardly seems like you could make an honest assertion from a position of ignorance could you?”

She wasn’t the department head, she wasn’t a faculty chair, she was just the most accomplished, and most scenario psychology professor at the university, being tenured while the school had moved from adjunct professor to adjunct professor over the last several years.

“Well, I don’t necessarily think that’s what I’m saying. But, I do see your point.” He was polite in his rebuttal, and carried himself with a bookishness that was a bit surprising give his features and his confidence. But then again, he was an academic, so it was in part to be expected.

It was a part of him that would be easily exploited.

“Would you say,” Andrea moved her hand to the collar of her blouse and unfastened a button, and then another, “that you’re the type who isn’t particularly susceptible to hypnosis Dr. Younger?”

He blushed as she revealed more of her cleavage than he’d been expecting to see, and as she waited for an answer, a third button came undone, putting even more of her voluminous breasts out before his eyes.

“Because,” she slid her fingers down between her breasts and started to tug on a golden chain of a pocket watch, “you strike me as the type that could not, under any circumstances find themselves in deep trance.”

She had seen a female internet hypnotist do something like this to start one of her videos, and not wanting to pass up o a good idea, had started to keep her pocket watch there in between her breasts for just a chance like this.

Though, she had to admit, she’d expected to use this trick on a student during office hours. But to her, there wasn’t much difference in entrancing a male, no matter their position.

“Dr. Armstrong, I don’t know that you think you’re doing, but this is hardly appropriate.” In another world he would have made to leave, or pretended to stand up, but she smiled at the truth of the matter. He was sitting there and staring at her considerable breasts, and that had caused his otherwise sharp and brilliant mind to go just a little haywire.

Her sexuality was a well placed assault on his sense of reality, an unreal and unbelievable approach to what was supposed to be a mundane meeting.

Dr. Armstrong leaned forward in her chair ever so slightly, and started to swing her pocket watch in front of her breasts, “Is it any more appropriate for you to stare? But that doesn’t matter, given that I doubt very much that I could hypnotize you, especially not like this, in this way, in this moment, I would hardly say I was doing much of anything and truly, neither are you. But if your eyes find they’re naturally following my watch back and forth instead of gawking at me like a repressed undergrad, just like that, back and forth, then I’d say perhaps I could be hypnotizing you, as that is what we’re discussing is it not?”

“Now, that is to say,” her free hand moved to her breasts, and a red fingernail traced down milky white skin, “that someone like yourself, certain, strong willed, and doubting of the value of hypnosis, could ever find himself compelled by the idea, thinking about it now, considering it now. But how could you possibly find yourself falling, enticed into, or perhaps seduced into trance given what you think you thought you might have been thinking, especially as you clearly understand hypnosis even if you don’t put any real faith in its power and possible effects on you.”

His eyes were moving with the pocket watch, and telling to her but not to him, he had started to blink, “Do you honestly believe that waving a pocket watch is enough? I mean, I am aware of your skill, but is it really in your mind, effective to simply start waving it back and forth?”

Now he was incredulous, but his tone was softer, and a little slower than what he’d imagined it to be. To her mind it had little to do with the pocket watch, and everything to do with the sight of her breasts, and the way his eyes had flickered with moments of confusion since the first button started to become undone.

“I suppose it doesn’t matter what I think, but if the idea that this could leave you deeply entranced is possible in your mind. But, not being hypnotizable in this fashion, for lack of a better term, as we assume you to be, there’s no harm in me doing so, as your mind is sharp and focused, and you have no desire to follow the motion of the pocket watch, though it is truly affecting when employed in just the right manner, leaving the eyes drawn, and the mind eased into the permission to simply slow down, as you know, disconnected, focusing on what one who is being hypnotized by me, in this fashion, sees in front of them as my voice stays in a tone like this, and my words encourage my subject to continue on as they are, though for you, simply unable to be hypnotized, or lured, then it doesn’t matter does it?”

Her fingers continued to caress the exposed skin of her breasts, moving back and forth behind the pocket watch, and her voice fell into its soft, encouraging patter, making it as warm and as slightly condescending as she could, while she talked over him and powered on.

“Someone like you wouldn’t find themselves breathing a little deeper and slower, relaxing into the sight before them, disarmed by the steady consistency of the watch as it continues to swing, heedless of your attention or inattention, continuing onward constant, persistent in its motion, regardless of if you cannot be hypnotized or not, regardless of if you cannot be bothered to fall into trance now, or later, and as you’re sitting there, watching it to no effect at all, hardly seeing it at all, then it doesn’t matter what you’re seeing or hearing now, it doesn’t matter anymore now that we know you cannot be hypnotized, not you, not by me, like this, by the swing of the pocket watch back and forth in front of your eyes, as you’re hardly even seeing it now, even though you may want to blink. Go ahead and blink your eyes, it couldn’t mean anything, could it?”

Chris had become still, and she had watched him trying to get a word in edgewise, and every time he came close, her pace shifted to stop him. The tension of trying to find a way to get a word in edgewise, had created the exact kind of anxiety she was cultivating in him. The more mental tension he felt, the more inviting her deep cleavage and soft, smothering voice would become.

“Of course not, since you exist now in this moment, separate from what I say and do, separate from the steady swing of the pocket watch back and forth, and you certainly wouldn’t find yourself distracted, disarmed by the constant presence of something appealing to your eye, enticing you to follow that focus, because you’re not being hypnotized no matter how much hypnosis may occur around you. A man like you, you couldn’t possibly find yourself seduced by the certainty of my faith in hypnosis to enthrall, no matter how many times you may find yourself blinking as the watch goes back and forth.”

He shifted again in his seat, this time because it was becoming clear that her seductively lulling tone of voice, and the presence of her breasts was causing him a pleasant kind of discomfort in his pants. Being accustomed to listening to lectures as well, her pace and the consistency of her approach triggered that receptive part of his as well.

Andrea watched as his eyes started to blink in time with her pocket watch, swinging and swinging then causing him to blink.

“I think a man like you, who is so accomplished, isn’t accepting of the idea of hypnosis because of the very idea of being a subject, of being subordinate to the hypnotist, though in life you find yourself subordinate to other all the time. From experience, to authority, to knowledge, you’re comfortable with being subordinate in those ways, but to be a subject, to become hypnotized by someone who is a truly skilled hypnotist, feels different though it is only the same. Being hypnotized, which you’ll never be now, watching, starting, following the watch back and forth, would only be a matter of being subordinate to someone, a hypnotist who is an expert in their craft, and you respect expertise, so you could, in concept accept a hypnotist’s authority, even if they were to change their mind.”

Andrea’s free hand had started to do more than trace a soft finger, she had started to rub, and to pull and tease at her blouse, showing more and more until her bra had been exposed, and now she was pulling at it, teasing at revealing a nipple. The watch was both a charade and a safety blanket for the real eye fixation focus that was her breasts.

Meanwhile, the beginnings of a tent were forming in Chris’s pants to support this, and he seemed both flushed, and like he was slowly turning to putty in the chair. His facial muscles were relaxed, his eyes were heavy, and his breath had become slightly more shallow and even. It looked to Andrea like he wanted to say something, but she’d done such a magnificent job in her assault on him that he was still a few rhetorical questions behind her.

He was where she wanted him now, and his subconscious wanted to be there despite whatever else he was trying to think, or say, or do.

“If a skilled and experienced hypnotist like myself, who knows so much more about the subject of hypnosis than someone like you, were to say that perhaps you couldn’t be hypnotized, to agree with you, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to be able to change your mind, by the realization that their understanding and agreement were only an issue of comfort for you, to help you move to a point where you realized that your natural subordinate nature makes it easy for you to simply fall into deep trance at my hands. Watch the watch Dr. Younger, it’s time for deep trance now and you now it.”

His eyes closed, his head tilted forward, and his shoulders slumped down.

This is just the beginning of the young Professor’s decent, why not see how far he falls...

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