Story Preview: Tranced Seduced Abducted

Tranced Seduced Abducted
A Smuthunter Story


Prologue: From First Class to Last

            “I’m sorry Mr. Wilds, but somehow your seat has been reassigned to coach. It’s because the system is automatic and there were a series of flight cancelations from weather, and we’re so sorry but…”

            Jake Wilds wasn’t an angry man, and he wasn’t above flying coach, but he’d been a first class flier for a while, and not out of luxury. He had to work on flights, and he had to be available while in transit too. Not only that, when he landed he often had to hit the ground running, and flying coach wasn’t really conducive to feeling like a real human being after more than a few hours in the air. You could ask anyone who flew coach, and they would agree.

            “These things happen. Are there any open first class or business spots? I know it’s automatic, but I’m happy to just pay for an upgrade now and reconcile all of this later.”

            The woman at the terminal shook her head and smiled apologetically, “We can book you on a later flight or…” she kept typing, “…no, this flight is full and…” she frowned as she handed him an updated boarding pass, “I’m so sorry.”

Part 1: Takeoff

            “Hi.” Jake folded his blazer and put it in the overhead, then rolled up his sleeves before he took his seat in the middle spot at the back of the plane.

            The woman in the window seat, who had reddish brown hair, light skin with a soft golden tan and freckles, and who looked a few years younger than him, smiled up with dark brown eyes and said, “Hello” back to him. He saw the pronounced energy of a nervous flyer in her face and thought to himself that it could have been worse.

            Yes he’d be traveling all day, but the flight itself wasn’t that bad. A west coast to east coast flight was difficult in the time change, but it wasn’t an international flight so it wasn’t all that long by comparison. Luckily his layover didn’t involve changing planes, and maybe there was a chance to upgrade at the airline’s hub stop. And, as Jake worked on having a positive outlook on his situation, the woman who’d be sitting next to him on one side didn’t look like she’d be crowding him much. Or more to the point of his concerns, that he wouldn’t be crowding her either.

            She was attractive too, sharp cheek bones, a small slightly upturned nose, and soft lips that had been happy to smile to keep from the natural frown of being uncomfortable on a plan. He put his laptop bag under the seat in front of him and sat down. “Jake,” he held out his hand, “business or pleasure?”

            He knew he had a winning smile, and that he carried himself well, especially in these kinds of mediated, formal, or semi-formal environments, and when she took his hand with her soft hand, and her dark red, almost black painted nails, he felt a spark. It might have from their shared eye contact, or just the surprise of human touch that’s always there and always possible, but her smile changed with his.

            “Maya, and family,” she didn’t have a regional accent, and she was wearing a thin, grey, tightly knit poncho that covered her upper body but didn’t completely hide the prominent shape of her chest, black leggings, and white tennis shoes. “So I guess a little both of both? Or neither? How about you?”

            “Business,” he settled into his seat and shook his head at the reality of flying like this. It was a shame, a callous, mercenary business, air travel. Customers were a captive audience, and every airline was in a race to the bottom as far as quality, trying to squeeze out as much profit as possible knowing that people would always have to fly. “But over the last few months I couldn’t say if I was going to or from home anymore.”

            “That sounds exhausting,” airplane friendships were their own kind of social contract. You met someone you would be in close proximity to for hours, then likely you would never see them again, but in that time, unless you simply did not want to, or could not be social, you had a chance to really meet someone. And Jake thought about how maybe, maybe if he was lucky, she was also going back east, and how he had liked feeling her hand in his. “I’m not flying all that far but I can’t imagine having to change time zones all the time, or spending that much time in the air. Flying always makes me… I don’t know, the altitude just…”

            She trailed off, and he saw her look up behind him.

            “Hi,” he heard a sweet, strong, feminine voice behind him, and turned around to see two massive breasts in a wrap around purple blouse with a neckline that demanded the world see her incredible cleavage. “Looks like we’ll be neighbors. Would either of you prefer the isle seat? I know this whole flight’s kind of a mess, so if one of you would prefer it, I don’t care where I sit”

It was hard not to stare at those breasts as the woman who spoke was putting a bag up in the overhead. She had long, jet black hair, a narrow jaw, high cheek bones, a small, narrow nose and the brightest blue eyes he’d ever seen. She flashed him a bright, radiant smile full of perfect white teeth as she adjusted her top, which included pulling it down and shifting it, showing just a little more of her tits, took her purse off her shoulder, and sat down next to him.

“That’s so nice of you to offer, I’m fine,” Maya’s voice rose over his shoulder, and he stared right into the new woman’s bright blue eyes.

“I’d ask if you’d prefer the middle seat, but no one does.” Jake gave her his best winning smile, which also included smiling at her tits which were not practically thrust on his face, and he saw a sparkle in her eyes that moved to the edges of smile and gave it even more vibrancy.

“I don’t know,” she laughed as she sat down, “in the right circumstances it’s not the worst place to be.” She settled in and kept her purse in her lap. “Hi everyone, I’m Zoe Grey, I’ll be who you squeeze past on the way to the bathroom. Are you two flying together?”

Jake smiled, she was clearly an experienced flier too. “No, we were just starting to talk before you got here. Hi, I’m…” Jake held out his hand and she took it. Her skin was soft and her grip was firm, and if he’d felt electricity with Maya, Zoe’s touch was like lighting. Or maybe it was just the force of her eye contact. “…I’m… Jake… Jake Hunt and…”

She put her other hand on top of his, “It’s a pleasure Jake.”

Zoe looked past him, but kept holding his hand in hers, “I know I just sat down, but are you okay honey?”

As she spoke across him to Maya, Zoe shifted and sat up a little bit straighter, and he felt her thumb gently caress the skin between his thumb and pointer finger, and he realized she was keeping his attention even while she wasn’t talking to him. And as she broke eye contact with him, Jake’s eyes were drawn back to her cleavage.

He couldn’t help enjoying the sight of her chest, of the porn star tits that filled his vision as Zoe more fully moved to look past him at the other gorgeous woman he was sitting next to.

Maya made a nervous little laugh, “I’m fine. I’m just, I’m just a nervous flyer.”

“Really?” Zoe’s voice piqued with excitement, “I was too, but when I had to start flying regularly I learned a self-hypnosis technique that really helped make flying easier for me.”

As she spoke she started to rub Jack’s inner wrist, and as she waited for Maya’s response, Zoe started to gently shake his hand. It also seemed like she’d stuck her chest out a little more, or adjusted her posture a little more, and Jake didn’t know which, or if it was both, all he knew was that her breasts were now demanding his attention, and her intimacy with her, her physical touch, was seducing him, and turning him on far more than he had any right to be.

“Self-hypnosis? Are you going to show me how to hypnotize myself?” Maya sounded interested and curious.

Unfortunately, Jake couldn’t really look over at Maya because Zoe was gently pulling on his hand, and every little tug broke his concentration. Another reason he could hardly focus on what the two women were talking about was because those tits were just right there, and every time he started to look away, or look back into Zoe’s eyes, she gently caressed his hand again. The gentle caress, and the soft tug confused him, overwhelming him, making his eyes fall back down into her cleavage.

In a very short time watching her rising and falling breasts had become a baseline for him, a default on where to focus, and as the two women continued to speak, he continued to stare down at her tits, encouraged by her gentle caress, and the hint of an encouraging, knowing smile…

That he might have been imaging, but as he listened to her strong, smooth, enthusiastic voice, talking about hypnosis of all things. But honestly, as far as plane conversations went, hypnosis wasn’t the weirdest conversation he’d heard. And with how conversations about mental health, and mediation, and mindfulness had started to permeate society, hypnosis didn’t really seem all that weird.

Jake stared at Zoe’s tits, relaxing as he listened to the sound of her voice, enjoying her touch, and just enjoying the wholly pleasant surprise of his circumstances. If he’d been thinking about it, and not just letting his mind quiet down while he stared deeper into her cleavage, he might have thought it was all too good to be true… like those two amazing…

“Absolutely,” Zoe’s enthusiasm snapped Jake out of his daze, and he saw her bright blue eyes sparkle as she spoke over him. “I could also hypnotize you if you wanted to try it that way.” As she spoke, she made eye contact with Jake again and flashed him a conspiratorial smile, then gently, she put his hand down flat on the armrest, and kept her left hand on top of his.

His hand, strangely, felt warm and disconnected from him at the same time, and her voice took on a gentle lilt when she asked Maya, “Have you been hypnotized before?”

            But it also felt like she was asking him, inviting him into their conversation too. And as Maya answered, “I’ve done meditation stuff before, but not hypnosis, I don’t think” a slight tilt of Zoe’s head was enough to make him look over at the woman to his left.

Maya had leaned forward a little and was looking past him, and when she saw him look at her, she flashed a self-aware smile. “What’s the difference between self-hypnosis and you hypnotizing me?”

Both women were closer to him now, and he felt their warmth and their energy surrounding him.

“Well,” Zoe shifted in her chair more, and with her hand still pressed on his, she gently stroked her finger from the back of his wrist down to his middle finger and back up. “Not much. If we did it together.”

Those words answered Maya’s question, but it felt like they were for him, and as she turned her bright blue eyes back to the other woman, Jake’s eyes dropped back to her breasts, falling down to them like his eyes were caught in their gravity.

“If I hypnotized myself at the same time, you’d be doing it with me, so my self-hypnosis is your hypnosis, right? But if you want me to just hypnotize you, I can put you in a trance for takeoff, which is where I get the most nervous, well that and landing, and turbulence, but you know what I mean. I can put you into a trance so you’ll just sort of float through takeoff. But if we do it together, I’ll also be zoned out so I won’t be able to help you, because like I said, my self-hypnosis would also be your hypnosis.”

Jake was fascinated by this strange back and forth, and Zoe had a beautiful, deeply engaging speaking voice. She had an aura, an energy about her that pulled him in, even when she wasn’t making eye contact with him. And as Maya seemed to lean in closer, behind him, it felt like her energy was pushing him closer to Zoe… and deeper into her cleavage.

“It’s super fast and easy, and I think you’ll really like it, you have that energy, the same kind of energy I do. And Jake will watch too, unless he wants to be hypnotized too. But I think Jake’s the skeptical type, so he can just watch you. You’ll just watch right, it’ll make it easier on Maya to have you watch, it’ll make her feel more comfortable.”

The way she spoke about him, and talked past him, her confidence in him and his responses made it seem like of course that’s what he would do. How could he not? Zoe, predictably and in turn strangely wonderfully, started to softly squeeze his hand as she looked back into his eyes, fixing him with her bright blue eyes, eyes that captivated him as she said, “You’ll help Maya right? Unless you actually want to get hypnotized too?”

“Sure, I guess, yeah, of course.” He started to wonder if maybe Zoe was already hypnotizing him, and the thought sent a tingle down his spine. If this was what it was like to be hypnotized by her, he had no complaints. “Of course I’ll help any way I can.”

She smiled at him, shifted and stuck her chest out again, or at least Jake thought she did as he started to stare back down at her breasts, while she looked past him to Maya once again.

“Now, I’d ask Jake to switch seats with me, but I bet we’re going to get the safety announcement in a minute and start to prepare for takeoff, so Jake you just sit back, look at Maya so she can see you watching her and looking out for her, and Maya,” Zoe’s voice softened, not the volume but the shape and the energy of her words, “Look into my eyes.”

Jake and Maya smiled at each other, and he felt Zoe’s fingernails on the back of his hand as Maya looked back into Zoe’s eyes. He could imagine staring into Zoe’s bright, sparkling, sapphire blue eyes. He could imagine being the focus of all of her attention, and he watched as Maya was immediately focused on Zoe.

“Just relax and look deep into my eyes now. Take a nice deep breath, and just let your focus narrow down to my words, and my eyes, and your own breathing, and then just breathe out completely and fully.”

“That’s right,” Zoe’s fingernails continued to stroke his hand, and he saw Maya’s vision softened as her chest rose and fell with a deep, relaxing breath. He even felt himself take a deep breath then let his shoulders slump. He hadn’t even thought about doing it, it just sort of happened to him, or through him.

“That’s right, just look deep into my eyes, deep into the pupils of my eyes, and see if you can see yourself there in the center of my eyes. Look into the pupils, deep into the black as you just listen and breathe… That’s it, looking past everything else until you see yourself in the black… And when you do, you can just let your eyelids start to flutter…”

Jake blinked and felt his eyelids getting heavier, fluttering as he stared into Maya’s soft, dark brown eyes, and he couldn’t tell if she was staring into his eyes, or looking past him into Zoe’s, but he was transfixed by her pupils and the little reflection of himself he saw there. And as he stared so deeply into Maya’s eyes, he felt like she was meeting him halfway, regardless of where he focus was.

“That’s right Maya, just like that, looking deep into the black… blinking into the black… eyes starting to close as the deep, dark, black pulls you in… Every time you blink, you sink… and every time you sink… you let go of a little more awareness of the world around you. Just staring deeper now… deeper down into the black as your eyes just close and you start to sink.”

Jake could barely keep his eyes open as he watched Maya’s eyes close. “That’s it Maya, just close your eyes, sit back, sink it the chair, and sink into the sound of my voice when you do. And when your eyes close, just let yourself take another deep breath, and really let go all the tension you can let go of when you breathe out.”

He watched Maya take a very deep breath in, and he felt Zoe’s energy behind him, pushing him into Maya’s orbit, pushing him into her space, and it felt like he was being drawn into her even more as she inhaled. Then as she stared to exhale Zoe spoke softly in his ear, “You can sleep now too, if it’s okay with Maya.”

The last thing he saw was Maya, her eyes closed, her face relaxed, and her mouth moving into a smile as she said, “It’s okay with me.”

“Sleep now, both of you, close your eyes, let your consciousness just close for business, and let me help you just relax and let go. You’re sinking into deep sleep now, just quietly, peacefully falling into a deep sleep, and even if you hear voices, and other sounds, even if you feel like you’re still awake, you can tell yourself now, and then, over and over, that it’s okay to sleep. And when you hear the safety presentation, those words will just help you feel safe and comfortable. And when you feel the plane starting to lift off, you can just feel a deeper part of yourselves starting to drift off and float away into deep sleep, knowing you’re perfectly safe, and perfectly calm, trusting yourself to wake if you need to, knowing that you are safe with each other, and safe with me, safe to just go deeper now when you say out loud, It’s Okay To Sleep.”

Jake heard himself say the words along with Maya, and hearing her say those words, softly, barely audibly, made it feel like it really was okay to sleep. The words echoed in his head and off the tip of his tongue as Zoe said the words herself. Both women said the words few more times, and Jake didn’t know how many times he mumbled the words too, but their echoing voices wrapped around him until eventually the world was quiet, and then he felt a deep, thrilling elation as he started moving up and up into the air and…

Part 2: Cruising Altitude

“Oh wow that was…” Maya’s voice opened Jake’s eyes, and blinked and felt like he’d just had the most amazing nap of his life while she kept talking over him to Zoe. “That was incredible. And you can do that to yourself? How do you do that to your… oh hi Jake, did I wake you up?”

“Oh it’s fine, I’m… fuck,” he smiled, “I feel great. He stared to turn to look at Zoe, but Maya put her hand on his, and tugged on it ever so gently.

“Thank you for being cool about this, and for helping me, and doing this with me. I know you’re probably so used to flying that you probably just… I don’t know what I’m saying, do you feel kind of foggy too? I feel like I’m really well rested, but also kind of foggy and…”

Jake watched as Maya realized she thought was talking too much, she wasn’t, then realized she was holding his hand when she lifted her hand up to cover her mouth, blushed, then covered her mouth, then uncovered it, but before she could say anything, Jake felt Zoe’s hand on his resting on the arm rest, and her voice cut Maya off.

“That’s very natural, hypnosis doesn’t end when you wake up, it kind of lingers, in a hypno-hangover. Sometimes you can still feel suggestible and open when you wake, but you don’t have to worry about being suggestible, I’s just suggestions, and you can always disagree with what you don’t want. So just let yourself enjoy how you feel, feeling what you feel, and trust me, t trust your subconscious to just agree to enjoy how good this feels.”

Jake stared into Maya’s eyes, her deep, dark brown eyes, and felt a dreamy wave of pleasure and peace wash over him, and it felt like he didn’t have to do anything, he could just relax in the moment.

“Why don’t you just sink into your chair, Jake, so I can talk to Maya a little more easily, since she really wants to learn this technique. If you want to follow along, you can do that too, but I really want to make sure Maya learns . Now that we’re up here, I’m going to teach Maya that self-hypnosis technique, so you can follow us if you want to, but I’m going to be focused completely on Maya.”

There was something undeniable about Zoe’s voice, and her energy. Jack had never had a problem with assertive women. He was also pretty sure that even if he did, he would have made an exception for a woman as gorgeous as her, and with tits like those. He wasn’t a lecherous man, or he didn’t think of himself as one at least, but he did consider himself to be practical, and that practicality said there was no ignoring or getting around Zoe’s tremendous…

He’d zoned out for a moment and closed his eyes.

Now, blinking in the light of the plane, hearing the muffled rumble of the engines as they traveled along their cruising altitude, he saw Maya removing her poncho, and revealing a soft, azure blue, spaghetti string tank top, a second white one under it, and the lighter, sky blue wide straps of her bra.

“…and notice the temperature on your skin now Maya. Be aware of what you’re feeling. Notice yourself and your body, and start from the outside, moving inward.” Zoe’s voice was clear, and even, and ever so slightly dreamy.

“And Jake, just watch Maya, watch her breath, and be my eyes for me. Jake is going to watch you Maya, since my self-hypnosis is your hypnosis, just like we talked about before. And Maya, on your next deep breath in, breathe in the thought I am choosing to relax now, then…”

Jake found himself watching Maya’s chest rising as she breathed in, and saw her lips mouthing the words Zoe said. Without the loose drape of her poncho, Jake could see just how big the redheaded woman’s breasts were. He had no idea how to tell the difference between real and fake breasts, but Maya’s were more than a handful, and seemed perfectly shaped.

Watching them rise as she breathed in, more than Zoe talking about it, made Jake take a deep breath himself.

“And hold your breath deep inside yourself, before you exhale everything that your breath can take with it, and say out loud, I am choosing to be at peace now. You can say it under your breath, but it will help you to hear your own voice say it. It will help you to hear yourself agree with yourself.”

Jake watched Maya exhale and heard her say the words, and he felt the urge to do the same.

“My eyes are closed and I am deeply relaxed now Jake, is does Maya look more relaxed right now?” He felt her hand gently brush his arm, then come to rest on his hand as she spoke. “Doe you see the little muscles around her eyes and in her face relaxing?”

Jake nodded, “Uh, I think so.”

Zoe squeezed his hand and said, good, now tell Maya she’s looking more relaxed. And tell her if you think she looks peaceful and comfortable.”

“Maya,” he got distracted from her relaxing, beautiful face as she took another deep breath in, and her chest rose. “You look like it’s working, and you look very relaxed and comfortable, and peaceful right now.”

She exhaled slowly, and deeply, and her shoulders dropped with her chest, “That’s how I feel, and it feels good.”

Zoe’s hand was still on Jake’s, “Good now we’re going to do this together three times, and Jake’s going to stay watching you, so let him see how relaxing, and how effective this feels. Showing him, will also show you, because I’m going to be putting myself under now too. So just breathe in the words I am choosing to relax now.”

He watched Maya breathe in, and he thought he felt Zoe breathe in deeply behind him, “And hold it for 3, 2, 1, then exhale and say the words with me, I am choosing to be at peace now.”

He heard Maya say the words echoing Zoe, and as he watched her chest fall, and as he seemed to feel a wave of release and relaxation flowing through Zoe, He felt his own eyelids starting to flutter.

“Now breathe in, and say the words to yourself.” Zoe squeezed his hand, and as he watched Maya’s full, heavy breasts rise, he felt himself take a deep breath and say to himself I am choosing to relax now.

His eyes wanted to close, but he also, he had to admit to himself, wanted to keep staring at Maya’s breasts. He blinked his eyes open and realized he was breathing out, joining the two women in saying “I am choosing to be at peace now.”

He realized he hadn’t taken a deep enough breath to really get the words out as he exhaled, and felt a gentle squeeze from Zoe again. “Just follow us now if you want to Jake, but be my eyes, watching Maya, so she knows she is showing you, and herself that it’s working. I know you’ll want to close your eyes with us, but we’re doing this for her. Now breathe in with me…”

Jake watched Maya’s tits rise with a deep inhale, and he found himself following along again, breathing deeply again, and hold his breath for 3, 2, 1, in his head… and…

“Hypnosis feels good, and that’s why I do it. Hypnosis feels good, and that’s why you feel good. It feels good to be deeply hypnotized like you are now, doesn’t it Jake?”

He opened his eyes, his mind quiet, and everything, even his body felt blank and far away from himself. He opened his eyes, staring out towards the window, staring deeply into Zoe’s eyes, then deeply into her cleavage, as she sat in Maya’s seat. He also, vaguely, was aware that both armrests were up, and that Maya was resting her head on his shoulder and had his other hand in hers.

Part of him, a quiet, distant part of him, wondered why he’d noticed Zoe first, and not the beautiful woman that was draped on him, but that part of him shrugged and surrendered to the warmth and the closeness of Maya’s body.

“And Maya, wouldn’t it just make sense that the more deeply hypnotized you are, the better you’ll feel? Since being this deep feels this good, going twice as deep would?”

Zoe’s blue eyes, her sparkling, beautiful, bright blue eyes smiled at Jake as he struggled to look up from her massive breasts, and sparkled even brighter when he finally made eye contact with her, her question hanging there for Maya. For Maya who answered in dreamy, breathy tone, “Feel twice as good.”

“And you can feel twice as good now Jake, because there are two of us, and our self-hypnosis is your hypnosis. So you can just follow us deeper, as we take you deeper with us.”

Zoe gently pulled on his hand and said very softly, “Sinking deeper down.”

And as he swayed towards her ever so slightly with the gentle weight of Maya snuggled against him, he felt a wave of distance, and deep pleasurable quiet wash over him. But before it fully passed, May leaned ever so slightly away from him, pulling on his other hand, and softly, dreamily whispering, “Twice as deep now.”

The soft, but insistent shift back into Maya made his body feel light, and loose, and he felt himself falling into her embrace, like she was the one snuggling up to her. But Zoe gave him another soft tug as she repeated, ‘Sinking deeper down.”

And Maya pulled him back toward s her, “Twice as deep now.”

”Sinking deeper down,” the three chairs had become a shared couch, and he was barely shifting in his seat, but every time one of them pulled ever so slightly on him, he felt his whole body shift to the one, and then the other.

“Twice as deep now.”

His eyes closed as Zoe said “Sinking deeper down,” and his sense of space, and of the shape of his body started to dissolve.

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